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  1. 1. An Evolution of Technology
  2. 2. Created the first magnetic tape and tape recorder. The first Emmy award for develop the Trinitron color televisions system. Established company. 1946 1950 1960 Created the first portable television. 1973 Renamed Columbia Picture Entertainment to Sony Pictures Entertainment. 1980 1991 1993 The introduction of advancements in video technology “Blu-ray”. 2001 The first compact disc player , the compact design of the Handycam camcorder was created. And The acquisition of Columbia Picture Entertainment. Established Sony Computer Entertainment .
  3. 3. How would you rate Sony’s ability to create and deploy their strategies? 1
  4. 4. Strategic management the process of formulating and implementing strategies to accomplish long-term goals and sustain competitive advantage.
  5. 5. Corporate Strategies • The strategy of working with rivals on projects of mutual benefit. Business Strategies • The strategy for a single business unit or product line. • Identifies how a division or strategic business unit will compete in its product or service domain.
  6. 6. Functional Strategies • Guides the use of organizational resources to implement business strategy. • Guides activities within one specific area of operations.  Marketing  Manufacturing  Finance  Human resources
  7. 7. Management Practices and Systems • A strategy requires supporting structures and workflows staffed by talented people • Need leaders who can motivate everyone to do their very best work. Strategic Leadership • The capability to inspire people to continuously change, performance enhancement, and implementation of organizational strategies.
  8. 8. How would you rate Sony’s ability to create and deploy their strategies? 1
  9. 9. Strategic partnership - Capitalize on its own strengths and the strengths of other firms. - To achieve synergy through the joint venture - The alliance of Sony and Google. Strategy regarding human resources - Sony realizes the value of human capital and maintain relationship of employees by - Town hall meeting - Employee Opinion Surveys
  10. 10. How does the industry in which Sony compete dictate the type of strategy it must implement in order to be successful? 2
  11. 11. Discussion Question 2 •Technology Industry •Hypercompetition facing several direct competitors and competitive advantage tend to be short live. • Differentiation Strategy offer products that unique and different from the competitors - Research and development • Cost leadership Strategy seeks to operate with low cost so that products can be sold at lower price
  12. 12. 3 How might Sony plan for the future in the electronics industry? What opportunities and threats do you see coming in Sony’s future?
  13. 13. Discussion Question 3 Sony look not only to existing products but also in new markets where it can advance its position. In future Sony have trend to entire to new market that have lower competitor or niche market. Get market share in middle and lower market by reduce price and made diverse product. Sony brand still keep competitive advantage like quality, creativity and employee synergy.
  14. 14. SWOT ANALYSIS  Strength’s:  Weakness:  Opportunities:  Innovation  Maintaining  T.V. category &  Quality multiple function  International expansion  Product pricing  Financial service industry  Corporate Governance gaming segment investing  Network initiative  International market penetration  Brand strength  Product differentiation Threats: Competitors competition Global economic recession Electronic network security
  15. 15. Research Sony’s competitor and determine the advantages and disadvantages they possess compare to Sony. How might they deal with these disadvantages in order to be more competitive with Sony? +
  16. 16. STRENGTH Samsung • • • • • • Improvement in credit rating. Diversification as a source of competitiveness Strength of telecommunications businesses Holds significant market share in most of the product categories The best in terms of design features and technology. Samsung brand value increased by 80% in past three years Sony • • • • • • • • • • Strong Brand Image Worldwide Reputation High Market Share High Quality Products High Technology Pioneer in the Industry as Being Creative and Innovative Supports R&D Activities Diversification in Manufacturing Locations Around the World Ability to Provide High Motivation to Its Employees Loyal Customers LG • Market leader in home appliances. • Has got manufacturing unit in tax incentive . • Wide range of products to serve all categories. • Widest distribution network in the industry(47barnches,10000 trade partners). • Good after sales service offered.
  17. 17. WEAKNESS Samsung • • • Samsung Securities suffering from poor profitability Samsung Mobile launched a series of Smart phones recently which led to cannibalization Samsung is a hardware leader but has too much of dependence for software from other parties. Sony LG • Diversifications in unsuitable • Samsung being its competitor businesses for itself. provides similar products. • They insist on their own formats. • Consumers compare L.G with • Competitively high prices. Samsung its Korean rival not with • International expansion other global companies. • Picture industry • Lack of expert operators for • Sony’s plants located in complex machines inconvenient locations • Too expensive and far away from consumers • High shipping and long deliver process
  18. 18. OPPORTUNITIES Samsung • • • • • • Investment in Supply Chain Sale of affiliated companies International Expansion Affordable price product Product variation Introduce unique and existing product with variety Its financial position is strong and there is a scope of entering into unrelated diversification Sony LG • Network initiative • International market penetration • Applied acquisition and alliances strategy • Focus on emerging market’s economies • Sony has gained success in India Market • Fast growth of the home appliances market • Shifting to rural areas • Maintaining control over the market and the highest share in home appliances market
  19. 19. THREAT Samsung • • • • • Global economic recession Strong competition Industry Regulatory Issues and Safeguarding of Intellectual Property Rights Lower cost competitors in China Retail Chains like Big bazaar sell consumer electronics and home appliance in low cost strategy. Sony • Global economic recession • Strong competition in the market. • Sony’s products more expensive • Short product lifecycle. • Laws and regulations • Protect environment, human health, and safety • Imitation of brand name and technology LG • Global economic recession • Strong competition in the market. • Close competitors like Samsung are compared to it. • Price war with Samsung. • Competition from Indian brand and other foreign brands.
  20. 20. DISADVENTAGES Samsung • • Cannibalization a situation where a new product "eats" up the sales and demand of an existing product. Samsung is a hardware leader but has too much of dependence for software from other parties. Sony • Competitively high prices. • International expansion • High shipping and long deliver process LG • Cannibalization a situation where a new product "eats" up the sales and demand of an existing product. • Competitors provides similar products. • Lack of expert operators for complex machines
  21. 21. ADVENTAGES Samsung • • • • • Diversification - Related diversification - Unrelated diversification Backward vertical Integration Acquiring supplier or distributor Cost leadership strategies Setting up manufacturing plant in India there by reducing logistics and supply chain costs. Globalization strategies Focus Strategy - LCD TV Sony LG • Strategic alliance organizations join in partnership to pursue an area of mutual interest. - Outsourcing alliance - Supplier alliance - Distribution alliance • Differentiation strategies Research and Development • Globalization strategies • Focus Strategy - Camera - Computer entertainment • Diversification Investment in new and different business areas - Related diversification - Unrelated diversification • Cost leadership strategies • Focus Strategy Concentrate on serving a unique market segment - Home Appliances