Top 10 most expensive dogs in the world


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Some people consider dogs as the best friends that are even better than human ones. It is believed that dogs are loyal to their owners and this can be rarely found among humans who deceive each other and have forgotten the good qualities to achieve what they want. Some of those who adore dogs are ready to spend a lot of money to get the dog that they want which makes some dogs really expensive. There are many factors that are responsible for increasing the price of a dog such as being highly demanded, can be rarely found or even is a purebred. Most of the dogs that are ranked as the most expensive in the world have many perfect features such as being easily trained, used as guard dogs, guide dogs or even used for other works that are related to police. Anyway, the most expensive dogs in the world reveal to us that they are the most sold if they are compared to other dogs. Do you want to know what these dogs are? Here are the top 10 most expensive dogs in the world with their prices.

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Top 10 most expensive dogs in the world

  1. 1. → 10. Akita – $4.500 It originated in Japan and was used for hunting, guarding and fighting. The cost of the dog ranges between $1.500 and $4.500.
  2. 2. → 9. Pharaoh Hound – $6.500 Some say that Pharaoh Hound is an ancient Egyptian dog while the others confirm that it is a Maltese dog which is used by people in Malta for hunting rabbits. The cost of the dog ranges from $2.500 to $6.500.
  3. 3. → 8. Lowchen – $7,000 It is one of the rarest dog breeds that can be found in the whole world and it is also referred to as the Little Lion Dog because it looks like a lion once you see it. The dog costs about $7.000.
  4. 4. → 7. Tibetan Mastiff – $7.000 When you see it, you will think that it is a lion not a dog. It has a strong body, large head, thick and long coat. What makes the dog expensive and costs from $2.200 to $7.000 is that it is rare and cannot be easily found.
  5. 5. → 6. Rottweiler – $8.000 It is a loyal and friendly dog that has a strong body and large head which make it used as a military and police dog. It is also a good companion and is used as a guard dog. The price of the dog ranges between $2.000 and $8.000.
  6. 6. → 5. Chow Chow – $8.500 It is one of the ancient breeds and it was first seen in China. It has a round nozzle, large head, medium-sized body, curly tail and blue-black tongue. Its price ranges from $3.000 to $8.500.
  7. 7. → 4. English Bulldog – $ 9.000 It is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. It is courageous, loving and friendly which makes it a good companion. The dog costs from $2.500 to $9.000.
  8. 8. → 3. Samoyed – $11.000 It was first used for herding and pulling sleds. It is playful, friendly, loving and loyal to its family. The dog is sold for $4.000 to $11.000.
  9. 9. → 2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – $14.000 It is known in the United Kingdom as one of the most popular breeds. It has a small body and silky hair. You can buy this dog for $1.000 to $14.000.
  10. 10. → 1. German Shepherd – $24.000 It is known as an intelligent and active dog and this is why it was used before for herding and guarding. The more the dog is trained, the more money it will cost you. German Shepherd costs from $3.000 to $24.000.