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Fairbanks Insurance Brokers is a Professional Insurance Organization dedicated to providing the best insurance protection at the most reasonable cost efficient price to as many Construction Companies as possible. Specializing In Insurance For Construction Companies, Contractors & Artisans In The States Of California,Washington & Texas.

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Fairbanks Insurance Brokers

  1. 1. Fairbanks Insurance Brokers www.contractorsinsurancecompany.com
  2. 2. Commercial Insurance For Contractors Simplified By Fairbanks Insurance Brokers Fairbanks Insurance Brokers are saving construction companies up to 60% on premiums while keeping the process of sign-up simple and easy. World Wide Web - September 19, 2013 Contractors appreciate the reliability and simplicity of Fairbanks Insurance Brokers. The Company is owned by Jason Fairbanks. Jason is committed to providing flawless service through dedicated professional insurance consultations. He works with a variety of insurance brokers which means the Company is not committed to a national firm. This allows Fairbanks Insurance Brokers to shop the best policy for the lowest available price. The Company is currently based in southern California. The Fairbanks team understands Contractors insurance needs and requirements on an individual basis, and strives to develop honest long-term relationships. Currently, the Fairbanks Insurance Brokers are generally saving clients up to 60% off other competitive rates on insurance such as general liability, workman's compensation, commercial auto and bonds as well as other insurance services. The website located at www.contractorsinsurancecompany.com is making the process of attaining a new commercial insurance policy simple. The website invites visitors to request a quote by filling out a brief online form. Commercial insurance helps protect businesses from its own exposures. Exposures are risks that a business may generate during the course of its operations. Products carry liability if someone is hurt using them (general liability). Operations like construction carry defective
  3. 3. workmanship claims and site safety claims. Using vehicles in the course of business dictates a need for commercial auto insurance and professional services rendered leads to a need for professional liability insurance. Fairbanks Insurance Brokers help customers understand all of the different risks a company may face. With experience in the field, Fairbanks Insurance Brokers spend time to understand each operation. There is an educational curve in policy options and understanding what risks each business may face that is not covered by insurance is important. Some of these risks are OSHA fines, EPA compliance costs, HR Compliance costs, and more. Commercial insurance is typically required by landlords and vendors when construction is being implemented. It is also required by customers. It is not uncommon for these parties to request certificates of insurance to make sure that a company is protected and will help prevent them from financial damages in the event something occurs (a claim ) when working with them. Fairbanks Insurance Brokers are in business to serve and represent their clients. (Not the insurance carriers) The company is 100% dedicated to maintaining exceptional market penetration ensuring access to the best carriers and insurance product available for the highest level of asset protection. Learn more by visiting www.contractorsinsurancecompany.com