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Mts digital strategy

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  • What ‘C’ stands for has been widely debated: it encompasses connectivity, creativity, communities, channels, content & much moreIn total it defines an audience whose interests & behaviour are expressed across the technologically progressive backdrop of MySpace, Flickr, Nokia, gaming & much moreWe’re going to explore this world & discover how 5 can fit within it
  • Mts digital strategy

    1. 1. Digital ProgramA Rediffusion Y&R Presentation
    2. 2. Presentation Flow The Challenge Digital Indian The Target Audience The Construct The Program The Platform The Recruitment The Engagement The Gratification Technical Feasibility Program Extensions
    3. 3. Brand TruthDo what you cant
    4. 4. Brand ObjectiveLong term youth engagement through a program that builds a community of like-minded youth who share the beliefs & values of the MTS brand“Do what you cant”Facilitates increased depth of relationshipThe platform will also launch and augment advocacy and sales of various youthfocused technology offerings including smart phones, tablets, tariff plans,dongles etc.
    5. 5. Brand ChallengeEarn the currency of the leading edge youthAim to engage the change leading youth moremeaningfully
    6. 6. Whereis the digital Indian going?
    7. 7. 2011 India boasts of 3.8/10 users - Less than 5 lakh towns The average Indian 100 million 3.2/10 users - Top 8 Metros web user spends internet users 2.0/10 users - Other Metros 26 minutes [that is a 8.4% penetration rate] 2000 online each day 7.7/10 users - Top 8 Metros Internet users in India grew by 25% in the past 12 months Youtube reaches 31.2% of India‟s internet population who Facebook has 25 million watch around 650 million Social media users Indian users; 19.2 million are videos per month in India between 25-40 33,158,000 Twitter users in India 2.7 million The number of Facebook users Social media growing at in India has grown by 60% in the past 6 156% annually months. Orkuton a decline Gaming 2011 The number of 790 crore mobile India has 793millionmobile 2008 subscribers phones, and 14 millionhandsets 650 crore in India is 22% are capable of accessing the growing by 2 million world wide web every month Zapak+ibibo = 32 million users The penetration of mobile phones in India is more than 50% higher than the penetration of TVSource: Internet Report, Pitch; IMRB, ComScore 2010 ; mobile data from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India; TV data extrapolated from growth trends in TAM data as quoted by Deloite
    8. 8. Young Men College Students 33% 21% School going Kids 14% Working Women Older Men 11% 15% Non Working Women 6%The youth have found their second homeand driving the growth of the internet Source: IAMAI ICube
    9. 9. They want to be entertained Email 94% Social Networking 54% Downloading music 72% Searching for information 52% Instant Message/Chatting 56% Watching online video 50% Job Search 56% Check Sports 58% Matrimonial Search 49% English info Search Engine 49% Source: IMBR Int
    10. 10. Who is the Target?
    11. 11. Confident, Courageous, Outgoing and Cool
    12. 12. AnkitFadia, Ethical Hacker at age 16 Telecom = No dead time Gen Y -> Born into Technology The Digital Native Born Connected Communication Skills = Outlook + IMWi-fi campuses – Free to move Google (41%) emerges as most preferred source of Information
    13. 13. Internetaddiction of today‟s youth
    14. 14. …is not restricted to a specific age bracket, but a mindset whose interests and behaviors are expressed across social media ...these behaviors dictate how the youth interact with each other and the outside world
    15. 15. What are they doing? Communicating Consuming Creating
    16. 16. They use a multitude of channels to express themselvesWhile some are busy discovering their writing skills through sites like Blogger andTwitter, the others are busy finding an audience for their inherent talents.
    17. 17. They love to flaunt..Theres something out there for everyone
    18. 18. In the process, they are building a network of fans and friendsThe era of Stranger Danger is long gone if you consider the fact that „mostyoungsters online have „friends‟ whom they have never met offline‟
    19. 19. Communicationor Exhibitionism?
    20. 20. They are digital storytellers, constantlycapturing and sharing their lives
    21. 21. These digital natives leverage technologyfor free stuff... Music Software Games Movies
    22. 22. ...and flock to brands which reward them fortheir loyalty
    23. 23. ...and an insatiable appetite for creativity inthe palm of their hands
    24. 24. Core InsightYouth typically do not havereal world statusLack influence on the world at largeNot yet „established‟ in lifeOften perceived as irresponsibleFinancially dependent on parents
    25. 25. Core InsightToday, social status is earnedonline; it is truly „social‟Social media networks define youth „status‟Friend, Professional networks, twitter followers,YouTube channel subscribers, blogsForums, discussions, status posts let youbroadcast your opinions and build influenceMedia sharing platforms take your creativityand talent to the world
    26. 26. The Central Idea A youth program„Leverage your social status (online) to advance your real life status‟
    27. 27. Allow the youth to bridge the divide between online social currencyand real-world currencyThe more social status you create, the more real world status you get Following Limo Paid Updating Rides Premiere Blogging Tickets Uploading Backstage PassesSocial Friending 5-starGaming Dates Online Social Real Life Status F1 tickets Status Tweeting Chatting Spa Holidays Recommending IPL Box Tagging Seats Concert Passes Commenting
    28. 28. The Construct A Portal Building an online community moremeaningful and addictive than any other
    29. 29. The ConstructBuilds on the concept of social currencySocial currency is a common term that can be understood as theentirety of actual and potential resources which arise from thepresence in social networks and communities, may they be digitalor offline. It derives from Pierre Bourdieu‟s social capital theory andis about increasing one‟s sense of community, granting access toinformation and knowledge, helping to form one‟s identity, andproviding status and recognition. – Source Wikipedia
    30. 30. Social currency is shared information that encourages further socialencounters. Its not a new concept, but the social web increases itsprevalence.We build on what the youth do, where they are and rewardthem for what they are already doing.
    31. 31. Introducing
    32. 32. A new currency that measures your social networth A manifestation of your social status A form for your social currency Mbuck is not an alternate to real life currency
    33. 33. How do you earn your status? Be Social Earn MBucks Get rewards
    34. 34. He who shares, earns the respect of his peers and the worldaround himMBucks aims to reward this attribute, by allowing users toearn online currency by simply doing what they do best,be social!Write a tweet, EARN, post updates to your wall, EARN,check-in to your favorite coffee shop, EARN MBucks. It‟sthat simple!
    35. 35. MBucksEarn Your
    36. 36. Home Registration Login SearchDashboard My Profile Trends Leaders Rewards ShopAbout us | Contact Us |FAQs | Privacy Policy | Code of Ethics | Terms of Use | Shareable (Social media) | Support Login Dashboard Community Leaders Rewards |Shop Reference the detailed map
    37. 37. My Profile Dashboard TrendsAdd / Modify / Delete / Edit access -Social Net worth (Mbucks count) - Top trending Topics- My social networks - Social Status (Badge) - Top trending influencersFacebook, Twitter, Blogs, +1, Flickr, Linkedin, - Community (My connections) - Search a trend keywordBlogs etc - Leader Board - Start trend category- My connections - Interests - Search a influencer- Activity Chart (30 days) - MRed Quotient (Leader, Observer, Listener,- Interests Doer etc.) Edit- Notifications mode -Mblast (shout out)- Messages - Contests- Invite Friends - Rewards- Privacy Settings Download app Login Registration Search Home - Login with social media networks - Social media networks credentials Leaders - Unique ID - MTS customer registration Rewards -Leader Board by: - Social Net worth (Mbucks) MShop - Contextual rewards - Social Status (Basis community interests etc) -Wishlist - New entrants - Bid for rewards - Exclusive to MTS (strategic tie up with brands) - Community leaders (Time bound) - Video of F1 launch - Reward leaders - Nominate for rewards - Video of exclusive chat with Larry Page - Contest leaders - Contests for rewards - Play games on Zapak and Zynga - Vote for a leader - Watch list - Invitations to Google Plus - Auction Results - Download MTS mobile applications - Links to MTS products About us | Contact Us |FAQs | Privacy Policy | Code of Ethics | Terms of Use | Shareable (Social media) | Support
    38. 38. The Creative Muse MBank
    39. 39. MBankIf MBucks is the currency that the youth earns, then the MBank is wherethey have to make their depositsThe MBank is the web-interface, where all transactions with MBucks takeplaceNo hidden fees, no contracts, and no complicated procedures. Bankingnever was easier!Have a reward you are looking forward to get? Keep all your MBucks inthis basket and we‟ll ensure this is one account that gives you a whole lotmoreYour online portal for all things MBucks related. Calculate your worth, setyour goals and earn your rewards.
    40. 40. Website Creative
    41. 41. Mobile ApplicationThe MBank will also have an easy-to-use, mobile application that helpsusers with their MBucks when they‟reon-the-moveThis application will be createdacross mobile platforms, from iOS toAndroid and even older Symbiansmart-phones.
    42. 42. MeasurementSocial Status MbucksSocial NetworthReal Life StatusSocial media activities
    43. 43. Measuring Social Net worthThe Portal‟s tracking system will track & index all social media activityperformed by a user on the following platforms: Facebook Twitter Flickr MRed Portal Youtube Linkedin BlogsThese platforms have been chosen taking into account the presence of theIndian audience, and also the readily available tools provided by theseplatforms to track user activities.A users Social Net worth will be based on a users activity across the social webover a two-week period, the more active and engaged a user is the higher theMBucks and status rankings will climb. The system will update the values every20-30 minutes.
    44. 44. Measurement Parameters The following activities on each platform form the measurement indexFacebook Twitter Flickr Youtube Blogs Linkedin MBucks» Friend Count » Followers » Photo count » Video uploads » Follower count » Connections » Joining» Posts » Following » Photo views » Video views » Post count » Recomms » Friend invites» Comments » On lists » Gallery count » Videos shared » Comments » Updates freq. » Communities» Commented » Tweet » Friends count » Channels » Shares » Groups activity » Communityon » Mentions » Group activity » Fav marks » Fav marks act.» Page likes » Re- » Comments » Video shares » Video shares » Posts/Shouts» Mentions Tweeted » Commented on » Comments » Comments » Rewards» Photo » Replies » Commented » Commented earneduploads on on» Shares » Subscriptions » Subscriptions» Likes
    45. 45. Measurement ParametersThe scores will be broken down into 3 types Sign up MBucks SM - Activity Bucks Activity on MBank Quantitative & Qualitative Sign up MBucks: These will be the base MBucks given 10% Sign up MBucks to a user for signing up and also for some of the basic SM parameters like friend count on FB, Follower count on Twitter. This will be a one time collection of MBucks 25% SM Activity that all users are entitled to. MBucks Quantitative SM – Activity MBucks: These are MBucks earned by a user on an ongoing basis for all of his social media (SM) 55% SM Activity activity, these MBucks are aggregated and updated on a daily basis. MBucks Qualitative MB – Activity MBucks: These are MBucks that are earned by a user for all interactions on the Mbucks (MB) website. 20% Activity on MBank Indicative break up
    46. 46. Quantitative Following are the lists of activities that can earn MBucks for a user All quantitative measurement will be calculated purely from the number of activities performed by a user.Facebook Twitter Flickr» No. of posts made » No. of tweets » No. of photos uploaded» No. of comments on other user posts » No. of replies &retweets » No. of comments on other user photos» Photo uploads » Followers added » No. of friends added» No. of likes on other users posts» Friends addedYouTube Blogs MBank Portal »Post count » No. of posts/shouts» No. of videos uploaded » No. of friends invited» No. of videos shared » No. of rewards redeemed» No. of comments on other videos» No. of videos viewed/fav(ed) Linkedin » Community interactions »Post count » Connections count
    47. 47. Qualitative All qualitative MBucks will be calculated only from the interaction traced around a users contributions e.g. Retweets, Likes, Shares, Replies, Comments etc. Following are the lists of activities that can earn qualitative MBucks for a userFacebook Twitter Flickr» No. comments to posts » No. of replies recieved » No. of comments on photos(unique/repeat) » No. of timesretweeted » No. of group interactions» No. of shares/likes » Followers profile» No. of mentions » List appearancesYoutube Blogs MBank Portal» No. of comments on videos »Comments on posts » No. of replies/likes to posts» No. of views/fav tags/likes » XML feed subscriptions » No. replies to community threads » No. of rewards redeemed » Contest participation Linkedin » Likes on comments
    48. 48. QualitativeIndirect activity factors also contribute to a users qualitative score TheSpread Augmentation Peer Reputation Size of the engaged audience How much your content is acted upon How much your content is acted uponFactors measured Factors measured Factors measured» Followers » Unique Retweeters » List inclusions» Mutual Follows » Unique Messages » Follower/Follow Ratio» Friends Retweeted » Followed Back %» Total Retweets » Likes Per Post » Unique Senders» Unique Commenters » Comments Per Post » Unique Retweeters» UniqueLikers » Follower Retweet % » Unique Commenters» Follower/Follow Ratio » Unique @ Senders » Unique Likers» Followed Back % » Follower Mention % » Influence of Followers »Influence of» @ Mention Count » Inbound Messages Per Retweeters and Mentioners» List Count » Outbound Message » Influence of Friends» List Followers Count. » Update Count. » Influence of Likers and Commenters
    49. 49. Qualitative Understanding the insights of the factors TheSpread Augmentation Peer ReputationAre your tweets interesting and How diverse is the group that @ How influential are the people whoinformative enough to build an messages (mentions) you? @ message you?audience? Are you broadcasting or How influential are the people whoHow far has your content been participating in conversations? retweet you?spread across Twitter? How likely are you to be How influential are the people whoAre people adding you to lists and retweeted? follow you?are those lists being followed? Do a lot of people retweet you or is How influential are the people whoHow many people did you have to it always the same few followers? list you?follow to build your count offollowers? Are you tweeting too little or too How influential are the people who much for your audience? follow the lists you are on?How often are your followsreciprocated? Are your tweets effective in generating new followers, retweets and @ replies?
    50. 50. Social StatusUsers will unlock various levels of status as they earn more MBucks by theirpro -active social media participationAn algorithm will decide the status that needs to be given for a user based onMBucks earnedUsers on the MTS network will be entitled to bonus MBucks at each level MBucks Earned (Non- MBucks Earned MTS User) (MTS User) Status 100 150 Worker 1000 1250 Manager 10000 12500 President 100000 120000 Owner 10000000 11000000 Tycoon Status will be represented by different badges on the user profile
    51. 51. MBucks, Redemption & StatusLike currency, Mbucks can be spentLike currency Mbucks can be used to acquire thingsLike currency Mbucks can be used to determine a persons wealth, and in turnwealth can define a persons statusSo what happens, if a user spends all his/her Mbucks to acquire rewards?When a user spends his MBucks to redeem a reward, his Mbuck wealth istransferred into an asset wealth hence maintaining his achieved statusBefore redemption After redemption MBucks Assets Status MBucks Assets Status 1000 0 Manager 0 1000 Manager Total Wealth: 1000 Total Wealth: 1000
    52. 52. Appreciation & Depreciation of MBucksThe components that can depreciate are: StatusMBucks are directly related to a users social media activity. Status is related to thenumber of MBucks. Hence it depreciates over a period of time if the users socialmedia participation is reduced.A drop in activity score will effectively cause a step down in status.The components that do not depreciate are: MBucks & AssetsMBucks like money earned stays with a user, unless he spends it. A drop in socialmedia activity will not result in reduction of MBuck value. If the user‟s activity starts todrop, the MBuck count will stagnate. The MBuck count will start to rise again as theuser begins to increase his activity score
    53. 53. Key gears of the program Recruitment Rewards
    54. 54. Recruitment
    55. 55. 1 2Recruitment Continuous EngagementBuild awareness about Create interest, drivethe community online stickinessGet people to register Encourage onlineand participate in the activityprogram
    56. 56. The choice before us is clear..
    57. 57. We can either throw one big boulder in the waterand catch their attention
    58. 58. or we can keep throwing a number of pebbles tokeep them looking out for more
    59. 59. RecruitmentLarge thrust for recruitment through various BTL activitiesOnline buzz creationOnline media – banners, mailers etcSocial media engagements and activitiesOn ground activationsATL campaigns with new product launches to showcase the URL as a sign-off
    60. 60. So lets fish where the fish are and continuallysurprise them with a number of hooks
    61. 61. Recruitment - Create Buzz MBANK MINT M-Jobs M-News Viral M-Scams MLEAGUE ATMBUCKS MCABS Celebrity Gaming KBM M-Hack Status Currency Game ShowThe recruitment ideas are about creating buzz and intrigue to what MBucks are. Every idea will sign-off with the line ‘Are you earning MBucks yet?’
    62. 62. MBank ViralThe MBANK is a bank unlike any otherIt is a bank that does not deal in money, but in social interactionsIt evaluates your status and the MBUCKS you should have based onhow influential you are on Social MediaWe will showcase all of this in a web-viral videoThe viral video also serves as a fun tutorial on the program
    63. 63. MBank ViralStyle of the video will be Rube GoldbergThe sheer magnitude, scale and skill thatgoes into building a Rube GoldbergMachine makes these videos inherently„shareable.‟ Makes the user go „WHOA!‟MBucks are all about social interactionsand hence a highly interactive video
    64. 64. MBank ViralThe Script
    65. 65. MBank Viral SeriesThe Rube Goldberg machine will not be theonly viralWe will create a series of small virals aboutirate customers calling the MBankWe will create bank robbery videos wherethe robbers always #failWe will create videos with the MBank‟s staffand what they do when they‟re bored
    66. 66. MBank BannersThese banners will talk about investments, loans and other suchbank related things, but always with a twist.
    67. 67. Viplesh’s – Invest time in Facebook banner
    68. 68. The MintThe Mint is where MBucks are createdWe create videos, wikis and mailers that explain the origins ofMBucks, who created MBucks, what are they worth in differentcountries, which are the richest MBuck countries, etc.Help establish the MBuck as a social currency the world over
    69. 69. The MINT creative
    70. 70. MINT – Video screens
    71. 71. MBUCKS - Wiki
    72. 72. 3. M-Jobs
    73. 73. M-JobsSocial Media is the buzz word in colleges and an coming field thatlots of youngsters are looking towardThe job markets have been flooded with social media jobs fromSEO and SMO, to strategists and analystsSocial Media jobs are not just popular, right now, they‟re „cool.‟
    74. 74. M-JobsWe will create „job opportunities‟ for the youthWe will flood every job site with companies that are looking for“Social Media Gurus.” These companies will highlight how theydon‟t mind freshers.The jobs will also highlight how these companies will pay a reallygood amount for a fresher. (Over 6 lacs per annum)The catch, which users will see later on, is that payments are all inMBucks
    75. 75. M-JobsWe will also market these jobs offlineWe will have kiosks at job fairs and at colleges during theirrecruitment phases where we market these jobsWe will test users on how influential they are w.r.t. Social MediaOnce they‟ve been tested, we will give them a certain score andtell them what their expected salary package could be in Mbucks
    76. 76. M-Job listings image
    77. 77. M-NewsWe will create news about MBucks in popular news portals likeYahoo, MSN, Rediff and IndiatimesThe news will always revolve around some currency issue whereMBucks are at stakeThis will create buzz around the word MBucks – “What are theseMBucks?”
    78. 78. 4. M-news and M-scams
    79. 79. MBUCKS news screenshot
    80. 80. M-ScamsThe internet is flooded with scams and schemes relating to moneyFrom the very common “Google will pay you a $100,” to the now-meme “Nigerian Scam,” duping people for money is very popularonlineWe create mailers, fake-phishing websites, websites that talkabout how, “You too can be a millionaire…”These mailers, etc will talk about the scams and schemes butalways in relation to MBucks, not money
    81. 81. M-League – TV ShowThe youth today connect with reality TV showsThey might not know who the president of a country is, but theywill know who the last elimination on Roadies wasDrama, controversy and shock-value is entertainment on everyyouth channel for that reason
    82. 82. MLEAGUE screens
    83. 83. M-League – TV ShowWe run a one of a kind show that actually lets user decide what happens on areality TV showThe show we run will be along the lines of the Amazing Race. We have 10 SocialMedia enthusiasts competing with each other for a grand prize.The only way that these contestants can progress is with the help of MBucks. Theway they get MBucks is when the TV audience actually tweets for them or followsthem or sends them messages or basically does anything that will improve theirsocial networth; in return giving them more MBucks.Along the race, there will be hurdles. The contestants on the show can only getpast these hurdles with help from their social media friends and followers.
    84. 84. M-League – TV ShowUsing Facebook & Twitter we find 10 participants to participateWe give them the MPulse and the MBlaze dongle to start their social activities .As soon as they begin, they get a certain amount of MBucks depending on theirprevious social activity.Participants then need to use their MBucks to get from pit-stop to pit-stop, that willbe found across the city.The first person to reach the pit-stop will get to experience exclusive rewards thatup his/her social status. Eg: Level 1: Ride in a limo till your next clue. Level 2: Theopportunity to dine with a celebrity.To receive the next clues in the race, users will need to purchase them using theirMBucks. As the race progresses, they will use up all their MBucks, and to earn moreMBucks they will need to become extra active on the Social SpaceThe finish will be the grand reward that everyone will compete for
    85. 85. M-League – TV ShowWinner gets to star in a 5 minute short film directed by KaranJohar/ any other popular director. The winner is the hero of thefilm. This film gets featured on all short film festivals and YouTubeand other such platforms.
    86. 86. ATMBucksAs an on-ground activity, we will place ATMs for MBUCKS aroundcolleges and popular hang-out zones.These ATMs would help users to evaluate themselves andredeem experience rewards.These ATMs serve one purpose – to gather as many new users aspossible. Every time someone uses one of these ATMs toevaluate themselves, they will in effect be creating a newaccount at the MBank.
    87. 87. ATMBUCKS pictures
    88. 88. 7. M-Cabs
    89. 89. M-CabsWe create a limousine service. The limos will be branded with MBuck –“You too can rent this limo – only 5999 MBucks.” We‟ll also feature anumber to call and a website link to book the cabs.We can also use the limo service as a party substitute: “Why go to Goato party when you can party all the way to Goa?”We let people experience the limo, let them totally live it up with redcarpets, free alcohol, hot women/men, open sun roofs with loud music,etc. We‟ll try to bring as much attention to the car and the great timethe people are having inside. Whenever the car drops someone off, wecan give out leaflets, etc that talk about the different limo schemesand what they are worth in MBucks.
    90. 90. M-Cabs – Booking micrositeThe micro-site will let people make the cab bookingThe phone number that people call will have a customerservice executive take down bookings and tell them how this isa free service for now, but in a while it will cost them MBucks.
    91. 91. Celebrity StatusMBucks help elevate a users statusTo highlight that fact, we will rope in internet celebrities as wellas real world celebritiesWe will show users how real world celebrities have no standingas compared to internet celebritiesWe will show users how real world celebs are using social mediathemselves to better their status
    92. 92. Celebrity StatusA YouTube innovation will start off with a Ray William Johnson videoShahrukh Khan and Salman Khan will interrupt the video from thevideo gallery at the sideThey will try to take the users mouse cursor and make it click on theirown videosIn the end Ray William Johnson will take the mouse cursor and makethe user click on “LIKE” for his video
    93. 93. YouTube innovation screens
    94. 94. Celebrity StatusIn addition to the YouTube innovation, we will have a talk show -webseries, where we have interviews with Indian Internet CelebritiesWe can ask the „How Can She Slap‟ guy to give us tips on slappingWe can ask the „She Laft Me Alone‟ guy for break up tip.These videos tie in to the fact that these „celebrities‟ would haveremained „unknowns‟ had it not been for the impact they‟ve had onSocial Media
    95. 95. M-Hack
    96. 96. M-HackWe create an application on Facebook and TwitterIt is basically a link that users can send to their friends. If their friend clickson the link, it will load a flash file.This flash file is a screenshot of their Facebook wall/ Twitter feed. The userwill believe that they‟re looking at their own wall/feed. But then the mousestarts moving on its own. It will looks like someone has taken over your FBaccount.A message starts typing itself out: I‟ve taken over your Facebook/ Twitteraccount. If you don‟t pay me 6500 MBucks in the next hour, I‟mdeactivating your account.”
    97. 97. M-HackThe application will end with, “Don‟t worry, this isn‟t real. But what if it was?Do you have MBucks to save you in such a situation?”The prank-nature of the application will have many users sending the linkto their friends.
    98. 98. Gaming CurrencyFlash gaming websites like are very popular amongstthe youthThese websites feature games that have coin collection. In fact,most popular games from back in the day, were only about coincollection – Mario, Sonic, etc.We tie up with Zapak and make sure that every game with a coincollection factor is replaced with MBucksUsers will now have to collect MBucks, not coins/diamonds
    99. 99. Who wants to make someMBUCKS – Game Show App
    100. 100. Who wants to make some MBUCKSGame Show AppWe create a version of KaunBanegaCrorepati. It‟s a YouTube – Annotations basedinteractive video where we test users Social Media knowhowIf they get a right answer, they progress to the next video and so on and so forthWe will actually have the phone a friend number (MTS short code) to help makecalls followed by an IVRS that will give out the right answerWhenever a user gets a wrong answer, the video will talk about how they‟ve playedwell, but this is the end of the road, “You could have experienced more, but nowyou have to settle for a limousine ride…”Every wrong answer will have a different experience reward to talk about.
    101. 101. 1 2Recruitment Continuous EngagementBuild awareness about Create interest, drivethe community online stickinessGet people to register Encourage onlineand participate in the activityprogram
    102. 102. Sustenance MBANK Mbucket List Tech Reviews Of a FeatherWeb Series Know your Social Media Double or Motivational enemies Insider Nothing Posters Newsletter & Rewards Fan page
    103. 103. 1. MBANK – WebSeries
    104. 104. Mbank - WebseriesWe create a web series. It is a weekly online sitcomThis Web series will feature the staff from the MBankand the usual goings on thereThe Web series will bear the documentary narrativeThe Web series will showcase young love in the bank,pranks in the bank, petty politics in the bank, flamewars in the bank, fights in the bank, etc.
    105. 105. Mbucket ListA simple contest on facebook asking people what are the 10things they would like to do in their lives.The list with the most likes and favorites would get a chance tosee some of those dreams come true thanks to MTSMTS could make these things recurring rewards with anyone withenough MBucks to experience them
    106. 106. Tech ReviewsOnce the MBucks program gains momentum and it has enoughusers we will have a mass „tip‟ submission of the URL to techreviewersWe will first give tips to the Indian Blogosphere followed byprofessional tech reviewers in India and then finally tointernational review sites like Gizmodo, etc.
    107. 107. Of a FeatherEveryone wants to know the number of mutual friends they have withanother personWe create an application that helps users find people with the same orsimilar MBucks worthThe users can then network with these users to see how they are goingabout earning their MBucksWe will also let users form partnerships where they want to, so they canuse their money collectively and hence gain the bigger status rewards.
    108. 108. Social Media InsidersWe will have social media insiders keeping track of the people who arereally making the big MBucksThese Insiders on twitter, facebook, youtube, etc, will constantly send outcongratulatory messages and tips to these users.These tips will serve as reminders to these users that there‟s still a longway to go and lots more MBucks to collect
    109. 109. Double or NothingTo keep users who have slowed down on their social media activityengaged, we will create the Double or Nothing activityThis activity will help these users double their MBuck value if they do it rightThe activity will help users get back in the game, and also be eligible forbigger rewardsAlmost like a wild card entry
    110. 110. Motivational PostersMotivational Posters are a very popular meme on the internetWe‟ll ride on the popularity of this Meme and create MBucks motivationalpostersThese posters will talk about rewards that you can get in the next level.Eg. Sour Grapes: You‟re already there!(A meeting with the Dalai Lama: 1000000 Mbucks)
    111. 111. Just a theory: Fly a MIG for 300000 MBucks
    112. 112. Newsletter and Fan PageA weekly newsletter and Facebook fan page will constantly updateeveryone of the goings on w.r.t. MBucksWho‟s the richest?Who has recently redeemed a big reward?What the new rewards are?Who to follow, who not to follow?Quotes from the past week?Contests – New Phone promotion led
    113. 113. Images of Newsletter and Fanpages
    114. 114. RewardsRewards are going to be a big draw for usersIf the rewards are one-of-a-kind, users will come back to make more MBucksThese rewards will also help elevate the users status in real life, so that makesthese rewards even more tempting to earn
    115. 115. Rewards-Ad Space RewardMTS will buy ad space all over the internetThis ad space will be blank for the most part, and will communicate:“You can book this space for 50000 MBucks.”This will be a gimmick. Users will actually be able to book that ad space forone day for a certain MBuck value.Users will now have the chance to advertise anything, from their band totheir kittens at home, only if they have enough MBucksInstantly give users a real life status
    117. 117. Rewards-Ad Space RewardAdditionally, MTS can also buy billboards and hoardings in prominent partsof a city and simply communicate:“Want to book this space? 1000000 MBucks”
    118. 118. Ad Space Hoarding
    119. 119. ContestsWhat‟s your status?A contest where we invite users to submit their status message.If a user believes that he has posted a really creative/provocative/funnystatus message, he can submit a screenshot of that status message (withor without the comments) on the FB fanpage.The best message every week will win an MTS product.Blog and you shall receiveSubmission Contests powered by indiblogger.inThis is a contest for users with blogs on We run contestswhere we ask users to submit blog posts and the posts with the mostactivity/comments every week will win an MTS product.These contests will change every month from „Recipe‟ submission conteststo „Review‟ contests to „Daily Anecdote‟ contests.
    120. 120. ContestsTrivial KnowledgeTrivia contests on Kweezzz.comFortnightly contests on a variety of topics, from the Indian Space programto the music of the 80s to sports.The top three winners from every contest will win an MTS product.Indian MemeA contest where we invite users to try and convert a popular internetmeme to an Indian version.These submissions could range from videos, to pictures, to quotes. Eg. TheNYAN cat could be NANNI BILLI, etc.The funniest Indianised meme every week will win an MTS product.
    121. 121. Rewards
    122. 122. Ongoing RewardsWrite reviews for a movie on a daily newspaper for a dayTravelogue column guest writer of the weekExclusive passes to Page 3 partiesPasses to TED events for thought leadersExclusive and early preview for unreleased games on gaming consolesSpecial discounts at key selected retail partners
    123. 123. Event based RewardsWatching the match with players in the Pavilion/Box seatsSharing Post-match dinner with the players.Wild card entry to the reality music shows eg. Saregamapa , Indian Idol , etc.Movie premier tickets for a monthName plate on a reserved table in a 5star restaurant/HotelWinner get to display his/her dish in a 5star menuTraining with top chefs or spend a day with top chefsWild card entry to Master chef IndiaLaunch winners clothing line at any well known fashion event
    124. 124. Bid/Contests for RewardsDIY mobile phone. MTS will help build the phoneVisit the 10 best places to eat in the worldWitness any sports event season (Wimbledon , Barclays premier league, etc.)NASA or ISRO trip
    125. 125. Technical Feasibility
    126. 126. Technical FeasibilityFree APIs available for each of the portal features (including mobile)MeasurementQuantitative – Empire Avenue & Peer IndexQualitative – Klout& Browser plug-ins for Firefox and ChromeStatus measurement – BadgevilleTrends and Leader Boards – Rypple&Socmetrics
    127. 127. Rewards ManagementLeverage the‟s „Deals‟ management system TNS OK Creative Copy (Truth & Surprise) & ImageSellers Rediff Field Rediff Deals Sales Team Catalogue OK Scheduling LIVE Deal Publishing Platform
    128. 128. Rewards ManagementLeverage the‟s „Deals‟ management system Order eCommerce GatewayOnline User Deals (Base Value/Margin + Balance) Base Value/Margin to Rediff Delivery Online + Offline COD Optimization based on • Users click stream • Bounce rate • Funnel analysis • Copy testing
    129. 129. Program Extension
    130. 130. Phase 2Community built by influencersBarter of MBucksMSure – MBucks InsuranceCSR – Donate Mbucks for CharityMonetization of the portal - Exclusive tie ups with brandsand social media platforms
    131. 131. Thank You