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IT 12 Website Comparison
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IT 12 Website Comparison



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  • 1. IT 12: Website Critiquing Project
    Michael Worsley
    Rohan Parikh
  • 2. Outline
    What we like on SGS website.
    What we like on SMUS website.
    What we dislike on SGS website.
    What we dislike on SMUS website.
    What works on SGS website.
    What doesn’t work on SGS website.
    What should be improved ASAP.
    How we want to improve it.
  • 3. What We Like On Our Site
    Frequently used updated links straight on the home page (Term 1 game sign up).
    New Headmaster’s welcome.
    Art Gallery.
    Social Media.
  • 4.
  • 5. What We Like On St. Michael’s Site
    Updated pictures of the new school year.
    Easy to navigate
    Lots of social media (YouTube, blogs, etc.)
  • 6.
  • 7. What We Dislike On Our Site
    Poorly edited photos
    Viewing graduation requirements forces login.
    frequently asked questions page
    Old Photos (same ones for 4 years).
  • 8. What We Dislike on St. Michaels Site
    Annoying side menu follows you down the page.
    Ugly background colour.
    Very small layout
    Unused space
  • 9. What Works On Our Site
    Easy navigation menus and a search link.
    If you are looking for anything in particular, the website has appropriate headings
    that lets you easily find what your
    searching for.
    Comprehensive Calendar
    Shows significant days
    (date, location, time)
    Fast – not long waiting periods.
  • 10.
  • 11. What Doesn’t Work On Our Site
    Boring, the website does not catch our eye and there is nothing unique about it.
    It has also been the exact same for several years.
    Not original. The website follows a template that is very similar to many other independent schools within BC.
    The menu headings and slideshow of WPGA are almost identical to our website.
  • 12.
  • 13. What Should Be Improved ASAP
    Graphical problems that are currently present on the website.
    There have been the same pictures up for years and most of the students have already graduated.
    The head of boarding listed on the website was the 2009-2010 head.
  • 14. What would you do to improve it?
    Provide website administrators with recent photos to import into the site.
    Follow a procedure, where photos are viewed the next year during the same term the photo was taken.
    Meaning a 2009 Hockey Photo should be viewed during Term 2 of the 2010 year.
    This gives the viewers an idea of what to expect from the programs.
  • 15. Example
    The date is May 14, 2010 (Term 3)
    In respect to the date, this picture is appropriate because it shows us rugby and ultimate, which are term 3 sports.