Turkey Pest Control


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Information on how to deter and prevent brush turkeys from taking up residence on your property.

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Turkey Pest Control

  1. 1. Turkey Pest Control
  2. 2. How to Deter Brush Turkeys Brush Turkeys are a common problem for people living in suburban Australia. Due to their protected status, populations of turkeys have increased and they are expanding their territories, advancing in on household gardens in close proximity to bush lands. Turkeys can be a problem because the males like to build their nests in piles of composting material. This is done to provide a safe and warm place for the females to lay their eggs. The reason this can be a problem is the males tend to scratch up leaves to build up their nests. Having no arms this becomes a messy affair and turkeys often leave large trails of leaves across driveways and gardens, scratching up any manicured plants you may have that get in the way. Turkeys also love to dig through garden beds and will devastate any vegetable patches they come across in search of food and well, just because they like scratching up the ground. There are several ways you can deter brush turkeys, the first and foremost important being that you ensure you do not have any piles of leaves or composting material exposed in your garden. Once a turkey has decides to make your yard his home he can be stubborn, so it’s best if you don’t give him a reason to take up residence at your home in the first place. If it is too late and a strapping young male has decided to build his bachelor pad in your yard, in an attempt to woo local females, there are a number of steps you can take. Firstly you can lay chicken wire, or similar on the ground around the nest. This will cause the turkey problems when he is trying to build his mound and may persuade him to build somewhere else. You can also build a fence around the nest completely, so it becomes inaccessible to the male.
  3. 3. If you have a household dog, teach it to always chase the turkey away. Turkeys can be very fast so it is unlikely you dog will catch it. If the turkey deems the area to be too dangerous to maintain a nest, it will likely move on. It does not want to be in an area with aggressive predators for it’s own safety and the safety of its young chicks after they hatch. There are other ways to deter brush turkeys but the best way is to prevent them in the first place. As a last resort you may require professional turkey removal from an pest control company that also catches and relocates turkeys. If you would like to know more about how to stop brush turkeys taking over your property be sure to click here for more information.