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South West PPMA presentation - May 2013 - Gomad thinking
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South West PPMA presentation - May 2013 - Gomad thinking


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. 05/06/2013 1www.gomadthinking.comGo MAD ThinkingPocket Gate FarmOff Breakback RoadWoodhouse EavesLeicestershireLE12 8RST: 01509 891313Different Thinking,Different ResultsRob SmithThinking EngineerResultsfocusedPassionateStraightforwardInspiringOURVALUES
  • 2. Source: BBC news 30/07/2008The case for thinking(from a notable leader)Overheard between David Cameron and Barack Obama on the subject ofthinking, when Cameron was bemoaning time pressures and diary spaces:Go MAD Thinking develops time efficient and effective thinkingtools and techniques, backed by research and arranged in a systemic way"The thing todo David, is tohave big chunksof time in the dayto think."
  • 3. “Quick Patrick! -without thinking: ifyou could haveanything rightnow, what would itbe?"The case for thinking(from a creative genius / leader)“Um – moretime forthinking?"
  • 4. The case for different thinking(from a notable thinker)“A definition of insanityis to carry on doing the same things in the same wayand expect different results".Albert Einstein
  • 5. So if you want different results…THINKING ACTIONS RESULTSExpectedDifferentDifferentImposedGoMADAssumed
  • 6. Helpful & Hindering ThinkingSelf – talk Statements (self, others, situation)Self – talk Questions (self, others, situation)Recalled experiencesImagined future
  • 7. Some Thinking StatisticsOn average, people talk to themselves….once every 11 secondsSo, each day this equates to….approximately 6,000thoughtsOf these the percentage of thoughts we repeat….is 90%When people worry, the percentage of worries that are real is….8% - although 4% are out of their control05/06/2013 7
  • 8. Helpful or Hindering• Summer Holidays• Your next Birthday• Politicians• Customers• The last Work Christmas meal/outing/party• Senior Leadership• What you did last week• What you‟ve got to do the rest of this week05/06/2013 8
  • 9. Solution Focused ThinkingA little bit of background• 4,000 hours research into the „DNA of success‟• 7 key principles & 11 critical relationship links• A Solution Focused Thinking System
  • 10. A Solution Focused Thinking SystemReasonWhyReasonWhyDefineGoalPlanPrioritiesSelfBeliefPersonalResponsibilityInvolveOthersTake Action& MeasureResultsGo M.A.D.® Framework
  • 11. Application levels for BusinessImprovementHelping organisations to think(Leadership thinking & cultural transformation)Helping teams to think(Projects, meetings & team development)Helping others to think(Coaching)Helping youto think(PersonalEffectiveness)
  • 12. Take Action & Measure ResultsCulture(CollectiveBeliefs)LeadershipResponsibilityPeopleManagementThinking &PlanningVision &ObjectivesOrganisationalReason WhyThe Leadership Thinking Framework
  • 13. The Three Types of Employees1ENGAGED employees work with passion andfeel a profound connect to their company. Theydrive innovation and move the organisationforward2NON - ENGAGED employees have essentially“checked out.” They‟re sleepwalking throughtheir workday, putting only time – not energy orpassion – into their work3ACTIVELY DISENGAGED employees aren‟t justunhappy at work; they‟re busy acting out theirunhappiness. Every day these workersundermine what their engaged co-workersaccomplish05/06/2013 13Recognise someone you know..?
  • 14. EngagementCapabilityDirectionPeakOrganisationalPerformanceImpact on Performance
  • 15. Groundhog Day..?
  • 16. The link to resultsAssumed Imposed ExpectedTHINKING ACTIONS RESULTSChanging thethoughts andemotions thatpeople have aboutwork at anindividual andleadership levelChanging thethinking leads to anew set ofbehaviours andactionsNew and betterresults achievedthrough differentactions andbehavioursgeneratedthrough differentthinking
  • 17. Influencing your thinking in a helpfulwayThe case for Business Improvement
  • 18. To help your Thinking furtherA piece of rubber!
  • 19. Claritygoal definition, diagnostic tools, measurementSpeedtechniques that are quick to learn and applyCreativitytechniques to capture multiple ideas & stretch thinkingConsistencysystemic methodology that forms new thinking habitsEngagementshared toolkit: gives people a „common language‟5 Reasons Why people value our approach
  • 20. Some of our clients
  • 21. 05/06/2013 21www.gomadthinking.comResultsfocusedPassionateStraightforwardInspiringOURVALUESGo MAD podcast series – “Thinking For BusinessSuccess”Range of resources - books, audio, video & e-booksOnline thinking toolkit – iCheevResults Acceleration Programme – risk reversal conceptDiagnostic toolkit – with business improvement solutionswww.gomadthinking.comA consulting service supported by…