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OpenESB: Past, Present and Future

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Openesb past present_future

  1. 1. What is OpenESB? An open source Standards based (JSR 208) ESB easier to install, configure, use, manage and maintain than most other ESBs in the market. Evolution What happened to OpenESB after Oracle acquisition of Sun? Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and pulled out development support for OpenESB but it lived! That’s why people love Open source. Community got united and took the responsibility to ensure a long healthy life ahead. After a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt), OpenESB is still alive and prospering in the hands of enthusiastic community members.OpenESB Reborn. First Summit at Brussels. Click here for agenda and outcomeOpenESB New Home: Latest release: Source at: What is the current status? And what is new in OpenESB V2.3 1. Paul Perez (Pymma Consulting) is currently doing 1. Support for Netbeans 6.9.1 most of the community organization work in very close cooperation with LogiCoy 2. HL7 BC, Encoder 2. Original Openesb dev and users mailing lists active (, with several posts and 3. IEP SE responses from various users/contributors/vendors. 3. The old collabnet site that powered the original 4. CICS BC source base/project was moved by Oracle but that code base is not actively getting worked on. 5. A lot of bug fixes to components 4. The new community site has been operational with Codendi platform (SVN, Maven, Hudson, wiki) for 6. Key enhancements to several components the last few months and the first community release of OpenESB version 2.3 is available there. This was 7. A few design time plug in enhancements, fixes worked on and put together by Pymma, LogiCoy, and two resources (Kiril and Sergey) in Russia. 8. Updated tools/env for component developers…. LogiCoy has 5 dedicated resources who are the original architects/developers of the components 9. Combined SVN repository for both runtime and working on this. LogiCoy and Pymma are actively
  2. 2. working on signing up several other contributors. design time codebase Customer decisions/plans Future Roadmap Fuji is not ready for prime time any time soon.  Monitoring Tools A lot of Runtime work required.  Additional SE (Drools, Camel, IEP,…) The design time work for web based project  Additional BC (Legacy application IMS, CICS,…) implementation/IFL/… are quite extensive  Fuji / OSGI Oracle Fusion is quite heavy weight, still not mature  Reduce dependency to Glassfish and Netbeans in certain areas and for many organizations cost  Support Additional App servers: Jboss,… prohibitive and not desirable due to vendor lock in Stay on OpenESB v2.1/v2.2 and retain Support from Oracle and remain on OpenESB v2.1/v2.2?!!! Why OpenESB is attractive Obtain Support from other vendors that provide Easy to install current support for OpenESB v2.1/v2.2/v2.3 and Easy to understand forward versions? Very easy to use Far beyond the other open source Delay the decision to migrate to another platform projects: Jboss ESB ,Service Mix, for a couple of years and let the Mulesource,… market/products/projects/vendors play out? Binds with: The best java IDE Netbeans 6.x Excellent integration with Glassfish 2.xAnd a very warm welcome to you to our next Summit Save The Date!
  3. 3. OpenESB -> Sun Microsystems -> LogiCoy A Brief about LogiCoy ServicesWe Provide Solutions, Consulting, Implementation, Custom Development and Support on following: •GlassFish, GlassFish ESB, OpenESB, Mural MDM •24X7 Production support for GlassFish, GlassFish ESB, OpenESB, Mural MDM •Real-time monitoring tools and ESB Console for Open/GlassFish ESB •Enhancements and bug fixes to OpenESB JBI Binding Components, Service Engines, and Encoders •Upgrade services for eGate, ICAN, CAPS 5.x to CAPS6 or Open/GlassFish ESB •Migration for HIPPA 4010 to HIPAA 5010, ICD9 to ICD10. •Integration solutions for RHIOs, NHIN based on Open source projects like NHIN Connect, Mural MDM and GlassFish ESB. EHR implementations using open source products like OpenEMR •Completely Open source based solution with zero licensing cost. •Low cost and high quality offshore product development, testing and Support services.To know more about LogiCoy products and Solutions, Please reach us at: please visit: info@logicoy.com 877-445-6445To know more about OpenESB Community, please