Welcome to Mrs Poulin's Classroom


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A tour of our classroom for incoming children and their parents.

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Welcome to Mrs Poulin's Classroom

  1. 1. Welcome To Mrs. Poulin’s Kindergarten Classroom ! Would you like a little tour ?
  2. 2. We have lots of blocks and shapes to play with as well as vehicles.
  3. 3. Here’s some of the morning meeting area.
  4. 4. We have lots of empty space in our arts and crafts cupboard. I wonder where the rest of it is?
  5. 5. Oh, there’s the rest of it! The tops of the cupboards are full of arts & craft materials!
  6. 6. This is Mrs. Poulin’s computer. We will interact with many websites and view them through the TV.
  7. 7. We will share the kitchen set, stuffed animals, dress up clothes, and also use some art materials here.
  8. 8. This is a big table that we’ll use for lots of things. Mrs. Poulin will help us learn to read and write here.
  9. 9. Mrs. Poulin is excited to finally have a painting easel – 2 of them!
  10. 10. Wow! This closet is pretty full!
  11. 11. Do you like to use Legos and Duplos? Our table even has letter tiles for building words like your name!
  12. 12. We will make new friends all across our country. Our new friends in Hawaii call their kindergarten a “keiki.”
  13. 13. Science is all about exploration and discovery. What will you explore with your classmates?
  14. 14. Maybe you would like to explore these shells and gourds.
  15. 15. This is Mrs. Poulin’s desk and books but she doesn’t get to sit here much.
  16. 16. We Are Rock Stars !
  17. 17. <ul><li>We are learning to be Peace Builders . </li></ul>
  18. 18. Sometimes we work… … And sometimes we play
  19. 20. I read Brown Bear the day you visited kindergarten. We can read it together again, on the first day of school. And you can help me!
  20. 21. The red curtains help us all feel right at home!
  21. 22. Let’s talk about our feelings.
  22. 23. That’s a lot of math materials!
  23. 24. I hope you like puzzles because we have lots and lots of them.
  24. 25. <ul><li>We even have family puzzles, all kinds. </li></ul>
  25. 26. We have books everywhere you turn!
  26. 27. How about a puppet show?
  27. 28. Sometimes we like to daydream.
  28. 29. We use Mac laptops for learning games every week. We can even play the games at home! We call this a COW. C omputers O n W heels!
  29. 30. We have so many wonderful things to share in our classroom, but we won’t have any fun until YOU come and join us!