Moodle and Mahara in the classroom

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A short presentation showing my interpretation of how Moodle and Mahara can be used together. The presenation takes you through my journey of using eportfolios and then adopting that use with Moodle …

A short presentation showing my interpretation of how Moodle and Mahara can be used together. The presenation takes you through my journey of using eportfolios and then adopting that use with Moodle and Mahara.

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  • @ppotter
  • This is easy You can use either of these tools on their own Start off small Experiment I'm not right
  • 2004 UK Dida 20% gcse from the presentation of eportfolio All work handed in in eportfolio Range of tools used Different multimedia used to showcase work Used with juniors Social networking 2008 Moved to NZ Wanted something similar Myportfolio Aorakinet-moodle Today is from 2008 onwards And beyond
  • Can use lms for a little more ie Communication Focus point for other resources
  • LMS Teacher lead – you do the work and lead Its for your course It belongs to the school Eportfolio Its a personal space Belongs to user Users take it with them - storing - managing - organising - showcasing their projects, their thoughts, their progress with a range of files and multimedia. Students control what they want to share, who with and how long for LMS can be used to submit assignments Can use forums Eportfolio can bse used for teafchers to share resources
  • Moodle is open source adaptable Used world wide Free to nz schools through the nz moodle in schools Tested flavour Funding available for setup with Min partner watchdog Interoperablility Pedagogically sound activities for learners Integration with mahara
  • Free to NZ schools until the end of 2013 Over 800 institutions 40,000 users Free pd to schools this year Nz product Ministry funding to link with LMS partners Life long learners Lots of growth 2011
  • I always built websites to share resources I wanted to build a site it helps me plan and students see the full project Eportoflios had become part of my teaching Students were doing a project Many different documents Show ongoing learning
  • First lesson I let them run with it Social networking! Introduced basic tools Let them know that I can log in as them! Its a social network for school Engaged them from start ownership
  • Block at end of course asking for all of the following to be put in Given time at end of project No paper If I could not see the page they would not get a mark
  • Different results Some just attached all of the files in one block Some like this one took some time Nice way to show all the artefacts as a project Dig tech nice not to use paper
  • Constantly referred to Myportfolio through moodle Added templates in moodle Told student to upload the templates to moodle Used the blog feature Wiki wed Answer 5 qs
  • Better portfolios More content with descriptions Showcasing own work Blog helping students reflect More likely to look at each others
  • Students joined group and copied page Spaces that had titles Still integrated from moodle This was the minimum
  • You can do this We alread have the reources that we have used for the passed few years
  • EQ
  • You can use either of these on their own They are both open source They have clear roles
  • Could you use Myportfolio next year? Could you use moodle next year? Could you use them both together?


  • 1.  
  • 2. @ppotter Using Mahara and Moodle in the classroom
      Integrating new technologies to empower learning and transform leadership
  • 3. This is not rocket science
  • 4. Evolution
    • Myportfolio
    • 5. AorakiNet
    2004 2008 Today
  • 7. Thanks to Heath Sawyer
  • 8. LMS and E-portfolio
  • 16. LMS Vs. E-portfolio
    • Belongs to student/teacher
    • 19. Learner delivery
    • 20. PLE
  • 21. Used worldwide 1-100,000 Free-->NZ Moodleinschools Ministry partner-->Watchdog Interoperable Activities for learners
  • 22. Over 800 insitutions* Over 40,000 users* Free until the end of 2013 NZ Product Integrates well with Moodle *Sept 2011
  • 23. NZ Technology 2008
  • 29. 2008 Introduced to students
  • 33. 2009 Topic at the end of the course
  • 34.  
  • 35. 2009 Ongoing Integration
  • 36.  
  • 37. 2010 templates
  • 38. 2010 templates
    • Ice-Cream template
  • 39. 2011
    • Year 11 SBC group
  • 40. Teacher creates course Teacher collects feedback from markbook and forums Teacher creates template and group Gives student feedback Student particpates in course Student copies template and joins group Uses template to demonstrate learning from course in Moodle
  • 41.  
  • 42. Mahoodle No need to 'create an account' No need to find an unused username No need to think up and remember yet another password No new URL to remember No need to log in to yet another application No need to upload the same profile mugshot to the new application
  • 43. Submitting pages from Moodle An activity is added to Moodle Students can submit pages to Mahara View Mahara pages in the Moodle file picker (soon)
  • 44. Can you get students to present their learning in an eportfolio?
  • 45. Can you put a course onto moodle?
  • 46. Or can you use them both together? @ppotter