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Payments For Online Communities
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Payments For Online Communities


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A new way for online social networks and other web communities to get paid easily.

A new way for online social networks and other web communities to get paid easily.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 1. Payment-Enabling Online Communities Patrice Peyret – CEO, Plastyc, Inc.
  • 2. Monetizing Pains
    • … target their ads better because users remain largely anonymous
    • … get paid efficiently for small items (music, avatar accessories..)
    • … get paid by those < 18 (unless they cheat with an under-age PayPal account)
    • … pay out anyone efficiently for their contributions
    • … click on ads because they interfere with social interactions
    • … stack up “funny money” that can be used only at one site
    Users don’t… Online Communities can’t…
  • 3. UPside Visa ®
    • The only payment system fully optimized for online communities
  • 4. UPside Visa ® Basics
    • Available to anyone >13 with built-in parental controls for minors
    • Universal works online & offline
    • Safe Visa’s zero liability Compliant with KYC & USA Patriot Act
    • Efficient for micro-transactions Interchange fee is refundable to partner merchants for <$3 payments
    • Manages points / digital currencies with built-in loyalty purse
    • Two-way money flows via pay-out interface
    4000 GOOD THRU 03/10 DEBIT CARDHOLDER NAME 4000 0000 0000 0000
  • 5. The Cardholder experience
    • … into a re-loadable Visa ® prepaid card
      • Accepted anywhere online & offline
      • With parental controls for those <18
    • Receive money from…
      • Parents
      • Jobs
      • Friends
      • Online marketplaces
    • Monitor & manage the card
      • From any PC
      • From social network profile
      • Via cell phone
    … earn points while shopping offline online HELP 4000 GOOD THRU 03/10 DEBIT CARDHOLDER NAME 4000 0000 0000 0000
  • 6. Benefits to Young Users
    • More ways to receive money: parents, jobs, friends, communities they contribute to
    • Ability to demonstrate financial responsibility as early as 13
      • Separate web access for parents and teen (minor) cardholders
    • More buying power and less gift cards clutter
      • Less fees
      • Rewards (not air-miles of course), including cash back
    • 21 st century access: Facebook, mobile
    • Belong & participate: share money with / give to friends be paid for contribution to communities / marketplaces ambassador/referral system
  • 7. Benefits to Online Venues
    • without hoping for the parent’s “borrowed” credit card…
    • Keep bringing them back
    No integration required - No cost Get paid directly by anyone >13 Allow them to earn your points or digital currency from their everyday activities Give them monetary rewards without counting on under-age PayPal accounts Offer in-statement promotions& coupons Advertise more efficiently to them as they are payment-enabled and no longer anonymous … and with micro- transaction efficiency
  • 8. Making it work with NO change to website … getting paid: By anyone >13
    • … distributing cash:
      • Direct-to-card:
    Partner’s Bank Plastyc’s Bank Single wire transfer for aggregate of all payouts + .csv payout instruction file
    • … linking digital currency or points to brick-and-mortar life:
      • via card’s loyalty engine
    Load salary Shop
    • … advertising smartly:
      • to registered users
    Link community namespace to cardholders’ profile database Simply accept Visa debit cards Make bulks of points or currency available to Plastyc
    • … optimizing small payments:
    Partner’s Bank Plastyc’s Bank Refund of interchange fees on micro-transactions 4000 GOOD THRU 03/10 DEBIT CARDHOLDER NAME 4000 0000 0000 0000 4000 GOOD THRU 03/10 DEBIT CARDHOLDER NAME 4000 0000 0000 0000 4000 GOOD THRU 03/10 DEBIT CARDHOLDER NAME 4000 0000 0000 0000 4000 GOOD THRU 03/10 DEBIT CARDHOLDER NAME 4000 0000 0000 0000 4000 GOOD THRU 03/10 DEBIT CARDHOLDER NAME 4000 0000 0000 0000 HELP 4000 GOOD THRU 03/10 DEBIT CARDHOLDER NAME 4000 0000 0000 0000
  • 9. Economics for Online Communities
    • Enable teens to be autonomous buyers
    • Advertise to payment-enabled profiled users
    • Direct-to-Card distribution of monetary rewards
    • Extend Digital Currency or Points to offline world
    • Micro-sell small-ticket items
    • Increase spending on games, music & other digital goods by >2X when no longer limited to parental credit cards
    • Increase CPM & CPC rates and boost click-through rates
    • Eliminate costs of mailing checks and PayPal merchant fees
    • Generate rewards from the 80% of young consumer purchases made offline
    • Reduce cost of small transactions from 25% down to 5%
    NO set-up costs - NO recurring costs
  • 10. Summary
    • We payment-enable the online youth at no cost to web venues and no modifications to existing shopping carts
      • Young users who have become independent purchasers (from their parents) buy more
      • Payment-enabled users are more likely to click on ads and buy products => advertising to them commands higher CPM or CPC rates
    • We expand existing affinity/rewards programs to youth payment cards
    • We facilitate the distribution of monetary rewards to members of online communities
    • UPside Visa is uniquely optimized for the youth & connected market: web, mobile & Facebook access + lowest priced
    • UPside Visa has the most add-on services for online venues:
      • Programmable affinity engine
      • Brand-able web 2.0 websites
      • Online dashboard that can dynamically include merchant offers
      • Zero-fee mass pay-out interface
      • Micro-transactions optimization
  • 11. A Few Words About Us… …follow
  • 12. About Plastyc
    • “ Virtual Bank for the Youth” (no branches, online pure-play)
    • under contract with a VISA licensed bank
    • Launched in Dec’06 under “UPside” brand
    • Offices in Silicon Valley & NYC
    • Repeat entrepreneurs in consumer technologies
    • First CTO of GemAlto, the world’s largest card vendor (’89-’94)
    • Founded software start-up Integrity Arts, sold to Sun Microsystems to build J2ME (’95-’99), now in 2B devices
    • Founded telecom start-up Mobileway (’00-’06), sold to Sybase now managing 30B SMS messages/year
    • Focusing on the $100B gap between cash and credit cards for the 13-25 demographic
  • 13. Architecture All Merchants User authentication system BIN Sponsoring Bank Cardholders Profiles Points or Digital Currencies Pay-Outs Loyalty Employers’ Banks Parents’ Banks Enrollment & Access Parents Users Transaction Processing Engine Standard Payment Protocol Partner Merchant Monetary Rewards µ-Tx optimization Small Purchases Reporting
  • 14. Check us online…
    • Parents enrollment
    • Parents enrollment for zero-fee teen product
    • Parent card management
    • Teen/Student Enrollment and card management
    • Teen/Student mobile access
    • Teen/Student Facebook access
    • Rewards Mall
    • Financial literacy
    • Ambassador’s Network
    • Soon (for Credit Unions)