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Lost Registry Media Recommendations
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Lost Registry Media Recommendations


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  • 1. Overview1. The Media Plan2. Target Audience Insights3. Communication Strategy4. Implementation a) Cinema b) Outdoor c) Print Media d) Radio e) Digital5. Costs
  • 2. Key Stakeholders for Target Audience
  • 3. The Media PlanObjectiveTo drive mass awareness of Lost Registry mobile phone and media deviceprotection and recovery service, to the core demographic of 20-24 and generateleads and sales for the trade distribution partners.DemographicsCore: 20-24Secondary 18-19 25-34Gender preference: NoneBudget: $Unlimited (focus on cost effectiveness)Media: Radio Print Outdoor Cinema Digital Public RelationsTimings: 6 months
  • 5. Roy Morgan Segmentation MappingVolume of Population for people 20-24 The core Lost Registry audience 20-24 makes up 8.1% of the total population of Australians 14+. 1,490,000 Lost Registry Audience 18-34 5,333,000 All People 18,381,000 (14+ in Australia)
  • 6. Demographics – Where are they Located?80% of the Lost Registry audience live on the East Coast therefore the budget should befocussed on this area.Volume % Index %
  • 7. Roy Morgan Value Segments ¾ of the target audience are defined as either ‘Young Optimism’ or ‘Look at Me’
  • 8. Roy Morgan Value SegmentsValue segments allow us to have a better understanding of who Lost Registry’s coreaudience is and how they think.
  • 9. Media Consumption by ChannelOnline, Cinema and Outdoor all have high volume and strong index against the LostRegistry target audience.
  • 10. Media Type preferences – weekday/endMedia type preference does not vary greatly from weekday to weekends.
  • 11. Use Emotional trigger during eachstage of the decision making processto achieve objectives.
  • 12. Role Of Communication ChannelsUsing the Consumer Decision Making ProcessSource: Consumer Decision Making Process (Blythe 2001)
  • 13. Paid, Owned & Earned MediaPaid media will help stimulate interest and engagement with Lost Registry’s ownedand earned media assets.
  • 14. Outdoor Campaign Schematic
  • 15. Radio Campaign Schematic
  • 16. Print Campaign Schematic
  • 17. Digital Campaign Schematic
  • 19. Checklist for Media Partnerships
  • 20. CINEMA
  • 21. Been to Cinema in last 3 months 2/3 of the target audience have been to the cinema in the past 3 months. This audience has a strong affinity with the cinema and is more likely than the general population to go to the cinema.
  • 22. Movie Genre Preferences
  • 24. Top 20 Magazine TitlesCleo provides contextually relevant placement while still garnering the required reach of thetarget audience.
  • 25. Cleo mX Zoo Weekly Strip Advertising Strip Advertising Strip Advertising• High Reach • Relevance of Placement • Relevance of Placement• Relevance of Placement • Impact of Launch • Drive Relevance• Value and Savings • Reach in each key through messaging• Drive Relevance market • Reach in each key through messaging • Reach audience while market out and about • Reach audience while out and about
  • 26. mX Readership: Cleo Readership: Zoo Readership: 362,000 p/day 400,000 p/m 381,000 p/m Core target: Core target: Core target:Men & Women 18-39 Women 18-30 Men 18-34
  • 27. OUTDOOR
  • 28. Seen Outdoor Advertising in the last 4 weeksStrong Volume and index against panel advertising in shopping centres andat bus shelters.
  • 29. Chosen Outdoor Media Partners Adshel Media Tree Bus Shelter and Shopping Centre Panels Street Posters • Added Value • Added Value • Relevance of Placement • High Reach and Frequency • Impact of Launch • Relevance of placement • Reach in Key Market • Impact at Launch • Reach audience while out and • Reach audience in dwell times about
  • 30. Chosen Outdoor Approach
  • 31. Adshel Proposal Summary Objective Solution Delivered by AdshellTargeting Keyaudience Using proximity data we can directly target the audience of 18-34 including the core 20-24 Mass Reach andVisbility Adshel has the highest reach and frequency in the ‘Out Of Home’ market Focus on youth& consumer By using Adshel’s consumer research we can target our key demographic – 20-24 
  • 32. Exposure to Adshel Advertising
  • 33. National R&F Data by MOVE
  • 34. AdShel Media Costs
  • 35. Objective Solution Delivered By Media TreeTargeting Keyaudience Contextually relevant placememts means we are able to reach the core target  audienceMass Reach andVisibility Media Tree owns more legal street poster sites than any other street poster company. 
  • 36. MediaTree Street Poster Campaign Weights
  • 37. MediaTree Media Costs
  • 38. RADIO
  • 39. Radio Approach
  • 40. Today NovaStation Share  Contextual Relevance  Competitive Pricing O Cluttered Environment O O
  • 41. ••••
  • 42. DIGITAL
  • 43. Frequency of Internet UseThe target audience are heavy internet users, most often accessing the internetmore than once per day.
  • 44. Time of day spent using the internetInternet usage is consistent during work hours, however peaks at night time.
  • 45. Top 20 Websites visitedInteresting to see the cinema websites achievbe a high volume and index, this isconsistent with cinema viewership
  • 46. Time spent using the internet at home, work orelsewhere.
  • 47. Portals and search sites visited in thepast 4 weeks
  • 48. Email & Social sites visited in the past4 weeks
  • 49. Digital Approach
  • 50. Digital/Online SelectionThe online selection has been made to generate awareness, reach andinterest in the target audience while delivering high traffic to the website.The selection was based on content, demographic audience, time spent andengagement on the site.Awareness: Generate awareness and reach through contextual display placements.Tactical: Targeted eDM’s to core demographic who own or have recently purchased a mobile phone.Reach + Traffic: Generate traffic to the website and increase reach through enewsletters.
  • 51. Search Engine MarketingTo display contextually relevant advertisements based on the users searchqueryCollectively Google and Yahoo contribute 99.3% of total search engine trafficin Australia (Hitwise 2010).Ideal for information search and tactical campaigns.
  • 52. Display AdvertisingAwareness and Tactical CampaignThe Sound Alliance: In The Mix, Faster Louder. Display: Leaderboard, M-Rec, Skyscraper, enewsletterNineMSN RON Display: Leaderboard, M-Rec, Skyscraper, PushdownMorrison Media - Frankie Display: Leaderboard, M-RecGoogle : Google Display Network Display: YouTube (Entertainment, Technology)
  • 53. Email / Direct Marketing REACH Adconian edm DNS edm TRAFFIC Faster Louder enewsletter In The Mix enewsletter
  • 54. Adconian: eDMAdconian email aggregates the audiences from different partners to deliver highlytargeted email campaigns.ReachAdconian deliver over 4 million *permission based consumers in Australia.TechnologyTechnology leader, driven by the Direct Marketing division “Frontline Direct”Digital Network Sales: eDMDNS sends hundreds of thousands of emails every week, both heavily targeted and ona performance basis.ReachDNS reach over 5 million permission based consumer profiles in Australia and NZacross exclusive and non-exclusive partner databases.PerformanceGenerate clicks using the performance email product. Automatic campaign optomisationtargeting the best performing audience segments.
  • 55. Social ReachFacebookMedia: Premium Ads Marketplace AdsFan page to engage users through content.TwitterTo engage users through content using hashtags.
  • 56. Total Media Cost