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Personas & Editorial Planning for Blogging (from Accelerate Your B.L.O.G seminar)
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Personas & Editorial Planning for Blogging (from Accelerate Your B.L.O.G seminar)


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Learn how to plan every aspect of your business blog, including buyer persona research, organization of a content marketing team, best blogger tools, editorial calendar, blog topic idea generation, …

Learn how to plan every aspect of your business blog, including buyer persona research, organization of a content marketing team, best blogger tools, editorial calendar, blog topic idea generation, optimized title tags and descriptions, and social media distribution.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 2. ARE YOU IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL? @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  • 3. BEFORE YOU START THE MARATHON… Who are you?• Go beyond the labels (B2B, B2C, industry, etc.) and what you sell• Find your story from a human perspective• How does your business make a difference in this world, both for customers and community?• Commit to sharing your story in a human way
  • 4. Why do you exist? BEFORE YOU START THE MARATHON… Why How What “We have to understand the Virtually all companies why if we’re going to change understand what they do. Many the culture of the company.” ~ understand how they do it. Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion, Inbound & Content However, very few understand Marketing Made Easy why they do it. ~ Simon Sinek, Start with the Why
  • 5. BEFORE YOU START THE MARATHON… What are your goals? Start with the why New Customers Awareness Tell Your StoryFoster Community, Sharing
  • 6. BEFORE YOU START THE MARATHON…Who are you trying to reach? Build personas Priorities Expectations Benchmarks Decision Obstacles Process
  • 7. BEFORE YOU START THE MARATHON… How do you find out what your personas want? Listen!Interviews Conferences Reviews Social Media
  • 8. BEFORE YOU START THE MARATHON… Inquire Attend Join Buy Subscribe DonateWhat do you want them to do?
  • 9. What is your BEFORE YOU START THE MARATHON… blog focus? Your Story Your Your Personas Stuff Your Expertise“Throw awayyour workpersona. Startbeing who youreally are.” –Heather Meza, ContentMarketer for Cisco Systems Your Blog
  • 10. Are you prepared to stick with it? BEFORE YOU START THE MARATHON…
  • 11. ACT LIKE A PUBLISHER @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  • 12. Go beyond thinking like a publisher YOU ARE A PUBLISHER
  • 13. YOU ARE A PUBLISHERDevelop a vision for your ideal team! Chart by
  • 14. Working with Content Owners YOU ARE A PUBLISHER Identify information silos Include owners in your new structure Create an environment of sharing
  • 15. Working with Content Creators YOU ARE A PUBLISHER Look beyond the mar-com department Not all contributors have to be writers Fill gaps with outside help, if necessary
  • 16. YOU ARE A PUBLISHERWorkflow by
  • 17. Establish Your YOU ARE A PUBLISHER Guidelines• Overall voice• Encourage personality among content contributors that fits within your voice• Style that will govern written content (AP Style is most common)• Principles for building positive online communities• Individual responsibilities• Crisis management
  • 18. CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOOLS @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  • 19. Listening Dashboard THE RIGHT TOOLS News Google Alerts Google Insights Social Networks RSS Feeds Competitors
  • 20. RSS Feed News Trends THE RIGHT TOOLS (BOTTLENOSE.COM)Social Profiles Comments
  • 21. Idea Storage Tools THE RIGHT TOOLS Spreadsheet Where will you store your Google Docs WordPress Editorial Calendar ideas for future use? Edit Flow for Wordpress ($) ($$)
  • 22. Content Planning / Workflow Tools THE RIGHT TOOLS Publish and schedule posts Draft and pending status options Unscheduled posts visibleWordPress Editorial Calendar Drag-and-drop movementEdit Flow
  • 23. Distribution Tools THE RIGHT TOOLS HootSuite RSS TweetDeck TwitterFeed Seesmic SocialOomph
  • 24. Mobile Tools THE RIGHT TOOLS Ave. time spent per interaction 43 39 30 17 “The only screen that matters is the one in front of me. We will have a one- WPTouch from screen world.” ~ Mitch Joel, author of Six ($) Pixels of Separation
  • 25. Get ‘er done!PLAN YOUR EDITORIAL CALENDAR @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  • 26. EDITORIAL CALENDARDon’t wing it!Plan like a publisher.
  • 27. EDITORIAL CALENDAR: 3 TYPES OF CONTENT Cornerstone ContentHigh Value Content to Content rank for Inform & Evergreen Educate Easy tofind, easy to Attract links share
  • 28. Connection Content EDITORIAL CALENDAR: 3 TYPES OF CONTENT• Creating content for the smaller, more impassioned groups• Building a sense of energy and community around shared interests or issues• Make it entertaining and useful• Has the potential to spark disagreement
  • 29. Customer Content EDITORIAL CALENDAR: 3 TYPES OF CONTENT Content intended to convince personas thatthey should do business with you. Thought Expertise Leadership
  • 30. Start with your personas EDITORIAL CALENDAR: BRAINSTORMING “Listening is the greatest content marketing tool in the world. You will never run out of content.” ~ Marcus Sheridan They ask. You answer. Involve customer service Research Think like a consumer in your industry
  • 31. Your marketing plan BRAINSTORMING CATEGORIES & TOPICS Your Brand New products/services New markets Sales: What’s hot? What needs a boost? Seasonal sales
  • 32. EDITORIAL CALENDAR: BRAINSTORMING Your competition Their websiteTheir social media presence Google Alerts Their content Google Insights RSS Feeds Their keywords ($) ($$)
  • 33. The Myth of ‘Special Sauce’ EDITORIAL CALENDAR: BRAINSTORMING • McDonald’s finally reveals that special sauce is Thousand Island dressing. • In most cases, you have no ‘secret sauce.’ “We’re in an age of transparent marketing. If you’re willing to be transparent, you’ll be successful.” ~ Marcus Sheridan
  • 34. EDITORIAL CALENDAR: BRAINSTORMING Your keywords Variations that are too numerous for website pages Competitor keywords (Compete, Alexa, Spyfu) Brainstorm “Sitesee” Keyword research tools suchas Wordtracker or Google’s Keyword Tool
  • 35. Other Sources EDITORIAL CALENDAR: BRAINSTORMINGYour analytics Your buying cycle Industry bloggers Industry conferences Breaking news (newsjacking) Your news (flip the release) and eventsYour vendors and partners
  • 36. Blog Post Types EDITORIAL CALENDAR: TYPES OF POSTS Human interest How-to’s Lists Op-Ed stories Seasonal Newsjacking Reviews Guest posts concepts Reimagined Creative Videos Interviews content product uses Partner/Vendor Case studies Series Contrarian highlights User-generated Photos Core values Podcasts content
  • 37. CREATE ‘EPIC’ CONTENT (AT LEAST SOME OF THE TIME) @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  • 38. “Creating content is easy. What is epic content? CREATING QUALITY CONTENTCreating great content is hard.”~ Ann Handley, Marketing Profs, co-author of Content Rules Enjoyable to take in Demonstrates your experience Contains element of surprise
  • 39. CREATING QUALITY CONTENT Your Website Your Blog
  • 40. Strong headlines CREATING QUALITY CONTENTGrab attention CompelUse keywords
  • 41. 8 Headline Styles that Work* CREATING QUALITY CONTENT Direct Approach: Free Diabetes eBook Indirect Approach: Cut the Sweet Talk News Headline: Hospital Opens New Diabetes Clinic How-to Headline: How to Lower Your Blood Sugar Question Headline: Is Your Diabetes Out of Control? Command Headline: Get Help for Your Diabetes Now Reason Why Headline: Five Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Diabetes Under Control Testimonial Headline: “I Got My Life Back, Thanks to the New Diabetes Clinic.”*Adapted from The Copywriter’s Handbook by Bly and writing-101/
  • 42. 6 Content Must Haves CREATING QUALITY CONTENT1. Stimulating intro (writing, videos, podcasts). Get to the point with panache!2. Images. In a social online environment, pictures are a must. But don’t use too many; it makes mobile viewing difficult.3. Be organized. Stick to the point and don’t meander. Less is usually more.4. Speak to your reader and talk human!5. Links or attribution when you use others’ work or ideas.6. Soft call to action. Let your readers know what to do next.
  • 43. Don’t forget video and podcast CREATING QUALITY CONTENT Some content owners don’t like to write. Allow them to provide information in the way that makes them feel most comfortable.• Audio interviews encourage verbal processing. Talk it out!• Transcription gives you a great deal of raw content to work with. Can be edited and repurposed in many ways.• Try a Google+ Hangout  Broadcast to the public  Track viewership  Record and share automatically on YouTube• Don’t forget to optimize your YouTube video and embed videos on your blog to garner views in both places. ($) Dragon by ($) Google+ Hangouts Skype YouTube
  • 44. MAKE YOUR CONTENT FINDABLE @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  • 45. Balance quality with SEO MAKE CONTENT FINDABLE Epic content that can’t be found or shared might as well be invisible.
  • 46. Meta data: title tags MAKE CONTENT FINDABLE When it comes to Search engine on-page results optimization, the title tag of any given web page is the Browser tabs single most important piece of optimizable real Social links estate there is. ~ Stoney deGeyter, that guy who spoke this morning
  • 47. How to optimize title tags MAKE CONTENT FINDABLE<title>Website Marketing and SEO Strategy Company for Online Businesses</title> <title>Website Marketing | SEO and Web Marketing Strategy Company</title>
  • 48. MAKE CONTENT FINDABLEWhere to input title tags and descriptions
  • 49. Optimize other aspects of MAKE CONTENT FINDABLE 1. Use <h1> and <h2>the of post subheads with keywords 2. Integrate keywords naturally 3. Select best categories and tags
  • 50. Optimize images MAKE CONTENT FINDABLE Ensure that keywords appear in Alt Tag
  • 51. SOCIALIZE YOUR CONTENT @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  • 52. Benefits of social media SOCIALIZE YOUR CONTENT Traffic Links Credibility Conversions
  • 54. For optimal results, social SOCIALIZE YOUR CONTENTmedia requires…
  • 55. Where is your audience? SOCIALIZE YOUR CONTENT Social giants Industry-specific sites Local sites
  • 56. Be great with the channels you choose SOCIALIZE YOUR CONTENT
  • 57. Tips on socializing content SOCIALIZE YOUR CONTENT Make each post channel specific while maintaining integrated, cross-channel strategy Use each channel’s features to your best advantage Invite engagement Use images and video Consider contests, giveaways and promos Use site and channel analytics to learn what’s working
  • 58. Additional resources RESOURCES FOR FURTHER READING Pole Position Marketing Library & eMarketing Performance Blog Content Rules by Ann Handley and CC Chapman Launch by Michael Stelzner Managing Content Marketing by Joe Pullizi and Robert Rose Buyer Persona Institute at Optimize by Lee Odden New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott Inbound & Content Marketing Made Easy by Marcus Sheridan
  • 59. Thank You! Find Us