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A workshop I developed for student leaders at Middlesex Community College to raise awareness for students who frequently post on Social Media

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  • Do you think your in-person identity is congruent with your Digital Identity? If not, it should be!
  • Permanent impressions are made everyday based the interactions you have in-person and onlineAre there consequences for what we post online?1 out of 3 employers look you up online BEFORE making a decision to review your resume/application...5 years ago in 2007, UMASS did a study that asked Colleges and Employers if they looked up applicants online – 25% of colleges and 75% of employers do!
  • I am not telling you to abandon the internet. However, we must be aware of some things...Can anyone tell me what WWW stands for?Does privacy exist online?! NO!What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?
  • You need to start thinking about your profile like your billboard – can you control who sees it?? NOSo, what do you want on it? GOOD STUFF – good grades, involved in activities, help old ladies across street w/ groceries, volunteer at the animal shelter…How would this make you look?? Maybe your friends think you’re tough, but what do other people think when they see it?
  • What you CHOOSE to put on the World Wide Web will have a permanent impact on your future...
  • What you CHOOSE to put on the World Wide Web will have a permanent impact on your future...
  • What you CHOOSE to put on the World Wide Web will have a permanent impact on your future...
  • What you CHOOSE to put on the World Wide Web will have a permanent impact on your future...
  • Its your reputation on the line – How do you want to be remembered?Successful branding takes, time, consistency, repetition, and careful decision making... BE CONGRUENT!First impressions begin on the internet – What they see, is what they will get...
  • – Digital Dossier
  • How does your Digital Identity shape up?Did any thing surprise you?
  • Digital Brand Creation Station @MiddlesexCommunityCollege

    1. 1. Digital Brand Creation Station Middlesex Community College © PMaxQuinn  December 3, 2013 #DigitalIdentity @PMaxQuinn
    2. 2. Identity Development In-Person Identity Digital Identity  Personality  Defines Personality  Values & Emotions  Manages Emotions  Religion & Spirituality  Displays Values  Identifies Orientation  Sexual Orientation  Purpose / Career Aspirations  Family, Friends, Partner © PMaxQuinn  Defines Our Purpose/Goals  Identifies Family, Friends, Partner, etc... #DigitalIdentity @PMaxQuinn
    3. 3. Its all about the Impressions you make  One post, One picture, One Like or Comment can define you... © PMaxQuinn #DigitalIdentity @PMaxQuinn
    4. 4. W.W.W.  You can learn a lot.  Others can learn A LOT about you!!!  What do you want them to know??? © PMaxQuinn #DigitalIdentity @PMaxQuinn
    5. 5. © PMaxQuinn #DigitalIdentity @PMaxQuinn
    6. 6. Volunteer Work Involvements Your Stuff that makes you Billboard look GOOD!
    7. 7. PUBLIC INFORMATION... © PMaxQuinn #DigitalIdentity @PMaxQuinn
    8. 8. PUBLIC INFORMATION... © PMaxQuinn #DigitalIdentity @PMaxQuinn
    9. 9. PUBLIC INFORMATION... © PMaxQuinn #DigitalIdentity @PMaxQuinn
    10. 10. PUBLIC INFORMATION... © PMaxQuinn #DigitalIdentity @PMaxQuinn
    11. 11. Digital Brand Creation © PMaxQuinn #DigitalIdentity @PMaxQuinn
    12. 12. © PMaxQuinn #DigitalIdentity Protect your Brand Preform a THOROUGH online search @PMaxQuinn  Are you on Twitter? Do you have your own Blog? of yourself – IMAGES, too!  DON’T FORGET: Keep track of your accounts!!  Select your “Handle” Purchase YOUR name’s URL Anonymity does NOT exist online IP Address   What does your profile picture say about you?  Brand Creation Websites:    Treat your profile, like a billboard    Keep track of your Digital Dossier... About.Me Vizify | Re.Vu | Vizualize.Me LinkedIn  UPDATE your P@ssw0rd!
    13. 13. If you had 30 seconds to “sell your brand” what would you say? Groups of 2 or 3 (20 Minutes) • • • First, come up withy our own Elevator Pitch (30 seconds – 250 words or less) & share it with your group Then, show your Profile(s) (Facebook, Recent Tweets, etc...) to your group: What is their first impression? Finally, Identify what you might need to change, update, add, or delete based on the recommendations if your group © PMaxQuinn #DigitalIdentity @PMaxQuinn
    14. 14. What do you want your legacy to be? “To Be Remarkable, Means to Act with Authenticity” – Author Unknown “Life isn’t about finding yourself, its about creating yourself” – Author Unknown © PMaxQuinn #DigitalIdentity @PMaxQuinn
    15. 15. It’s your Choice… What will you CHOOSE to put on the World Wide Web?
    16. 16.