PPMA 2013 Annual Seminar - Our Tue Intent is all for your Delight - Julian Highfield & Beccy Richards


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Butlins presentation

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PPMA 2013 Annual Seminar - Our Tue Intent is all for your Delight - Julian Highfield & Beccy Richards

  1. 1. “Our true intent is all foryour delight!”
  2. 2. You might be wondering?• Why Butlins?• What I am I going to get out of this?• Will my perception of Butlins be a reality?• Are we Redcoats?• Are we going to sing?• Will Julian show you his knobbly knees?
  3. 3. A few questions answered• We’re here today because we’re extremely proud of our customerservice team and we want to share some our successes with you• We’re going to take you on a journey of when things weren’t quiteto rosy to where we are today• By the end of our session, you’ll have understanding of our way ofworking and hopefully we’ll inspire you in your role
  4. 4. “Everything starts andends with our missionstatement”
  5. 5. The Strategy Wheel
  6. 6. It wasn’t always thisrosy… we had reallylost our way
  7. 7. Introducing …Roadmap !
  8. 8. What are the key messages?• We don’t employ staff, we employ “team members”• Everyone is in sales and service• When things go wrong, it doesnt matter who the guest speaks to,we are all empowered to do something immediately• We always put ourselves in the guests’ shoes
  9. 9. Introducing …Minehead Navigators!
  10. 10. What else do we offerour team?
  11. 11. One Team One Voice!• Every department has at least one representative• Monthly meetings• Representatives sign a pledge to their team• Fun ways to communicate• Solutions and ideas, not just problems
  12. 12. Sparkle Awards• Every department nominates once a month• Nominations related to our strategy wheel• Monthly awards lunch to present certificates and awards• Team member of the year for each department• Overall team member of the year
  13. 13. What else do we offer our team?• Pin badge awards• Team member social events• Wide range of internal training courses and external qualifications• Discounts
  14. 14. How do we know itsworking?And, how do we knowwe are a successfulbusiness?
  15. 15. Our team tell us…Team Survey Scores0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012ButlinsMinehead
  16. 16. Teresa EvansAccommodation Team Member
  17. 17. Our guests and external bodies tell us …• “Your people display a passion and commitment that many otherorganisations can only envy” – Angela Clarke, Investors In People• It is difficult to know where to start but I guess thank you is as good a placeas any. Every group of Butlins staff we came in contact with were fantastic. Imet nothing but kindness from everyone especially in the Deck dining room.The accommodation staff were brilliant and nothing was too much trouble.The cleaners too did a fantastic job. Thank you one and all. – Guestcomment• “My son is two years old and I thought that Butlins was a brilliant holiday forhim. There is so much to do my son never got bored. The food was greatwith lots of choice. It was much better than expected ... and very good valuefor money... When we got home I booked 3 other holidays at Butlins becausemy son loved it so much... Nice happy friendly staff that are approachablewhen you need something” – Trip Advisor Comment
  18. 18. Guest feedback
  19. 19. The message is thesame to our team andour guests …
  20. 20. “Our true intent is all foryour delight!”