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This provides a visual map of the exhibition gallery. It helps teachers highlight major themes and key objects to students before the visit. Most of the key objects are hyperlinked to the Museum Online Collection Database for easy reference. It also feature relevant online resources on teaching and learning on the topic of Space.

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Space: pre-visit exhibition slideshow

  1. 1. Space exhibition pre-visit walkthrough
  2. 2. Space exhibition walkthrough Support material developed for teachers to prepare students’ visit of the Space exhibitionSpace Exhibition entrance -: Powerhouse Museum Learning :-
  3. 3. Space exhibition has 9 sections:- 5 1. Timeline 4 5 2. Lift off! 3. The dawn of the Space Age3 4. In space to stay 5. Living and working in space 6. Home away from home 5 from lower level 7. Satellites at your service To lower level 8. The world in space 9. Exploring the solar system Note: Follow this order and you will get the best out of the exhibition. SPACE 8 7 6 level 1 To upper level 9 Take a peek AVs 6Note:The Take a peek AVs allow you to find outwhat’s happening on the upper level if you From upper levelcan’t go upstairs:1. Mission Control Houston 22. Habitation module3. Zero Gravity Space Lab 1
  4. 4. Timeline 1. Timeline: Dreams of spaceflight and the origins of rocketry It is on your left as you come through the Transport exhibition.
  5. 5. original Goddard rocket engine Goddard rocket replica 2. Lift off!The earliest liquid fuel rockets were developed in the 1920s. These paved the way for the massive launch vehicles of today.
  6. 6. Skylark rocket The Skylark rocket was the most widely used sounding rocket at the Woomera Rocket Range.Between 1957 and 79, more than 200 Skylarks were launched from Woomera carrying Australian, British, American and European research instruments and experiments.
  7. 7. F-1 engine Sputnik-1 Soyuz 4-5 Vanguard-1 Moon rock Space Shuttle Zero gravity Space Lab 3. The Dawn of the Space AgeThis is on the upper level under the F-1 engine. This section looks the beginnings of the Space Age and some the important early milestones in space exploration, including the Moon rock.
  8. 8. The real trip to the Moon AV Running time: 3 min Moon rock This Moon rock was collected by the Apollo-16 crew in April 1972. It weighs 89 grams and is 3.9billion years old. The AV is a compilation of original footage from the Apollo-11 mission to the Moon.
  9. 9. 4. In space to stayFind out more about the early US and Soviet space stations that came before the International Space Station (ISS).
  10. 10. Space Shuttle 5. Living and working in spaceWhat is it like to live and work in the weightless environment of space? Enter the Space Shuttle and travel to the ISS to find out.
  11. 11. Inside the shuttle you can learn about the Space Shuttle and its many roles. Also, listen to astronauts Dr Andy Thomas and Dr Shannon Walker talk about the work of the ISS.
  12. 12. Medal that commemorate Captain Cooks Second Voyage in 1772 Heat-resistant tiles Federation commemorative medalObjects on display in the shuttle include heat-resistant tiles and thermal blanket material used to protect Space Shuttle from the heat of re-entry. Also, you can see the two medallions carried on different Space Shuttle missions.
  13. 13. In the replica habitation module find out what it is like to live and work in the weightlessenvironment of space. How do astronauts sleep? And how do they go to the bathroom?
  14. 14. On the bridge connecting the habitation module and the Zero Gravity Space Lab, you will see the Manned Manoeuvring Unit. This is a self-contained backpack that allows an astronaut to move freely in space.
  15. 15. The Zero Gravity Space Lab uses special optical effects to create the illusion of weightlessness as if you were in space.
  16. 16. The Zero Gravity Lab experience is six minutes long. It is accompanied by the commentary from DrAndy Thomas and Dr Shannon Walker about the research work carried out on the ISS and why it is important to people back on Earth.
  17. 17. Take the stairs and go back to the lower level.
  18. 18. Space food SpaceSpace Soviet toilet Sokolshuttle flight spacesuit flight suit suit 6. Home away from home This section looks at some of the solutions to the problems of living and working in space. It is located under the habitation module.
  19. 19. Soyuz re-entry module NAZ-3 emergency kit A Soyuz re-entry module is used for emergency evacuations on the ISS while the NAZ-3emergency kit was designed for use with the Soyuz spacecraft in the event of an off-course landing in an inhospitable area or in water.
  20. 20. Space debris Satellite thermal blanket 7. Satellites at your serviceThis section looks at the applications satellites and the services they provide for us here on Earth.
  21. 21. 8. The world in spaceThis section highlights some of the national and multinational space programs operating today, with a special focus on Australia.
  22. 22. Black Arrow payload fairings ARC experiment Project Wresat AV Running time: 4 min.In the sub-themes about Australia’s place in space you can find out about the Woomera Rocket Range, Australia’s role in space tracking and Australian satellites like WRESAT and FEDSAT.
  23. 23. Lunokhod-2 rover model Exploringthe solar system 9. Exploring the solar systemDon’t miss the display in the basement level. It looks at some of the amazing images and information about our cosmic neighbourhood that robotic space probes have revealed to us.
  24. 24. Online resources1. Space exhibition, Space exhibition teachers notes, Solar system guide, Sydney Observatory, NASA Education, International Space Flight, Human Space Flight, A multimedia tour of the Solar System, Explore Space and Astronomy, ABC Science, Science & Nature: Space, BBC, Relevant programs1. Space gallery tour for yrs 1-62. Technology & Innovation: Design and Make workshop for yrs 5 & 6 -: Powerhouse Museum Learning :- Image credit: All images used are from the Powerhouse Museum collection