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  1. 1. Attending an ISTE 2010 Discovery Education Session is LIFE Changing Three LIFE DVD sets given away at each Discovery Education Session
  2. 2. Attend any of the Discovery Education sessions to experience the future of educational content. Saturday, June 26 Three LIFE DVDs 9:00am Steve Dembo ISTE Leadership Boot Camp, The Perpetual Hyatt Regency 9:40am Learning Machine Centennial Ballroom D given away at each Monday, June 28 8:30am Lindsay Hopkins Great Teaching Tools Sample Pack Join Lindsay Hopkins, professional developer from Discovery Education – CCC 608 session marked 9:30am take away four great techniques for using Web 2.0 Applications, Discovery Education Digital Content, interactive presentation tools, and Google Tools with a globe*. using the Epson BrightLink450Wi. 3:00pm Lindsay Hopkins Great Teaching Tools Sample Pack Join Lindsay Hopkins, professional developer from Discovery Education – CCC 608 4:00pm take away four great techniques for using Web 2.0 Applications, Discovery Education Digital Content, interactive presentation tools, and Google Tools using the Epson BrightLink450Wi. 8:30am Hall Davidson Interactive Whiteboard Technology: Innovator and technology guru Hall Davidson explores the next generation of CCC Four Seasons 9:30am Exploring the Next Generation-9 interactive whiteboard technology from Epson with tech director Ted Lai and Ballroom 4 teacher trainer Karen Green, whose schools use this IWB technology with lesser impact on space and budget. 11:00am Scott Kinney 8-Track Tapes, Covered Wagons, Textbooks: Examine the future of instructional materials. Learn about recent legislation CCC Korbel 12:00pm There’s a Better Way allowing use of traditional textbook funds for digital content, including the Ballroom 2A instructional benefits and success stories. 11:00am Steve Dembo Policies, Safety, and Social Networking See how districts have embraced new technologies while maintaining CCC 403/404 12:00pm high standards and keeping students safe. Explore sample policies used at exemplary schools around the world. Wednesday, June 30 12:00pm Steve Dembo Extreme Web 2.0 Makeover: Education No blog? No podcast? No problem! We’ll take the absolute beginner and give CCC Korbel 1:00pm Edition them a complete digital makeover. Enter a newbie, leave a Web 2.0 guru! Ballroom 2BC 12:00pm Hall Davidson Mash Media: New Web, Old Media, and Your For fantastic connection-free classroom assets, capture and download Web CCC Four Seasons 1:00pm Own Stuff 2.0 creations and mix them with subject-area resources, original video, voice, Ballroom 2/3 and images using simple desktop tools. *NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR CLAIM PRIZE. Each attendee will receive a ticket for a drawing at the end of the session. See booth #628 for complete rules.
  3. 3. Experience the Impact of the Discovery Educator Network The community is sharing best practices. Come hear what leading educators are doing in their classrooms. Sunday, 6/27 Tuesday, 6/29 7:00pm Carol Anne McGuire Global Collaboration: An Educational CCC Lobby A, Table: SS 5 10:00am Lori Feldman Renaissance Computing: An Initiative CCC Lobby A, Table: P02 8:30pm Buzzword or Educational Reality? 12:00pm for Promoting Student Participation in Computing - Poster Session Monday, 6/28 11:00am Lee Kolbert VoiceThread for Interactive Projects CCC 104/106 8:30am MaryCarole Strother Engaging Young Scientists with Digital CCC 201 12:00pm 9:30am Tools 11:00am Chris Atkinson Challenging the Gifted Student Using CCC 108/110 11:00am Lindsay Hopkins In Their Words: Digital Media and the CCC Lobby A, Table: P34 12:00pm Google Apps and Web 2.0 1:00am English Language Learner 12:30pm Stevie Kline and Joyce Mason Creating Student Sleuths: Primary Source CCC 111-113 11:00am Linda Rush Educational iPod’s in the Classroom CCC Lobby A, Table: P19 1:30pm Investigation 1:00am 1:00pm Kimberly Caise Classroom 2.0 LIVE! A Behind the Scenes CCC Lobby A, Table: P35 12:30pm Selena Ward, Carol Broos, Ken Dissecting the 21st Century Teacher CCC 505/506 3:00pm Tour 1:30pm Shelton, Andy Losik, Paula White 1:00pm Shannon Wentworth Aurora Public Schools Student Technology CCC Lobby A, Table: SS 3 3:00pm Fair Grand Prize Winners 2:00pm Maria Knee Let’s Do It: Planning for Technology in Early CCC Four Seasons 3:00pm Childhood Classrooms Ballroom 1 3:30pm Carol Anne McGuire Podcasting/Mobile Media Spotlight Panel CCC Four Seasons 4:30pm Ballroom 4 2:00pm Anne Truger Professional Learning: The Power of the CCC Lobby A, Table: P05 4:00pm Human Network 4:30pm Shannon Wentworth TE465L Designing Student-Centered CCC 702 7:30pm Classrooms using Promethean 3:30pm Ken Shelton 3D Modeling With Google Sketchup CCC 108/110 ActivInspire Tools 4:30pm Wednesday, 6/30 11:00am Carol Anne McGuire Rock Our World: Bringing Music Back into CCC Lobby A, Table: SS 3 1:00pm the Classroom for the Nonmusical Teacher 11:00am Cheryl Lykowski Cache the Excitement: GPS & Geocaching CCC Lobby A, Table: P24 1:00pm in the Classroom 12:00pm Paula Naugle Web 2.0 Lessons Learned by a Fourth ISTE Unplugged 12:30pm Grade Teacher
  4. 4. Presorted First Class Mail US Postage PAID Chicago IL Discovery Education | 800.323.9084 Permit #8975 One Discovery Place, Silver Spring, MD Stop by the Discovery Education Booth #628 Experience the World Around You, and Make a Personalized Luggage Tag
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