Look! We Have Nooks!


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Directions for CISD Librarians to purchase and process Nooks and content from The Woodlands Barnes and Noble store.

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Look! We Have Nooks!

  1. 1. Look! We Have Nooks! CISD library procedures for purchasing devices, downloading ebooks, and processing Barnes and Nobles Nooks to check out to students. Pat Perez, Librarian McCullough Junior High revised 4/25/2012
  2. 2. Why Buy Nooks for My Library?• Each Nook holds hundreds of eBooks!• eBooks are cost-effective.• Checking out Nooks gives access to eReaders and eBooks to students who do not own them.• A great way to promote an additional partnership between READING and TECHNOLOGY in your library!• Its just plain exciting for kids, teachers, librarians and parents!
  3. 3. First Things First: Order Your NooksLewis Tadlock stocks Nooks in the Technology Warehouse (728). Nooks are bundledwith covers and chargers under a single stock number. He was able to get a nicediscount for us.• #13400C -- Nook Color w/cover for $197.05• #1340ST -- Nook SimpleTouch w/cover for $103.05 (no internet browser)Charging carts: Not stocked in Warehouse.• Must purchase from Educators Depot: Vendor # 25001839• Bretford model #MDMTAB36• Will charge 36 Nooks. $2165.17• Comments: TMAS-3-581020-34• Ship to your assigned warehouse (727N or 727S)• Budget code 6317• Commodity code 403• Charging carts will be needed for class sets of Nooks.
  4. 4. Create a Nook Device Requisition• Order Nooks from Technology Warehouse: 728• Budget code: 6317• Commodity code: 400
  5. 5. When Nooks are Delivered• Power Nooks up.• Go to Settings.• Go to “About your Nook.”• Find the serial number (can be found in 3 places: on screen when started up, on box it comes in, and beneath a tiny tab on side of device) and account number of each Nook.• I had to go to settings screen to get the account number.• Write serial and account numbers down and keep in a safe place.• If you want Multi-User Protection Plans you much purchase them BEFORE you call Barnes and Noble to register and activate your Nooks.
  6. 6. Nook Serial and Account Numbers
  7. 7. Protection Plans and WarrantiesThe B&N one-year warranty begins the day devices aredelivered to your campus.You may order additional B&N Multi-User Protection Plans andaccessories if you wish.******Standard manufacturer warranty is only one year. It coversmalfunctions and manufacturing issues with the devices. Themulti-user protection plans provide coverage for everything –accidents, spills, droppage, etc., except for theft.Protection Plans must be ordered with a requisition to Barnesand Noble.
  8. 8. Multi-User Protection Plan & AccessoryOrdering Details(this is your choice to order or not)Must use B&N vendor # 32000279Commodity Code: 402Budget Code: 6248Comments: HCDEPrices:2 Year Multi-User Protection Plan – Color $ 48.752 Year Multi-User Protection Plan – Simple Touch $ 26.253 Year Multi-User Protection Plan – Color $ 72.003 Year Multi-User Protection Plan – Simple Touch $ 53.25Screen Protectors (specify NOOK model) $ 12.75
  9. 9. Protection Plans ReceivedGive purchasing time to process your Protection Plan and/orAccessories requisition. Then call Barnes and Noble to registerand “Group” your Nooks. Tell them how you want to “Group”your Nooks, and verify that the Protection Plans are in place.(Group directions are on the following 2 slides.)*Be sure to get an invoice or a receipt from Barnes and Noblethat Protection Plans are in force on each Nook. Receive intoFinance Plus once everything is confirmed with B&N.*Keep a record of the exact date each Nooks Multi-UserProtection Plan started.
  10. 10. Group the Nooks Step 1Decide how you want to “Group” your Nooks.“Groups” help the downloads and invoices go smoother and quicker.Do you want One Nook=One Group?Or do you want Five Nooks=One Group?Are you purchasing a class set? Then you would want 25 - 30 Nooks=One Group.My first order was One Nook=One Group. I made each Nook a genre.You may "Name" your Groups. Put your campus number before theGroup name. I named my "Groups" a genre. My Nook #1 is named “053 Adventure", Nook # 2 is “053 Chic Lit”, Nook #3 is “053 Dystopian Literature", etc.You can Group your Nooks any way you want, just be sure to put yourcampus number at the beginning. This avoids getting mixed up withother campuses.
  11. 11. Register the NooksCall Barnes and Noble in The Woodlands to Registeryour Nooks. Have the serial numbers and accountnumbers ready.Know exactly how you want to Group your Nooks.Make sure the Barnes and Noble representative getsthis step right.
  12. 12. Order eBooks!Whew! The hard part is over. Now its time to order your eBooks!Go to www.barnesandnoble.com. Choose “NookBooks” next to thesearch box.For now we must get a quote. Barnes and Noble plans to get rid of thisstep soon.Now order away, and save to a spreadsheet or whatever you want.Heading is the “Group” name that you want to ebooks to download to.Extend prices for multiple eBooks.If you are buying “Lightning Thief” for five Nooks, you must buy 5eBooks.(Of course, you can make your list any way you wish. My initial orderwas for 10-25 ebooks per Nook for 10 Nooks, so the above way workedfor me.)Hint: the B&N website is extremely slow on the CISD network.
  13. 13. Email Lists to B&N for QuoteEmail or fax your list of eBooks to a customer service managerat our local B&N to get a quote. We get price breaks on sometitles but it is not consistent. It also slows things downconsiderably. As of right now we must get quotes.Use this email:crm2200@bn.comA B&N community relations manager will return the quotes byfax or email.
  14. 14. Create eBook RequisitionOnce you get your quote on your eBooks, you can create yourrequisition.If you designate one Nook as a Group, as I did, use one requisition foreach Nook. You can put as many line items as you want on thepurchase order.If you have more than one Nook in a Group, put the content for theGroup on one requisition. You can use the Notes to give directions onhow you want your content to be downloaded.Remember the minimum$25.00 per requisition rule.Vendor #32000279Commodity Code 404Budget Code 6399Comments: HCDEShip to your campusRequisition Notes: enter the email address of the person on campus(the librarian) that should receive the Barnes and Noble eBookinvoices.
  15. 15. Create eBook RequisitionBe sure to reference the Nook “group name” on eachrequisition.Since you have already given Barnes and Noble theserial numbers and account numbers per Groupwhen you registered your Nooks, you should nothave to reference them again on the requisition forthe purchase of the content.
  16. 16. Digital LockerOnce they receive the PO, Barnes & Noble willdownload the content into a digital locker on theirserver. Our local Barnes & Noble store will benotified when the download has been completed. Thestore will email the person designated on thepurchase order notes the invoices that show thecontent that is ready to be installed on the Nook(s). They may send more than one invoice.Your Nooks will accept the downloads when they aresent. Just keep them charged up and keep checking.
  17. 17. How to Receive for Payment•Verify the content you purchased is actually on theNooks.•Forward the emailed invoices to Edie Hart in CISDAccounts Payable with this in the body of the email:•“Attached invoices are ok to pay”•Print up the invoices for your own files•If a Nook is lost or stolen, you will use the invoice asa reference to download content to the replacementNook.
  18. 18. Caution: Inappropriate Content!I received adult-themed book excerpts as “advertising” on myNooks. Not appropriate for Junior High and younger. I had tocontact a B&N customer representative at the store to get themdeleted.This is a BIG problem that must be solved by B&N!
  19. 19. How to Order Additional AccessoriesThis includes covers, extra power cords, and protection film forthe Nook screens.I ordered extra covers and power cords in case the students lostthem.Use Vendor # 32000279Commodity Code 323Budget Code 6399Comments: HCDEShip to your campus
  20. 20. Processing Nooks and eBooksWe added our Nooks as titles to our collection, and tagged theebook content in the 500 field.There are several different ways to process eReaders and theircontent in Destiny, but we chose this as the quickest and easiestfor now.
  21. 21. Example of a Nook RecordNote: we did not attach any of these eBooks to any other records. We cataloged as simply a device with content
  22. 22. Storage Bags We chose Demco Vinyl mesh bags for storage. Very durable, thick clear plastic, and economical. The smaller Nook SimpleTouches fit in: Mesh Media Bag 7"H X 10"W Vinyl WE16300150 - $4.24 with our discount The ColorNooks fit in: Mesh Media Bag 9"H x 12"W Vinyl WE16300180 - $5.72 with our discount www.demco.com Demco Vendor #00001717 Comments: BuyBoard Commodity Code: 323 Budget Code: 6399
  23. 23. Student checkoutAfter the student has returned their signed checkoutagreement and ereader policy, we check out the Nook andpowercord in the bag. The student is expected to charge upthe Nook before returning it.
  24. 24. The Barnes & Noble Nook and eBook purchase order programwas designed and developed through months of cooperationbetween the CISD Purchasing Department, TechnologyDepartment, and the Barnes and Noble staff. The plan isapproved by the CISD C&I Department for the educationalbenefit of our students. I want to thank my principal, ChrisMcCord, for allowing me to take the time and expense to get thisproject going for our district.Every effort should be made to include as many eBooks aspossible that are rich in content and in curriculum-basedliterature for our students. Many of our favorite award-winningbooks are available in eBook form at B&N. The benefit to ourchildren is enormous!The process for ordering will be constantly evolving. We expect itto be easier and quicker as time goes on. Please report anyquestions, insights, or suggestions to the folks on the followingslide.
  25. 25. *Pat Perez, LibrarianMcCullough Junior Highppperez@conroeisd.netHere are the people whose job it is to help you at our Woodlands Barnes and Noble store. If you get no response from a person, call the next person down the list.The phone number for everyone at B&N is 281-465-8744Email for everyone: crm220@bn.comFor registration of devices, questions about purchasing protection plans and accessories, downloads and invoices, contact the following B&N customer service representative and managers in the following order:• Natalie Collins• Brittany Jones• Fran Powell• The store manager, Rene Delaportilla, says to please ask for him any time.• For technical problems with the Nooks call Brittany Jones*Edie Hart, CISD Accounts Payable (she needs confirmation that the eBooks are downloaded before she can pay the bills)Tel: 936-709-7738Email: ehart@conroeisd.net
  26. 26. Helpful Links McCullough Junior High Librarys eReader Checkout Policy McCullough Junior Highs eReader Draft AUP (we are adding this eReader Acceptable Use Policy to our campus handbook next year.) Sharing our list of ebooks and genres for our first order of Nooks