Think Tank Meet the Teacher Presentation 2012-13

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  • 1. Welcome to the 2012 - 2013 Meet the Teacher Nightwith the Think Tank Team
  • 2. Welcome to 6th Science!
  • 3. Think TankTechnology Tools 101Introduction to technology toolsResponsible Use Policy/AcceptanceApplications in the classroomPersonal Electronic Devices [PEDs]
  • 4. Lab Skills Lab Safety Lab Equipment Metric Measurement
  • 5. Scientific Method Inference vs. Observation Variables & Control Group Hypothesis Technical Writing
  • 6. ChemistryExploring Matter… Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures Review States & Properties of Matter Differentiate between Physical & Chemical Changes
  • 7. The Infinity ProjectEngineering Process vs. Scientific MethodRobotics UnitEnvironmental Engineering / Green Engineering
  • 8. The Jason ProjectSI Units of MeasurementEnergyForce and MotionEarth and Mars [Space]Geology/Ecology
  • 9. Future Units…Energy Space
  • 10. Future Units…Biology Ecology
  • 11. Other InformationDaily vs. Quizzes vs. TestsStudy? What does studying mean? What does studying look like? How do I study?
  • 12. Can you name the titles of three books you have read for pleasure in the past year? How many times in the last year have you written (NOT TYPED) creatively for pleasure?
  • 13. A Look at Continual Learningin Language Arts•Writer’s Notebook•Free Reading Time•W.I.F.- “Where I’m From”•Weekly Reading Log•Weekly Reading Reflection Question•PIPES•Daily Language- Grammar•Individualized Spelling list- collecting words•Worthy Words & 6th Grade Vocabulary
  • 14. What will we do with SummerReading ?• “Where I’m From” poems from theperspective of main characters•Plot structure•Conflict•Characterization
  • 15. Author Research ProjectGOALS •To learn about who the author is as a person •Childhood •Adulthood •Professional Life •To analyze the author’s writing: •Stylistically (patterns of characters, plot, conflicts, themes, figurative language) •Inferring and identifying the connections between who author is and the books s/he writes
  • 16. Author Research•Noodle Tools- web-based tool to take notesand organize sources- eliminates note cardsthat can be lost•Learn research skills•Read a book by their chosen author (TAG will read two books.)•Students will choose from a variety ofanalytical writing topics & write a one pagetyped analysis•Performance, Art, or Technology basedproject
  • 17. Grammar•Usage•Parts of Speech•Writing Coach textbook class set and online•Writing Coach student workbook•Daily Grammar
  • 18. Vocabulary•Specific Greek and Latin roots- 6th grade•Specific prefixes and suffixes•Specific character trait words•Word study from reading•Use of vocabulary in writing, reading, andspeaking
  • 19. A Peek at LA…•Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac•Book Group- choice of novels•Mystery novelTAG• Junior Great Books• Dystopian novel• The Rebirth of Reality- explore use of propaganda and technology• Study of Golden Age of Radio-create and produce a radio program
  • 20. Upcoming Topics for 6th grade Math• Algebraic Thinking• Solving Equations• Problem solving with decimals
  • 21. Enrichment Resources••••
  • 22. Homework – Why , oh, why? • to prepare students for new learning • to check for students understanding • to give students opportunities to practice a skill or process so that it becomes fluent and automaticClassroom Leadership, September 2003 | Volume 7 | Number 1 , Association for theSupervision of Curriculum Development (ASCD)
  • 23. Textbook online link
  • 24. Profile of the Learner for the FutureA globally literate person• is empathetic, compassionate & open-minded.• has a diverse & knowledgeable world view.• exhibits cross-cultural sensitivity & adaptability.• communicates effectively in at least one language other than English.• interprets & responds to global issues with an understanding of how history, geography & economics shape our world.
  • 25. Oceania
  • 26. Antarctica
  • 27. http://mis.hpisd.org e/misthinktankteam/
  • 28. Please do NOT rely on the teachers to givemessages to the children or to dismiss them forappointments. Dismissal MUST be done through the office!
  • 29. Study Buddies
  • 30. Thank you for joining us; it hasbeen our pleasure to see you. We’relooking forward to greeting your children in about 13 hours !