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Advpres week10
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Advpres week10


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Unit 3 con’t– My Next Slide Shows … Week 10 English Public Speaking & Presentation (Advanced) Professor Hayashi
  • 2. Today’s Class • Attendance & Prep Sheet check • Review • Emphasis • Visuals Checklist BREAK • Presentation Practice
  • 3. Review • Call out some names of media tools microphone/podium,markers, whiteboard, flip chart, data projector, screen, OHP, transparency, pointer, pin/bulletin board • How do you say these numbers? 2.7 bn ¾ 3,201,359 22.8% $5,000,230
  • 4. Review • What is the rule of six? - A maximum of 6 lines per slide - A maximum of 6 words per line
  • 5. Emphasis Exercise 9 1.e 2.g 3.b 4.a 5.c 6.d 7.h 8.f Exercise 10 1.extremely dangerous 2.absolutely necessary 3.highly interesting 4.surprisingly good 5.completely useless 6.absolutely safe 7.incredibly cheap
  • 6. Listening • Exercise 11, page29 1.draw your attention’ll see 3.The figures also show that 4.It’s quite remarkable 5.On the other hand 6.can we explain 7.have a look 8.let’s talk about
  • 7. Exercise 12 Making Contrasts Describing Results although as a result despite consequently however therefore nevertheless thus on the other hand whereas while
  • 8. Page 30 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. however Although Whereas Despite Consequently On the other hand
  • 9. Exercise 13 1. Let’s have a closer look at this table. 2. On the next graph you can see the sales figures for the first quarter. 3. We sell almost 30% of our products to other European countries. 4. I’d like to draw your attention to the following facts. 5. Despite software problems we were able to achieve surprisingly good results. 6. I’d like to stress how important this change is.
  • 10. Checklist for Visuals 1. Prepare each visual carefully and separately. 2. Check whether the visual really shows what you are saying. 3. Make sure your audience can read the visual (font size and colors) 4. Find effective headlines. 5. Keep design and content simple. 6. Use bullet charts for text. 7. Reduce text to a minimum. 8. Always prepare audience for visuals. 9. Present information clearly and logically. 10. Remember the rule of 6.
  • 11. Your Turn! • In groups, use an interview from page 31 as the basis for a short presentation • Use the tricks for emphasizing an important point on page 28 • Speak in an engaging and compelling manner • Have the time of your life!