Key note speaker - Valerie Hughes-D'Aeth - Opportunity in Adversity - PPMA Seminar April 2012


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Key note speaker - Valerie Hughes-D'Aeth - Opportunity in Adversity - PPMA Seminar April 2012

  1. 1. Opportunity in Adversity Valerie Hughes-D’Aeth, Group HR Director
  2. 2. Amey – touching the lives of 1 in 4 peoplein the UK everyday 90% of our clients are from the public sector
  3. 3. Amey’s workforce 20% Temp 3% 20% Part- Graduates/ Time apprentices 11 unions 450 job 14,000 recognised titles 40% 600 TUPE’d/ locations acquired Aged 17 - 81 Average 44yrs
  4. 4. The adversity challenge for Amey• Our clients (you) want “more for less” and demonstrable value for money• The market we operate in is increasingly competitive• We need to improve service levels and drive down our costs to pass savings to you• This means we need to innovate and drive efficiencies and productivity enabled by technology
  5. 5. What have we been doing? • 2010 Efficiency & Effectiveness Programme • An organisation that: • Is leaner and more efficient • Balances benefits of standardisation (One Amey) with the need for customisation • Has support functions with expertise and specialism to provide excellent service • Raises accountability for performance and drives continuous improvement through measurement and skilled managers • £20m p/a savings to reinvest in bidding, acquisitions and technology and to pass on to our clients through lower pricing
  6. 6. Efficiency and Effectiveness programmeworkstreams
  7. 7. Optimising our organisation structure• 5 to 4 divisions and new Executive team• 15 to 7 organisation layers• Career path framework – 4,000 to 450 job titles, 7 bands, 20 families: • 15% overhead roles removed • General manager roles with guideline revenue/people numbers • People manager roles defined span of control 1:4 to 1:10
  8. 8. Support Function Clarity Group Division AccountBusiness Development/BiddingFinanceCommercialHRProcurementLegalBusiness ImprovementHealth and SafetyITExternal Communications
  9. 9. Skilled and motivated people managers Cascade Clarity of role monthly• Innovation challenge• Commercial skills 2 two-day Academy HRBP round• Managing table sessions performance – critical sessions conversations annually
  10. 10. Raising the performance bar• Not just what but how – 70% objectives / 30% behaviours• What: • Objectives cascade each January Amey 4 Divisions 80 Accounts & Support Functions Operational Teams• How: Personal Objectives • Behaviours linked to Amey values and bands • All appraisals and objectives captured on SAP – certainty of completion and calibration • Performance improvement plans
  11. 11. Maximising employee engagement and productivity• Right resource in the right place at the right time • Recruitment SLAs e.g. requisition to offer significantly reduced• Manager bonus target linked to wellness, retention and satisfaction: • Rigorous wellness management – 97% target • Retention tracked – 93% target • Quarterly pulse surveys – 70% employee satisfaction target
  12. 12. Employee cost review • Appropriate resource mix • Temporary labour outsourced • Rate 18% 12% • £1 million p.a. saving • Salary market compra ratios and pay for performance • Benefits flexed to support employee motivation • Terms and conditions harmonisation where possible • Overtime monitored • Pensions – 32 schemes • DB closed to future accrual (£4 million p.a. saving) • GPPP scheme set up and auto-enrolment planning
  13. 13. HR Changes since 2010• Cost of HR per employee reduced by 20%• HR to employee ratio 1:62 to 1:87
  14. 14. What have we done in HR to deliver improvement?• Reorganised to Ulrich model – service centre, specialists and operational HRBPs• SDD and SLAs e.g. • 70% immediate • 85% 1 day • 100% 3 day• Outsourced disciplinary/grievance support• MI dashboard for managers
  15. 15. What have we done in HR to deliver improvement? • Data cleanse and Lean Sigma processes • Implemented SAP ESS and MSS • Online tools – scanned employee files, intranet and SharePoint
  16. 16. What have we done in HR to deliver improvement?• OneHR Team supporting each other• HR Development Programme: • Modules • Mentoring• HR weekly update• 2 monthly all HR calls• 6 monthly all HR events
  17. 17. Whats does HR support look like for employees? Initiate Need process/ more view help data Need more help OneHR Helpline: 01865 713101 or
  18. 18. What does HR support look like for managers? Strategic HR Need Temp Labour Support eg bid, resource - call TUPE, L and D or Randstad OD contact HRBP/HRD Initiate/ Approve/ Need View data/ more Report help OneHR Helpline: 01865 713101 or Need more help
  19. 19. Engaging employees throughout AmeyWorld CEO briefings Q&As (2 monthly) Clear Management Focus groups consistent Academy (6 message monthly) HUB (All staff Time to talk newspaper) (monthly) Cascade (monthly manager bulletin)
  20. 20. Public sector vs. private sector – is it so different?• Our HR aims are to support the business by: • Ensuring we have the right organisation structures in place and that we have people with the right skills in the right place at the right time to deliver to our customers • Maximising productivity by ensuring the working environment is highly engaging • Providing simple and streamlined HR systems and processes that are efficient and effective• Over 40% of our employees come from the public sector
  21. 21. A great HR opportunity to effect change• Would your customers (managers) “buy” the HR services you provide or choose an outsourced HR model?• Are all of your HR team commercially focused and networked externally to understand what best practice HR service can be?• Do you have the “right” managers in place to support and communicate the changes needed?