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Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity






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    Investment Opportunity Investment Opportunity Document Transcript

    • If you have a basic understanding of the intrinsic value of precious metals, you will appreciate the opportunity presented in this summary. We are looking to expand production of our technology/proprietary process that separates precious metals from all types of ores (rock, sand) at the micron level. The bottom line is that this is a unique opportunity to participate at the “ground floor” level in a new, perfected technology in the precious metal industry. For years now the precious metal mining/processing industry has relied on outdated physical and chemical processes that have not changed significantly in decades. Traditionally, complex ores have been processed using technology that exposes workers to hazardous chemicals, pollutes the environment, and therefore exposes the company to ongoing liability. We have seven years of documented research and development by our experienced technical group. The result was the development of a “next generation” mineral extraction process that employs non-hazardous chemicals and technologies that are substantially more efficient than previous processes. Our process works at the micron level and therefore produces precious metal recovery yields of over ninety percent of tested ore. Currently, we have the ability to process 200 lbs in an 8-hour period. The required investment would allow us to bring our production to 5 tons per 8 hours, resulting in huge recapitalization and growth for our company. Investor will have Senior Debt (retired in 24 months) and equity stake in the processing facility as it grows in capacity. • Minimum investment $2.75M (operational 5 tons per 8 hours) • Investment return offering; Sr. Debt recorded (UCC1) and 20% equity • Sr. Debt, with 7% return, to be paid off over 24 months via a partial release of production/cash flow • Investment capital used to expand current capability of 200 lbs per 8 hours and build out operating facility to process 5 tons per 8 hours • Business model recapitalizes, from processing 10 tons per day to 20 tons per day, to a full capacity of 30 tons per day in the 4th and 7th month of production. Facility expansion funded by profits generated from precious metals • 8 months from initial investment date to cash flow (see proforma) • Top publicly traded United States refinery has acted as 3rd party, verifying our process (in fact some of the refinery’s technology is in our process). Their documented testing of our process went from raw material, to the final product. Because of the testing and existing relationship, they have agreed to purchase all the precious metals that come out of our facility. • Only permits needed for our process are the traditional building and business licenses. Our chemical process is NON HAZARDOUS, therefore EPA approval is not needed. This is a distinct advantage. Most precious metal processes use heavy hazardous chemicals in the leeching process that are subject to EPA scrutiny and ongoing exposure to liability.
    • • Facility needs to be 40,000 sq ft or greater to house the full max production capacity. There are multiple potential facilities that have been identified that are available for lease, lease to own or buy. Short term or long term. It would be best to have facility close to physical location of the ore being used, limiting the transportation time and costs. • The ore needed for this process is abundantly available. Just one of many examples is in northern Georgia. Iron oxide ore is available at $20 per ton. We have documented and demonstrated that this ore can be processed to produce precious metals for immediate sale with a value of over $70,000 per ton. The Chinese are taking this same iron oxide by the barge loads daily and are sending back to China for processing. Depending on the final project structure, this approach, versus mine acquisition, may be the path of least resistance. Since this ore is available immediately, can be sourced for many years, and is acquired on a “pay as you go” basis. There is approximately 200 million tons available at this location alone. Acquisition of ore in this way is available in many other states as well. All above information is documented, verifiable and can be performed right in front of you with any ore that is chosen once we go through the following simple steps. Steps 1. Introduction meeting, face to face or conference call to get basic understanding 2. Mutual MOU is drafted 3. We report back with what we have the ability to liberate from ore (mutually chosen ore) 4. If you find the results favorable, show proof of capacity to invest and plan meeting. 5. Meeting in person verify all statements and view the process before your eyes 6. Move forward Call me when you are free and we can review. Thank you. Regards, Jason Cell: 508.360.9069
    • 10 Ton Per Day Operation, Proforma Expanded to 30 Tons a Day MONTHLY MONTHLY MONTH GROSS RECAPS Assumptions GROSS NET Initial investment $ 2.75 M 1 2 Ounce per Ton (Gold Only) 5.00 3 4 Percentage of Recovery 90% 5 6 Tons Processed per Day to Start 10 7 Hours of Operation per Day 16 8 9 1,134,000 850,500 850,000 Days per Month 28 10 1,134,000 850,500 1,700,500 11 1,134,000 850,500 2,551,000 Total Months from Initial Investment to Cash Flow Start 9 12 1,134,000 850,500 3,401,500 RECAP 13 1,134,000 850,500 2,252,000 #1 (-$2M) Months/.;p from 10 tons per Day Expand to 20 and 30 Tons per Day 13,16 14 1,134,000 850,500 3,102,500 15 1,134,000 850,500 3,953,000 RECAP Gross per Ounce $ 900 16 1,134,000 850,500 2,803,500 #2 (-$2M) 17 1,134,000 850,500 3,654,000 Re-capitalization Cost $2.0 M 18 1,134,000 850,500 4,504,500 19 1,134,000 850,500 5,355,000 20 1,134,000 850,000 6,205,500 21 1,134,000 850,000 7,055,500 22 2,268,000 1,700,000 7,905,500 23 2,268,000 1,700,000 9,605,500 24 2,268,000 1,700,000 11,305,500 25 3,402,000 2,550,000 13,005,500 26 3,402,000 2,550,000 15,555,500 27 3,402,000 2,550,000 18,105,500 28 3,402,000 2,550,000 20,655,500 29 3,402,000 2,550,000 23,205,500 30 3,402,000 2,550,000 25,755,500