Lucite Tombstones, Deal Toys, Acrylic Embedments


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Lucite Tombstones, Lucite Awards, Deal Toys & Acrylic Embedments. Custom lucite tombstones and acrylic award embedments. Search for lucite deal gifts, deal toys, cubes and embedments to advertise your Lucite financial deal.

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Lucite Tombstones, Deal Toys, Acrylic Embedments

  1. 1. Lucite Tombstones, Deal Toys, Acrylic Embedments
  2. 2. Custom Acrylic Paperweights & Acrylic Awards Awards make people feel good, and I am not talking about the cheap little trophies you can buy at a department store, although if that is all you have, it is the thought that counts. I am talking about classic acrylic plaques made form Lucite, with vibrant printing in many colors in unique shapes to make the recipient feel special. If you are looking for the best place to find Lucite tombstones for your ceremony, event, or to honor someone in your community then you will want to check out We offer a unique type of award plaque called a Lucite embedment with your floating art inside. You can get a quote for a custom acrylic casting shape and design the award yourself, or choose from the many already available shapes. A Better Idea offers award plaques or printed acrylic awards in single colors, multiple colors, or photos. If you are not exactly sure what you are looking for, then one of the expert acrylic specialists can help you decide on the best award for your event or company. We have a lot of experience helping clients choose practical and unique Lucite paperweight and design awards. If you want a giveaway that is also functional then they offer awards that are you might like the awards that are also Lucite tombstones. There are hundred’s of different designs to choose from including oval and star shaped awards. There are even options to get an award shaped like a letter or number. What a great way to tell someone they are number one, and it can be fun to customize your own promotion. Getting an idea from the Lucite Gallery of Shapes on the website you can talk to one of our acrylic specialists and designers about what you are looking for. All pricing for Lucite tombstones and acrylic plaques is per piece and there are no single orders allowed, but the beginning quantity is lower than most. After all we are the largest supplier and manufacturer of these acrylic gifts. There are so many varieties of awards to choose from, and they will work with you to create something you are truly happy with. They also offer engraving services for the awards. If you are looking for acrylic plaques for your employee’s, or for an annual event this is a great company to join forces with. You can visit and see some examples of what promotional gifts we have to offer.