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Workshop Post Oil Cities: Cross Postings - Exercice Week 02 - Tutor: Jan van Schaik RMIT (Melbourne, Australia)

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Dominic Pandolfini

  1. 1. snap shots from a post oil city dominic pandolfini
  2. 2. Dinking Water Drink recycled water.
  3. 3. Lambo Sweet lime green Italian Sportscars to hide the fact that oil is running out
  4. 4. Alien Power Forms Use all the remaining oil in the world to travel to an inter- galactic gallery to learn power generation techniques
  5. 5. Farming Genetically modified children who tend to tiny farm ani- mals for ffod production without the use of oil
  6. 6. Telephone Use the electricity running down the phoneline to power an automatic dog door which powers a dvd player.
  7. 7. Building Cubes Buildings made out of reusable panels that can be re adapted when the building is renovated/re developed
  8. 8. Cash Decentralised power suppliears. All buildings have the ability to generate power and pump it onto the grid to recieve money. This will propmote individuals and small businesses to come up with new power generations ideas.
  9. 9. Snail Mail Giant birds to deliver goods instead of motor bike couriers
  10. 10. Guys With Guns Hired guns to protect energy stores and steal other peoples
  11. 11. Bug Zapper Light which doubles as a bug zapper that attracts bugs to collect for food.
  12. 12. Fish and Chips Living aquariums in water tanks to provide food and assist in processing grey water - breaking down sewerage.
  13. 13. Dinner Communal dining in large buildings to centralise and reduse enerfy requirements for cooking
  14. 14. Designer Protection Gunpowder utalised to generate power.
  15. 15. Computer Controlled Living All power using appliances controlled by a centralised computer to reduse any power wasting
  16. 16. Plug in Power Plug in power for electric cars provided by power gener- ated by the buildings they are parked in.
  17. 17. Car Recycling Develop uses for integrating the large surplass of unre- quired cars for building products
  18. 18. Bike Transport Focused transport for bike riders. So they can literally park and ride.
  19. 19. Bike Highway Re appropriate old freeways/train lines for bicycle use.
  20. 20. Tiny Bike Free bike storage/bike hire to all large buildings
  21. 21. High Rise Farms Farms in the inner city to remove the energy needed to transport goods from the country into town
  22. 22. Guilds Reintroduction of localised manufacturing industry rather than a service based economy as produce must be sourced locally to eliminate shipping and its associated energy requirements
  23. 23. Digging Utilise earth excavated to create structure - rammed earth walls etc. reduses the need for building products to be trucked in and the excavated soil trucked out.
  24. 24. Mad Max Fortifications to protect buildings and their power supplies/stores in the ‘mad max’ times of a post oil city.
  25. 25. Growing Building An organic building - elements of the building are growing plants. Grow in spring to provide shade in summer and then harvested in autumn to provide fuel for heatung in winter. Could also provide food
  26. 26. Roof Plant Roof is a water tank with solar panel on the base. Water protects sensitive solar panels and refracts light doubling the efficiency of the panels
  27. 27. Water Tank Water tank panels that provide insulation. treat grey water and provide privacy and the ability to let light through.
  28. 28. The Office Virtual offices in dwellings to eliminate the need for people to comute to work but still function in an office environ- ment
  29. 29. L’eau All water is recycled and reused to eliminate pumping stations
  30. 30. Voyeur CCTV to other apartments to provide entertainment with- out central television stations or studios
  31. 31. Dayglo Light storing materials which emit absorbed light when it is dark
  32. 32. Living Lighting Organic lighting - glow worms, phosphorescence. Candles too.
  33. 33. Landscaping Integrated landscaping to the facade and roof to provide shading and cooling features.
  34. 34. Structural Cooling Chilled/heated hollow structural members to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of heating/cooling systems.
  35. 35. Wind Cross ventilation of all rooms to reduse the requirement for air conditioning
  36. 36. Clothes Power Clothes could be equipped with tiny power generators/solr panels that work off the movement of the body. When clothes are hung up at the end of the day they could transfer the power to a central power reserve.
  37. 37. Hot Earth Building could have geothermal tap to make use of the earths hot core.
  38. 38. Drain Gain Generators in the sink, toilet bowl etc to make used of the waters passing through to power utilities in the building
  39. 39. People Power Spongy floor, bed springs could harvest kinetic energy of people walking around building. Energy could be used to power building.
  40. 40. Pedal Power Exercise machines within a building could generate power amd stored in central battery for later use. People pow- ered electricity
  41. 41. Solar Panels The entire facade of a building, including the windows to be covered in solar cells.
  42. 42. Wind Turbine The whole building is one giant wind turbine or is covered in wind turbines
  43. 43. Waste Reused Methane from the toilet harvested and utalised for cook- ing. Used cooking oil used to generate car. Many deep fried meals required to go on a long trip.
  44. 44. Train Energy If a building is sitting atop a train line, the kinetic energy from the passing trains could be harvested and utalised to power the building
  45. 45. Incinerator All waste from the building is incinerated on site. This eliminates the need for garbage removal and could be used to generate power. A filtration or storage devise would be required to eliminate pollution.
  46. 46. XXXX Xxxx xxx x xxxxxx x x xxx