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PPT on Reliance PPT on Reliance Presentation Transcript

  • EFFECT ON 3G SALES FOR RELIANCECOMMUNICATION IN WESTERN MUMBAI Presented by: JIBIN GEORGE MARKETING – 2010-12 Under the Guidance of : Prof: Thomas Mathew St. Francis Institute Of Management And Research 1
  • FLOW OF PRESENTATION• About the Company• About the Project• Need for Study• Objective of Study• Research Methodology• Collection of Data• Analysis of Data• Findings And Interpretations• Recommendations• Future Scope• Limitations• Conclusion 2
  • About Reliance Communication• India’s Largest Private Communication and Information company• Flagship company of ADAG Group, Headquartered in Navi Mumbai• Listed in NSE and BSE• Offers Wire line ,Wireless, GSM and CDMA Service• Over 135 Million Subscribers• Offers 2G , HSD, and 3G 3
  • ABOUT THE PROJECT• Effect on 3G Sales for Reliance in Western Mumbai• What is 3G• Why Reliance is losing its 3G Market in Western Mumbai 4
  • NEED FOR STUDY• To Find out the Factors affecting the 3G sales for Reliance communication in Western Mumbai. 5
  • OBJECTIVE OF STUDY• To Find out the Drawbacks which led to the Decline of 3G sales for Reliance Communication In Western Mumbai. 6
  • RESEARCH METHODOLOGY• The Research Methodology Used here is Exploratory Research Design. 7
  • COLLECTION OF DATA• Primary Data collected from 100 Mobile outlets in Western Mumbai• Secondary Data collected from Internet• Mode of Survey : Personal Interview• Sample Questions asked were1) Which companies sales person visit you the most2) Which companies 3G dongles are easy to sell3) Monthly sales of Reliance 3G Dongle in Shop 8
  • Sample Questions Contd:4) Main Competitor for Reliance 3G Dongle in Market5) Customers Perception on Reliance 3G6) Most Preferred Telecom Brand by Customers 9
  • ANALYSIS OF DATA• The study Indicates how major Telecom Players are Increasing their 3G share• Reasons For the Decline of 3G share . SummersData collected.xlsx 10
  • ANALYSIS OF DATA• Salesman of Airtel Visits the shop Frequently Sales persons Most visited by a Company in Western Mumbai - 2011 3% 4% Airtel Vodafone 36% Reliance 57% Others 11
  • ANALYSIS OF DATA CONTD:• Airtel is Having Maximum 3G Sale Maximum Sale of 3G dongle in western Mumbai - 2011 1% 4% Airtel Vodafone 39% Reliance 56% Others 12
  • ANALYSIS OF DATA CONTD• Airtel is the Market leader in 3G 3G Market Share in western Mumbai - 2011 1% 4% Airtel Vodafone 39% Reliance 56% Others 13
  • ANALYSIS OF DATA CONTD• Airtel 3G Dongles are easy to sell 3G dongles which are easy to sell in Western Mumbai 6% 34% Airtel Vodafone Reliance 60% 14
  • ANALYSIS OF DATA CONTD• Reliance is having poor customer perception Customer perception on 3G Dongles in Western Mumbai - 2011 2% 8% 15% RCOM Vodafone Airtel Others 75% 15
  • ANALYSIS OF DATA CONTD• Retailers are having less Monthly sales of Reliance 3G Dongle in the Shop• Airtel and Vodafone are the main competitor for Reliance 16
  • ANALYSIS OF DATA CONTD• Advertisements can create effect on 3G sales 17
  • ANALYSIS OF DATA CONTD• Good Brand always serve better Brand Preference in Telecom sector in Western Mumbai - 2011 9 8 7 6 5 4 Brand Prefernce 3 2 1 0 Airtel Vodafone Idea RCOM Tata Aircel BSNL Others Docomo 18
  • ANALYSIS OF DATA CONTD• HSD caused decline of 3G sales for Reliance• Pricing matters for 3G• Feedback from Retailers can help Reliance 19
  • FINDINGS AND INTERPRETATIONS1) Evolution of 3G has increased competition among telecom players2) Reliance is losing its 3G share in Western Mumbai.3) Airtel and Vodafone continues to be the leader in the 3G sector in Western Mumbai.4) Reliance is having poor customer response5) Innovative advertisements helped Airtel and Vodafone to boost their 3G sales. 20
  • FINDINGS AND INTERPRETATIONS6) Lack of communication between retailers and salesman of Reliance caused a major decline of their 3G sales in Western Mumbai7) Reliance lacks a good Network and Services in Western Mumbai8) Reliance 3G dongles are not providing the estimated speed of 7.2Mb/s9) Reliance 3G pricing are expensive compared with other players 21
  • RECOMMENDATION• Reliance should note that their salesman are visiting the shops regularly• Provide Better and Quality services• Create Effective and Innovative Ads based on 3G 22
  • RECOMMENDATIONS CONTD• Add some features on 3G that Reliance can only provide• Conduct Events and Celebrity shows to Promote Reliance 3G in Western Mumbai• Provide services to customers as well as Retailers 23
  • FUTURE SCOPE OF STUDY• Future of scope of study will be based on how Reliance is trying to overcome the problems that caused a major decline of their 3G sales in Western Mumbai. 24
  • LIMITATIONS OF STUDY• 3G has introduced recently in India• Actual market share of 3G in Western Mumbai can vary 25
  • CONCLUSION• 3G has given chances to telecom players to increase their sales in Western Mumbai.• Reliance should adopt some effective marketing strategies to promote their sales.• Reliance should know the fact that people of Western Mumbai are more price conscious and are looking for good brand image, network and services.• Effective strategies can help Reliance to build a strong 3G market in Western Mumbai. 26
  • MY LEARNINGS• Customers of Western Mumbai are more relying on telecom operators who can provide them better and quality Network and Services• Reliance communication has lost its good image• Airtel and Vodafone captured the heart and minds of people of Western Mumbai• Reliance should adopt some Marketing strategies, otherwise they may lose their existing 3G share also 27
  • REFERENCES• Websites• Ref 1: International journal of Economics and Management by Ahmad S.Z. and Basir sah on Sales skills.• Ref 2: www.microviews.org• Ref 3: Dancing to your tunes by Nandana Das (Afaqs Reporter)• Ref 4: Zainuein Bin Dahari, Muhammad sabir Rahman. The research conducted by these people described how a quality improvement strategy was put in place on the basis of a model which relates overall customer satisfaction to its various attributes under Malaysian Telecom Environment.• Ref 5: Article by John Biggs. (www.mobilecrunch.com)• Ref 6: www.totaltele.com• Ref 7: www.rcom.co.in• Books• Market Research: Naresh K Malhotra•• Primary Reference:• Retailers of Western Mumbai 28
  • THANK YOU 29