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Mobile marketing   part 1
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Mobile marketing part 1



learn all there is about what constitutes of mobile marketing and how mobile is not just about ads. but much more than that.

learn all there is about what constitutes of mobile marketing and how mobile is not just about ads. but much more than that.



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Mobile marketing part 1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Agenda Introductions Let’s List Key Challenges Introduction to Mobile Marketing Break The Campaigns
  • 2. Stuff we won’t talk about SMS Marketing Augmented Reality Social Local Mobile / Proximity Marketing Mobile Payments/Device
  • 3. The Benefits of Mobile
  • 4. Notice the fine line
  • 5. Assets Vs Media
  • 6. Media Reach (you know this) 5,917,400 3,658,400 3,680,427 365,528 539,000 500,000 Sunday Times StarHub Cable StarHub Max Online Internet Users Radio Mobile 3G SubscribersVarious Sources including Neilsen, Mindshare Data, SingStat.
  • 7. Reading Magazines /Newspapers 33 minutes Listening to Radio 52 104 Using mobile minutes minutes (ex SMS/calls) THE AVERAGE MOBILE WEB USER IN SINGAPORE CONSUMES 6 HOURS OF MEDIA PER DAY 80 minutes Watching TV 81 minutes Online via desktop/laptopSample size: n =925. inMobi & Decision Fuel
  • 8. 11% In the bathroom 15% 10% in a 18% Spending Shopping meeting or classtime with family 60% Lying in bed 29% While watching TV 48% Waiting 12% social for something event 26% Commuting For Singaporeans, mobile web time is “me” time: it’s usually a personal rather than a shared media experience
  • 10. Given the paucity oftime and fastchanging landscape,users want to knowthe latest beyondthe morning newspaper.E-paper is not farfrom being a fullreality.
  • 11. Media Usage is29% not independent –of consumers in there isSingapore multi- significanttask while dual screenwatching TV behavior
  • 12. Why are people using mobile while watching TVSource: On Device Research, ID, June 2011* Mobile commerce defined as researching or purchasing products and services via the mobile internet.
  • 13. Google Multi Screen Research, August 2012
  • 14. So Why Haven’tMarketers Embraced it?
  • 15. The Reasons Why Engagement Rates CPM CTR Dwell Time Lack of Device Friendly Measurability Disbelief I Don’t Know content
  • 16. “We all have possibilitieswe dont know about. Wecan do things we donteven dream we can do.” - Dale Carnegie
  • 17. Mobile will act as the on/offline connector bytransforming traditional channels into new points of sale
  • 18. Mobile Ads
  • 19. Type of Ads You Can Do
  • 21. You don’t target device, You Target a PersonWho does this, this, and this…
  • 22. Used it for ‘Branding’ & ‘App’ downloads
  • 23. The Mobile Web & Mobile YouTube TruView on Youtube Mobile
  • 24. Example of Integration
  • 25. BBC Live Callhttp://edgy.sproutbuilder.com/load/VQAfYhUBOh4HWTxj.w.html
  • 26. Lux - Gamification
  • 27. McDonalds –Local WeatherBased Ads
  • 28. Close Up Experience Zone
  • 29. QR Codes
  • 30. While QR Codes Awareness/Adoption Rate havegrown Success of QR Code scan depends on Where & What the code offers.
  • 31. The QR Code Growth StorySource: Nellymoser.
  • 32. Advertisers in Singapore Now in its 3rd publication, they see about 100 ~ 150 orders per week.
  • 33. Courts Mobile Only Offer
  • 34. Coca Cola – QR CodesDuring Euro 2012 TournamentThe codes are connecting users to a seriesof exclusive videos around the event.People can also download the ‘SmileWorld’app, Coke’s new mobile social network.
  • 35. QR Code in a RestaurantHarrys Bar - QR code bar messaging Using QR code to get app downloads and connecting people in the bar is classic as well as well received by the audience. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj_OC00qgUQ
  • 36. Singapore Success Story 2 (2011) PayPal’s QR code campaign with SMRT from February till April this year enabled an average of 500 transactions per 10,000 scans by Singaporean commuters, equivalent to a 5 per cent customer conversion rate, which is higher than the average direct email response rate of 1.7 per cent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rOQm3Y8_1Q
  • 37. Singapore Success Story 3 (2011) Gamification of a different level using QR Codes and Social. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfPudfesaxo
  • 38. Improving QR Code UtilizationIntegrate Apps with Ads QR Scan
  • 39. Avoid QR Implementations such as …
  • 40. Golden Rules of QR Codes• Serve a business objective• Add value for the user• Provide contextual assistance • e.g. link to get a reader app, call-to-action, barcode alternative, etc.• Test to ensure codes are scannable
  • 41. Mobile Apps
  • 42. The Mobile App Lifecycle
  • 43. Top Apps are Seldom Owned by Brands
  • 44. Apps – Life on the shelf…Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Carte d’Or Knorr Arabia
  • 45. Mobile Search
  • 46. The Mobile Search Trend90%80% Mobile 25%70%60%50%40%30%20%10% PC0% 75% 11-Oct 11-Nov 11-Dec 12-Jan 12-May 12-Jun 11-Sep 12-Feb 12-Mar 12-Apr 12-Jul 12-Aug Mobile PC
  • 47. Stuff you can do on Mobile Search
  • 48. Mobile is going to be Hyperlocal Website or mSite Contact Center Retail Location
  • 49. Though Mobile Search is no longer Cheap Mobile CPC’s (Singapore) Mobile Tablet Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Mobile CTR’s (Singapore) Mobile Tablet Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
  • 50. mCommerce
  • 51. The Landscape SnapshotThe median spend per head formobile shoppers increased fromS$93 (US$73) in 2010 to S$354(US$279) in 2011. There were880,792 Singaporeans whomade a purchase through amobile device in 2011, comparedto 364,390 in the previous year.
  • 52. Crowd Sourcing
  • 53. Crowd-source Using MobileBite-size Surveys to get instant results from users
  • 54. mLoyalty &mCoupons
  • 55. Mobile Loyalty ProgramsAre Changing CRM Landscape
  • 56. The iOS 6 Passbook Feature