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  1. 1. All-in-One SMSMobile Marketing Overview
  2. 2. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW Simplified Solutions + Simplified SMS Online Marketing and Technology SMS Message and Marketing Management Digital Marketing and Technology Agency Since 2002 Dedicated team of experienced marketers and technologists 2008 - Simplified Alerts and Simplified SMS Hundreds of clients across dozens of verticals Simplified Alerts One-Way; One-to-Many Group Texting Simplified SMS All-in-One Interactive Marketing. Advanced Integration. Focus on integrated solutions with supportive launch programs including training and marketing Tom Casale - Founder, Managing Partner
  3. 3. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW What is SMS Mobile Marketing? Consumers in our hand Industry Statistics EMail vs. SMS There are 95.8 million smart The average email open rate is phones or wireless-enabled approximately 6.5 hours. PDAs in the US The average SMS text message open 80% of cell phone users are rate is approximately 4 minutes. willing to receive opt-in text messages. The overall delivery rate for email is approximately 26%. Nearly 7% of all U.S. web traffic comes from mobile The overall delivery rate for SMS is and other non-computer approximately 98%. devices (CTIA June 2011)
  4. 4. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW Set the Scene An overview of today’s presentation GROW! Build your subscriber list. Best Practices to do so. ENGAGE Communicate well… OPTIMIZE Through reporting and feedback… Maximize your program.
  5. 5. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW GROW! Best practices ALWAYS Opt-In Governed by Mobile Marketing Association and CTIA Rules and Guidelines. Email is governed by the Can Spam Act of 2004. MMA Consumer Best Practices Guidelines demand a double opt in from the consumer and the ability for the consumer to opt out of the service at any time by sending the word STOP via SMS.
  6. 6. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW GROW! Web Sign-up Keyword and ShortCode UPLOAD • TEXT ‘KEYWORD’ TO 12345 • Custom Web sign-up page • Load your CSV file into your system Branded Form Portable and Easy Must be Opt-In Integrated via Widget • Websites Use your custom Load new and old lists • Social Channels shortcode and • Blogs relevant keyword to External sources join the program Gives you the greatest Requires vetting and flexibility for design Use multiple keywords approval. and messaging to enroll in specific distribution lists
  7. 7. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW GROW! QR Codes Social Media Widgets OTHER • Unique code for your list • Social Opt-In Signups • Add cellphone fields to forms Highly portable Across Most Channels Use Existing Forms Use via online and offline channels Create portable Add a cellphone widgets through capture field to Opt-in directly to your Facebook, Twitter, inquiry and lead- list Google + and LinkedIn capturing forms Make sure your CRM captures them too
  8. 8. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW INTEGRATED ONLINE MARKETING EMAIL • Loyalty-driven The most successful programs • Used to activate others. should include these channels to maximize your opportunities for increased awareness, leads and business. EMAIL SOCIAL SMS •Extend the MARKETING SMS MARKETING reach of • Text campaigns engagement •Driven by Likes • Extends MOBILE WEBSITES and shares email SOCIAL CHANNELS MOBILE WEBSITES •Satisfy mobile efforts •Address growing segments
  9. 9. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW ENGAGE: SMS Marketing SMS Features MMS Features Mobile Coupons – electronically offer free gifts, % Images – Send images to lists; great for discounts, incentives that are sending QR or bar codes tracked by redemption codes Video – Send short videos directly to your Mobile Voting and Polls – Text a keyword to subscribers your shortcode to vote for a favorite Voice Broadcast – Send a voice message to List Enrollment – Enroll members in your lists via text with shortcodes or web via QR codes registrants. Covers the ‘triad’ of messaging; text, email and voice. Mobile eCards and Appointment Reminders – Pre- schedule promotional reminders like Birthday Club or product renewals MMS Example: Real Estate Push to Email, Twitter and Facebook – Send your Text short code numbers to messages through email and social channels receive info like video tours, images, text, web links and
  10. 10. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW ENGAGE: SMS Marketing Mobile Coupons Traditional retail coupons are great until you have to worry about planning, scheduling, printing/reprinting, and mailing costs. Even then, customers can forget to bring in their redeemable coupon. Simplified SMS combines the power of electronic coupons and the convenience of mobile phones with its Mobile Coupon features. • Create unique promotion codes for each individual SMS Mobile Coupon • Easily redeem each coupon using Simplified SMS web-based software • Track redemption rates and revenue earned
  11. 11. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW ENGAGE: SMS Marketing SMS Voting Create engaging SMS votes and polls. Customers vote via text messaging: • Join by texting a Mobile Keyword to a shortcode. • They will then immediately receive back a text message thats customized by you with all the choices they can vote for. Asked a multiple choice question with up to TEN choices. • Every vote is categorized and tallied • Each mobile phone can only vote one time Great for • Retail: Ask customers what their favorite brands are. • Product Development: Ask customers to vote for their favorites.
  12. 12. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW ENGAGE: SMS Marketing Text-To-Screen Live messaging at events Text a mobile keyword (e.g. ‘SimSol’) and a text message to a designated short code (e.g. 12345) which then can be projected onto a large screen at your venue in real time. Filter messages, specific words, and/or block flagged phone numbers. Great way to grow the database. Engagement Benefits • Real Time Interaction via SMS mobile text. • Build crowd participation & interaction from your audience. • People can text-to-screen questions, contests, raffles, announcements, crowd-engaging promotions, etc.
  13. 13. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW ENGAGE: SMS Marketing MMS (Multimedia) MMS Features Extends the reach of 160 characters Images – Send images to lists; great for sending QR or bar codes MMS is the new standard in mobile messaging • Often gets 2 to 3 times the response rate Video – Send short videos directly to your in comparison to standard text messaging subscribers alone. Voice Broadcast – Send a voice message to Increased Direct Response Rate registrants. Covers the ‘triad’ of messaging; text, email and voice. Because of its interactivity, MMS videos increase user interest and boost direct response rates from people that are tired of just seeing boring text. Its also the perfect MMS Example: Real Estate way to showcase to your customers that your business is on top of the latest technologies. Text short code numbers to receive info like video tours, Example: Nissan sends video to their techs images, text, web links and to demonstrate a procedure
  14. 14. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW ENGAGE: SMS Marketing Shuffle Responder Case Study: Restaurant AUTOMATED random promotion generation A restaurant signs up to use the automated Shuffle Responder for an upcoming promotion. • Create 10 different promotional text messages for your business. Table tents and/or other in-store signage • Executes custom auto-responders via text direct customers to text "Specials" to 00000 and email that can further qualify the to receive our daily specials. list. • Create segmented lists based on Customers can easily opt into the program by responses. texting the keyword at their tables. • Control response delivery. Customers receive a special text message from the pool of different auto responders. When customers text the same keyword again ("Specials" to 00000), they will receive a different promotional message (the shuffle responder) until the pool of auto responses have been exhausted.
  15. 15. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW ENGAGE: SMS Marketing QR Codes A Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned by a smart phones camera to transfer important information back to the phone. • List enrollment: Automatically composes a text message with your keyword and short code so that all people need to do is press SEND to join your mobile list. • Scan a QR Code and automatically link to a webpage of your choice for more info about your product. • An automated text message can be sent back to them with a special coupon or offer, and you automatically store their mobile numbers in your database so that you can text them later.
  16. 16. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW ENGAGE: SMS Marketing Loyalty Program BETA Reward users for program participation • Businesses just define a reward and then select the amount of points that customers must accumulate before being able to redeem their prize. • Consumers can either scan a QR code or text in a mobile keyword, which the business approves in real-time upon each in-store visit or purchase. • This extra step protects the business against people who might try to use the system to fraudulently add points. • When customers accumulate enough valid points to reach their rewards goal, they are sent an automatic text message to confirm that they can redeem their prize.
  17. 17. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW ENGAGE: SMS Marketing SUCCESS STORIES Well known industry successes with SMS Marketing Marriott Hotels contributed 1.2 million in bookings to SMS in one quarter, 1/3 were redeemed the same day. Dunkin Donuts used a text campaign to increase sales by 9% through short messaging and coupons
  19. 19. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW Mobile Websites You need to consider… How? 7% of total Internet traffic comes A mobile version of your website is critical from mobile devices; mcommerce is growing for integrating into your mobile marketing to $119 Billion by 2015 program eBay expects customers to buy and sell $8 Can be custom-built; but should focus on the billion of merchandise in 2012 core pages if not the entire site PayPal expects to see $7 billion in mobile payment volume in 2012 Track analytics on your mobile site to see traffic and conversion rates Mobile searches have quadrupled in the last year, for many items one in seven searches are now mobile. Local mobile ad spend will grow from US$404 million to $2.8 billion
  21. 21. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW 1-2 Punch SMS / Text Messaging programs are the next best way to get messages immediately into the hands of your customers. Nothing can deliver a quick message more efficiently. Combined with your Email Marketing program it’s knockout a 1-2 punch.
  22. 22. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW Email is the Spark… SMS is the flame Light up an integrated program Your first campaign… It’s all about the VALUE; why join? Start with an email to your email list to encourage SMS signups; announce it as a new program with a link to the An SMS program can deliver rewards sign-up page or keyword opt-in and incentives instantly in the hands of customers Announce the Terms of the program; how often will you send texts? Email and social are the core… SMS can be an instant, exclusive reward Then, activate an instant coupon for redemption; send an email However, mail has a lesser-decay rate… confirmation too. meaning folks tend to save email messages as bookmarks and reminders Begin your program with a bang of a promotion or reward; send also Capture cellphone numbers where you through email, FB, and Twitter capture emails AND through keywords, QR codes and webpage sign-up links
  23. 23. All-in-One SMSMobile Marketing Overview Thanks!
  24. 24. ALL-IN-ONE SMS MOBILE MARKETING OVERVIEW Tom Casale, Managing Partner 312-846-7669 x1001 @iBestPractices Case Studies