Tinytoreum: pre-visit exhibition slideshow
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Tinytoreum: pre-visit exhibition slideshow



This exhibition slideshow provide a virtual map of the exhibition, highlighting various objects, interactives and activities included in the exhibition. It helps teachers prepare students before the ...

This exhibition slideshow provide a virtual map of the exhibition, highlighting various objects, interactives and activities included in the exhibition. It helps teachers prepare students before the visit to the Museum.



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Tinytoreum: pre-visit exhibition slideshow Tinytoreum: pre-visit exhibition slideshow Presentation Transcript

  • Pre-visit exhibition walkthrough Exhibition closed in April 2011
  • Guide your students on a journey through Tinytoreum exploring tiny Museum treasures that have inspired children’s tales and illustrations by author Jackie French and illustrator Bruce Whatley.
    • This exhibition walkthrough provides an overview of the:
    • Physical layout and exhibition sections
    • Key objects
    • Audiovisuals and interactives
    • Relevant online teaching and learning resources
    Exhibition entrance
  • The exhibition entrance at the Kings Cinema foyer Tinytoreum
  • Gunna the Goanna’s inventions Complete discreet heat beater The workshop at the dump
  • Tiny horseshoes for the Echidna Express mail service The platypus submarine Gunna the Goanna’s inventions
  • Training planes and baby bird bicycles Gunna the Goanna’s inventions
  • Gunna the Goanna’s inventions The new dawn chorus
  • Gunna the Goanna’s inventions The Shaggy Gully honey bottling plant
  • Gunna the Goanna’s inventions The bug boat
  • 1. Draw your favourite invention. 2. Choose and colour in your favourite mouse character for the Paper Theatre. 1 2 Activity area
  • 3. Model train set – touch the objects on screen 4. The Shaggy Gully Express – spin the wheel to start the train and press the button to hear the whistle 5. Gunna’s reading corner 5 4 3
  • Gunna the Goanna’s inventions ‘ Ram Jet’ Rabbit The flying anthill Slither Hither fake fur fashions
  • Beehive yourself palace
  • The ‘bite’ in shining armour Mouse House Theatre Gunna the Goanna’s inventions
  • The Shaggy Gully good mates’ bridge
  • Snappy happy hats machine
  • Smartboard activities Miniature car
  • 1. What it really is? 2. Memory game 3. Object all sorts The Tinytoreum interactive whiteboard activities
  • What they really are! Actual sizes are shown as height (h) x width (w) cm or height (h) x length (l) cm or diameter (d) cm Slippers decorated with shells , made by the late Mavis Longbottom and Lola Ryan, La Perouse NSW, 1986. Indigenous women have been making shell work like this for over a century. 4 (h) x 10.5 (l) cm. Purchased 1986. 86/1784-2 A Chinese puzzle ball consisting of nine balls carved from one piece of ivory (elephant tusk). Puzzle balls require amazing skill to carve. First a solid ball is turned on a lathe, then holes are drilled towards the centre and special L-shaped sharp tools are used to cut the innermost balls free. 5.8 (d) cm. Gift of Miss Eadith Hill, 1950. A4262-41
  • A toy submarine based on the 1954 Walt Disney film of Jules Verne’s classic science fiction novel 20,000 leagues under the sea, published in 1869. 10 (h) x 24 (l) cm. Purchased 1985. 85/2572-26 A netsuke (Japanese toggle), hand-carved from ivory, 1700–1900. Japanese men traditionally wore toggles like these to secure pouches to their belts. 3 (h) x 7 (l) cm. Gift of Alastair and Hedda Morrison,1996. 96/60/13 Scale model of the New Zealand steam tug SS Awarua , made by Harry F Allen in NSW, 1940–1947. The full sized tug was built in Scotland in 1932 and steamed to New Zealand via the Suez Canal. Scale 1:14. 151 (h) x 283 (l) cm. Purchased 1948. H4940
  • Striped linen and straw hat , designed by Hermance, Paris, 1938 and worn by Heather Waddell of Moray Millinery, Sydney. 25.5 (d) cm. Purchased 2005. 2005/114/9-3 Leg warmers and wrist bands made from fake fur and worn as part of an ensemble by Uchida Sachiko in Tokyo’s Harajuku area in 2002. Wristbands 9.3 (h) x 10.5 cm (w) cm; leg warmers 60 (h) x 25 (w) cm. Purchased 2002. 2003/204/1
  • Toy rocket , made by Masudaya Co, Japan, probably in the early 60s after the US Apollo Moon program was announced. 11 (h) x 39.6 (l) cm. Purchased 1985. 85/2573-6 Astrobunnykins, from the Bunnykins range of moulded bone china by Royal Doulton Tableware Ltd, England, 1983–1984. 10.5 (h) x 5 (w) cm. Gift of Robert Walmsley, 1993. 93/338/43 Scale model of a Voisin biplane , designed by aviation pioneer Gabriel Voisin, France, 1908. The model was built by Mr G O Ingledew, NSW. Scale 1:12. 34 (h) x 100 (l) cm. Purchased 1935. H3805
  • A watchmaker’s lathe made of brass and iron . The drawer contains tiny tools for precision work. Maker unknown. 30 (h) x 25.5 (w) cm. Gift of L V Nunn, 1968. B1726 inside. Scale model of a steam-powered fire engine , typical of fire engines used in the late 19th century.Scale 1:5. 50 (h) x 60 (l) cm.. Purchased 1951. B1155 Morris Mini-Minor ‘Mini K’ car , made by Leyland Motor Corporation of Australia in 1970. 135 (h) x 305.5 (l) cm. Purchased 1996. 96/370/1
  • Model of a cross-section of a cane sugar refinery . Gift of the Colonial Sugar Refining Company, 1947. 1240 (h) x 2730 (w) cm. H4866
  • Dolls house made by Frans Bosdyk for his wife Christine, between 1996 and 2006 in NSW. Christine died shortly after it was completed. Furniture scale 1:10–1:12. House size 211 (h) x 138 (w) cm. Purchased 2007. 2007/51/1 Children’s paper theatres were popular in the 1800s. This one was made by famed toy theatre designer Johann Ferdinand Schreiber in Germany 1880–1890. The theatre, characters and scenery were produced on paper sheets, which could be cut out and mounted on card. 90 (h) x 81.3 (w) cm. Purchased 1981. A7746
  • Set of furniture made from beer cans by an elderly man and presented to the Museum in 1986. Centre chair 13.5 (h) x 8.2 (w) cm; table 6.5 (h) x 7.3 (w) cm. Gift of Rockdale Community Mobile Nursing Service, 1986. 86/232
  • Prize exhibition Balmoral button boots made by Padmore & Barnes, England, 1910. From the Joseph Box shoe collection. Joseph Box was a London shoemaker who began collecting shoes in the late 1800s. He amassed a vast collection, which the Museum purchased in 1942 after Lengthy nogotiations. 13.2 (h) x 14.8 (l) cm. H5739-34. Miniature or child’s wooden clogs made in France, late 1800s. 5.5 (h) x 12.7 (l) cm. From the Joseph Box shoe collection. Purchased 1942. H4448-1045. Miniature mules (backless shoes) made in England for an exhibition or possibly a doll, 1870–1895. 6.1(h) x 10.2 (l) cm. From the Joseph Box shoe colleciton. Purchased 1942. H4448-542
  • Model of the Sydney Harbour Bridge made of 9734 matchsticks and paddle-pop sticks by Brian Sheehey, 1984–1985. Brian built the model to win a $100 bet that he couldn’t do it. 27 (h) x 80 (l) cm. Purchased 1985. 85/1266 Matchbox cover and box of matches commemorating the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932 . Gift of Douglas and Jean Miller, 1983. P3389 Model of a knight seated on a horse , both in full 15th century German armour. The model was made for the donor when she was a girl by Mr Paul Hardy, England, 1890. 94.5 (h) x 70 (l) cm. Gift of Mrs Cippico, 1965. H7652
  • Scale model of a ship’s paddlewheel made in Germany, 1884. Scale 1:10. 45 (h) x 41 (w) cm. Purchased 1884. 8557 Display case of miniature horseshoes and blacksmith tools made by Mr F Ivory in Sydney in 1938. The case includes 49 horseshoes of different types. Case 70 (h) x 52 (w) cm. Gift of Mr F Ivory, 1938. B627
  • Ants nest trinket box with silver ants , designed by Angiolo Logi, 1984, and made by Puzzle Pty Ltd, Australia, 1993. Nest 4 (h) x 10 (h) cm; ants 1.5 (l) cm. Gift of Puzzle Pty Ltd, 2006. 2006/147/5
  • ‘ The Monkey Band ’, porcelain ornaments made in Germany in the early 1800s. 13.5 (h) x 6 (w) cm. Purchased 1949. A4217
  • Selection of Bunnykins , moulded bone china ornaments made by Royal Doulton Tableware Ltd, England, 1983–1984. Featuring the Oompah Band, the Collectors Band, Lollipopman Bunnykins and Bunnykins Royal Family Princess Beatrice. 9 (h) x 4.8 (w) cm. Gift of Royal Doulton Australia Wholesale Pty Ltd, 1984. A10726; Gift of Robert Walmsley, 1993. 93/338/95; 93/338/1; 93/338/73-74; 93/338/47-60; 93/338/64
  • Image credit: All images used are from the Powerhouse Museum -: Powerhouse Museum Learning :-
    • Online resources
    • Tinytoreum exhibition page
    • Interview with Jackie French
    • Interview with Bruce Whatley
    • Sydney Morning Herald’s article on Tinytoreum