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How to broker daily deals by daily deal builder
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How to broker daily deals by daily deal builder


Published on

The Fool-Proof Guide to Being a Deal Broker and Cutting Yourself in …

The Fool-Proof Guide to Being a Deal Broker and Cutting Yourself in
High Dollar Deals Between Merchants and Daily Deal Sites to Generate
Massive Commissions and Deliver a High Quality Service.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. The Fool-Proof Guide to Being aDeal Broker and Cutting Yourself in High Dollar Deals Between Merchants and Daily Deal Sites toGenerate Massive Commissions and Deliver High Quality. Presented by Marc Horne & Tyler Horne, Co-founders of Daily Deal Builder
  • 2. There is a hole in the deal industry. A big hole. A problem that is costing businesses millions of dollars, but more importantly it creates anopportunity for us to fix the problem and close this hole.
  • 3. Billions of dollars have been generated through daily deals, but many of the top sites have been missing out on a key point.
  • 4. Too many businesses end up running a bad promotion on the deal sites andnot seeing the results they should see.
  • 5. This is because they are dealing withsales reps who are looking out for the immediate best interests of their employer (or their employer’sinvestors) INSTEAD of looking out for the actual businesses themselves.
  • 6. Too many businesses get the wrong end of the bargain and we end up hearing about it in the press.
  • 7. To be clear: the deal model isbrilliant... But a key component is notbeing focused on! More on that in a minute...
  • 8. Go Where Money is Already Flowing...
  • 9. The Deal Broker System we are going to show you today is timeless.
  • 10. People have always & will always lovegetting deals. Businesses will alwaysoffer deals or promotions, and there will always be an opportunity for a middle man (or woman) to putbusinesses in touch with people who will help sell their products.
  • 11. The best part of this System is that it requires:• No product of your own• No traffic generation• No website required• No database or mailing list• No social media marketing or SEO• No Affiliate marketing• & No previous experience...
  • 12. This system is a goldmine of hightrending opportunities & profits… That very few people are taking advantage of…
  • 13. We are going to show you:• How to find business owners ready to cut you a check.• How to leverage the success, traffic, and subscriber base of other people who are already successful.• & How to potentially generate a huge 5,6, or even 7 figure income without much work or many clients.
  • 14. HI, I’m Marc Horne, co-founder, of
  • 15. …I love traveling.
  • 16. …Avid rock-climber
  • 17. Spending time w/ friends and family
  • 18. Play drums in the Red Clay Rumble
  • 19. We are a software company that powers hundreds of daily deal websites across the globe.
  • 20. We are regular guest contributors onDaily Deal Media, just ran an article on Forbes, and are one of the few go-to- companies to turn to when you needinformation, software, or solutions for the daily deal and coupon industry, which we have been involved withsince the very early days of the space.
  • 21. Right out of college, my brother Tylerand I launched our software company and came out of the gate swinging.
  • 22. We have been actively developing high-quality software products andservices to enable entrepreneurs and business owners to leverage up & coming trends.
  • 23. Because of our unique position in themarketplace and our constant thirst to stay on top of the trends and what’s working, we have become keenlyaware of the missing focus of the big players which I spoke about at the beginning of this presentation.
  • 24. Too many businesses are getting the short end of the stick from the larger daily deal sites and this has opened our eyes up to an incredibleopportunity that we are going to share with you today.
  • 25. The problem is that businesses have no idea how to run a successful daily deal promotion and many times the only people they deal with are pushysales reps who are only looking out for their company and/or their own wallet.
  • 26. This creates the perfect environmentfor a middleman, i.e. you to come inand help ensure the business runs a successful promotion.
  • 27. It’s time to shake up this industry.
  • 28. It’s time to shake up this industry. The way to really shake up this industry is to put the focus BACK onthe vendor, to ensure that they have a great experience and return in the future over and over again.
  • 29. How many of you would like to learn exactly how to do this?
  • 30. Getting involved in up and coming trends is brilliant!
  • 31. Does this sound like you?• Invested tens of thousands of dollars in education.• Experienced information overload.• Don’t know who to listen to.• Don’t know who to trust, who to follow.• Not technical…
  • 32. Honestly, there are a lot of things toknow about making BIG waves online• SEO, ppc, social media, youtube, facebook marketing, writing copy, product creation, website creation, content syndication, installing and running blogs, the list goes on and on…
  • 33. We are excited to tell you that there is an easier way...
  • 34. A better way... especially if you don’twant to go through the steep learning curve.
  • 35. The answer is the Deal Broker System• You work with people who are selling and have a vested interest.• You don’t need many clients at all to generate a 6 figure income.• Youre working with real businesses selling real services, and helping real people.• These folks also understand that it takes money to make money and payoffs are HIGH.
  • 36. They key is learning how to speak with them and close sales - but more importantly how to deliver results.
  • 37. The solution is to offer a WIN - WIN - WIN.
  • 38. The coolest thing is that the business doesn’t have to put up any upfrontmoney. You only get paid when they get paid.
  • 39. Connect & represent businesses whohave either run a daily deal in the past,are thinking of running a daily deal, or haven’t even thought about it yetWITH one or many of the thousands of daily deal websites that exist. [[SHOW DEAL SITE LOGOS]]
  • 40. Let’s look at a couple fictitious examples.
  • 41. You walk into a sporting goods store. Arrange for them to run a deal. Have Groupon / Living Social / and 3 others run the promotion. Intotal, $155,000 is sold. From the dealthat you worked out, you cut yourselfin 10% and generate around $7000.00 FROM A SINGLE DEAL!
  • 42. You want to take a vacation to Costa Rica. Rather than paying the normal cost, you speak with one of the marketing directors at a tourism company and lock them in for a dealfor $300 for $600 worth of hotel visits and a snorkel tour.
  • 43. You get in touch with a few of thehundreds available deal sites that are hungry for deals and have them runthe promotion. You sell 100 units and gross $30,000.
  • 44. You arranged for a 10% commissionand you generate $3000 and because you have hooked them up, they goahead and give you a free trip. Score!
  • 45. The important thing to note is that on each campaign it only takes a short amount of time, and we have systematized everything for you...
  • 46. Grab a pen and paper and let’s diveright into the 6 modules of The Deal Broker System.
  • 47. This system is a 6 week course that will arm you with the tools, knowledge, example presentations, contracts, swipes, and ability to walk into nearly any business and leave with a signedcontract that can potentially generate you seriously large commission checks...
  • 48. And we are not talking about $20 Clickbank commissions here...
  • 49. We are talking about big deals where tens of thousands of dollars areexchanging hands, in a wide range ofservices from resorts, tourism deals,shuttle deals, hotel deals, restaurant deals, local gyms, sporting goods stores, the list goes on...
  • 50. In fact, the most common deals that are typically run are: • Restaurant – 15% • Massage – 7% • Theatre, Shows & Movies – 6% • Hair Services – 5% • Dermatology – 5% • Automotive Services – 4% • Travel – 3% • Food & Grocery – 3% • Hair Removal – 3% • Manicure & Pedicure - 3%
  • 51. How many businesses do you thinkwould say yes if you walked in the door and said…
  • 52. “Hey, can I get you some newcustomers. You don’t have to pay me anything till I bring you new customers?”
  • 53. The answer is, “most businesses.”
  • 54. Does this model sound familiar?
  • 55. It is, and it’s called affiliatemarketing. Except it’s offline and you don’t have to drive any traffic yourself. No PPC, no SEO, no toeverything that has held you back in the past.
  • 56. Deal sites all function in a similar manner…
  • 57. Get a business to offer a deal and thedeal site runs a limited time offer onthe promotion. There are thousands of deal sites out there, looking for deals to run…
  • 58. Well that is exactly how the Deal Broker System works.
  • 59. Here is the process in a nutshell.
  • 60. Contact a business and ask to help them for no money up front. ”If youwant more customers, let me help youfor free, I’ll just take a percentage once you make money.”
  • 61. Help them formulate the deal that makes sense monetarily. Hookanywhere from 1-10 different sites up with the information and have them run the deal.
  • 62. The deal site pays the business and thebusiness pays you (usually around 10% of what they earn).
  • 63. The most complicated part is helpingthem figure out the pricing that worksfor everyone, but that’s why we spend an entire module on this in the deal broker system.
  • 64. Why do businesses really need deal sites?
  • 65. Why would they buy into this?
  • 66. The top ten reasons are:• 1. Influx of new Customers• 2. Increased Brand Awareness• 3. Ability to break into newer markets• 4. Quick Cash Inflows• 5. Ability to increase revenues in slower periods
  • 67. The top ten reasons are:• 6. Upsell Opportunities• 7. Cheap advertising solution/ Low customer acquisition costs• 8. Keeps business looking busy• 9. Social media buzz• 10. Word of Mouth advertising from Deal Users
  • 68. You see this works when done properly because…• 80% who purchase daily deals are new customers (Rice)• 40% average upsell or "lift" (Forbes)• 65% of new customers return to the business (Lightspeed Research)• 77% of businesses will offer more than 1 daily deal (Merchant Circle)• More than 20% never gets redeemed (Rice)
  • 69. Deal sites have something the businesses don’t have.
  • 70. An active and responsive mailing list.
  • 71. How do I turn this into a 6 figure business?• $400 Profit per deal you set up.• Do this with 4 deal sites (there are thousands of deal sites to choose from) = $1600• Run an offer 4 times a year: $6,400 per client.• Work with just 16 businesses. Totaling a yearly revenue of $102,400.
  • 72. ..and remember - you are simply giving something away for free!
  • 73. So you place an offer on a deal site,typically the deal site takes anywhere from 25%-50% on all sales, your customer keeps between 50%-75%, and you get 5%-10% of what the business owner gets. MONEY!
  • 74. Let’s look at some example deals that have run...
  • 75. Over 5,000 Sold $295,000 Revenue. Estimated revenue for Deal Broker: $15,000.
  • 76. Most deal sites won’t even let youworry about writing copy, and eachdeal, no matter how large, will take about the same time.
  • 77. In the above example, you would have generated around $15,000 for simply putting two businesses together.
  • 78. Over 4,000 Sold $147,963 Revenue. Estimated revenue for Deal Broker: $7,000.
  • 79. Over 5,000 Sold $270,000 Revenue. Estimated revenue for Deal Broker: $13,500.
  • 80. Over 5,000 Sold $245,000 Revenue. Estimated revenue for Deal Broker: $10,000.
  • 81. Over 1,000 Sold $149,000 Revenue. Estimated revenue for Deal Broker: $7,300.
  • 82. From everything from dentists,chiropractors, teeth whitening kits,restaurants, excursions, hotels, andbeyond. The potential is limitless.
  • 83. What would you do with this newmoney? Where would you go? Whowould you help? How would it change your life?
  • 84. What businesses are already in youreveryday life that you can work out a deal with?
  • 85. How many of you would like to broker HUGE deals, with people you are already working with, generate big commissions, and not have to worry about doing any of the work other than simply connecting and helping structure the deal?
  • 86. The structuring is really important.
  • 87. There are a lot of offline businessconsultants who have businesses payan upfront retainer. But just take one of our last examples... Rather than 15,000, you would have onlygenerated a small upfront fee. It’s aneasier sale when you aren’t asking for any money, also.
  • 88. So WHY would the business owner need you?• Businesses don’t know what to do.• They don’t know where to start.• Don’t have time.• Don’t have marketing knowledge.• Don’t have skills to structure profitable deals.• Don’t have access to major (and minor) deal sites.• Don’t have access to the Deal Broker System.
  • 89. They might have run a dealunsuccessfully in the past - and that’swhy you are there to represent THEM, not the deal site.
  • 90. There are around ~90 Millionbusinesses in the USA. You don’t needhundreds of clients to make big money and if you can’t find a business to let you work for them for free, you’re doing something totally wrong.
  • 91. Some businesses don’t go back and want to run another deal though?
  • 92. That’s because they are notrepresented and are dealing with deal sites who only care aboutthemselves. If you can approach them and show them exactly how and why their past deal site experience wasn’t so good, you might be able to reel them back in and get them to make another go at it.
  • 93. So lets talk about The Deal BrokerSystem, how it works, what’s included, and what you will do after going through the course.
  • 94. Hopefully, after viewing the first partof this presentation you realize that you don’t have to be a genius, or technical whiz to run this into something BIG.
  • 95. It’s a brilliant model, right?
  • 96. It doesn’t even matter where you areor where the business is located. Youcan be in the USA doing deals for folksin Europe, etc. There are deal sites allover of the globe. Just our client basealone stretches across 30 countries....
  • 97. So its a 6 week course and once you get started tonight you’ll get your username and password to themembers area where we will be drip feeding the modules to you.
  • 98. We do this because it is extremelyimportant that you fully take in all ofthe knowledge and actually structure deals properly.
  • 99. Module 1 introduces you to the Deal Broker System.
  • 100. We go over the industry, trends,what’s working, what’s not working, the players, and more. We’ll beshowing you how to get set up as anaffiliate with other services that youcan sell after running your first deal.
  • 101. We then help you get properly set up.
  • 102. Which geographic or niche specificmarket(s) do you wish to tackle. The easiest routes to go would be to, of course, choose your specific geographic location because youalready visit many potential clients on a regular basis in the first place.
  • 103. Killing two birds with 1 stone is alwaysa wise plan. But the reality is that you can help a business in Australia or anywhere in the world, no matter where you live.
  • 104. We are also going to work out themost common types of businesses thatregularly run deal promotions and the big players to go after in order to get the biggest commissions possible.
  • 105. We’ll go over the 7PS, and Setting YourMilestones to hit your target revenue.
  • 106. This leads us into MODULE 2, whichgoes over delegation and locating thebusinesses you are going to work with.
  • 107. At the end of this presentation I have a special surprise for you regarding this section and I know you are going to love it.
  • 108. We will show you how to properlydelegate the activities and tasks thatcan be delegated without hindering your success.
  • 109. Some of the tasks that we will want you to delegate include research,business contact info documentation, deal site documentation, emails, phone calls, and much more...
  • 110. Out of the list of deals sites and contact info that we actually provide you, the goal in module 2 is to figureout which daily deal sites are currently active in your area or niche market and make initial contact.
  • 111. If there are none, or only 1 or 2, this can also give you an opening to get in touch with various deal sites about expansion into your area and havingyou be the rep to get them in the door.
  • 112. In module 2 we hook you up with a vast majority of the Deal Site DealSubmission contact URL’s, Emails, and Phone #s.
  • 113. In the second part of module 2 we discuss Finding the Businesses.
  • 114. The goal is to get the gatekeeper and in turn the decision maker; the one who makes things happen. The one who makes the decisions you are presenting.
  • 115. Researching your "in" path and figuring out what promotional methods the business has / is / or plans on using. If you can skip thegatekeeper then skip them and deal directly with the decision maker.
  • 116. The way to get in touch properly is to give the valuable information upfrontto the gatekeeper. Be honest, upfront, and know that you aim to be arepresentative of their business; not a representative of deal sites…
  • 117. By the end of module 2, you will havea step by step plan to follow to attractthe big businesses, the ones who can generate you the most profits. We’ll also be going over plenty of case studies in multiple niche markets.
  • 118. Module 3: leads us into SparkingInterest and E.I.C.C (Engage in casualconversation) with the goal to get thedecision maker excited to learn more.
  • 119. We will be Crafting your elevator pitch and more importantly providing you with a professional and ready made presentation that you can eitherdirectly use or model, as well as email templates.
  • 120. The elevator pitch is rather simple.
  • 121. The purpose of an elevator pitch is NOT to close the sale.
  • 122. The goal isnt even to give a short, accurate, Wikipedia-standard description of you or your project. And the idea of usingvacuous, vague words to craft a bland mission statement is dumb.
  • 123. No, the purpose of an elevator pitch is to describe a situation or solution socompelling that the person youre with wants to hear more even after the elevator ride is over. - Seth Godin
  • 124. We’ll also be giving you an examplePDF of what your consulting services include.
  • 125. The second part of module 3 goes directly into your presentation.
  • 126. The funny thing is that it really is an easy sale. Well, it’s not even a salebecause you aren’t asking for money out of the gate.
  • 127. So we’re hooking you up with theexample presentation PDF and Video that shows me selling a business on this service and getting a contractsigned. Basically it’s kinda like we are giving you the private label rights to this module.
  • 128. We’ll be going over an important partin module 3 in that you are Leveraging the success of others.
  • 129. You don’t have to be an expert in everything and you are basicallyskipping the sales rep and negotiating on behalf of the merchant, not on behalf of the deal sites.
  • 130. Module 4 Is a really important sectionwhere we are going over price points and the actual structuring of deals.
  • 131. This is where the vast majority of people get it wrong.
  • 132. We’re going to teach you the mosteffective way to structure deals thatwork; how businesses can price their promotions and not go in the hole.
  • 133. We’ll also be discussing how to work this out so all parties involved,including you, can come out with a very pretty penny; or better yet, millions of pennies.
  • 134. We cover how to help the businessesfigure out their pricing and promotion plan and teach them to over deliverwhen they serve their new customers and the importance of going above and beyond as well as properlyfollowing up and nurturing the loyalty.
  • 135. Module 5 is all about getting contractssigned and implementing the deals on the deal sites.
  • 136. We’re going to make sure you know how to get paid. How to close thesale, over-delivering, and by this point you are just about ready to hit the streets and start generating your first commission checks...
  • 137. In module 5 we also discuss a very important section that deals withpreparing the business to maximize the deal.
  • 138. This is another area where mostbusinesses get it wrong and a reason that businesses NEED YOU.
  • 139. How to educate and prepare thebusinesses how to deal with the influxof new customers. We’ll be giving you example Contracts to use, and of course you’ll already have the list of deal sites, merchant URLs, & contactinfo so you know who to get in touch with when you have the deals ready.
  • 140. Remember, you are leveraging other people’s successes. You aren’t responsible for driving traffic orgenerating sales and it is really out of your hands.
  • 141. Module 6 is all about analyzing results and improving your returns.
  • 142. That which is measured, can be improved upon.
  • 143. In module 6 we’ll be providing you with a questionnaire to give the businesses after the deal has been run to help them realize the success theyjust saw and more importantly, get you working towards scheduling the 2nd promotion for them.
  • 144. Module 6 covers how to get additionalrevenue by selling other value added services. Structuring the first deal is only the beginning of thisrelationship, not the end of the deal.
  • 145. We finish module 6 by showing you how easy it is to Rinse & Repeat.
  • 146. We’ll show you exactly how to hire ateam to broker deals for you and how to grow this venture into a seriously profitable business by turning yourbusiness into a real deal full time gig.
  • 147. Most of the time you spend setting upa deal is spent on deal #1. After that it becomes incredibly easy to grow, expand, and repeat.
  • 148. Imagine bringing a business 500 newcustomers and an additional $25,000cash on hand... They will probably be interested to learn about what else you can do for them right?
  • 149. This training is valued at $9,000, andhonestly, just setting up 1 or 2 dealscould potentially allow you to break even on an investment of 9k.
  • 150. Most businesses take a boat load morecash investment to get up and running and the Deal Broker System is packedfull of the exact road map you can take to be putting yourself in the middle of HUGE deals immediately after the program to potentially turn this into a 5,6, or 7 figure a year business...
  • 151. The 6 week system goes in depth into the 6 modules we just went over andwe include everything you need to be brokering monster deals right out ofthe gate after completing the training.
  • 152. You are getting everything...
  • 153. The 6 Module Training Series where you can ask questions right on thetraining. If for any reason you can’t attend, the training will be immediately uploaded into your private members area.
  • 154. The, Step by Step Training to AttractThe Big Businesses and the ability toknow what businesses to contact for the biggest profits.
  • 155. We’ll be hooking you up with easy tofollow case studies for numerous niche markets, professional and ready madepresentations that you can use, as well as email templates, and contracts you can use with your clients...
  • 156. We’re giving you the step by stepcheck-lists, questionnaire and survey forms to give to your clients after running the deals and all your paperwork and example contracts.
  • 157. We stand behind the Deal BrokerSystem and want you to feel confident in your investment which is why we include a 30-Day, No-Hassle Guarantee.
  • 158. If you don’t feel that you are receiving the value and that you are being armed with the knowledge and toolsto create huge commission deals while simultaneously helping businesses,customers, and daily deal sites, simply let us know and we will give you a full refund.
  • 159. Honestly, you can kill 2 birds with 1stone by going to businesses that you already visit.
  • 160. IMAGINE…• Going to your gym and locking in a deal that brings you $2,800.• Going to your favorite bar, spending 45 minutes, and setting up a deal that banks you $350.• Going to a franchise restaurant and scoring a huge deal that brings you $8,300!
  • 161. We Stand Behind The Deal Broker System & Know That You Will Absolutely Love Our Program.We back it up with your our no-hassle 30 Day Guarantee and provide you world class support.
  • 162. You can get started today for not tens of thousands of dollars…
  • 163. …not even thousands of dollars
  • 164. Take action right now by visiting for as little as $177 down. You’ll see our 3payment plan option or you could get in with the full pay for only $497.
  • 165.’t hesitate as this offer will not stay up long and the course starts immediately after Christmas. Learn everything from getting started and structuring the deal to collecting money and repeating the profits.
  • 166. you put your order through you will get access to the first video and instructions...
  • 167. BUT WAIT: We are also including a major help for you to ensure you canget out of the gate and start locking indeals. When you act right now, we are including 40 hours on the house of your own virtual assistant.
  • 168. So right now, before you miss out. Take action and bedetermined to set yourself up to make massive moves and profits in 2013 while simultaneously helping businesses and customers alike.
  • 169. QUESTIONS?
  • 170. does the training take place?
  • 171. The training is done by live webinarswhich will get updated in the members area along with PDF’s, examplecontracts, example swipe files. We are doing it live because we want you tobe able to ask questions along the way.
  • 172. If you can’t attend one live, don’t sweat it all, as we’ll be keepingeverything updated in your private members area...
  • 173. if I don’t have a website?
  • 174. and who will pay me?
  • 175. Module 5 we go into detail how to make sure you get paid. In shortthough, you will be getting paid by the businesses after they get paid by the deal sites...
  • 176. can I expect to get paid?
  • 177. I need an LLC or legal business?
  • 178. markets are the best to get into?
  • 179. if there aren’t any deal sites in my area?
  • 180. Groupon even be around for much longer?
  • 181. You are getting the entire Deal Broker System for a ridiculous steal. Yourentire investment could potentially bepaid off 10 Fold from setting up just 1 deal! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. right away to get started.
  • 182. Make a move right away and have aMerry Christmas, Happy Holidays, andwe’ll see you on the other side of the order page.
  • 183. If you have any additional questionsthat we didn’t cover, we invite you to email us at orleave us a message at 800-794-7192.