Success At A Job Fair


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What to do as a Job Fair, what not to do.
What will ensure you succeed @ a job fair.

Vandana from Eclat Hospitality has put together a presentation that just might help you land that dream job!

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Success At A Job Fair

  1. 1. HOW TO SUC C E E D @ a Jo b Fa ir? By Vandana Ma da n
  2. 2. Why should you attend the Job Fair? To get a New Job To check out Potential Network and Market yourself Career opportunities that meet your needs To get an Internship
  3. 3. Preparing for interviews Research Organization Watch the body language What creates a bad Impression After the Interview Preparation is the key to success
  4. 4. Preparing for Interviews Review own Skills, Experiences and Qualities Check your resume Have multiple copies prepared Focus on class projects, Internships Current affairs Prepare your questions Practice
  5. 5. Research organization • Find out what companies will be attending the job fair • search the information on the company website • Focus on the top companies you want to target at the job fair • Relevant articles, current issues, reports in the press
  6. 6. Watch the body language First impression very powerful -Hello effect or devil effect Dress appropriately Smile and make eye contact Allow time to relax Speak clearly Interviewer notices-How you look, sit and act.
  7. 7. What creates a bad impression • Negative attitude • Lack of preparation • Lack of interest and enthusiasm • Poor knowledge • Failure to give concrete examples of skills • Over emphasis on money • Lack of career plan
  8. 8. After the interview • Review own performance and learn from it • Was there anything you could have done better or differently? • Make notes about your conversation. Follow up! Follow up! Follow up!  Request for feedback
  9. 9. Job Fair Do’s • Do arrive early • Do have pen and paper available • Be positive • Collect a business card from employers • Do bring lots of resumes • Do take a few minutes to locate your target • Keep answers specific • Prepare one minute script about yourself
  10. 10. Job Fair Don’ts • Don’t arrive late • Don’t ask inappropriate questions • Don’t look disinterested • Don’t lie and make excuses • Don’t ask for special treatment • Don’t say negative things about other job seekers
  11. 11. Relax • Relax and be yourself. • Enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and build your network! Have fun at the JOB FAIR!
  12. 12. Éclat Hospitality • Founded in 2005 • Chandigarh Based • Hospitality Consulting• Recruitment • Training • Hospitality Education w w w. e c l a t h o s p i t a l i t y. c o m