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Malaysia-France University Centre

by on Jun 11, 2009





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  • 1qa2ws3ed1qa2ws3ed 1qa2ws3ed1qa2ws3ed many structures collapse in terrenganu, do no wat sort of engineer there 3 years ago
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  • 1qa2ws3ed1qa2ws3ed 1qa2ws3ed1qa2ws3ed These titles are worthless if we can't perform. Who cares? From my experience, a good paper will give you a good start. Whatever happens lies on our attitude, character and commitment.

    I am not a scholar not sponsored, but I know I still can survive without it.
    3 years ago
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  • M9131 Pui Wei Jui, Student at ISAT Hi, I am pui from utp m'sia and i am taking mechanical engineering. currentlty i am having my internship in france.

    how are you? What course are u taking ? r u petronas scholar as well?
    4 years ago
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  • izwankewl izwankewl These slide shows are great! JPA and kementerian akredetasi negara..or whatsoever u call them should really distinguish us with díplome d'ingenieur (bac+5 - grandes ecoles) from a bachelor degree holder. They are too stubborn to accept the equivalent of french prestigious diplome d'ingenieur as a european charted master degree. When we go back to MSIA and wanting to serve our bonding period…they only acknowledge us as a normal degree holder??? I mean WTF?? Why would I spend 7 years in France just to get a degree?? I could stay back in UTP…Uniten or what have you for only 4 years and get my degree…you tell me why should we, the diplome d’inge holders go back and serve them?? I don’t really mind the Grade 41 ..but our pay should be different…and we shouldn’t need to undergo another master programme in order to be promoted or get a better pay because we already have one. In Holland..with this type of will be given the title Ir. directly provided you register with the Dutch engineering board and this is done without any exams or working experience needed unlike JKR. (Mind you that all these experience are acquainted throughout our 5 years mandatory industrial project and internship with real hands-on and industrial problems to be addressed.).You just need to show your proof of studying, transcript etc…and voila, your Ir. Title. It’s that easy! MFUC should really take part and push hard on the paperwork to make JPA, SPA, IEM, JKR and all other alphabets, even the parliament to understand as our fellow students and colleagues are fed-up trying to reason out with them! fais chier! J’en peux plus. They started this course in 2000 but they didn’t really do any research or surveys on it. Even they allowance for the first tow years of the earlier students were just 600 euros per month while at that time our fellow German students were getting around 1k euros. It’s fine that during the debut of the programme, hey might not have a clear thorough view of the programme and the certificate recognition…but they should at least listen to the feed back of the elder earlier students who have graduated and suffered. As if they were guinea pigs and blind folded to bulldoze their asses off to get the diplome d’inge through grande ecoles. We Malaysian French students here are aware of the equivalent. We know what the status of other master degrees in other anglosaxon countries (US,UK OZ..NZ etc) as we have friends around the world…In fact, Malaysia is too attached to the English education system, it’s almost a carbon copy, when it comes to credit hours, recognition, and so on. But French and the German and other European countries have different system. It’s like comparing an orange and an apple. Both are fruits, both are good and healthy but not from the same tree and genes! FYI, IEM has confirmed and recognized that all diplome d’ingenieur from Germany are equivalent to masters degree (*check IEM websites) but not yet the French diplomes. OMG..this is just Europe the CTI governs and supervise all European diplome d’ingenieurs no matter where the school is located in Europe. So IEM is saying the German diplome is a master degree and French ones are bachelor?? This is like saying for example; certificate in UiTm Shah Alam Campus is recognized but not certificates from UiTM Melaka, or Merbok..etc..are not. Common people…open up your eyes and mind a bit. This is IEM we’re talking about! They’re suppose to have brains! Sometimes it comes to an extend where you start asking…Is this IEM that good to evaluate what the CTI (European Engineer Title Committee) acknowledgements?? If Our new PM wants these graduates to be in the gov and serve them well….at least they should appreciate us accordingly in terms of the master/bachelor recognition. This is simply absurd. 4 years ago
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Malaysia-France University Centre Malaysia-France University Centre Presentation Transcript