Best Blogging Tools & Platforms (from Accelerate Your B.L.O.G. seminar)


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Learn why blogging is a great inbound marketing tool for businesses and how to set up your blog. Get tips on best blogging platforms, hosting, plug-ins, keyword research and other technical issues. These slides were created and presented by Stoney deGeyter, CEO, lead SEO and all-around nice guy at Pole Position Marketing.

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Best Blogging Tools & Platforms (from Accelerate Your B.L.O.G. seminar)

  2. 2. BLOGGING: WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  3. 3. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Yes, people do read blogsSource: Hubspot 120 Marketing Stats and Charts
  4. 4. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Blogging gets noticed by GoogleSource: Hubspot
  5. 5. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Blogs deliver visitorsSource: Hubspot
  6. 6. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?Blogs drive customers Info for Purchasing Decisions 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Internet Search 92% Blogs 53% User-generated 46% Message boards 34% Social networks 26% Magazines 20% TV Newspapers Media Used Frequently by US Internet Users to Find Information to Help with Purchase Decisions, March 2010,
  7. 7. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Blogging generates leadsSource: Hubspot 120 Marketing Stats and Charts
  8. 8. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Blogs create linksSource: Hubspot
  9. 9. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?Blogs build customer loyalty Connections via Social Media AFTER Purchase Likely to Follow Unlikely Unsure 64%Source: The Virtuous Circle: The Role of Search and Social Media in the Purchase Pathway, February 2011
  10. 10. ESTABLISH YOUR MESSAGE @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  11. 11. ESTABLISH YOUR MESSAGEFind your target audience Bloggers Executives DIY-ers Hobbyists Professionals Your audience determines your message.
  12. 12. ESTABLISH YOUR MESSAGEWhat do you want them to learn? Strategy Knowledge How-To Tips and Tutorials About You Direction
  13. 13. ESTABLISH YOUR MESSAGEMap out a path to success
  14. 14. SET UP YOUR BLOG @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  15. 15. SETTING UP YOUR BLOGChoose a bloggingplatform Ownership Easy CMSCost Platform Options Search Friendly Robust
  16. 16. SETTING UP YOUR BLOGFree blogging platforms
  17. 17. SETTING UP YOUR BLOGHosted blogging platforms
  18. 18. SETTING UP YOUR BLOGFree vs. hosted optionsFree Hosted Um, it’s free Not so free Easy set up Requires technical set-up Easy templates, but similar Easy templates, yet highly to others customizable Generic URL Custom URL Fast indexing in engines Promotion required You can be censored You own it
  19. 19. SETTING UP YOUR BLOGThe decision is yours to make
  20. 20. SETTING UP YOUR BLOGSetting up a hosted blog Domain • Purchase your Name www. • Find Hosting stellar hosting • Set-up Install blogging software
  21. 21. SETTING UP YOUR BLOGInstalling Wordpress Some hosts offer Or use the One-Click Install 5-Minute InstallInstallation tips:• Install in the correct directory• Find a theme to use (or get a custom design)
  22. 22. WORDPRESS SETTINGS @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  23. 23. WORDPRESS SETTINGSSet the www.
  24. 24. WORDPRESS SETTINGSSummary or full text?
  25. 25. WORDPRESS SETTINGSAllow comments
  26. 26. WORDPRESS SETTINGSBe found by search engines
  27. 27. WORDPRESS SETTINGSSet your URL structure
  28. 28. WORDPRESS PLUGINS @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  29. 29. WORDPRESS PLUGINSComment spam protection Akismet Capcha WP-SpamFree
  30. 30. WORDPRESS PLUGINSDatabase backup manager XM Backup WP-DBManager Backup
  31. 31. WORDPRESS PLUGINSAllow visitors to subscribe to comment thread Subscribe to Comments Subscribe to Comments Reloaded Subscribe to Comments Now!
  32. 32. WORDPRESS PLUGINSOffer related posts to read Yet Another Related Post Plugin Better Related Posts ELIs Related Posts Footer Links and Widget
  33. 33. WORDPRESS PLUGINSGive link love to commenters Dofollow SMu Manual DoFollow Smart DoFollow
  34. 34. WORDPRESS PLUGINSDisplay a special message to new readers What Would Seth Godin Do WP Greet Box Time-Based- Greeting
  35. 35. WORDPRESS PLUGINSRedirect old URLs Redirection 404 Redirected Speedy Page Redirect
  36. 36. WORDPRESS PLUGINSAdd messages to end of blog posts Append Content Post Snippets End Post Content
  37. 37. WORDPRESS PLUGINSAutomatically link keywords in posts Automatic SEO Links Keyword Strategy Internal Links WP Keyword Link
  38. 38. WORDPRESS PLUGINS Automatically find and fix broken linksBroken Link Checker WP-LinkCheck Automatic Link Checker
  39. 39. WORDPRESS PLUGINSAdd Google Analytics Google Analytics for Wordpress Google Analytics Google Analyticator
  40. 40. WORDPRESS PLUGINSCache site for faster download Hyper Cache Extended WP Widget Cache Quick Cache (Speed Without Compromises)
  41. 41. WORDPRESS PLUGINSAllow visitors to share your blog posts Sharaholic Social WP Socializer
  42. 42. HOW TO DO BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH @PolePositionMkg #how2blog
  43. 43. Everybody is looking for BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH something QuestionsWho What How When Where Why Education How to Ways to Ideas for Knowledge News Events Specs Opinion
  44. 44. Use keywords to find your readers BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH Searcher Interest Need Business Education Strategy Students Information Direction Hobbyists Ideas Community Every SEARCHER has an INTEREST in a specific NEED
  45. 45. What type of keywords are best? BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH Research Shop Buy Info Purpose: Purpose: Purpose: Purpose: Deciding on Comparing Looking at Seeking Needs Aspects Specifics Knowledge
  46. 46. Keyword research tools BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH Misc. Google Word- tracker
  47. 47. How to use Wordtracker BLOGGER KEYWORD
  48. 48. Wordtracker: Quick Research BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH
  49. 49. Wordtracker: Research results BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH
  50. 50. Wordtracker: Filtering keywords BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH
  51. 51. Wordtracker: Filtering keywords BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCHHow Best Free
  52. 52. Wordtracker: Exporting keywords BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH
  53. 53. How to use Google keyword tool BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH
  54. 54. Google Keyword Tool: Research results BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH
  55. 55. Google Keyword Tool: Filtering keywords BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH
  56. 56. Google Keyword Tool: Filtering keywords BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCHHow / Best
  57. 57. Google Keyword Tool: Exporting keywords BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH
  58. 58. Google Keyword Tool: Exporting keywords BLOGGER KEYWORD RESEARCH
  59. 59. Thank You! Find Us