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Advpres week12
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Advpres week12


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. TO SUM UP … Week 12 – Public Speaking & Presentation (Advanced) Professor Hayashi
  • 2. Today’s Class • attendance & prep sheet • review • listening • useful expressions • conclusion techniques BREAK • in class presentations • give it a shot!
  • 3. Review • What is the checklist for using visuals (graphs & charts) 1. Make your visual as clear and easy to understand as possible. 2. Start by telling your audience what the graph/chart illustrates. 3. Highlight the key points. 4. Say why these points are important (and explain the cause or effect). 5. Use different verbs to express movement/development. 6. Use the same key words and phrases you used on your bullet charts.
  • 4. Warm up! • In partners, do the starter exercise on page 42
  • 5. Conclusion of a Presentation • Exercise 2 Signalling the end of the presentation - Well, this brings me to the end of my presentation - Thank you all for listening - OK, I think that’s everything I wanted to say… - As a final point, I’d like to… - I’m now nearing the end of my talk …
  • 6. Conclusion of a Presentation Summarizing the Main Points - I’ll just run through the three different options - Before I stop let me go through my main points again - To sum up then, we… - I’d like to run through my main points again… - Just to summarize the main points of my talk…
  • 7. Conclusion of a Presentation Recommending or Suggesting Something - We’d suggest.. - We’d therefore recommend that we… - In my opinion, we should… - What I’d like to suggest is… Inviting questions - Now I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have - We just have time for a few questions. - Are there any questions?
  • 8. Conclusions
  • 9. Important Stuff The conclusion of a presentation
  • 10. Conclusion Techniques • Exercise 6 Call to action – 4 Story – 1 Question – 2 Quotation – 3 a) Presentation 2: do we really want to miss b) Presentation 3: finish with something c) Presentation 4: So, the next step is yours d) Presentation 1: Let me go back to the story; Remember; So this just shows you
  • 11. Group exercise! • Let’s do exercises 7,8 on page 46 exercise 7 1. f 2. b 3. e 4. g 5. c 6. a 7. d exercise 8 1. on 2. In 3. to 4. for 5. through 6. out 7. about 8. by
  • 12. Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 4. quote 5. suggest 6. Highlight 9. recap 10. all page 46 DOWN 1.through 2.cons 3.key 7. goal 8. track
  • 13. Using Your Voice Effectively • Practice exercise 10 with a partner
  • 14. Practice Using Your Voice • Do exercise 11 on page 48 in pairs Finally// let me come back to the key points of my talk.//I told you that in the first quarter, // more than half or 52%, // of our revenues// came from overseas.// This is in line with the targets we set out// in 2004/when we decided we wanted to continue to rely on overseas markets, //especially China, to keep growing. In the past three months we’ve added more new customers in China//than in any other country. Now// what are our targets for the next few months?//The first major step// will be the introduction of our Paypal payment service in China.// And then// we will focus on finding customers in existing markets, // such as the US and Germany, // who haven’t tried buying from our website yet.
  • 15. Conclusions Your turn! Follow the flow chart on page 44 Come up with a creative conclusion to a presentation. Have fun, be silly!