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gu ide     his your future!  e t uelus to f    Start with what you know about your interests and abilities    to consider ...
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re pare now                                                                                    pONCE YOU KNOW WHAT SPARKS ...
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Brochure Tech Prep


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Brochure Tech Prep

  1. 1. ES LL EG O N YC TIO IT ED UCA st? N L MU ICA ere CO M HN TEC nt IA ER AR E ri RN C FO you LI CA spa rks at ER S ER CAR E | CONSI Dwh RE ED UCATION | EXP LO Y I NT ER ESTS I DENTI F Find out what you can do NOW to prepare for the hot jobs of tomorrow…
  2. 2. dy our path finTHIS GUIDE WILL HELP YOU IDENTIFY YOUR INTERESTS, EXPLORERELATED TECHNICAL EDUCATION AND ACADEMIC COURSES,AND PREPARE FOR CAREERS IN THE HOTTEST INDUSTRIES. Get fired up Discover what careers might appeal to you by looking at the chart on the inside pages. Focus on the future Explore possible careers through activities like clubs, events and electives, and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses. When you know what truly interests you, your focus can save time, reduce tuition costs and get your career started. How to get ahead The classes you take in middle school and high school as well as ROP programs can give you a head start in gaining skills and even earning college credit that can lead to a certificate or degree. Practical experience gives you an advantage Hands-on technical courses complement traditional math, science, English, art and history classes with real world skills. Career Technical Education classes can fire up your passion and put you on a path to college and exciting careers. Education linked to employment Most living wage jobs require education beyond high school so thoughtful education and career planning is necessary for all students. With a career focus and well-developed technical skills, you’ll be set to work in emerging industries that offer the greatest employment opportunities. What you need to know • Technical training and college is required for most hot jobs • High School Career Technical Education meets state standards to support academics • Colleges give credit for many CTE classes • You can take many community college classes while enrolled at high school
  3. 3. gu ide his your future! e t uelus to f Start with what you know about your interests and abilities to consider the wide variety of careers. Review the 15 career pathways and explore those that appeal most to you. Use the web sites listed in this brochure to learn more about possible careers. Talk with your counselor to select classes or pick activities and learn more about the career pathways that interest you. Discuss your career plans with your counselor and take ROP or community college classes that lead to a certificate, degree or transfer program in the career pathway that matches your interests. You’ll benefit from having Career Technical Education (CTE) courses on your transcript that show your practical knowledge when applying to four-year colleges. Explore careers in-depth and gain real-world experience by participating in internships.
  4. 4. INTERESTS INTERESTS INTERESTS INTERESTS INTERESTSAnimals, Plants & Artistic & Technical Hands-on Outdoor Children & Hands-on ProjectsOutdoors Lead creative Projects Communication Operate technicalApply science to people Build & organize Create, organize & environmentalhands-on work with tools report systemsCAREER PATHWAY CAREER PATHWAY CAREER PATHWAY CAREER PATHWAY CAREER PATHWAYAgriculture & Arts, Media & Building Trades & Education, Child Energy & UtilitiesNatural Resources Entertainment Construction Development & Half of this industry’sBusinesses employ 10% of Employs three million people Retirements will open 18,000 Family Services workforce will retire by 2020Californians positions Employment to grow 40% CAREERS CAREERS by 2016CAREERS Choreographer CAREERS Chemical EngineerAgricultural Sales Editor Architect CAREERS Energy TechnicianEquipment Technician Music Mixer Construction Manager Activities Director Facility Design EngineerForest Ranger Producer Designer Counselor HVAC TechnicianGeneticist Sound Engineer Electrical Apprentice Elder Care Coordinator Instrument RepairerHeavy Equipment Operator Scientific Illustrator Electrician Psychologist Power Grid EngineerLaboratory Technician Scriptwriter Engineer Preschool Aide Solar InstallerLandscape Designer Videographer Engineering Technician Social Worker Waste ManagementProcessing Plant Manager Visual Effects Coordinator Mechanical Apprentice School Administrator OperatorVeterinary Assistant Web Designer Plumber Special Education Aide Water System Technician Surveyor Teacher AideMIDDLE SCHOOL MIDDLE SCHOOL MIDDLE SCHOOL TeacherScience Class/Clubs Drama Club MIDDLE SCHOOL Computer LabWood/Metal Shop Photography Technology Lab MIDDLE SCHOOL Science Stage Productions Wood Shop Youth Group Technology LabHIGH SCHOOL/ROP Technology Lab Classroom AideAgricultural Science HIGH SCHOOL/ROP HIGH SCHOOL/ROP Summer Camp AideAgricultural Welding HIGH SCHOOL/ROP Cabinetry Computer ScienceFloral Design Art & Animation Construction & Architectural HIGH SCHOOL/ROP ElectronicsForestry & Natural Cosmetology Design Child Development & Mechatronics Resources Dance Drafting/CAD Education ScienceAnimal & Veterinary Graphic Communication Masonry Small Engines COMMUNITY COLLEGE Careers Technical Theater Woodshop Child Development COMMUNITY COLLEGEHorticulture Video Production COMMUNITY COLLEGE Psychology Energy TechnologyCOMMUNITY COLLEGE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Cabinetry Recreation Management EngineeringAgriculture Applied Art & Design Construction Social Science Environmental StudiesAnimal Studies Art Computer Integrated Geography UNIVERSITYEquine Studies Dance Electronics Geographic Information Child DevelopmentVeterinary Technician Drama/Technical Theater Electrician Systems EducationWelding Multimedia Energy Technology Mechatronics Education Administration PhotographyUNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY Hospitality & Tourism UNIVERSITYAgricultural Engineering UNIVERSITY Architecture Recreation Management EngineeringAnimal Husbandry Art Engineering Social Work Environmental ScienceEnvironmental Studies Broadcast Communication Structural Engineering GeologyForestry Dance PhysicsGenetics Photography Utilities ManagementLandscape Design Theater
  5. 5. INTERESTS INTERESTS INTERESTS INTERESTS INTERESTSExperiment, Fix & Creative & Lead Teams & People & Science Hands-on TeamDraw Organized Compete Care, assess & CreativityDesign & build Design & develop Analyze, persuade communicate Organize servicestechnology style & organize for peopleCAREER PATHWAY CAREER PATHWAY CAREER PATHWAY CAREER PATHWAY CAREER PATHWAYEngineering & Fashion & Interior Finance & Health Science Hospitality,Design Design Business & Medical Tourism &11% growth to 2016 5% growth to 2016 13% growth by 2016 Technology Recreation 19% of all new jobs; 27% California’s third largestCAREERS CAREERS CAREERS increase by 2014 employerArchitect CAD Specialist AccountantCAD Drafter Design Assistant Bookkeeper CAREERS CAREERSComputer Repairer Fashion Forecaster Budget Analyst Biomedical Chemist ChefElectrician Fashion Illustrator Claims Clerk Emergency Medical Tech Concert PromoterElectronic Mechanic Interior Designer Cost Estimator Home Health Aide Convention ManagerEngineer Lighting Specialist Financial Planner Industrial Hygienist Dietary AideEngineering Technician Merchandise Displayer Insurance Appraiser Medical Records Technician Food Service ManagerGIS Mapping Technician Set Decorator Loan Specialist Operating Room Technician General ManagerNetwork Technician Textile Designer Securities Manager Pharmacist/Technician Resort ManagerTelecommunications Tech Upholstery Estimator Tax Preparer Physical Therapy Assistant Tour Director Radiology Technologist Travel JournalistMIDDLE SCHOOL MIDDLE SCHOOL MIDDLE SCHOOL Registered NurseComputer Studies Computer Graphic Design Computer Applications MIDDLE SCHOOLTechnology Lab Stage Productions MIDDLE SCHOOL Clubs HIGH SCHOOL/ROP Health FoodsHIGH SCHOOL/ROP HIGH SCHOOL/ROP Accounting Little League UmpireArchitectural Design Art Business Entrepreneurship HIGH SCHOOL/ROP Sports ScorekeeperComputer Science Cabinetry Business Finance Dental Careers Summer Camp AideDesign & Construction Computer Science Business Law Health CareersDrafting Cosmetology Computer Science Medical Assisting HIGH SCHOOL/ROPElectronics Drama/Technical Theater Sports Medicine Culinary Arts COMMUNITY COLLEGE Fashion Design Food ScienceCOMMUNITY COLLEGE Accounting COMMUNITY COLLEGE Fashion Merchandising HospitalityComputer Science Business Administration Addiction Studies TourismElectronics COMMUNITY COLLEGE Finance BiologyEngineering Drama/Tech Theater Insurance Health Studies COMMUNITY COLLEGEEngineering Support Fashion Design Small Business Medical Assisting Business Technology Fashion Merchandising Management Medicine Culinary ArtsGeographic Information Interior Design Nursing Hospitality UNIVERSITY Systems Psychiatric Tech Journalism UNIVERSITY Accounting & FinanceMechatronics Public Health Management Interior Design Business Administration MarketingUNIVERSITY Fashion Design Human Resources UNIVERSITY Recreation ManagementArchitecture Fashion Merchandising International Business BiologyComputer Science Health Sciences UNIVERSITYEngineering Kinesiology BusinessIndustrial Design Public Health Food Science Waste Management Nutrition Recreation Management
  6. 6. INTERESTS INTERESTS INTERESTS INTERESTS INTERESTSTrouble Shooter Hands-on Creative Persuade People Activity, People & People, Hands-onManage Design & build Plan, organize & Outdoors Promote, run andcomputers & products create Respond, repair vehiclestechnical data investigate & writeCAREER PATHWAY CAREER PATHWAY CAREER PATHWAY CAREER PATHWAY CAREER PATHWAYInformation Manufacturing Marketing Sales & Public Services TransportationTechnology & Product Services 16–22% employment growth 7–14% employment growth18.5% increase by 2012 Development 12% growth to 2016 CAREERS CAREERS Salaries range from $33,000CAREERS CAREERS Attorney Air Traffic Controller to $97,000Desktop Publisher Advertising Executive CSI Forensics Technician Collision Repair TechnicianHardware & Software CAREERS Copywriter Counselor Dispatcher Installer CNC Operator Customer Service Rep Emergency Medical Tech DriverInformation System Fabrication Designer E-commerce Specialist FBI/CIA Agent Inspector Specialist Maintenance Mechanic Entrepreneur Firefighter Insurance AdjustorMultimedia Producer Manufacturing Engineer International Trade Legal Clerk MechanicNetwork Engineer Product Designer Specialist Paramedic Parts & Service ManagerProgrammer Quality Control Inspector Marketing Manager Police Officer PilotSoftware Architect Tooling Journeyman Research Analyst Security Guard Smog TechnicianTechnical Writer Welder Retail/Wholesale Buyer MIDDLE SCHOOL MIDDLE SCHOOLWebmaster Sales Representative MIDDLE SCHOOL Science Technology LabMIDDLE SCHOOL Computer Applications MIDDLE SCHOOL Student Government HIGH SCHOOL/ROPComputer Applications Metal Shop Computer Applications HIGH SCHOOL/ROP Automotive TechnologyTechnology Lab Technology Lab Fundraising Fire Science Electronics Wood Shop School/Club TreasurerHIGH SCHOOL & ROP Health Education Small Engines Speech/DebateBusiness HIGH SCHOOL/ROP Law Enforcement Student Government COMMUNITY COLLEGEComputer Science Automotive COMMUNITY COLLEGE Auto Body SpecialistDigital Communication Computer-aided Machining HIGH SCHOOL/ROP Administration of Justice Automotive TechnicianElectronics Drafting Business Entrepreneurship Fire Technology Diesel MechanicMultimedia Electronics Business Technology EMT Welding Fashion Merchandising UNIVERSITYCOMMUNITY COLLEGE Social Science Wood Working Marketing Aeronautical EngineeringComputer Science Multimedia UNIVERSITY Civil EngineeringComputer Information COMMUNITY COLLEGE Sports Marketing Administration of Justice Logistics Management Systems Applied Art & Design Government Transportation Electronics Design Drafting COMMUNITY COLLEGE Public Administration ManagementEngineering Engineering Business Social WelfareMechatronics Graphic Communication Fashion Merchandising Mechatronics Graphic DesignUNIVERSITY Welding MarketingComputer Science MultimediaElectronics UNIVERSITYEngineering Engineering UNIVERSITYInformation Systems Industrial Design BusinessManagement Info Systems Manufacturing Engineering JournalismMedia Arts Metallurgy Marketing Public Relations
  7. 7. er esou rces o nlinUSE THESE RESOURCES TO RESEARCH MOREABOUT WHAT INTERESTS YOU AND LEARN ABOUTRELATED CAREER AND EDUCATION PATHS. Career Exploration Learn about careers based on what interests you. Find assessments, career exploration and a monetary reality check. Link to several career web sites. Find a direction, college, job or experience based on your interests. In-depth information on all industries. Explore careers and prepare for college. Research California career pathways. Explore career and technical education pathways. College Learn about higher education options in California. Develop your plan to go to college. Explore college majors based on your interests and find out how to overcome obstacles. Find out what careers you can pursue with different college majors. Occupational Outlook Research earnings, education needed, job prospects, what workers do on the job and working conditions. Note: Web sites were accurate as of press time and may have changed.
  8. 8. re pare now pONCE YOU KNOW WHAT SPARKS YOUR INTEREST, TAKECAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION, ROP AND COMMUNITYCOLLEGE CLASSES LEADING TO YOUR CAREER PATH. Sign up for Career Technical Education (CTE) • Explore the career path that appeals to you by taking CTE classes • Apply what you learn in CTE classes to make academic courses more relevant • Gain hands-on experience that will help you excel at college and prepare for a job • Develop your program of study Take ROP classes in your career path • El Dorado County Central Sierra ROP: (Garden Valley, Placerville & So. Lake Tahoe) • Placer & Nevada Counties 49er ROP: (Auburn) • Sacramento County ROP: (Mather) • Yolo County ROP: (Woodland) • Tri-County ROP: (Yuba City) • California Association of ROPs: Explore your community college Your high school CTE classes may articulate to your local community college so you’ll get credit and won’t have to retake some classes. You may also be able to enroll at your community college while you are in high school. American River College—Sacramento (916) 484-8011 Cosumnes River College—Sacramento (916) 691-7344                                              Folsom Lake College—Folsom (916) 608-6500                                                   Lake Tahoe Community College—South Lake Tahoe (530) 541-4660 Sacramento City College—Sacramento (916) 558-2111 Sierra College—Rocklin, Roseville, Grass Valley & Truckee (916) 624-3333 Woodland Community College—Woodland (530) 661-5700 Yuba College—Marysville (530) 741-6700 www.yccd.eduThis project was supported by the Carl D. Perkins IV Career Technical Education Act, administered by the California Department of Education. The activity which is the subject of thismaterial was supported in whole or in part by the US Department of Education. However, the opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the position or the policy of the USDepartment of Education, and no official endorsement by the US Department of Education should be inferred. No person shall, on the grounds of sex, race, color, national origin, orhandicap, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under this program. BROCHURE DESIGN BY SIERRA COLLEGE.