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Public notices for May 18, 2012
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Public notices for May 18, 2012

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Public meetings, foreclosures and other legal notices for May 18, 2012.

Public meetings, foreclosures and other legal notices for May 18, 2012.

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  • 1. POST-BULLETIN • www.PostBulletin.com FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012 C7 Miscellaneous Pets For Sale LOOKING FOR THE Public Notices PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY GIFT? Personalized sterling SOTA STATUTES SEC- ARE IMPROVED WITH A silver necklaces with ing attorneys fees allowed PRACTICES ACT AND THE MORTGAGE ON by law subject to redemp- TION 582.032 DETERMIN- RESIDENTIAL DWELLING childs name hand Transportation Right of THE DATE OF THE NO- Bank, National Association DOES NOT IMPLY THAT tion within six (6) months ING, AMONG OTHER as Trustee for Wells Fargo OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, stamped on front of Way Plat No. 55-16, for a TICE: One Hundred ARE NOT PROPERTY WE ARE ATTEMPTING from the date of said sale THINGS, THAT THE Asset Securities Corpora- TO COLLECT MONEY silver charm and birth point of beginning; thence Thirty-Three Thousand by the mortgagor(s), their MORTGAGED PREMISES USED FOR AGRICUL- S64º 47’ 25”E, along said Thirty-Six and 79/100 tion, Mortgage FROM ANYONE WHO date hand stamped on Purebred Black Lab personal representatives or ARE IMPROVED WITH A Pass-ThroughCertificates, TURAL PRODUCTION, HAS DISCHARGED THE back. Each charm puppies: Good hunters, southwest right of way line, ($133,036.79) THAT no assigns unless reduced to RESIDENTIAL DWELLING AND ARE ABANDONED. 373.29 feet; thence S06º action or proceeding has Series 2005-AR16 DEBT UNDER THE BANK- comes with a birthstone family raised, 1st shots, Five (5) weeks under MN OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, Assignee of Mortgagee Dated: May 10, 2012 dewormed, Parents on 00’ 20”W, 368.98 feet; been instituted at law to re- Wells Fargo Bank, NA suc- RUPTCY LAWS OF THE bead on a sterling silver Stat. §580.07. ARE NOT PROPERTY UNITED STATES. site. Ready May 1st. $200. thence S24º 47’ 36”E, cover the debt secured by TIME AND DATE TO VA- USED FOR AGRICUL- cessor by merger to Wells chain. 59.34 feet; thence S00º 10’ said mortgage, or any part SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP (5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, For more information 507-798-2414. CATE PROPERTY: If the TURAL PRODUCTION, BY Fargo Home Mortgage, 20”W, 702.99 feet, more or thereof; that there has Inc. 6/22) real estate is an owner-oc- AND ARE ABANDONED. _____________________ and pricing, please call 507-261-7826. NEW TODAY! less to the centerline of the Middle Fork Zumbro River; been compliance with all pre-foreclosure notice and cupied, single-family dwell- Dated: April 23, 2012 Lawrence P. Zielke - Mortgagee SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP 12-082260 ing, unless otherwise pro- 152559 thence N42º 42’ 55”W, acceleration requirements vided by law, the date on PHH Mortgage Corporation BY NOTICE OF MORTGAGE along the centerline of said of said mortgage, and/or Diane F. Mach - 273788 SHIH Tzu Toy Poodle or before which the mort- Assignee of Mortgagee Melissa L. B. Porter - _____________________ FORECLOSURE SALE Musical Cross pups, “Teddy Bears” variety color markings, su- river, 478.66 feet to the west line of said Southwest applicable statutes; PUR- SUANT, to the power of gagor(s) must vacate the property if the mortgage is SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP BY 0337778 Lawrence P. Zielke - 152559 THE RIGHT TO VERIFICATION OF THE DEBT AND IDENTITY Instruments per family dogs, social and Quarter; thence N00º 10’ 20”E, along said west line, sale contained in said mortgage, the above de- not reinstated under sec- _____________________ Ronald W. Spencer - 0104061 Diane F. Mach - 273788 OF THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR house raised, small non tion 580.30 or the property Lawrence P. Zielke - Stephanie O. Nelson - Melissa L. B. Porter - WITHIN THE TIME PROVIDED 931.13 feet to the point of scribed property will be 152559 0337778 BY LAW IS NOT AFFECTED BY shedding, $350-$400 sold by the Sheriff of said is not redeemed under 0388918 507-765-2216. beginning. Being subject to section 580.23 is 11:59 Diane F. Mach - 273788 Ronald W. Spencer - THIS ACTION. Flowage Rights as de- county as follows: DATE Attorneys for Mortgagee3 Valve 625 Baritone & Ju- p.m. on _December 17, Melissa L. B. Porter - 12550 West Frontage 0104061 NOTICE IS HEREBYpiter CKS 60 Alto Saxo- SPRINGER Spaniols, scribed in Book 167, Page AND TIME OF SALE: 0337778 Stephanie O. Nelson - 10:00 AM on June 12, 2012, unless the redemp- Road, Ste. 200 GIVEN, that default hasphone (just recorked.) Both AKC, Champion blood- 328, Olmsted County Prop- tion period is reduced to 5 Ronald W. Spencer - 0388918 occurred in the conditions erty Records. Being sub- 2012 PLACE OF SALE: Burnsville, MN 55337reconditioned & appraised lines, both parents hunt weeks under MN Stat. 0104061 (952) 831-4060 Randolph W. Dawdy - of the following describedby music store, for $900. ject also to easements, re- Sheriff`s Office, Main Stephanie O. Nelson - 2160X and on site. Reserve now Lobby of Government Cen- Secs. 580.07 or 582.032. PURSUANT TO THE FAIR mortgage:ea. Asking $600. ea. Exc. Females $400 Males $300. strictions, and covenants of MORTGAGOR(S) RE- 0388918 Gary J. Evers - 0134764 DATE OF MORTGAGE: record. ter, 101 4th Street SE, DEBT COLLECTIONcond. 507-867-4489 or Ready to go soon. LEASED FROM FINAN- Attorneys for Mortgagee PRACTICES ACT, YOU Attorneys for Mortgagee July 17, 2009507-951-9231. COUNTY IN WHICH Rochester MN 55904-3710 12550 West Frontage 507-454-3857. to pay the debt then se- CIAL OBLIGATION ON 12550 West Frontage ARE ADVISED THAT ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL PROPERTY IS LOCATED: MORTGAGE:None Road, Ste. 200 Road, Ste. 200 AMOUNT OF MORT- Olmsted cured by said mortgage THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED Tiny toy teddy bear pup- and taxes, if any actually "THE TIME ALLOWED BY Burnsville, MN 55337 TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- Burnsville, MN 55337 GAGE: $122,735.00 pies, super cute, family ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL (952) 831-4060 (952) 831-4060 MORTGAGOR(S): Sharon Electronic paid by the mortgagee, on LAW FOR REDEMPTION TOR. ANY INFORMA- raised, great w/ kids, AMOUNT OF MORT- BY THE MORTGAGOR, PURSUANT TO THE FAIR PURSUANT TO THE FAIR E. Eastlee, a single person GAGE: $176,000.00 the premises and the costs TION OBTAINED WILL BE non-shedding & hypoaller- and disbursements allowed THE MORTGAGORS DEBT COLLECTION USED FOR THAT PUR- DEBT COLLECTION MORTGAGEE: Home- genic, up to date on shots AMOUNT DUE AND PERSONAL REPRESEN- PRACTICES ACT, YOU PRACTICES ACT, YOU services Lending, LLC Se- CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS by law. The time allowed POSE. THIS NOTICE IS & worming, crate trained. by law for redemption by TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, ARE ADVISED THAT REQUIRED BY THE PRO- ARE ADVISED THAT ries A DBA Edina Realty $275. 608-487-1067. OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- MAY BE REDUCED TO THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED Mortgage CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, said mortgagor(s), their VISIONS OF THE FAIR IPHONE REPAIR personal representatives or FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- DEBT COLLECTION TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- LENDER: Homeservices Same day iphone repair PAID BY MORTGAGEE: CIAL ORDER IS EN- TOR. ANY INFORMA- TOR. ANY INFORMA- Lending, LLC Series A $157,592.96 assigns is 6.00 months PRACTICES ACT AND and cell phone repair from the date of sale. If TERED UNDER MINNE- TION OBTAINED WILL BE DOES NOT IMPLY THAT TION OBTAINED WILL BE DBA Edina Realty Mort- specialist. We come to That prior to the com- SOTA STATUTES, SEC- USED FOR THAT PUR- USED FOR THAT PUR- gage mencement of this mort- Mortgage is not reinstated WE ARE ATTEMPTING you for a truly mobile 1 under Minn. Stat. §580.30 TION 582.032, DETER- POSE. THIS NOTICE IS TO COLLECT MONEY POSE. THIS NOTICE IS SERVICER: Wells Fargo hour service. Phone Doc gage foreclosure proceed- MINING, AMONG OTHER REQUIRED BY THE PRO- REQUIRED BY THE PRO- Bank, NA ing Mortgagee/Assignee of or the property is not re- FROM ANYONE WHO of Rochester. deemed under Minn. Stat. THINGS, THAT THE VISIONS OF THE FAIR HAS DISCHARGED THE VISIONS OF THE FAIR DATE AND PLACE OF 507-218-1012 Mortgagee complied with MORTGAGED PREMISES DEBT COLLECTION DEBT COLLECTION FILING: Filed July 28, all notice requirements as §580.23, the Mortgagor DEBT UNDER THE BANK- Toy Australian Shepherd must vacate the property ARE IMPROVED WITH A PRACTICES ACT AND 2009, Olmsted County Re- puppy . Born 2/12/12 Black required by statute; That RUPTCY LAWS OF THE on or before 11:59 p.m. on RESIDENTIAL DWELLING DOES NOT IMPLY THAT UNITED STATES. corder, as Document Num- tri male. Champion blood- no action or proceeding December 12, 2012, or the OF LESS THAN FIVE WE ARE ATTEMPTING ber A1207763 has been instituted at law (4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25, Pets lines in Agility, Conforma- next business day if De- UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- TO COLLECT MONEY ASSIGNMENTS OF tion, herding. Current on or otherwise to recover the 6/1) cember 12, 2012 falls on a ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- FROM ANYONE WHO MORTGAGE: Assigned shots. 651-923-4517. debt secured by said mort- Saturday, Sunday or legal TURAL PRODUCTION, HAS DISCHARGED THE to: Wells Fargo Bank, NA; gage, or any part thereof; holiday. "THE TIME AL- AND ARE ABANDONED." DEBT UNDER THE BANK- Dated: July 17, 2009 filed: PURSUANT to the power LOWED BY LAW FOR RE- RUPTCY LAWS OF THE 12-082045 October 7, 2009, recorded of sale contained in said UNITED STATES. NOTICE OF MORTGAGE NEW TODAY! Yard & Garden mortgage, the above de- DEMPTION MORTGAGOR, BY THE THE Dated: April 16, 2012 CitiMortgage, Inc. (5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25, 6/1, FORECLOSURE SALE scribed property will be MORTGAGOR`S PER- Mortgagee/Assignee of 6/8) THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- sold by the Sheriff of said SONAL REPRESENTA- Mortgagee CATION OF THE DEBT county as follows: TIVES OR ASSIGNS, MAY 12-081779 AND IDENTITY OF THE DATE AND TIME OF BE REDUCED TO FIVE USSET, WEINGARDEN NOTICE OF MORTGAGE ORIGINAL CREDITOR DIRECTORY SALE: July 13, 2012 at WEEKS IF A JUDICIAL FORECLOSURE SALE WITHIN THE TIME PRO- Business AND LIEBO, P.L.L.P. LOCAL 10:00 AM ORDER IS ENTERED UN- Attorneys for THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- VIDED BY LAW IS NOT PLACE OF SALE: Olmsted DER MINNESOTA STAT- Mortgagee/Assignee of CATION OF THE DEBT AFFECTED BY THIS AC- & Service County Government Cen- UTES, SECTION 582.032, Mortgagee AND IDENTITY OF THE TION. ter, Civil Department, 101 DETERMINING, AMONG 4500 Park Glen Road #300 ORIGINAL CREDITOR NOTICE IS HEREBY 4th Street South East, OTHER THINGS, THAT Minneapolis, MN 55416 WITHIN THE TIME PRO- GIVEN, that default has Rochester, MN THE MORTGAGED (952) 925-6888 VIDED BY LAW IS NOT occurred in the conditions Are you listed?AKC small Dachs, luxu- to pay the debt then se- PREMISES ARE IM- AFFECTED BY THIS AC- of the following describedrious coats! 1/2 to 1 10-31-2012 FC cured by said Mortgage, PROVED WITH A RESI- THIS IS A COMMUNICA- TION. mortgage:inch length fur. Red or and taxes, if any, on said HEREBY DATE OF MORTGAGE:Bl/Tan, 1st Shots, Vet 2012 Hustler Sport 15 DENTIAL DWELLING OF TION FROM A DEBT NOTICE IS premises, and the costs LESS THAN FIVE UNITS, COLLECTOR. GIVEN, that default has March 10, 2003Report, Wormed. HP 42" cut $3629 3 year and disbursements, includ-Male=$250+; Female - unlimited hour warranty! ARE NOT PROPERTY (4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25, occurred in the conditions ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL ing attorneys fees allowed USED IN AGRICULTURAL 6/1) of the following described AMOUNT OF MORT-$275+ Option=AKC Reg See the full Hustler line by law subject to redemp- PRODUCTION, AND ARE GAGE: $92,200.00 at: mortgage: add `$100. CASH.507-534-2856 after 5. tion within six (6) months from the date of said sale ABANDONED." April 13, 2012 SABR Dated: 12-081692 DATE OF MORTGAGE: MORTGAGOR(S): July 14, 2005 H. Bremseth and Penny K. John Get Listed Today! NOTICE OF MORTGAGE by the mortgagor(s), their MORTGAGE LOAN FORECLOSURE SALE ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL Bremseth, husband and Call 507-285-7777 or 1-800-562-1758 personal representatives or 2008-1 REO SUBSIDI- MORT- wife assigns unless reduced to ARY-1 LLC Randall S. THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- AMOUNT OF GAGE: $292,000.00 MORTGAGEE: Wells Five (5) weeks under MN Miller & Associates, PLLC CATION OF THE DEBT Fargo Home Mortgage, Appliances Stat. §580.07. Attorneys for Assignee of AND IDENTITY OF THE MORTGAGOR(S): ORIGINAL CREDITOR Richard W. Freese and Inc. TIME AND DATE TO VA- Mortgage/Mortgagee One CATE PROPERTY: If the Financial Plaza, 120 South WITHIN THE TIME PRO- Linda L. Freese, husband LENDER: Wells Fargo WE BUY Used Appliances VIDED BY LAW IS NOT and wife Home Mortgage, Inc. HOSTAS & FERNS $3-$4. real estate is an owner-oc- Sixth Street, Suite 1100 Wells SERVICER: Wells Fargo (within 10 years old) and S E L L reconditioned Beautiful, hardy, MN cupied, single-family dwell- Minneapolis, MN 55402 AFFECTED BY THIS AC- MORTGAGEE: Fargo Bank, NA Bank, NA grown. Several varieties. ing, unless otherwise pro- Phone: 612-573-3677 Our TION. LENDER: Wells Fargo DATE AND PLACE OF appliances at: Call 507-272-0012 or email vided by law, the date on File No. 12MN00100-1 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that default has Bank, NA FILING: Filed March 21, tstheisen@gmail.com or before which the mort- THIS IS A COMMUNICA- BOB’S APPLIANCEBULLDOGGE Pups; Olde occurred in the conditions SERVICER: Wells Fargo 2003, Olmsted County Re-English, $600+, vet gagor(s) must vacate the TION FROM A DEBT of the following described Bank, NA corder, as Document Num- 1912 SW 2nd STchecked and up to date on property if the mortgage is COLLECTOR. A-4227892 DATE AND PLACE OF ber A960253 507-281-2239 507-990-0369shots. See more pictures Merchandise not reinstated under sec- tion 580.30 or the property (04/13/2012, 04/20/2012, 04/27/2012, 05/04/2012, mortgage: DATE OF MORTGAGE: FILING: Filed July 25, LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF 2005, Olmsted County Re- PROPERTY:at www.bulldogsbyoandb.comCall 507-665-3049. Wanted is not redeemed under 05/11/2012, 05/18/2012) August 9, 2004 ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL corder, as Document Num- A part of the East Half Asphalt section 580.23 is 11:59 Northwest Quarter, Section p.m. on __January 14, AMOUNT OF MORT- ber A1069697 NOTICE OF MORTGAGE GAGE: $214,800.00 ASSIGNMENTS OF 13, Township 105, RangeFREE Kittens. 8 weeks old.Two females. One male. WANTED: Men’s hand 2012_________________ ___, unless the redemption FORECLOSURE SALE MORTGAGOR(S): Robert MORTGAGE: Assigned 14, Olmsted County, Min- JOLES ASPHALT PAVINGPlease call (507)288-0239. weights, 20, 25, 30 period is reduced to 5 THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- D. Dokken and Marlene R. to: US Bank National Asso- nesota, described as fol- 25% DISCOUNT SPRING SPECIAL CATION OF THE DEBT Dokken, husband and wife ciation, as Trustee, as suc- lows: Beginning at a point Jo knows blacktop! pounds each. weeks under MN Stat. AKC Champion line Call 507-289-7658. Secs. 580.07 or 582.032. AND IDENTITY OF THE MORTGAGEE: Mortgage cessor trustee to Wachovia in the North line of the No job too big or small! German Shepherd pups. MORTGAGOR(S) RE- ORIGINAL CREDITOR Electronic Registration Bank, National Association Northwest Quarter of said Residential, Commercial, WITHIN THE TIME PRO- Systems, Inc. as Trustee for Wells Fargo Section 13 which is 150.00 9 weeks old. Black/tan. LEASED FROM FINAN- Asset Securities Corpora- feet Southeasterly, Meas- Driveways, Parking Lots, Patching & Seal $400/ea. Zumbrota, MN. local CIAL OBLIGATION ON VIDED BY LAW IS NOT TRANSACTION Mortgage ured at right angles from Coating! FREE ESTIMATES ! 651-764-0393 MORTGAGE:None AFFECTED BY THIS AC- AGENT: Mortgage Elec- tion, TION. tronic Registration Sys- Pass-ThroughCertificates, the center line of the East 507-285-4985. or 651-764-0309. "THE TIME ALLOWED BY Series 2005-AR16; Dated: Bound Lane of Interstate Public Notices LAW FOR REDEMPTION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that default has tems, Inc. March 15, 2012 filed: Highway No. I-90; thenceAKC standard poodle, blue BY THE MORTGAGOR, MIN#: Construction occurred in conditions of 100020000251892349 March 23, 2012, recorded East along the North line of female, Date of birth THE MORTGAGORS number said quarter Section a dis- 6/2/07,Champion sired. PERSONAL REPRESEN- the following described LENDER: Cendant Mort- as document mortgage: gage Corporation D/B/A A1283387 tance of 100.57 feet; $800. Birman kitten CFA TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, DATE OF MORTGAGE: LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF thence South at right an-registered, frost point male, MAY BE REDUCED TO Burnet Home Loans January 31, 2003 SERVICER: PHH Mort- PROPERTY: gles a distance of 198.00 date of birth 1/25/12. FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- MORTGAGOR: Eric L. Lot 6, Block 3, Baihly feet; thence West at right $500. Both up to Date on CIAL ORDER IS EN- gage Corporation vaccines and worming. TERED UNDER MINNE- Judy, a married person DATE AND PLACE OF Heights Subdivision, in the angles a distance of 245.0 and Tami M. Judy, a mar- FILING: Filed August 16, City of Rochester feet; thence North at right Call 608-780-9810. SOTA STATUTES, SEC- ADDRESS: angles a distance of 108.9 TION 582.032, DETER- ried person, husband and 2004, Olmsted County Re- PROPERTYBeagle puppies, 13” tri-col- MINING, AMONG OTHER wife. corder, as Document Num- 2210 Folwell Drive Sw, feet to a point which is MORTGAGEE: Cendant ber A1033966 Rochester, MN 55902 150.0 feet Southeasterly, ored, 2 colors; lemon, THINGS, THAT THE black, family raised, par- MORTGAGED PREMISES Mortgage Corporation. ASSIGNMENTS OF PROPERTY IDENTIFICA- measured at right angles , DATE AND PLACE OF MORTGAGE: Assigned TION NUMBER: from the center line of the ents on site, excellent w/ ARE IMPROVED WITH A East Bound Lane of said children, 1st shots & de- RESIDENTIAL DWELLING RECORDING: Recorded to: PHH Mortgage Corpo- February 13, 2003 Olm- ration; Dated: March 23, COUNTY IN WHICH Highway and which point is OF LESS THAN FIVE Publicwormed, health guarantee. sted County Recorder, PROPERTY IS LOCATED: on a curve whose radius is$200. Caledonia, MN. Call UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- 2012 Document No. A-955107. LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF Olmsted 3,669.72 feet; thence 608-604-4703. ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- ASSIGNMENTS OF THE AMOUNT CLAIMED Northeasterly, deflecting to TURAL PRODUCTION, PROPERTY: Lot 7, Block 8, Pinewood TO BE DUE ON THE the right, along said curve, Notices MORTGAGE: Assigned AND ARE ABANDONED." to: Mortgage Electronic MORTGAGE ON THE a distance of 169.71 feet to Dated: May 9, 2012 Hills Second CitiMortgage, Inc Registration Systems, Inc. PROPERTY ADDRESS: DATE OF THE NOTICE: the point of the beginning And thereafter assigned to: 2974 20Th Ave Se, Roch- $296,774.76 PROPERTY ADDRESS: Mortgagee/Assignee of CitiMortgage, Inc. THAT all pre-foreclosure 1002 80Th Street Se, Mortgagee ester, MN 55904 PROPERTY IDENTIFICA- requirements have been Rochester, MN 55904 NOTICE OF MORTGAGE USSET, WEINGARDEN Siding & Windows AND LIEBO, P.L.L.P. TRANSACTION AGENT: TION NUMBER: complied with; that no ac- PROPERTY IDENTIFICA- FORECLOSURE SALE NONE tion or proceeding has TION NUMBER: Attorneys for THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- Mortgagee/Assignee of TRANSACTION AGENTS COUNTY IN WHICH been instituted at law or In Business Since 1958 CATION OF THE DEBT MORTGAGE IDENTIFICA- PROPERTY IS LOCATED: otherwise to recover the COUNTY IN WHICH Cavachon puppies, AND IDENTITY OF THE Mortgagee debt secured by said mort- PROPERTY IS LOCATED: Largest Dealer in SE Minnesota TION NUMBER ON Olmsted (Cavalier King Charles/ 4500 Park Glen Road #300 Olmsted bichon) shots, wormed & ORIGINAL CREDITOR Minneapolis, MN 55416 MORTGAGE: NONE THE AMOUNT CLAIMED gage, or any part thereof; vet checked. Health guar- WITHIN THE TIME PRO- (952) 925-6888 LENDER OR BROKER TO BE DUE ON THE PURSUANT, to the power THE AMOUNT CLAIMED VIDED BY LAW IS NOT AND MORTGAGE ORIGI- MORTGAGE ON THE of sale contained in said TO BE DUE ON THE antee. $350. Can meet. 10-9-2012 FC 641-797-2921. AFFECTED BY THIS AC- THIS IS A COMMUNICA- NATOR STATED ON DATE OF THE NOTICE: mortgage, the above de- MORTGAGE ON THE TION. MORTGAGE: Cendant $197,449.55 scribed property will be DATE OF THE NOTICE:www.mallardmarshkennels.com TION FROM A DEBT $49,026.93 NOTICE IS HEREBY COLLECTOR. (5/18, 5/25, Mortgage Corporation THAT all pre-foreclosure sold by the Sheriff of said GIVEN, that default has RESIDENTIAL MORT- requirements have been county as follows: THAT all pre-foreclosureCAVAPOO pups, Cavalier 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22) occurred in conditions of GAGE SERVICER: Citi- complied with; that no ac- DATE AND TIME OF requirements have beenKing Charles/Toy Poodle the following described Mortgage, Inc tion or proceeding has SALE: June 15, 2012, complied with; that no ac- 6910 38th Avenue SE • Rochester, MNcross, great family dogs tion or proceeding hasthat stay small. Non-shed- mortgage: MORTGAGED PROP- been instituted at law or 10:00am (507) 288-7111 1-800-221-7111ding, very social & healthy. DATE OF MORTGAGE: PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF ERTY ADDRESS: 4519 otherwise to recover the PLACE OF SALE: Sher- been instituted at law or www.larsonsidingandwindows.comHouse raised w/ children. May 13, 2004 MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE Glen Lane, Rochester, MN debt secured by said mort- iffs Main Office, 101 4th otherwise to recover the MORTGAGOR: Raymond 55901 gage, or any part thereof; Street SE, Rochester, MN debt secured by said mort- WINDOWS • DOORS • SUNROOMS$350-$400. Preston, MN. SALE THE RIGHT TO gage, or any part thereof;507-765-2216. W Gallie, a single person. VERIFICATION OF THE TAX PARCEL I.D. #: PURSUANT, to the power 55904 STEEL, VINYL & HARDIE BOARD MORTGAGEE: First Fed- DEBT AND IDENTITY OF 74-16-31-000797 of sale contained in said to pay the debt secured by PURSUANT, to the power SEAMLESS GUTTERS WITH COVERS FEMALE adult yorkshire eral Capital Bank. THE ORIGINAL CREDI- LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF mortgage, the above de- said mortgage and taxes, if of sale contained in said Lic # 0001482 terriers. Can be used for DATE AND PLACE OF TOR WITHIN THE TIME PROPERTY: scribed property will be any, on said premises and mortgage, the above de- breeding. Up to date on RECORDING: Recorded PROVIDED BY LAW IS Lot Twenty-six, Block Six, sold by the Sheriff of said the costs and disburse- scribed property will be June 17, 2004 Olmsted Arborglen Subdivision county as follows: ments, including attorneys sold by the Sheriff of saidshots and worming. Asking NOT AFFECTED BY THIS Wedding $500. Live locally in County Recorder, Docu- ACTION. NOTICE IS COUNTY IN WHICH DATE AND TIME OF fees allowed by law, sub- county as follows: Rochester 816-835-3843. ment No. A1025817. HEREBY GIVEN: That de- PROPERTY IS LOCATED: SALE: June 15, 2012, ject to redemption within 6 DATE AND TIME OF ASSIGNMENTS OF fault has occurred in the Olmsted 10:00am months from the date of SALE: July 6, 2012, MORTGAGE: Assigned conditions of the following ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL PLACE OF SALE: Sher- said sale by the 10:00amGERMAN Shepherd pups; AKC Registered, to: CitiMortgage, Inc suc- described mortgage: DATE AMOUNT OF MORT- iffs Main Office, 101 4th mortgagor(s) the personal PLACE OF SALE: Sher-Excellent temperaments! cessor by merger with ABN OF MORTGAGE: March GAGE: $131056.00 Street SE, Rochester, MN representatives or assigns. iffs Main Office, 101 4th Amro Mortgage Group, Inc. 30, 2007 ORIGINAL PRIN- AMOUNT DUE AND 55904 TIME AND DATE TO VA- Street SE, Rochester, MN US/German bloodlines, Genetic guaranteed. TRANSACTION AGENT: CIPAL AMOUNT OF CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS to pay the debt secured by CATE PROPERTY: If the 55904 Call (715) 537-5413 NONE MORTGAGE: $133,600.00 OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- said mortgage and taxes, if real estate is an owner-oc- to pay the debt secured by www.jerland.com TRANSACTION AGENTS MORTGAGOR(S): Thy CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, any, on said premises and cupied, single-family dwell- said mortgage and taxes, if MORTGAGE IDENTIFICA- Thim, a single woman PAID BY MORTGAGEE: the costs and disburse- ing, unless otherwise pro- any, on said premises andGERMAN SHORTHAIRS - TION NUMBER ON MORTGAGEE: Mortgage $97,347.61 ments, including attorneys vided by law, the date on the costs and disburse- Excellent hunters/blood- MORTGAGE: NONE Electronic Registration That prior to the com- fees allowed by law, sub- or before which the mort- ments, including attorneys lines, Family pets. Parents LENDER OR BROKER Systems, Inc. as nominee mencement of this mort- ject to redemption within 6 gagor(s) must vacate the fees allowed by law, sub- NAVHDA tested, Black & AND MORTGAGE ORIGI- for Equifirst Corporation gage foreclosure proceed- months from the date of property, if the mortgage is ject to redemption within liver. $500. NATOR STATED ON TRANSACTION AGENT: ing Mortgagee/Assignee of said sale by the not reinstated under sec- 12 months from the date of (507) 696-0421 . MORTGAGE: First Fed- Mortgage Electronic Regis- Mortgagee complied with mortgagor(s) the personal tion 580.30 or the property said sale by thewww.shootinghighkennel.com eral Capital Bank tration Systems, Inc. MIN#: all notice requirements as representatives or assigns. is not redeemed under mortgagor(s) the personal RESIDENTIAL MORT- 100200100117518716 required by statute; That TIME AND DATE TO VA- section 580.23, is 11:59 representatives or assigns. GAGE SERVICER: Citi- SERVICER: Ocwen Loan no action or proceeding CATE PROPERTY: If the p.m. on December 17, TIME AND DATE TO VA-GOLDEN Retreiver Pup- Mortgage, Inc Servicing, LLC LENDER: has been instituted at law real estate is an owner-oc- 2012. CATE PROPERTY: If thepies, Champion Linage MORTGAGED PROP- Equifirst Corporation. or otherwise to recover the cupied, single-family dwell- "THE TIME ALLOWED BY real estate is an owner-oc-both sides, selling as pets, ERTY ADDRESS: 1220 DATE AND PLACE OF debt secured by said mort- ing, unless otherwise pro- LAW FOR REDEMPTION cupied, single-family dwell-without papers. Health 5TH Road Northwest, Oro- FILING: Olmsted County gage, or any part thereof; vided by law, the date on BY THE MORTGAGOR, ing, unless otherwise pro- MiscellaneousGuarantee contract par- noco, MN 55960 Minnesota, Recorder , on PURSUANT to the power or before which the mort- THE MORTGAGORS vided by law, the date onents avail. $750 cash. TAX PARCEL I.D. #: April 17, 2007, as Docu- of sale contained in said gagor(s) must vacate the PERSONAL REPRESEN- or before which the mort-507-383-9285. Albert Lea. 84-07-32-073158 ment No. A-1131641. AS- mortgage, the above de- property, if the mortgage is TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, gagor(s) must vacate the LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF SIGNED TO: SABR scribed property will be not reinstated under sec- MAY BE REDUCED TO property, if the mortgage is INCREASE YOUR SALES Jack Russell terrier PROPERTY: MORTGAGE LOAN sold by the Sheriff of said tion 580.30 or the property FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- not reinstated under sec- By Promoting YOUR BUSINESS HERE puppies. Tails docked. Parcel “A” 2008-1 REO SUBSIDI- county as follows: is not redeemed under CIAL ORDER IS EN- tion 580.30 or the property Dew claws removed. 2 That part of the West ARY-1 LLC Dated: Febru- DATE AND TIME OF section 580.23, is 11:59 TERED UNDER MINNE- is not redeemed under males. 8 females. $100. One-Half of the Southwest ary 9, 2012 , and recorded SALE: June 15, 2012 at p.m. on December 17, SOTA STATUTES SEC- section 580.23, is 11:59 This special directory runs 507-824-2577. Quarter of Section 7, March 5, 2012 by Docu- 10:00 AM TION 582.032 DETERMIN- p.m. on July 8, 2013. Township 108 North, ment No. A- 1281681 . LE- PLACE OF SALE: Olmsted 2012. "THE TIME ALLOWED BY ING, AMONG OTHER "THE TIME ALLOWED BY daily in our classifiedLAB pups: AKC, black and Range 14 West, Olmsted GAL DESCRIPTION OF County Government Cen- LAW FOR REDEMPTION THINGS, THAT THE LAW FOR REDEMPTION section. yellow, 1st shots, health County, Minnesota de- PROPERTY: LOT ter, Civil Department, 101 BY THE MORTGAGOR, MORTGAGED PREMISES BY THE MORTGAGOR,guarantee, parents on site. scribed as follows: 3,BLOCK 1, DIAMOND 4th Street South East, THE MORTGAGORS ARE IMPROVED WITH A THE MORTGAGORS $500. Commencing at the north- RIDGE TEN,ROCHES- Rochester, MN PERSONAL REPRESEN- RESIDENTIAL DWELLING PERSONAL REPRESEN- For as low as $5.89 a daywww.beaverridgelabradors.com west corner of the South- TER, OLMSTED to pay the debt then se- TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, reach over 160,000 507-951-1506. west Quarter of said Sec- COUNTY, MINNESOTA. cured by said Mortgage, MAY BE REDUCED TO ARE NOT PROPERTY MAY BE REDUCED TO potential customers. tion 7; thence S00º 10’ PROPERTY ADDRESS: and taxes, if any, on said FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- USED FOR AGRICUL- FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- LABORADOR Retriever 20”W, assumed bearing, 4508 10th Street, Roches- premises, and the costs CIAL ORDER IS EN- TURAL PRODUCTION, CIAL ORDER IS EN- (Based on a 3/mo. contract- puppies, Black & Yellow along the west line of said ter, MN 55901 PROPERTY and disbursements, includ- TERED UNDER MINNE- AND ARE ABANDONED. TERED UNDER MINNE- 2 7/16” x 1” ad size) ACK parents, Vacinated Southwest Quarter, 486.12 I.D: SOTA STATUTES SEC- and dewarmed, health COUNTY IN WHICH Dated: April 18, 2012 TION 582.032 DETERMIN-guarentee contract, unreg- feet to the southwest right PROPERTY IS LOCATED: US Bank National Associa- ING, AMONG OTHER Call Post-Bulletin Classifieds for details of way line of Trunk High- istered $250-$350 Cash.507-383-9285. Albert Lea. way No. 52, as shown to Olmsted THE AMOUNT CLAIMED TO BE DUE ON tion, as Trustee, as suc- THINGS, THAT THE 507-285-7777 Minnesota Department of cessor trustee to Wachovia MORTGAGED PREMISES • • • • • • • •
  • 2. C8 FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012 POST-BULLETIN • www.PostBulletin.com GARAGE Public Notices SALES as A1213905 document LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY: Lot 3, Block 3, Beach Wood Subdivision PROPERTY number ADDRESS: 904 3Rd St Ne, Stewart- ville, MN 55976 DATE AND TIME OF SALE: May 25, 2012, 10:00am PLACE OF SALE: Sher- iffs Main Office, 101 4th Street SE, Rochester, MN 55904 to pay the debt secured by said mortgage and taxes, if any, on said premises and law for redemption by the Mortgagor or the personal representatives or assigns of the Mortgagor is six months after the date of sale. 15. If the real estate is an owner-occupied single- family dwelling, the time to local Garage Sales Garage Sales Garage Sales Garages Sales Garages Sales PROPERTY IDENTIFICA- TION NUMBER: the costs and disburse- vacate the property if the Mortgage is not reinstated NW NW SW SE SE ments, including attorneys under Minnesota Statutes, Treasures COUNTY PROPERTY IN WHICH IS fees allowed by law, sub- ject to redemption within 6 months from the date of section 580.30, or if the property is not redeemed LOCATED: Olmsted under Minnesota Statutes, MULTI-FAMILY THE AMOUNT CLAIMED said sale by the MULTI- Family Sale MEN’S Garage Sale mortgagor(s) the personal section 580.23, is 11:59 DOWNSIZING & moving, Fri., 8-4; Sat., 8-2 1026 6th Ave SE Garage Sale TO BE DUE ON THE p.m. on the 5th day of TVs, camera, radios, print- Fri., 8-5 or 6 Sat 8-noon. representatives or assigns. 812 Elton Hills Dr. NW NO SALES before 8 Garage Sale - Saturday May 19, 8 - 5 pm MORTGAGE ON THE January, 2013. ers, patio table, chairs, golf 2819 20th Avenue SE DATE OF THE NOTICE: TIME AND DATE TO VACATE Eureka Vacuum, Sony Trailer, chipper/shredder, Kids Clothes, Exercise PROPERTY: If the real estate 16. THE TIME ALLOWED clubs. Infant to antiques. Color TV, Duplo Legos, equipment, Toys, furni- $121,684.75 BY LAW FOR REDEMP- 2904 4th Ave. NW (Off El- saws, outboards, furniture, is an owner-occupied, Stroller, Sandbox, comfort- household & more. ture and much more. Adult clothing, THAT all pre-foreclosure single-family dwelling, un- TION BY THE MORTGA- ton Hills Dr) Fri-Sat 8-3. ers, household, Misc. Fri & Sat, 8-4 kitchen/household items, requirements have been GORS, THE MORTGA- 2210 3 AVE SW less otherwise provided by plants/pots, seasonal/holi- complied with; that no ac- law, the date on or before GORS’ PERSONAL REP- Household items, framed Estate Style Garage Sale day items, bowling balls, tion or proceeding has which the mortgagor(s) must RESENTATIVES OR AS- art, purses, lawn chairs, Fri 8-7, Sat. 9-1, APPLE RIDGE 1249 8th AVE SE cartop carrier, exercise been instituted at law or vacate the property, if the SIGNS, MAY BE RE- end table, Wizard of Oz 3732 3rd Place NW CCM 2224 Regent Ln. SW Sat. 7 AM - 3 PM bike, wedding dress, pet otherwise to recover the mortgage is not reinstated DUCED TO FIVE WEEKS collectibles. Antiques, chabby chic, Garage Sale items and much more. debt secured by said mort- under section 580.30 or the IF A JUDICIAL ORDER IS Sun. 10 AM - 2 PM gage, or any part thereof; ENTERED UNDER MIN- Garage Sales Fri. 2-7, Sat. 8-2 3925 7th ST NW depression glass, vintage kitchenware, holiday Fri & Sat ~ 7 AM - 1 PM Miscellaneous household PURSUANT, to the power property is not redeemed un- der section 580.23, is 11:59 NESOTA STATUTES, NW decor, craft & rubber stamps, balloon tire bikes items, collectables, some Household, child - adult clothing, books, furniture, HUGE CHARITY GARAGE SALE of sale contained in said mortgage, the above de- p.m. on November 26, 2012. SECTION 582.032, DE- TERMINING, AMONG Saturday, May 19th items half off. "THE TIME ALLOWED BY many more quality items. toys, bed, TVs. 150 People Donating!! scribed property will be LAW FOR REDEMPTION OTHER THINGS, THAT 8 AM - 5 PM Saint. Marys ER Dept. sold by the Sheriff of said BY THE MORTGAGOR, THE MORTGAGED 3743 9th Ave SW Everything priced to sell! THURS. May 24 county as follows: THE MORTGAGORS PREMISES ARE IM- 1400 3rd Ave. NW 40+ Diamond Ridge Old maps, mags, books, FRI 8-4 Sat 8-12 At the fairgrounds 7-7 DATE AND TIME OF SALE: PERSONAL REPRESEN- PROVED WITH A RESI- Saturday only Patio set / 4 chairs, Neighborhood Garage ads, prints, engravings, 1512 8 1/2 Ave SE Look for more info in the May 25, 2012, 10:00am TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, DENTIAL DWELLING OF hammock, wicker Sales Fri. & Sat. (8-5). frames, 45s, sports, Camping wood, antiques, May 23rd Post-Bulletin PLACE OF SALE: Sher- MAY BE REDUCED TO LESS THAN FIVE UNITS, 8AM-Noon glassware, furniture, newborn - adult clothing, iffs Main Office, 101 4th ARE NOT PROPERTY Antiques, nice back chairs, China www.diamondridgeliving.com Under Garage Sales SE FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- for addresses, times, and something for all! toys/games, Street SE, Rochester, MN CIAL ORDER IS EN- USED IN AGRICULTURAL wooden items, wheel, cupboard, bookcases, 229 7th Ave SW bedding/rugs, furniture, 55904 PRODUCTION, AND ARE jewelry, pictures, items being sold. TERED UNDER MINNE- coffee grinder, table, 7th St NW/41st Ave NW. Wed. 12-6 Thurs-Sat 7-6 kitchen items, books, MOVING/GARAGE SALE to pay the debt secured by SOTA STATUTES SEC- ABANDONED. stoneware, kitchen- adult & toddler & much misc. Saturday 8am-5pm said mortgage and taxes, if TION 582.032 DETERMIN- THIS COMMUNICATION IS ware, watering can clothes, few antiques, Redecorate your home 1052 Golfers Ct. SE any, on said premises and ING, AMONG OTHER FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. & more! twin stroller. Lots of misc. Garages Sales with our treasures! Fri. 7:30 - 4:30 & 1529 8 Ave SE (near Eastwood Golf Course) Couch, Oak dining table, the costs and disburse- ments, including attorneys THINGS, THAT MORTGAGED PREMISES THE Eastwood Bank, Mortgagee NE Sat. 8 - noon 2358 Weston PL SW Fri., 8-3 Sat., 8-1 Name brand clothing, teen desk, treadmill, books, fees allowed by law, sub- ject to redemption within 6 ARE IMPROVED WITH A DUNLAP & SEEGER, P.A. By: /e/ Paul W. Bucher HUGE Moving/ and adult, men xl - xxl, nice household items, baby RESIDENTIAL DWELLING 4210 57th St NW (Field Stone Subdivision) items, & more! months from the date of OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, Paul W. Bucher Retirement sale. Saturday 8-3 PM 2 Cherry Highboy dress- suits, household, bassinet, Attorney Registration No. 1510 28 ST. NW Nice stuff! No junk! said sale by the ARE NOT PROPERTY Antiques, furniture, ers, rocker, lawn furniture, and much more misc. mortgagor(s) the personal 123237 Fri. Sat., 8-3 Bunk beds, scroll saws, USED FOR AGRICUL- scooter, bike, Asian home glider, records, storage toys, games, dishes. representatives or assigns. TURAL PRODUCTION, Attorneys for Mortgagee Furniture, toys, lamps, decorations, fishing gear, Much, too much to list! HUGE Garage sale. TIME AND DATE TO VACATE 206 South Broadway, Suite linens, collectibles, lawn racks, TVs, Avon, dishes, AND ARE ABANDONED. toys, pictures, prints, books misc. Antique: Singer Saturday, May 19th Mitre saw, band saw, PROPERTY: If the real estate 505 mowers, decorations, and more 8 AM - 4 PM Post Office Box 549 and misc. sewing machine, table, GARAGE Sale table drill, small TV, is an owner-occupied, Dated: April 5, 2012 rocker. Fri. & Sat. 8-5 1610 8th Ave SE single-family dwelling, un- Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Rochester, Minnesota MULTI Family 1302 - 1305 9th ST NE Furniture, lamps, pictures entertainment less otherwise provided by Succesor by merger to 55903-0549 & home accessories only Nascar Items, Table saw, Fri 8-5 Sat 8-12 Furniture, playhouse, center, radio + law, the date on or before Wells Fargo Home Mort- Telephone: (507) 288-9111 1710 34th ST NW (5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, roll top desk, file cabinet, MULTI-FAMILY SALE 2519 Mayowood LN SW good clothing, bikes, speakers, toy box, which the mortgagor(s) must gage, Inc. 6/22) Sat. 8 AM - 4 PM purses, kids toys, kids 1505 & 1518 10th Ave. NE One half block north of gas grill, books, vacate the property, if the Mortgagee clothes (girls; infant -5yrs, Fri. 8-5 ~ Sat. 8-3 much miscellaneous!! mortgage is not reinstated SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP Lots of books, pots & Bamber Valley School. puzzles, misc. boys; 4-10yrs) Handmade quilts, baby under section 580.30 or the BY pans, dishes, Sat. 7-3. property is not redeemed un- _____________________ Thurs. Fri. 8-5 Sat 8-12 items, Infant-adult clothing, NOTICE OF MORTGAGE glassware, hammock, Lawrence P. Zielke - child’s wooden rocker, 4327 Ashland Ln NW motors, plants hospital MOVING SALE: Misc. 1741 Spruce 2101 16th St. SE. der section 580.23, is 11:59 FORECLOSURE SALE bed, kitchen items, breast household items, furniture, p.m. on November 26, 2012. 152559 ____________ child’s table & chairs, pump, Little Tykes house. Alpine skis & boots, Meadows Dr. SE ONE day only ~~ Sat., 7-2 "THE TIME ALLOWED BY Diane F. Mach - 273788 toys, baby clothes, Antique jewelry & furniture, Saturday May 19 8-7 collectibles, furniture, tools, Lots of misc. item. antiques + much more! 821 12 Ave SE LAW FOR REDEMPTION Melissa L. B. Porter - THE RIGHT TO VERIFICATION shoes & purses, clothes; 2929 Stonegate CT SW Antiques, Zumba fitness, Pilates BY THE MORTGAGOR, 0337778 ladies (6 petite) - men’s adult & children’s clothing. Ronald W. Spencer - OF THE DEBT AND IDENTITY Fri. 8-4 & Sat. 8-1 Saturday, May 19th Candalabras, tumble machine, jewlery, antiques, THE MORTGAGORS OF THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR (XLT), curtains, GARAGE Sale 8 AM - 2 PM PERSONAL REPRESEN- 0104061 4615 Valley Drive NW Large garage sale at ups, clothing, lots of name brand Stephanie O. Nelson - WITHIN THE TIME PROVIDED antiques & collectibles. professional & casual TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, Lots of misc.! 1627 5th Ave. NE . Grandfather clock and 0388918 BY LAW IS NOT AFFECTED BY MAYO FAMILIES clothing womens 6-14, MAY BE REDUCED TO THIS ACTION. Childrens toys, clothing, much much more. Attorneys for Mortgagee GREAT KIDS and some furniture. CONNECTION & mens 36-40. FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- 12550 West Frontage _____________ Friday & Saturday 8-5 GARAGE SALE! CIAL ORDER IS EN- 2127 Viking Dr. NW STUFF!! Saturday - 8am to noon. Multi-Family Garage Sale FRI. 4-7 SAT. 8-1 725 6th St SE TERED UNDER MINNE- Road, Ste. 200 NOTICE IS HEREBY hosted by MFC. Kitchen, bath, bed, lawn Friday & Saturday 9-3 SOTA STATUTES SEC- Burnsville, MN 55337 Twin Size Instant bed, Little Tikes playground, (952) 831-4060 GIVEN, that default has queen size blankets, large Toy beauty salon, child’s 1930 3 AVE NE Saturday, May 19th. items, curtains, books, Collectible, elegant junque, TION 582.032 DETERMIN- occurred in the conditions Fri., Sat., 8-3 7:00 am-2:00 pm. games, bikes, exercise pre-war jig saw, ING, AMONG OTHER PURSUANT TO THE FAIRfans, mens shirts, clothing, drum set, girls & DEBT COLLECTION of the following describedannuals, perennials, lots of Antiques, Maple Chairs & 3520 Hazelwood Lane SW. equip., Wilton, Princess Scandinavian immigrant THINGS, THAT THE boys clothes (5-12), serving cart,, sofa, com- trunk MORTGAGED PREMISES PRACTICES ACT, YOU mortgage: hostas. Legos, patio furniture, House, Abeka, adult, new ARE ADVISED THAT DATE OF MORTGAGE: puter desk, chair & scan- infant clothes, much more. ARE IMPROVED WITH A dehumidifier, toys, misc., ner, lamps, Household RESIDENTIAL DWELLING THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED 10/15/2007 household, tools. MOVING SALE: Priced to sell! TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- MORTGAGOR(S): Pat- GARAGE SALE: misc, clothing. 2113 3rd Ave SE 5241 20th St SE OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, One day only! All funds 5142 Southwood LN SW TOR. ANY INFORMA- rick OConnor and Diane K. Sat. 8 AM - 1 PM Rain or shine. Thurs.-Sat. 8-5 ARE NOT PROPERTY will be donated to charity. Saturday, May 19th Radial-arm saw, air-lift TION OBTAINED WILL BE OConnor, husband and Kids clothing and toys, 7:30 AM - 12:30 PM GARAGE Sale!! Furniture, girls toys, shoes, USED FOR AGRICUL- USED FOR THAT PUR- wife. garage 4x7 table, antique TURAL PRODUCTION, furniture, household 510 Chalet DR NW Fri 4-7 and Sat 8-2. bikes, clothes, kitchen SE Neighborhood dump rack, horse-drawn AND ARE ABANDONED. POSE. THIS NOTICE IS MORTGAGEE: Mortgage items, and more. 2062 Century View Ln. items. Lots of great REQUIRED BY THE PRO- Electronic Registration household items! Garage Sale! mower & plow, washer, There’s something for VISIONS OF THE FAIR Systems, Inc. as nominee CITY Wide Garage Sale Many household All prices negotiable. 3621 Sherwood Place SE. dryer, furniture, misc hsld Dated: April 5, 2012 DEBT COLLECTION for USA Funding Corp. everyone! Stuff a bag for Wells Fargo Bank, NA $5 and individual items ? Furniture and Home items. Sat. 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM. PRACTICES ACT AND SERVICER: CitiMortgage Décor Accessories from Assignee of Mortgagee DOES NOT IMPLY THAT MORTGAGE ID #: price after noon. Snacks & Drinks available. Fri- Room & Board, Lexington GARAGE SALE Many Collectible Items. Household, Electronics-PlayStation 1, Garage Sales SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP WE ARE ATTEMPTING 100272407091835989 BY day May 18th from and many more! All Furni- ture used to stage homes MULTI-FAMILY GARAGE & BAKE SALE Hallmark Orn’s dolls Video Camera, VCR, Antiques, Furniture, Baby Out of Town _____________________ TO COLLECT MONEY FROM ANYONE WHO RECORDING: DATE AND PLACE OF Recorded 8am-3pm @ (Prince William doll), Lawrence P. Zielke - 2217 48th Street NW including Couch, Chairs, 2403 Churchill LN NE Swing, Pack-n-plays, HAS DISCHARGED THE November 02, 2007,Olm- Dining Sets, Washing Ma- (Viola Hts) books, beautiful antique 152559 chair, bicycle, kitchen Jumperoo, Play mat, DEBT UNDER THE BANK- sted County Recorder, chine, Lamps, Bed Sets, Fri 8am-4pm Name brand clothing- Diane F. Mach - 273788 RUPTCY LAWS OF THE Document No. A-1151390. chairs, antique frames, EYOTA City Wide Melissa L. B. Porter - SAT, ONE DAY ONLY 8-1 Accessories, plus much Sat 8am-Noon Kids clothes: Garage Sales UNITED STATES. ASSIGNMENTS OFLeather couch & loveseat, more! Proceeds benefit Relay for maple newly caned chair, 0337778 Disney bean bags, teenie 6-18 mo. (boys), This Fri. & Sat. (4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, MORTGAGE: Assigned to: coffee/end tables, dining Accepting all Major Credit Life.Furniture, books, 4-5 toddler (girls), Ronald W. Spencer - 5/18) CitiMortgage, Inc. beanie collection, bud- Sale location lists available 0104061 room set, patio furniture, Cards!!!!!! clothing, sporting goods, Men’s and Women starting May 17th at Eyota Stephanie O. Nelson - LEGAL DESCRIPTION OFbookshelves, many misc. 5157 Weatherstone Dr NW miscellaneous. dies, golf balls, Barbie PROPERTY: Lot 7, Block dolls, brass bed (3/4) clothing, Shoes, Kwik Trip & Eyota Market. 0388918 household items & tools. Rochester 55901 Movies-VHS & DVD. Also check the Woman of 1, Riess Third Subdivision, 2418 24th Avenue NW Friday, May 18th Disney videos, knick Attorneys for Mortgagee in the City of Rochester, 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Garage Sale & knacks, pet carrier, jew- Eyota Facebook page. 12550 West Frontage NOTICE OF MORTGAGE Olmsted County, Minne- elry & other misc. GARAGE Sale FORECLOSURE SALE 2449 26 St NW Saturday, May 19th Perennial sale 520 5 St. SW 406 Strathmore Ln. SE GRANDMAS Cleaning Road, Ste. 200 Date: May 15, 2012. sota Fri. Sat., 8-4 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Burnsville, MN 55337 27 varieties off the Alley on 6th Fri., 8-5 Sat., 8-12 House YOU ARE NOTIFIED REGISTERED PROP-Multi-fam, Toys & Camping Sunday, May 20th Ave. Friday & Sat 8-3 Boys and girls Clothes 3 Collectibles, enamal ware, (952) 831-4060 THAT default has occurred ERTY: No gear, baby items, house- 9:00 am to 2:00 pm glassware, dishes, plus PURSUANT TO THE FAIR TAX PARCEL NO.: Fri. May 18th & Rain or Shine. and up, antique sewing in the conditions of the fol- hold goods, mechanics machine, lots of misc. some of young adult cloth- DEBT COLLECTION lowing described Mort-, engine stand. Sport- Sat. May 19th ing and misc. PRACTICES ACT, YOU ADDRESS OF PROP- ARE ADVISED THAT gage: ing equip. baseball cards. HUGE Multi-Family Sale FRI &SAT. 8-1 410 Glen St., Eyota INFORMATION REGARDING ERTY: 5301 Duvall PL NW- 7:30 AM Antiques, peanuts memo- THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED 227 9th Ave NE MORTGAGE TO BE Fri. 9-5 & Sat 8-2 3287 - 75th St NE rabilia, dishes, rollerblades, TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- FORECLOSED Rochester, MN 55906 UNIQUES and HUGE 2-FAMILY New stuff on Saturday. (5 miles N on HWY 63 bench grinder, DVDs, TOR. ANY INFORMA- 1. The Mortgagors are Vin- COUNTY IN WHICH Lots of books, toys, le- past Shopko N) Follow books, furniture, gas weed- TION OBTAINED WILL BE cent G. Staloch and PROPERTY IS LOCATED: ANTIQUES gos, play kitchen, food, yellow & purple signs. wacker, guitar, glass top USED FOR THAT PUR- Theresa M. Staloch, as Olmsted POSE. THIS NOTICE IS MOVING SALE GARAGE SALE slide,outdoor playset, treadmill, furniture, Qual- Sorry, no checks. table, kids motorcycle hel- mets and much misc. REQUIRED BY THE PRO- husband and wife. ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL 2. The Mortgagee is East- AMOUNT OF MORT- 2505 13th Ave NW ity girls clothes 4-18, lots MULTI-FAMILY SALE 617 18 Ave SW VISIONS OF THE FAIR wood Bank. GAGE: $52,000.00 (Corner of Elton Hills Dr) of gymboree, boys 1505 & 1520 10th Ave NE DEBT COLLECTION 3. The Mortgage is dated AMOUNT DUE AND Sat. May 19th clothes 6-10, costumes, household items cheap! Fri. 8-5 ~ Sat. 8-3 Handmade quilts, baby CLEAN, PRICED TO SELL SATURDAY ONLY • 9AM-3PM PRACTICES ACT AND DOES NOT IMPLY THAT January 25, 2008, and was CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS recorded in the office of the OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- 7:30 - 2:00 items, Infant-adult clothing, Large Multi-family sale, car Furniture: Armoire, Dressers, Queen Bed Frame, WE ARE ATTEMPTING County Recorder of Olm- CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, Just to highlight a motors, roller blades, seats, stroller, toddler TO COLLECT MONEY sted County, Minnesota, PAID BY MORTGAGEE: THREE FAMILY SALE Ent. Centers, End/Coffee Tables, Sofa, Chair/Ottoman. FROM ANYONE WHO few of the items: plants hospital bed, kid’s ride-ons, Girls 4T, Foosball 100’s of DVD’s & CD’s, housewares and home on January 31, 2008, as $52,595.18 5336 Duvall St. NW bed raid, kitchen items, table, bike trailer, toys, HAS DISCHARGED THE Document Number That prior to the com- • Unique household Thurs. 5pm-8pm household, new cabinets, decorating, treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical, DEBT UNDER THE BANK- items breast pump, Little Tykes A-1157940. mencement of this mort- Fri & Sat 8-am12pm house. Lots of miss item. holiday deco, much misc. frames, old window frames for crafting, boys/girls RUPTCY LAWS OF THE 4. The Mortgage has not gage foreclosure proceed- • Adult clothing Lots of kids clothes, toys, 717 Memorial Pkwy SW UNITED STATES. been assigned. ing Mortgagee/Assignee of • Exercise equipment Sat 5/19, 8-1pm & adult clothes, pedestal sink & much more! (4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, household misc. INFORMATION REGARDING Mortgagee complied with • Vintage & Antique Garage Sales WE’RE NOT TAKING IT WITH US - ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED! 5/18) MORTGAGED PREMISES all notice requirements as 5. The tax parcel identifica- required by statute; that no 28 12TH AVE SE •ROCHESTER fishing gear; including GARAGE sale bamboo rods. TV, TOYS & CLOTHES SW Multi-family sale! Furniture, tion number of the mort- action or proceeding has • Lots & lots of books 5431 51st st NW. Fri & Sat toys, clothing, tools, sports 12-082320 gaged premises is been instituted at law or 7-2; Half-price Sunday equipment, kitchenware otherwise to recover the • Many interesting etc. NOTICE OF MORTGAGE 6. The legal description of debt secured by said mort- antiques 10-1pm: Boys clothes (2-6) GARAGE Sale FORECLOSURE SALE and girls clothes Everything must go. the mortgaged premises is: gage, or any part thereof; • Unique hobbies / Size small maternity items, Saturday 5/19 8 am-5 pm, THE RIGHT TO VERIFICATION Lot 7 and the West 10 feet PURSUANT to the power Classifieds (NB-2).Toys Dining Rm toys, scrapbook items, incl OF THE DEBT AND IDENTITY collections Tble + 6 chairs. Stroller, Sunday 8am-12pm of Lot 8, Block 18, Original of sale contained in said circut machine & car- OF THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR Plat of the City of Eyota, mortgage, the above de- • Yard and garden car seats,Treadmill, tridges, household items, 913 Kaito Lane SW WITHIN THE TIME PROVIDED • Some unique auto adult/kid bedding, Free-TV. Olmsted County, Minne- scribed property will be lamp, bar stools etc. Sat BY LAW IS NOT AFFECTED BY sota. automotive items sold by the Sheriff of said 8:30-3:00pm. 1018 Fox- ESTATE ANTIQUE SALE THIS ACTION. WORK! 7. The physical street ad- county as follows: SATURDAY 5/19 croft Circle SW, Roch, Mn Former antique dealers NOTICE IS HEREBY dress, city, and zip code of DATE AND TIME OF MULTI-FAMILY SALE selling inventory. Tiger GIVEN, that default has the mortgaged premises is SALE: Friday, June 08,Kid/adult clothes, books, 7 AM - 3 PM 3 Family HUGE maple slant top desk & occurred in the conditions 119 Fourth Street West, 2012, 10:00 a.m. 5805 MELENA CT NW Garage Sale chairs, China, decorative of the following described Eyota, Minnesota 55934.household items, wood Dishes lots of stuff, PLACE OF SALE: Civil Di-chairs, dressers, sporting pieces, brass, wicker, mortgage: OTHER FORECLOSURE DATA vision of Sheriffs Depart- Creative Memories, 1442 4 Ave SW couch, rocker & table. DATE OF MORTGAGE: 8. The person holding the ment, 101 SE Fourthgood items, golf balls, Stampin’ Up, scrapbook Thurs., Fri., 9-5 Sat 9-12girl/boy toys, girls bike, lots 19th Century items, rush January 22, 2004 Mortgage is not a transac- Street, City of Rochester paper, baby quilts/items, seat chairs, Swedish ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL tion agent as defined by to pay the debt then se-of misc., tv. household, girls clothes, 1743 8 ST SW West side Fri. 4-7pm, Sat. 7:30-2pM painted trunk, pine desk, AMOUNT OF MORT- the Minnesota Residential cured by said Mortgage, misc. of Highway 52. Victorian chair, framed GAGE: $166,683.00 Mortgage Originator and and taxes, if any, on said 2511 Boulder Ridge Dr. NW Sat., 8-2 MORTGAGOR(S): Eric D. and loose prints, rare set Servicer Licensing Act. premises, and the costs Furniture; Grandmothers of leather bound Shake- Bradley and Saprina E. The name of the residential and disbursements, includ- 2526 12TH AVE NW RUMMAGE SALE clock, contemporary, tall Bradley, husband and wife Fri. 9 - 6 & Sat. 8 - 2 speare & much more! mortgage servicer and the ing attorneys fees allowed Fri. 8 - 5 & Sat. 8 - 2 case, bonnet top by Her- No clothes. No junk. MORTGAGEE: Wells lender or broker, as de- by law subject to redemp-Gas grill w/ tank, drop leaf 6184 Granite Dr NW schede, Dining room table Fargo Home Mortgage, Toddler clothes (2T-4T), Cash or local check only. fined by this Act, is East-table & 4 chairs, lots of and chairs, assorted glass- Inc. wood Bank. tion within 6 months from girls clothes (5-7), Boys Dealers welcome. Abso-baby clothes, Men’s shirts, clothes (5-6), kid’s toys & ware and dinnerware, lutely no early sales. LENDER: Wells Fargo 9. If stated on the Mort- the date of said sale by theboy’s clothing (2T - 4T), books, kids winter apparel, some baby clothes, Fri. 9 - 6 & Sat. 8 - 2. Home Mortgage, Inc. gage, the name of the mortgagor(s), their per-bedding, toys & lots misc. women’s clothing, VHS & games, stuffed animals 915 8th ST SW SERVICER: Wells Fargo mortgage originator, as de- sonal representatives or DVDs, umbrellas stroller, and clothing items. Bank, NA fined by the Minnesota assigns.MULTI Family Garage Sale kitchen/houseware items. DATE AND PLACE OF Residential Mortgage DATE TO VACATE PROP-Household items, furniture, 2 Family Sale 987 Foxwoods Ct. SW FILING: Filed February 10, Originator and Servicer Li- ERTY: The date on or be-collectibles, sports equip- Fantastic items: Fri., 8-2, Sat 8-12 2004, Olmsted County Re- censing Act, is Eastwood fore which the mortgagorment, brand name clothes, Great book cases, Ping Misc Household, clothing, corder, as Document Num- Bank. must vacate the property if toys. 2709 4th Ave NW, 6320 50 Ave NW ber A1010960 the mortgage is not rein- 7:30 a.m. Saturday Pong Table (Good Con- shelving, furniture, TV’s, INFORMATION REGARDINGRochester - May 18 & 19, dition); Scooters, Mint Home Theater electronics, LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF FORECLOSURE stated under Minnesota Household, horse acce- 8:00 - 2:00. sories, games, furniture, Condition Clothing Girls Gas Grill, 20 Gallon PROPERTY: 10. The requisites for fore- Statutes section 580.30 or micro. yard tools, excer- size 10-4; Boys 12-16, Compressor. Lot Ten(10), Block Two(2), closure under the Minne- the property redeemed un- Downsizing Moving Sale size equipment, toys, Huge Pokemon collec- Sunset Square First Subdi- sota Statutes on foreclo- der Minnesota Statutes SATURDAY 8-1 craft, 2 room tent, elec- tion, toys, books; HUGE Moving Sale! vision sure by advertisement section 580.23 is 2826 Boulder Ridge DR NW household items. PROPERTY ADDRESS: have been satisfied. 12/08/2012 at 11:59 p.m. tronics, bird cage, fish QUALITY & Stylish homeFurniture, household, lawn, tank, and much more. 1319 Woodland Dr. SW 422 West 2Nd Street, 11. The original principal If the foregoing date is a garden and patio items. decor, hope chest, iron Eyota, MN 55934 amount secured by the Saturday, Sunday or legal 8-3 Sat. May 19 bed, armoire, train table, PROPERTY IDENTIFICA- Mortgage was holiday, then the date to butcher block tables, TION NUMBER: $128,250.00. vacate is the next business Infant clothing, some TOYS, grill, petite & kids camping misc. kitchen, 12. At the date of this No- day at 11:59 p.m. clothes & much more!! COUNTY IN WHICH tice, the amount due on the MORTGAGOR(S) RE- 5TH annual Perennial Plant sale knick knacks, golf clubs, 2408 Virginia Lane SW PROPERTY IS Mortgage, including taxes LEASED FROM FINAN- The Traveling Ta-Tas have collected lots of varities plus misc. 05/18 10am-7pm and LOCATED: Olmsted 2902 Wellington Ln. SW (if any), paid by the holder CIAL OBLIGATION ON — old favorites as well as new ones. 05/19 8am-1pm THE AMOUNT CLAIMED of the Mortgage, is MORTGAGE: NONE All plants are still $4. Fri. 7-6 Sat 8-12 TO BE DUE ON THE THE TIME ALLOWED BY $126,487.11. All proceeds go to breast cancer research. MORTGAGE ON THE 13. Pursuant to the power LAW FOR REDEMPTION 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 19 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, May 20 Garages Sales Garages Sales DATE OF THE NOTICE: $152,493.77 of sale in the Mortgage, the BY THE MORTGAGOR, Mortgage will be fore- THE MORTGAGOR’S 2330 18th Ave. N.W., Rochester NE NE Classifieds THAT all pre-foreclosure requirements have been closed, and the Sheriff of PERSONAL REPRESEN- TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, Olmsted County, Minne- complied with; that no ac- sota, will sell the mort- MAY BE REDUCED TO tion or proceeding has gaged premises at public FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- GALLONS OF PLANTS been instituted at law or MEMORIAL DAY PLANT SALE 713 18th Ave NE CALL 507-285-7777 or 800-562-1758 otherwise to recover the auction on July 5, 2012, at CIAL ORDER IS EN- 10:00 a.m., at the Olmsted TERED UNDER MINNE- Plants grown in Rochester 8:00-5:00 [24/7 Online] debt secured by said mort- 826 2nd ST NW Thurs 10-5, Fri., Sat. 8-4 gage, or any part thereof; County Sheriff’s Office, SOTA STATUTES SEC- Civil Division, in the Olm- TION 582.032, DETER- Fri. (5/25) 5 PM - 7 PM www.postbulletin.com/classifieds PURSUANT, to the power sted County Law Enforce- MINING, AMONG OTHER Sat. (5/26) 9 AM - 11 AM & 1 PM - 3 PM Women’s & children’s clothing, of sale contained in said ment Center, 101 Fourth THINGS, THAT THE household items, corner hutch, 30 gallon FREE AD LINE: mortgage, the above de- Street Southeast, in the MORTGAGED PREMISES Sun. (5/27) 1 PM - 3 PM scribed property will be City of Rochester, Minne- ARE IMPROVED WITH A Mon. (5/28) 9 AM - 11 AM & 1 PM - 3 PM fish tank with stand, and much misc. 507-252-1271 or 888-755-5333 sold by the Sheriff of said sota. RESIDENTIAL DWELL- Tomatoes faux, basil, nasturtium baskets. ($1 - $5) MUST SEE !!! county as follows: 14. The time allowed by ING OF LESS THAN FIVE • • • • • • • •
  • 3. POST-BULLETIN • www.PostBulletin.com FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012 C9 Real Life Adventures / Wise and Aldrich Public Notices Public NoticesUNITS, ARE NOT PROP- RECORDING: Recorded MAY BE REDUCED TO man, P.A.ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- NOTICE OF MORTGAGE July 28, 2005,Olmsted By: Steven H. Bruns NOTICE OF MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE SALE FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI-TURAL PRODUCTION, County Recorder, Docu- CIAL ORDER IS EN- Attorneys for: FORECLOSURE SALEAND ARE ABANDONED. ____________ ment No. A1070213. Bank of America, National THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- TERED UNDER MINNE- ASSIGNMENTS OF SOTA STATUTES SEC- Association CATION OF THE DEBTDated: April 13, 2012 THE RIGHT TO VERIFICATION MORTGAGE: Assigned to: Assignee of Mortgagee AND IDENTITY OF THE OF THE DEBT AND IDENTITY TION 582.032, DETER-CitiMortgage, Inc. Minnesota Housing Fi- MINING, AMONG OTHER 55 E. 5th St., Suite 800 ORIGINAL CREDITORAssignee of Mortgagee OF THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR nance Agency Dated: June St. Paul, MN 55101 WITHIN THE TIME PRO- WITHIN THE TIME PROVIDED THINGS, THAT THE 30, 2005,Recorded July MORTGAGED PREMISES (651) 209-7599 VIDED BY LAW IS NOTPeterson, Fram & Berg- BY LAW IS NOT AFFECTED BY 28, 2005,Olmsted County THIS IS A COMMUNICA- AFFECTED BY THIS AC- THIS ACTION. ARE IMPROVED WITH Aman, P.A. Recorder, Document No. RESIDENTIAL DWELL- TION FROM A DEBT TION.By: Steven H. Bruns _____________ A1070214. COLLECTOR. NOTICE IS HEREBY NOTICE IS HEREBY ING OF LESS THAN FIVEAttorneys for: LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- 16751-121185 GIVEN, that default has GIVEN, that default has (5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, occurred in conditions ofCitiMortgage, Inc. occurred in the conditions PROPERTY: The South ERTY USED IN AGRICUL-Assignee of Mortgagee 45 feet of Lots 21 and 22, 6/22) the following described of the following described TURAL PRODUCTION, mortgage:55 E. 5th St., Suite 800 mortgage: Block 16, Northern Addi- AND ARE ABANDONED.St. Paul, MN 55101 tion to the City of Roches- NOTICE OF MORTGAGE DATE OF DATE OF MORTGAGE: FORECLOSURE SALE MORTGAGE: De-(651) 209-7599 09/30/1994 ter, Olmsted County, Min- Dated: May 04, 2012THIS IS A COMMUNICATION nesota. THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- cember 7, 1984 MORTGAGOR(S): Kevin Bank of America, National MORTGAGOR:FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. REGISTERED PROP- Association CATION OF THE DEBT C. Chinn and Ann G. AND IDENTITY OF THE Mary K. Behnken, a single12890-120144 Chinn, husband and wife. ERTY: No Assignee of Mortgagee(4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, TAX PARCEL NO.: ORIGINAL CREDITOR person. MORTGAGEE: Heigl WITHIN THE TIME PRO- MORTGAGEE:5/25) Mortgage and Financial Peterson, Fram & VIDED BY LAW IS NOT Marquette Bank & Trust Corporation ADDRESS OF PROP- Bergman, P.A. Company of Rochester. NOTICE OF MORTGAGE ERTY: By: Steven H. Bruns AFFECTED BY THIS AC- SERVICER: US Bank TION. DATE AND PLACE OF FORECLOSURE SALE Home Mortgage 1103 2nd Ave NW Attorneys for: RECORDING: Re- ____________ Rochester, MN 55901 Bank of America, National NOTICE IS HEREBY MORTGAGE ID #: n/a GIVEN, that default has corded December 12, DATE AND PLACE OF COUNTY IN WHICH Association 1984, Olmsted County Re-THE RIGHT TO VERIFICATION PROPERTY IS LOCATED: Assignee of Mortgagee occurred in conditions of RECORDING: Recorded the following described corder, Document No.OF THE DEBT AND IDENTITY October 05, 1994,Olmsted Olmsted 55 E. 5th St., Suite 800 479203.OF THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL St. Paul, MN 55101 mortgage: County Recorder, Docu- DATE OF MORTGAGE: ASSIGNMENTS OFWITHIN THE TIME PROVIDED ment No. 693083. AMOUNT OF MORT- (651) 209-7599 MORTGAGE: As-BY LAW IS NOT AFFECTED BY GAGE: $64,411.00 THIS IS A COMMUNICA- May 22, 2009 ASSIGNMENTS OF MORTGAGOR: Jericho J. signed to: Knutson Mort-THIS ACTION. MORTGAGE: Assigned to: AMOUNT DUE AND TION FROM A DEBT gage and Financial Corpo- _____________ CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS COLLECTOR. Forney, a single person. Minnesota Housing Fi- MORTGAGEE: Mortgage ration. And thereafter as- nance Agency Dated: Sep- OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- 16751-121099 signed to: Home OwnersNOTICE IS HEREBY CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, (5/11, 5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8, Electronic Registration tember 30, 1994,Recorded Systems, Inc.. Federal Savings and LoanGIVEN, that default has October 05, 1994,Olmsted PAID BY MORTGAGEE: 6/15) Association. And thereaf-occurred in the conditions $62,755.18 DATE AND PLACE OF County Recorder, Docu- RECORDING: Recorded ter assigned to: Federalof the following described ment No. 693085. Re-re- That prior to the com- NOTICE OF MORTGAGE Home Loan Mortgage Cor-mortgage: mencement of this mort- June 1, 2009 Olmsted cord: January 10, FORECLOSURE SALE County Recorder, Docu- poration. And thereafterDATE OF MORTGAGE: gage foreclosure proceed- Public Notices 1995,Olmsted County Re- THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- ment No. A1201434. assigned to: Chase Home09/26/2005 corder, Document No. ing Mortgagee/Assignee of CATION OF THE DEBT Mortgage Corporation.MORTGAGOR(S): Justin Mortgagee complied with ASSIGNMENTS OF 697948. AND IDENTITY OF THE MORTGAGE: Assigned And thereafter assigned to:C. Koball, a single person. LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF all notice requirements as ORIGINAL CREDITOR Matrix Financial ServicesMORTGAGEE: Wells required by statute; that no to: U.S. Bank National As- PROPERTY: Lot 7, Block WITHIN THE TIME PRO- sociation. Corporation.Fargo Bank, National As- 22, East Rochester Addi- action or proceeding has VIDED BY LAW IS NOT TRANSACTION AGENT:sociation been instituted at law or TRANSACTION AGENT: NONE tion, Olmsted County, Min- AFFECTED BY THIS AC- Mortgage Electronic Regis-SERVICER: US Bank nesota. otherwise to recover the TION. TRANSACTION AGENTSHome Mortgage debt secured by said mort- tration Systems, Inc. MORTGAGE IDENTIFICA- REGISTERED PROP- AFFECTED BY THIS AC- NOTICE IS HEREBY TRANSACTION AGENTSMORTGAGE ID #: n/a ERTY: No gage, or any part thereof; TION. Peterson, Fram & Berg- GIVEN, that default has TION NUMBER ONDATE AND PLACE OF PURSUANT to the power nity No. 175, The Willows MORTGAGE IDENTIFICA- MORTGAGE: NONE TAX PARCEL NO.: _____________ man, P.A. occurred in the conditions TION NUMBER ONRECORDING: Recorded of sale contained in said Condominium, in the City By: Steven H. Bruns of the following described LENDER OR BROKEROctober 24, 2005,Olmsted mortgage, the above de- of Rochester, Olmsted MORTGAGE: AND MORTGAGE ORIGI- ADDRESS OF PROP- NOTICE IS HEREBY Attorneys for: mortgage: 100021200000066265County Recorder, Docu- ERTY: scribed property will be County, Minnesota. and GIVEN, that default has Bank of America, National DATE OF MORTGAGE: NATOR STATED ONment No. A1080395. sold by the Sheriff of said Unit 81, Common Interest LENDER OR BROKER MORTGAGE: Marquette 811 SE 8th Ave occurred in the conditions Association 05/31/2002 AND MORTGAGE ORIGI-ASSIGNMENTS OF Rochester, MN 55904 county as follows: Community No. 175, The of the following described Assignee of Mortgagee MORTGAGOR(S): Todd Bank & Trust Company ofMORTGAGE: Assigned to: DATE AND TIME OF Willows Condominium, NATOR STATED ON Rochester COUNTY IN WHICH mortgage: 55 E. 5th St., Suite 800 L. Speer, a single person. MORTGAGE: U.S. BankMinnesota Housing Fi- SALE: Friday, June 15, First Supplemental CIC DATE OF MORTGAGE: St. Paul, MN 55101 MORTGAGEE: Mortgage RESIDENTIAL MORT- PROPERTY IS LOCATED: Plat, in the City of Roches- National Associationnance Agency Dated: Sep- Olmsted 2012, 10:00 a.m. 12/30/2005 (651) 209-7599 Electronic Registration GAGE SERVICER: Matrixtember 26, 2005,Recorded PLACE OF SALE: Civil Di- ter, Olmsted County, Min- RESIDENTIAL MORT- Financial Services Corpo- ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL MORTGAGOR(S): Ricki THIS IS A COMMUNICA- Systems, Inc. as nominee GAGE SERVICER: U.S.October 24, 2005,Olmsted vision of Sheriffs Depart- nesota. Bui and Kimberly H. A. Bui, TION FROM A DEBT for Guaranty Residential ration AMOUNT OF MORT- REGISTERED Bank Home Mortgage, a MORTGAGED PROP-County Recorder, Docu- GAGE: $53,830.00 ment, 101 SE Fourth husband and wife. COLLECTOR. Lending, Inc.ment No. A1080396. Street, City of Rochester PROPERTY: Yes division of U.S. Bank Na- ERTY ADDRESS: 607 AMOUNT DUE AND MORTGAGEE: Mortgage 16751-120975 SERVICER: Bank of tional AssociationLEGAL DESCRIPTION OF to pay the debt then se- TAX PARCEL NO.: (4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25, America, N.A. 19TH Street Northwest, CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS Electronic & Registration MORTGAGED PROP- Rochester, MN 55901PROPERTY: Lot 21, Block OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- cured by said Mortgage, Systems, Inc. as nominee 6/1) MORTGAGE ID #:2, The Villas of Valley Side and taxes, if any, on said ERTY ADDRESS: 2406 TAX PARCEL I.D. #: CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, for Countrywide Home 100012900015132512 17 1/2 Street Northwest,Two, Common Interest premises, and the costs ADDRESS OF DATE AND PLACE OF PAID BY MORTGAGEE: PROPERTY: Loans, Inc. Rochester, MN 55901 LEGAL DESCRIPTION OFCommunity Number 181, and disbursements, includ- SERVICER: Bank of NOTICE OF MORTGAGE RECORDING: Recorded $39,535.26 2050 11th Ave SE Unit D FORECLOSURE SALE TAX PARCEL I.D. #: PROPERTY:Olmsted County, Minne- That prior to the com- ing attorneys fees allowed America, N.A. June 06, 2002,Olmstedsota. by law subject to redemp- Rochester, MN 55904 THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- 742732022541 Apartment No. mencement of this mort- COUNTY IN MORTGAGE WHICH ID #: County Recorder, Docu- LEGAL DESCRIPTION OFREGISTERED PROP- tion within 6 months from CATION OF THE DEBT ment No. A920489. Twenty-seven (27), and an gage foreclosure proceed- PROPERTY IS LOCATED: 1000157-0006257077-1 PROPERTY: undivided 4.21% interest inERTY: No the date of said sale by the DATE AND PLACE OF AND IDENTITY OF THE ASSIGNMENTS OF ing Mortgagee/Assignee of Olmsted ORIGINAL CREDITOR Lot 9, Block 2, Sunset Ter- the common elements ofTAX PARCEL NO.: Mortgagee complied with mortgagor(s), their per- RECORDING: Recorded MORTGAGE: Assigned to: sonal representatives or ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL WITHIN THE TIME PRO- race Fourth Addition to the Valhalla Eleven, Condo- all notice requirements as AMOUNT OF January 06, 2006,Olmsted MORT- Bank of America, National City of Rochester, Olmsted minium No. 48, located onADDRESS OF PROP- assigns. County Recorder, Docu- VIDED BY LAW IS NOT Association as successor required by statute; that no GAGE: $85,031.00 AFFECTED BY THIS AC- County, Minnesota. Lot Eleven (11), Block FourERTY: action or proceeding has DATE TO VACATE PROP- ment No. A-1088470. by merger to BAC Home4295 Mallard Place SE ERTY: The date on or be- AMOUNT DUE AND TION. COUNTY IN WHICH (4), Valhalla Fourth Subdi- been instituted at law or CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS ASSIGNMENTS OF Loans Servicing, LP fka PROPERTY IS LOCATED: vision, Rochester, Minne-Rochester, MN 55904 fore which the mortgagor MORTGAGE: Assigned to: NOTICE IS HEREBY Countrywide Home Loans otherwise to recover the OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- GIVEN, that default has Olmsted sota, according to the PlatCOUNTY IN WHICH debt secured by said mort- must vacate the property if BAC Home Loans Servic- Servicing, LP Dated: De-PROPERTY IS LOCATED: the mortgage is not rein- CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, occurred in the conditions ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL thereof on file and of re- gage, or any part thereof; PAID BY MORTGAGEE: ing LP f/k/a Countrywide cember 08, 2011,Recorded AMOUNT OF MORT- cord in the office of theOlmsted stated under Minnesota Home Loans Servicing LP of the following described December 16, 2011,Olm- PURSUANT to the power $87,017.57 mortgage: GAGE: $148,372.00 County Recorder in and forORIGINAL PRINCIPAL of sale contained in said Statutes section 580.30 or Dated: June 17, 2011,Re- sted County Recorder,AMOUNT OF MORT- the property redeemed un- That prior to the com- DATE OF MORTGAGE: AMOUNT DUE AND said County. mortgage, the above de- mencement of this mort- corded October 06, Document No. A1275457. CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS COUNTY IN WHICHGAGE: $85,600.00 der Minnesota Statutes 2011,Olmsted County Re- 05/31/2007 LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF scribed property will be gage foreclosure proceed- MORTGAGOR(S): Adam OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- PROPERTY ISAMOUNT DUE AND sold by the Sheriff of said section 580.23 is corder, Document No. PROPERTY: Lot 5, BlockCLAIMED TO BE DUE AS 12/15/2012 at 11:59 p.m. ing Mortgagee/Assignee of R. Brandrup, a single per- CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, LOCATED:Olmsted county as follows: Mortgagee complied with A1269466. 1, Rolling Greens Addition, PAID BY MORTGAGEE: ORIGINAL PRINCIPALOF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- If the foregoing date is a LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF son. City of Rochester, Olmsted DATE AND TIME OF all notice requirements as MORTGAGEE: Mortgage $148,862.71 AMOUNT OF MORT-CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, SALE: Friday, June 01, Saturday, Sunday or legal PROPERTY: Lot 8, Block County, MinnesotaPAID BY MORTGAGEE: holiday, then the date to required by statute; that no Electronic Registration That prior to the com- GAGE: $50,200.00 2012, 10:00 a.m. action or proceeding has 3, Wedgewood Hills Sev- REGISTERED PROP- mencement of this mort- AMOUNT DUE AND$79,654.40 vacate is the next business enth, in the City of Roches- Systems, Inc. as nominee ERTY: No PLACE OF SALE: Civil Di- been instituted at law or for Countrywide Home gage foreclosure proceed- CLAIMED TO BE DUE ASThat prior to the com- vision of Sheriffs Depart- day at 11:59 p.m. otherwise to recover the ter, Olmsted County, Min- TAX PARCEL NO.:mencement of this mort- MORTGAGOR(S) RE- Loans, Inc. ing Mortgagee/Assignee of OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- ment, 101 SE Fourth nesota debt secured by said mort- Mortgagee complied with CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY,gage foreclosure proceed- LEASED FROM FINAN- REGISTERED PROP- SERVICER: Bank of ADDRESS OF PROP- Street, City of Rochester gage, or any part thereof; America, N.A. all notice requirements as PAID BYing Mortgagee/Assignee of to pay the debt then se- CIAL OBLIGATION ON PURSUANT to the power ERTY: No ERTY: MORTGAGEE:Mortgagee complied with MORTGAGE: NONE MORTGAGE ID #: required by statute; That cured by said Mortgage, of sale contained in saidTAX PARCEL NO.: 1827 35th St NW no action or proceeding $21,024.72all notice requirements as THE TIME ALLOWED BY mortgage, the above de- 1000157-0008225505-6 Rochester, MN 55901 and taxes, if any, on said DATE AND PLACE OF has been instituted at law That prior to the com-required by statute; that no premises, and the costs LAW FOR REDEMPTION scribed property will be ADDRESS OF PROP- COUNTY IN WHICH mencement of this mort-action or proceeding has BY THE MORTGAGOR, RECORDING: Recorded or otherwise to recover the and disbursements, includ- sold by the Sheriff of said ERTY: PROPERTY IS LOCATED: debt secured by said mort- gage foreclosure proceed-been instituted at law or THE MORTGAGOR’S county as follows: 5236 55th Ave NW June 11, 2007,Olmsted Olmsted ing Mortgagee/Assignee of ing attorneys fees allowed County Recorder, Docu- gage, or any part thereof;otherwise to recover the by law subject to redemp- PERSONAL REPRESEN- DATE AND TIME OF Rochester, MN 55901 ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL Mortgagee complied withdebt secured by said mort- TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, ment No. A 1137208. PURSUANT to the power tion within 6 months from SALE: Friday, June 01, COUNTY IN WHICH AMOUNT OF MORT- of sale contained in said all notice requirements asgage, or any part thereof; MAY BE REDUCED TO 2012, 10:00 a.m. PROPERTY IS LOCATED: ASSIGNMENTS OF GAGE: $131,957.00 required by statute; That the date of said sale by the MORTGAGE: Assigned to: mortgage, the above de-PURSUANT to the power mortgagor(s), their per- FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- PLACE OF SALE: Civil Di- Olmsted AMOUNT DUE AND no action or proceedingof sale contained in said CIAL ORDER IS EN- Bank of America, National scribed property will be sonal representatives or vision of Sheriffs Depart- ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS sold by the Sheriff of said has been instituted at lawmortgage, the above de- TERED UNDER MINNE- ment, 101 SE Fourth AMOUNT OF MORT- Association as successor OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- or otherwise to recover the assigns. by merger to BAC Home county as follows:scribed property will be DATE TO VACATE PROP- SOTA STATUTES SEC- Street, City of RochesterGAGE: $180,800.00 CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, debt secured by said mort-sold by the Sheriff of said TION 582.032, DETER- Loans Servicing, LP fka DATE AND TIME OF ERTY: The date on or be- to pay the debt then se- AMOUNT DUE AND PAID BY MORTGAGEE: SALE: June 15, 2012 at gage, or any part thereof;county as follows: MINING, AMONG OTHER cured by said Mortgage, CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS Countrywide Home Loans $124,662.21 PURSUANT to the power fore which the mortgagor Servicing, LP Dated: Octo- 10:00 AMDATE AND TIME OF must vacate the property if THINGS, THAT THE and taxes, if any, on said OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- That prior to the com- of sale contained in saidSALE: Friday, June 08, MORTGAGED PREMISES ber 25, 2011,Recorded No- PLACE OF SALE: Olmsted the mortgage is not rein- premises, and the costs CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, mencement of this mort- County Government Cen- mortgage, the above de-2012, 10:00 a.m. ARE IMPROVED WITH A and disbursements, includ- PAID BY MORTGAGEE: vember 16, 2011,Olmsted gage foreclosure proceed- scribed property will be stated under Minnesota County Recorder, Docu- ter, Civil Department, 101PLACE OF SALE: Civil Di- Statutes section 580.30 or RESIDENTIAL DWELL- ing attorneys fees allowed $183,677.11 ing Mortgagee/Assignee of sold by the Sheriff of saidvision of Sheriffs Depart- ING OF LESS THAN FIVE ment No. A1272799. 4th Street South East, the property redeemed un- by law subject to redemp-That prior to the com- Mortgagee complied with Rochester, MN county as follows:ment, 101 SE Fourth UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- tion within 6 months frommencement of this mort- LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF all notice requirements as DATE AND TIME OF der Minnesota Statutes PROPERTY: lot 10, block to pay the debt then se-Street, City of Rochester section 580.23 is ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- the date of said sale by the gage foreclosure proceed- required by statute; that no SALE: June 8, 2012 atto pay the debt then se- TURAL PRODUCTION, mortgagor(s), their per- 4, Innsbruck six, in the city cured by said Mortgage, 12/01/2012 at 11:59 p.m. ing Mortgagee/Assignee of action or proceeding has and taxes, if any, on said 10:00 AMcured by said Mortgage, AND ARE ABANDONED. sonal representatives or Mortgagee complied with of rochester, Olmsted been instituted at law or PLACE OF SALE: If the foregoing date is a county, minnesota. premises, and the costsand taxes, if any, on said Saturday, Sunday or legal assigns. all notice requirements as otherwise to recover the Olm-premises, and the costs Dated: April 17, 2012 DATE TO VACATE PROP- REGISTERED PROP- and disbursements, includ- sted County Government holiday, then the date to required by statute; that no debt secured by said mort- ing attorneys fees allowedand disbursements, includ- Minnesota Housing Fi- ERTY: The date on or be- action or proceeding has ERTY: No gage, or any part thereof; Center, Civil Department, vacate is the next business TAX PARCEL NO.: by law subject to redemp-ing attorneys fees allowed day at 11:59 p.m. nance Agency fore which the mortgagor been instituted at law or PURSUANT to the power 101 4th Street South East,by law subject to redemp- Assignee of Mortgagee must vacate the property if tion within six (6) months Rochester, MN MORTGAGOR(S) RE- otherwise to recover the of sale contained in said from the date of said saletion within 6 months from the mortgage is not rein-debt secured by said mort- ADDRESS OF PROP- mortgage, the above de- to pay the debt then se- LEASED FROM FINAN- ERTY: by the mortgagor(s), theirthe date of said sale by the CIAL OBLIGATION ON Peterson, Fram & Berg- stated under Minnesota gage, or any part thereof; scribed property will be cured by said Mortgage,mortgagor(s), their per- man, P.A. Statutes section 580.30 or 4527 16th Ave NW personal representatives or and taxes, if any, on said MORTGAGE: NONE PURSUANT to the power sold by the Sheriff of said assigns unless reduced tosonal representatives or By: Michael T. Oberle the property redeemed un-of sale contained in said Rochester, MN 55901 county as follows: premises, and the costs THE TIME ALLOWED BY der Minnesota Statutes COUNTY IN WHICH Five (5) weeks under MNassigns. LAW FOR REDEMPTION Attorneys for: mortgage, the above de- DATE AND TIME OF and disbursements, includ-DATE TO VACATE PROP- Minnesota Housing Fi- section 580.23 is PROPERTY IS LOCATED: Stat. §580.07. ing attorneys fees allowed BY THE MORTGAGOR, scribed property will be SALE: Friday, July 06, TIME AND DATE TO VA-ERTY: The date on or be- nance Agency 12/01/2012 at 11:59 p.m. sold by the Sheriff of said Olmsted 2012, 10:00 a.m. by law subject to redemp- THE MORTGAGOR’S If the foregoing date is a ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL CATE PROPERTY: If the tion within twelve (12)fore which the mortgagor PERSONAL REPRESEN- Assignee of Mortgagee county as follows: PLACE OF SALE: Civil Di-must vacate the property if 55 E. 5th St., Suite 800 Saturday, Sunday or legal AMOUNT OF MORT- real estate is an owner-oc- months from the date of TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, DATE AND TIME OF vision of Sheriffs Depart- cupied, single-family dwell-the mortgage is not rein- St. Paul, MN 55101 holiday, then the date toSALE: Friday, June 15, GAGE: $132,762.00 ment, 101 SE Fourth said sale by the MAY BE REDUCED TO vacate is the next business AMOUNT DUE AND ing, unless otherwise pro- mortgagor(s), their per-stated under Minnesota FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- (651) 209-7599 2012, 10:00 a.m. Street, City of RochesterStatutes section 580.30 or THIS IS A COMMUNICA- day at 11:59 p.m. CLAIMED TO BE DUE AS vided by law, the date on sonal representatives or CIAL ORDER IS EN- PLACE OF SALE: Civil Di- to pay the debt then se- or before which the mort-the property redeemed un- TION FROM A DEBT MORTGAGOR(S) RE- OF DATE OF NOTICE, IN- cured by said Mortgage, assigns unless reduced to TERED UNDER MINNE- LEASED FROM FINAN- vision of Sheriffs Depart- gagor(s) must vacate the Five (5) weeks under MNder Minnesota Statutes COLLECTOR. ment, 101 SE Fourth CLUDING TAXES, IF ANY, and taxes, if any, on said SOTA STATUTES SEC- CIAL OBLIGATION ON PAID BY MORTGAGEE: property if the mortgage is Stat. §580.07.section 580.23 is TION 582.032, DETER- 16205-120262 Street, City of Rochester premises, and the costs12/08/2012 at 11:59 p.m. (4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25, MORTGAGE: NONE $126,525.90 not reinstated under sec- TIME AND DATE TO VA- MINING, AMONG OTHER to pay the debt then se- and disbursements, includ- tion 580.30 or the propertyIf the foregoing date is a 6/1) THE TIME ALLOWED BY That prior to the com- ing attorneys fees allowed CATE PROPERTY: If the THINGS, THAT THE LAW FOR REDEMPTION cured by said Mortgage, is not redeemed under real estate is an owner-oc-Saturday, Sunday or legal and taxes, if any, on said mencement of this mort- by law subject to redemp- MORTGAGED PREMISES BY THE MORTGAGOR, gage foreclosure proceed- section 580.23 is 11:59 cupied, single-family dwell-holiday, then the date to ARE IMPROVED WITH A NOTICE OF MORTGAGE premises, and the costs tion within 6 months fromvacate is the next business FORECLOSURE SALE THE MORTGAGOR’S ing Mortgagee/Assignee of p.m. on December 17, ing, unless otherwise pro- RESIDENTIAL DWELL- PERSONAL REPRESEN- and disbursements, includ- the date of said sale by the 2012, unless the redemp- vided by law, the date onday at 11:59 p.m. ____________ ing attorneys fees allowed Mortgagee complied with mortgagor(s), their per- ING OF LESS THAN FIVE TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, all notice requirements as tion period is reduced to 5 or before which the mort-MORTGAGOR(S) RE- UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- by law subject to redemp- sonal representatives orLEASED FROM FINAN- THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- MAY BE REDUCED TO required by statute; that no weeks under MN Stat. gagor(s) must vacate the ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- tion within 6 months from assigns. Secs. 580.07 or 582.032. property if the mortgage isCIAL OBLIGATION ON CATION OF THE DEBT the date of said sale by the action or proceeding has DATE TO VACATE PROP- TURAL PRODUCTION, CIAL ORDER IS EN- been instituted at law or MORTGAGOR(S) RE- not reinstated under sec-MORTGAGE: NONE AND ARE ABANDONED. AND IDENTITY OF THE mortgagor(s), their per- ERTY: The date on or be-THE TIME ALLOWED BY ORIGINAL CREDITOR TERED UNDER MINNE- otherwise to recover the LEASED FROM FINAN- tion 580.30 or the property SOTA STATUTES SEC- sonal representatives or fore which the mortgagor CIAL OBLIGATION ON is not redeemed underLAW FOR REDEMPTION WITHIN THE TIME PRO- assigns. debt secured by said mort- must vacate the property if Dated: April 06, 2012 VIDED BY LAW IS NOT TION 582.032, DETER- gage, or any part thereof; MORTGAGE:None section 580.23 is 11:59BY THE MORTGAGOR, Minnesota Housing Fi- DATE TO VACATE PROP- the mortgage is not rein-THE MORTGAGOR’S AFFECTED BY THIS AC- MINING, AMONG OTHER PURSUANT to the power "THE TIME ALLOWED BY p.m. on June 10, 2013, un- nance Agency THINGS, THAT ERTY: The date on or be- THE stated under Minnesota LAW FOR REDEMPTION less the redemption periodPERSONAL REPRESEN- TION. fore which the mortgagor of sale contained in said Statutes section 580.30 or Assignee of Mortgagee _____________ MORTGAGED PREMISES mortgage, the above de- BY THE MORTGAGOR, is reduced to 5 weeks un-TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, must vacate the property if the property redeemed un-MAY BE REDUCED TO ARE IMPROVED WITH A scribed property will be THE MORTGAGORS der MN Stat. Secs. 580.07 Peterson, Fram & RESIDENTIAL the mortgage is not rein- DWELL- der Minnesota Statutes PERSONAL REPRESEN- or 582.032.FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- NOTICE IS HEREBY sold by the Sheriff of said section 580.23 is Bergman, P.A. GIVEN, that default has ING OF LESS THAN FIVE stated under Minnesota TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, MORTGAGOR(S) RE-CIAL ORDER IS EN- Statutes section 580.30 or county as follows: 01/06/2013 at 11:59 p.m. By: Michael T. Oberle occurred in the conditions UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- DATE AND TIME OF MAY BE REDUCED TO LEASED FROM FINAN-TERED UNDER MINNE- Attorneys for: the property redeemed un- If the foregoing date is aSOTA STATUTES SEC- of the following described ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- SALE: Friday, June 29, FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- CIAL OBLIGATION ON Minnesota Housing TURAL PRODUCTION, der Minnesota Statutes Saturday, Sunday or legal CIAL ORDER IS EN- MORTGAGE:NoneTION 582.032, DETER- mortgage: 2012, 10:00 a.m. holiday, then the date to Finance Agency DATE OF MORTGAGE: AND ARE ABANDONED. section 580.23 is TERED UNDER MINNE-MINING, AMONG OTHER 12/15/2012 at 11:59 p.m. PLACE OF SALE: Civil Di- vacate is the next business Assignee of Mortgagee 07/08/2009 vision of Sheriffs Depart- SOTA STATUTES, SEC- Dated: February 23, 2012.THINGS, THAT THE 55 E. 5th St., Suite 800 If the foregoing date is a day at 11:59 p.m.MORTGAGED PREMISES MORTGAGOR(S): Kelsey Dated: April 02, 2012 ment, 101 SE Fourth TION 582.032, DETER- Matrix Financial Services St. Paul, MN 55101 J Brotzel, a single Bank of America, National Saturday, Sunday or legal MORTGAGOR(S) RE- MINING, AMONG OTHER CorporationARE IMPROVED WITH A Street, City of Rochester LEASED FROM FINAN-RESIDENTIAL DWELL- (651) 209-7599 person,Daniel A Cerda Association as successor holiday, then the date to to pay the debt then se- THINGS, THAT THE Mortgagee/Assignee of THIS IS A COMMUNICATION Guerra, a single person. by merger to BAC Home vacate is the next business CIAL OBLIGATION ON MORTGAGED PREMISES MortgageeING OF LESS THAN FIVE cured by said Mortgage, MORTGAGE: NONEUNITS, ARE NOT PROP- FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. MORTGAGEE: Mortgage Loans Servicing, LP fka day at 11:59 p.m. and taxes, if any, on said ARE IMPROVED WITH A 16205-120227 Electronic Registration Countrywide Home Loans MORTGAGOR(S) RE- THE TIME ALLOWED BY RESIDENTIAL DWELLING USSET, WEINGARDENERTY USED IN AGRICUL- premises, and the costs LAW FOR REDEMPTIONTURAL PRODUCTION, (4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, Systems, Inc. as nominee Servicing, LP LEASED FROM FINAN- and disbursements, includ- OF LESS THAN FIVE AND LIEBO, P.L.L.P. 5/18) for Bank of America, N.A. Assignee of Mortgagee CIAL OBLIGATION ON BY THE MORTGAGOR, UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- Attorneys forAND ARE ABANDONED. MORTGAGE: NONE ing attorneys fees allowed THE MORTGAGOR’S Mortgagee/Assignee of SERVICER: Bank of by law subject to redemp- ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- America, N.A. Peterson, Fram & THE TIME ALLOWED BY PERSONAL REPRESEN- TURAL PRODUCTION, MortgageeDated: April 13, 2012 NOTICE OF MORTGAGE tion within 6 months from TATIVES OR ASSIGNS,Minnesota Housing Fi- FORECLOSURE SALE MORTGAGE ID #: Bergman, P.A. LAW FOR REDEMPTION the date of said sale by the AND ARE ABANDONED." 4500 Park Glen Road #300 1000255-0000151464-3 By: Steven H. Bruns BY THE MORTGAGOR, MAY BE REDUCED TO Dated: April 13, 2012 Minneapolis, MN 55416nance Agency ____________ Attorneys for: mortgagor(s), their per- FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- (952) 925-6888 DATE AND PLACE OF THE MORTGAGOR’S U.S. Bank NationalAssignee of Mortgagee sonal representatives or CIAL ORDER IS EN- THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- RECORDING: Recorded Bank of America, National PERSONAL REPRESEN- assigns. Association 9-35Peterson, Fram & CATION OF THE DEBT July 22, 2009,Olmsted Association as successor TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, DATE TO VACATE PROP- TERED UNDER MINNE- Mortgagee/Assignee THIS IS A COMMUNICA-Bergman, P.A. AND IDENTITY OF THE County Registrar of Titles, by merger to BAC Home MAY BE REDUCED TO ERTY: The date on or be- SOTA STATUTES SEC- of Mortgagee TION FROM A DEBT Document No. T-123607 Loans Servicing, LP fka FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- TION 582.032, DETER- COLLECTOR.By: Michael T. Oberle ORIGINAL CREDITOR fore which the mortgagorAttorneys for: WITHIN THE TIME PRO- Against Certificate of Title Countrywide Home Loans CIAL ORDER IS EN- must vacate the property if MINING, AMONG OTHER USSET, WEINGARDEN (4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25, no. 33337.0 & 33338.0. Servicing, LP TERED UNDER MINNE- THINGS, THAT THE AND LIEBO, P.L.L.P. 6/1)Minnesota Housing VIDED BY LAW IS NOT Assignee of Mortgagee the mortgage is not rein- MORTGAGED PREMISES AFFECTED BY THIS AC- ASSIGNMENTS OF SOTA STATUTES SEC- Attorneys forFinance Agency 55 E. 5th St., Suite 800 TION 582.032, DETER- stated under Minnesota ARE IMPROVED WITH A TION. MORTGAGE: Assigned to: Statutes section 580.30 or Mortgagee/Assignee ofAssignee of Mortgagee Bank of America, National St. Paul, MN 55101 MINING, AMONG OTHER RESIDENTIAL DWELL- NOTICE OF MORTGAGE55 E. 5th St., Suite 800 _____________ the property redeemed un- Mortgagee FORECLOSURE SALE Association as successor (651) 209-7599 THINGS, THAT THE der Minnesota Statutes ING OF LESS THAN FIVE 4500 Park Glen Road #300St. Paul, MN 55101 by merger to BAC Home THIS IS A COMMUNICATION MORTGAGED PREMISES UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- THE RIGHT TO VERIFI-(651) 209-7599 NOTICE IS HEREBY section 580.23 is Minneapolis, MN 55416 GIVEN, that default has Loans Servicing, LP fka FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. ARE IMPROVED WITH A ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- (952) 925-6888 CATION OF THE DEBTTHIS IS A COMMUNICATION Countrywide Home Loans 16751-116244 RESIDENTIAL DWELL- 12/29/2012 at 11:59 p.m. TURAL PRODUCTION, AND IDENTITY OF THEFROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. occurred in the conditions If the foregoing date is a 19-3709 of the following described Servicing, LP Dated: Octo- (4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, ING OF LESS THAN FIVE AND ARE ABANDONED. THIS IS A COMMUNICA- ORIGINAL CREDITOR16205-120221 ber 25, 2011,Recorded De- 5/18) UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- Saturday, Sunday or legal Dated: May 09, 2012 WITHIN THE TIME PRO-(4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, mortgage: holiday, then the date to TION FROM A DEBT VIDED BY LAW IS NOT cember 07, 2011,Olmsted ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- Bank of America, National COLLECTOR.5/25) DATE OF MORTGAGE: County Registrar of Titles, vacate is the next business Association AFFECTED BY THIS AC- 06/30/2005 TURAL PRODUCTION, (4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/24, Document No. T 130105 AND ARE ABANDONED. day at 11:59 p.m. Assignee of Mortgagee TION. MORTGAGOR(S): NOTICE OF MORTGAGE MORTGAGOR(S) RE- 6/1) NOTICE IS HEREBY Against Certificate of Title FORECLOSURE SALE Peterson, Fram & Berg- Cynthia G. Dyer, a single no. 33337.0 & 33338.0. LEASED FROM FINAN- GIVEN: That default has person. ____________ Dated: April 17, 2012 LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF Bank of America, National CIAL OBLIGATION ON occurred in the conditions MORTGAGEE: Wells PROPERTY: Unit 35, THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- Association MORTGAGE: NONE of the following described Fargo Bank, National As- Common Interest Commu- CATION OF THE DEBT Assignee of Mortgagee THE TIME ALLOWED BY mortgage: sociation LAW FOR REDEMPTION SERVICER: US Bank AND IDENTITY OF THE BY THE MORTGAGOR, Home Mortgage ORIGINAL CREDITOR THE MORTGAGOR’S MORTGAGE ID #: n/a WITHIN THE TIME PRO- PERSONAL REPRESEN- DATE AND PLACE OF VIDED BY LAW IS NOT TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, • • • • • • • •
  • 4. C10 FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012 POST-BULLETIN • www.PostBulletin.com Public Notices DATE OF MORTGAGE: sota cured by said mortgage WELLS FARGO BANK, THE AMOUNT CLAIMED and taxes, if any actually N.A. Pavement Rehab 2012April 29, 2009 FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- Rochester International Airport ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL TO BE DUE ON THE paid by the mortgagee, on Mortgagee MORTGAGE ON THE the premises and the costs CIAL ORDER IS EN- ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDSAMOUNT OF MORT- TERED UNDER MINNE- REITER & SCHILLER, CITY OF ROCHESTERGAGE: $98,090.00 MORTGAGOR(S): Jenni- DATE OF THE NOTICE: $110,569.74 and disbursements allowed by law. The time allowed SOTA STATUTES, SEC- P.A. By:/s/Rebecca F. Schiller, (2) Transaction Agent Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. ROCHESTER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT LOOKING TION 582.032, DETER- PAVEMENT REHAB 2012fer E. Still, a single person MORTGAGEE: Home- THAT no action or pro- ceeding has been insti- by law for redemption by said mortgagor(s), their MINING, AMONG OTHER Esq. Sarah J.B. Adam, Esq. (3) Name of Mortgage Originator (Lender) FAA AIP #00-3-27-0084-32-12 for a THINGS, THAT THE MNDOT PROJECT #S.P. A5501-202 CITY #6886services Lending, LLC Se-ries A DBA Edina Realty tuted at law to recover the debt secured by said mort- personal representatives or assigns is six (6) months MORTGAGED PREMISES N. Kibongni Fondungallah, Esq. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (4) Residential Servicer NOTICE OF BIDS FOR CONSTRUCTION SERVICES: Notice is Home? gage, or any part thereof; from the date of sale. ARE IMPROVED WITH A Wells Fargo (800) hereby given that sealed proposals will be received un-Mortgage, a Delaware lim- RESIDENTIAL DWELLING James J. Pauly, Esq. that there has been compli- Unless said mortgage is Brian F. Kidwell, Esq. 416-1472 til 11:00 oclock AM on the 30th day of May, 2012 in theited liability company DATE AND PLACE OF ance with all pre-foreclo- reinstated or the property OF LESS THAN FIVE Steven R. Pennock, Esq. (5) Tax Parcel Identifica- City Clerk’s Office in the City Hall of the City of Roches- Check out UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- ter, Minnesota, for the furnishing of all labor, materials,FILING: Filed June 2, 2009 sure notice and accelera- redeemed, or unless the ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- Curt N. Trisko, Esq. tion Number 64.0224.009166 equipment, permits, etc., necessary to make pavement homes. tion requirements of said time for redemption is re- Attorneys for MortgageeOlmsted County Recorder;Document No. A-1201747 mortgage, and/or applica- duced by judicial order, TURAL PRODUCTION, 25 North Dale Street (6) Transaction Agent’s repairs at the Rochester International Airport, Rochester, postbulletin.com ble statutes; you must vacate the prem- AND ARE ABANDONED.” Mortgage ID Number Minnesota, City of Rochester Project No. 6886. The work ASSIGNMENTS OF St. Paul, MN 55102-2227 (MERS number) PURSUANT, to the power ises by 11:59 p.m. on De- (651) 209-9760 includes general construction, site work, civil construc- Listings and agentsMORTGAGE: Assigned to: Dated: May 2, 2012 None tion and material equipment purchases. ImmediatelyWells Fargo Bank, N.A. of sale contained in said cember 26, 2012. WELLS FARGO BANK, (E7809) (5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, following expiration of the time for receiving bids, the are included from:LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF mortgage, the above de- MORTGAGOR(S) RE- THIS IS A COMMUNICA- 6/22) scribed property will be LEASED FROM FINAN- N.A. City Clerk and any designated City officials will publiclyPROPERTY: Mortgagee TION FROM A DEBT Bigelow Homes sold by the Sheriff of said CIAL OBLIGATION ON COLLECTOR. open said bids in the City Hall and tabulate them in ad-Lot 15, Block 8, Sunnyside vance of the Council meeting. Said proposals will beAddition county as follows: MORTGAGE: JENNIFER NOTICE OF MORTGAGE DATE AND TIME OF ELIZABETH STILL REITER & SCHILLER, FORECLOSURE SALE considered by the Common Council of said City of Century 21STREET ADDRESS OF P.A. Rochester at a meeting in the Council Chambers in thePROPERTY: SALE: June 22, 2012 at “THE TIME ALLOWED BY FORECLOSURE DATA 10:00 a.m. LAW FOR REDEMPTION By: /s/ City Hall of said City of Rochester at 7 pm on the 4th Coldwell Banker1116 1st Avenue South- Rebecca F. Schiller, Esq. Minn. Stat. § 580.025 NOTICE OF MORTGAGE PLACE OF SALE: Olm- BY THE MORTGAGOR, (1) Street Address, City FORECLOSURE SALE day of June, 2012. At Your Service Realtyeast , Rochester, MN Sarah J.B. Adam, Esq. NOTICE OF PRE-BID CONFERENCE: Notice is hereby given55904 sted County Sheriff’s of- THE MORTGAGOR’S and Zip Code of Mort- THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- fice, 101 Fourth Street SE, PERSONAL REPRESEN- N. Kibongni Fondungallah, that a Pre-Bid Conference will be held at 10 AM on COUNTY IN WHICH Esq. gaged Premises CATION OF THE DEBT Coldwell Banker Rochester, Minnesota TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, 4615 15th Avenue North- AND IDENTITY OF THE Wednesday, May 23, 2012, in the Conference Room ofPROPERTY IS LOCATED: James J. Pauly, Esq. the Terminal Building at the Rochester International BurnetOlmsted County, Minne- to pay the debt then se- MAY BE REDUCED TO west, Rochester, MN ORIGINAL CREDITOR Brian F. Kidwell, Esq. Airport, Rochester, Minnesota. Steven R. Pennock, Esq. 55901 WITHIN THE TIME PRO- (2) Transaction Agent VIDED BY LAW IS NOT The Pre-Bid Conference will provide an opportunity for Counselor Realty Curt N. Trisko, Esq. all interested prime and sub-bidders to receive answers Rochester Bargains, Attorneys for Mortgagee Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. AFFECTED BY THIS AC- to questions about the bidding documents, about the (3) Name of Mortgage TION. g by George! 25 North Dale Street Originator (Lender) NOTICE IS HEREBY Citys DBE Program, and to help identify potential DBE Edina Realty THRIFTY St. Paul, MN 55102-2227 subcontractors. Failure to attend this Pre-Bid Confer- (651) 209-9760 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. GIVEN: That default has (4) Residential Servicer occurred in the conditions ence will not disqualify a firm from submitting a bid. (E3822) Each bid must be sealed and accompanied by a cash Elcor Realty of THIS IS A COMMUNICA- Wells Fargo 800-416-1472 of the following described Rochester Inc. (5) Tax Parcel Identifica- mortgage: deposit, bid bond, cashiers check or a certified check TREASURES TION FROM A DEBT payable to the City of Rochester, Minnesota, for at tion Number DATE OF MORTGAGE: COLLECTOR. 741542010871 May 28, 2010 least five (5) percent of the amount of the bid, which Keller Williams (6) Transaction Agent’s ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL amount shall be forfeited to the City if the bidder, upon NOTICE OF MORTGAGE the letting of the contract to him shall fail to enter into New World Realty FORECLOSURE SALE Mortgage ID Number AMOUNT OF MORT- (MERS number) GAGE: $409,815.00 the contract so let; the said Common Council reserving FORECLOSURE DATA the right to reject any and all bids. none MORTGAGOR(S): Vern Property Brokers EVERYTHING PRICED UNDER $ $200 Minn. Stat. § 580.025 (1) Street Address, City (5/11, 5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8, E. Skare, a single person The schedules of minimum wages, as established by the US Department of Labor and the State of Minne- of Minnesota and Zip Code of Mort- 6/15) MORTGAGEE: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. sota, are to govern on this project and the bids will be1, 3 and 5, Perfect golf gaged Premises NOTICE OF MORTGAGE DATE AND PLACE OF based on the established wage rates. Prudential Lovejoyclubs, Hang Crazy putter Haier Compact Refrigera- Set of junior golf clubs and 1116 1st Avenue South- FORECLOSURE SALE This proposed Contract is under and subject to Execu- Realtyand 3 & 4 Bazooka Hybrid tor/Freezer, $100. tripod bag, 8 irons, 2 fare- east, Rochester, MN THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- FILING: Filed June 8, 2010 Olmsted County Recorder; tive Order No. 11246 of September 24, 1965, asirons, all very good condi- Please call way woods, 1 putter. $20. 55904 CATION OF THE DEBT amended, and to the Equal Opportunity Clause. Thetion, and for only $100. 507-285-3142. Call 507-252-0156. AND IDENTITY OF THE Document No. A-1231858 Realty Executives (2) Transaction Agent requirements for bidders and contractors, relative toCall 07-289-1005. Homeservices Lending, ORIGINAL CREDITOR ASSIGNMENTS OF this Order, are included in the Special Provisions. The Top Results! LLC Series A DBA Edina WITHIN THE TIME PRO- MORTGAGE: Assigned to: none bidder (proposer) must supply all the information re-1967 Wurlitzer Spin it pi- Realty Mortgage, a Dela- VIDED BY LAW IS NOT quired by the Bid or Proposal Forms. ReMax of Rochesterano with bench. Excellent Harley Davidson Scream- ware limited liability com- AFFECTED BY THIS AC- LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF Soldiers Field memorial PROPERTY: Contractors receiving federally assisted constructionshape. $295. Call ing Eagle, competition out- pany TION.507-289-2541. put thunder slash cut slip silver medallion (coin) in NOTICE IS HEREBY Lot 3, Block 3, Scenic contract awards exceeding $10,000 which are not ex- LOW POWER (3) Name of Mortgage empt from the provisions of the Equal Opportunity on chrome mufflers. $150. blue velvet gift box. $50. Originator (Lender) GIVEN: That default has Oaks Fifth Addition, in the Clause will be required to provide for the forwarding of PUBLIC NOTICE 507-282-1451. occurred in the conditions City of Rochester K56HW, ROCHESTER,26” SANYO TV, about 10 Call 507-721-2550. Homeservices Lending, of the following described the following notice to prospective subcontractors foryears old, with remote. LLC Series A DBA Edina STREET ADDRESS OF MINNESOTA mortgage: PROPERTY: supplies and construction contracts where the subcon-Works great. $10. Call Realty Mortgage, a Dela- tracts exceed $10,000 and are not exempt from the On May 11, 2012, Trinity STEAMER TRUNK for DATE OF MORTGAGE: 5386 Scenic Oak Drive SW Christian Center of Santa507-292-0312. HARLEY Davisdson sale. Excellent condition ware limited liability com- January 21, 2008 provisions of the Equal Opportunity Clause. NOTE: pany , Rochester, MN 55902 Ana, Inc. filed an assign- chrome wrap around en- $50.00. Please call ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL COUNTY IN WHICH The penalty for making statements in offers is pre- (4) Residential Servicer scribed in 18 USC 1001. ment application with the gine guard and foot control 507-775-2598. AMOUNT OF MORT- PROPERTY IS LOCATED: Federal Communications mounting guard. Heavy Wells Fargo 800-416-1472 GAGE: $108,000.00 A Certification of Nonsegregated Facilities must be (5) Tax Parcel Identifica- Olmsted County, Minne- Commission (FCC) seek- duty. $70. Call MORTGAGOR(S): sota submitted prior to the award of a subcontract exceed- tion Number Tamara E. Goemaat and ing $10,000 which is not exempt from the provisions of ing approval to transfer the 507-721-2550. STEEL handicapped lift THE AMOUNT CLAIMED license for K56HW, Chan- 640244021937 Andrew J. Goemaat, wife the Equal Opportunity Clause. one side folds up. (6) Transaction Agent’s and husband TO BE DUE ON THE nel 56, ROCHESTER, Heater, kerosene fired $200 OBO. MORTGAGE ON THE Contractors receiving subcontract awards exceeding portable, for basement/ga- Mortgage ID Number MORTGAGEE: Wells $10,000 which are not exempt from the provisions of MINNESOTA to Regal Me- 507-635-3255. (MERS number) Fargo Bank, N.A. DATE OF THE NOTICE: dia, Inc. rage heating. 9300 BTU, $432,955.16 the Equal Opportunity Clause will be required to pro- excellent condition, new none DATE AND PLACE OF vide for the forwarding of this notice to prospective sub- K56HW is authorized to Storage cabinet for garage (5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25, 6/1, FILING: Filed January 28, THAT no action or pro- broadcast at 75 kilowatts 3 drawer side table $163, want $45. Call ceeding has been insti- contractors for supplies and construction contracts 507-288-2387. with drawers and doors, 6/8) 2008 Olmsted County Re- where the subcontracts exceed $10,000 and are not from its transmitter site lo- $100. very heavy. $40. Call corder; Document No. tuted at law to recover the cated at Tower 2011 Please call debt secured by said mort- exempt from the provisions of the Equal Opportunity HOLMES air purifier, 507-288-5418. A-1157577 Clause. NOTE: The penalty for making false state- 70THAver. NE in Roches- 507-533-1048. ASSIGNMENTS OF gage, or any part thereof; ter, Minnesota, at geo- good condition. NOTICE OF MORTGAGE ments in offers is prescribed in 18 USC 1001. $20. TABLES MORTGAGE: Assigned to: that there has been compli- graphical coordinates 44 5HP 22 inch push lawn- FORECLOSURE SALE None ance with all pre-foreclo- The City of Rochester, in accordance with Title VI of 507-534-3847. 23 - 8ft folding wooden the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 78 Sta. 252, 42 USC degrees, 02 minutes, 32 mower, $60 cash. banquet tables. $150. for THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF sure notice and accelera- seconds North Latitude, 92 Please call CATION OF THE DEBT PROPERTY: tion requirements of said 2000d to 2000s-4 and Title 49, Code of Federal Regu- Hoover Vacuum with all all. 507-775-2863 lations, Department of Transportation, Subtitle A, Office degrees, 20 minutes, 26 507-272-6211. 507-421-9214. AND IDENTITY OF THE The East 10 feet of the mortgage, and/or applica- seconds West Longitude. attachments, works great. ORIGINAL CREDITOR North 50 feet and the of the Secretary, Part 21, Nondiscrimination in Feder- $25 cash. Please call ble statutes; Individuals who wish to ad- WITHIN THE TIME PRO- South 106 feet of Lot 7, PURSUANT, to the power ally assisted programs of the Department of Transpor- 507-319-4701 Tent, tation issued pursuant to such Act, hereby notifies all vise the FCC about any $30. VIDED BY LAW IS NOT Block 5, Head and McMa- of sale contained in said facts relevant to this as- AFFECTED BY THIS AC- hons Addition to the City of mortgage, the above de- bidders that it will affirmatively insure that in any Con- HOOVER Vacuum with all Please call tract entered into pursuant to this advertisement minor- signment application or the TION. Rochester. scribed property will be public interest can contact attachments. (507)288-0928. STREET ADDRESS OF ity business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity NOTICE IS HEREBY sold by the Sheriff of said the FCC at Federal Com- Works Great. $20/cash GIVEN: That default has PROPERTY: to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not Timberwolves bobblehead county as follows: munications Commission, occurred in the conditions 427 7th Street SW , Roch- DATE AND TIME OF be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, Dynex Portable DVD of Kevin McHale, excellent, ester, MN 55902 or national origin in consideration for an award. Washington, DC 20554. like new condition. A Pepsi of the following described SALE: July 13, 2012 at (5/18) Player. mortgage: COUNTY IN WHICH The offerors or bidders attention is called to the "Equal $25/cash 507 319-4701 promotion. $15. Call PROPERTY IS LOCATED: 10:00a.m. DATE OF MORTGAGE: PLACE OF SALE: Olm- Opportunity Clause" and the "Standard Federal Equal OFFICE OF THE MINNESOTA 6 drawer dresser. 507-288-2387. Olmsted County, Minne- Employment Opportunity Construction Contract Specifi- September 20, 2004 sted County Sheriff’s of- SECRETARY OF STATE $150. HP10BLL Financial ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL sota cations" set forth herein. THE AMOUNT CLAIMED fice, 101 Fourth Street SE, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Please call Calculator. $30. TUNE-UP Equipment AMOUNT OF MORT- The goals and timetables for minority and female participa- ARTICLES OF Cash Only. Timing Light Dwell Meter TO BE DUE ON THE Rochester, Minnesota 507-533-1048 GAGE: $110,642.00 to pay the debt then se- tion, expressed in percentage terms for the contractors ORGANIZATION 507-287-0912. Tool Box. $25 MORTGAGE ON THE aggregate work force in each trade on all construction MINNESOTA STATUTES , MORTGAGOR(S): DATE OF THE NOTICE: cured by said mortgage 507-775-2863 Fahrudin Murica and Dulka work in the covered area, are as follows: CHAPTER 322B60 inch medium oak com- IGT Slot Machine 507-421-9214 $109,973.92 and taxes, if any actuallyputer desk with hutch. Murica, husband and wife paid by the mortgagee, on Goal Period: January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012. ARTICLE I. Name of Lim- Takes quarters, play up to THAT no action or pro- ited Liability Company:Good as new. $195. Call MORTGAGEE: Wells ceeding has been insti- the premises and the costs Combined overall goal is established and documented in 3 coins. $200. VERA Bradley Blue Rhap- the Contract documents as 5.8%.507-281-1819. 507-951-4174 Fargo Bank, N.A. tuted at law to recover the and disbursements allowed sody Olivia Handbag and DATE AND PLACE OF debt secured by said mort- by law. The time allowed These goals are applicable to all the contractors con- Strain Trucking LLC Coin Purse. Excellent con- FILING: Filed October 15, gage, or any part thereof; by law for redemption by struction work (whether or not it is Federal or federally930’s Chevy 4 cylinder ra- IGT Slot Machine dition. $20. 507-269-1625. ARTICLE II. Registered Of-diator. Honey Comb. Call 2004 Olmsted County Re- that there has been compli- said mortgagor(s), their assisted) performed in the covered area. If the con- Takes quarters, plays up to tractor performs construction work in a geographical fice Address andfor more info on measure- 3 coins. $200. VINTAGE water pitcher corder; Document No. ance with all pre-foreclo- personal representatives or A-1040798 sure notice and accelera- assigns is six (6) months area located outside of the covered area, it shall apply Agent:ments. $50. 507-951-4174(507)743-8610. and basin in perfect condi- ASSIGNMENTS OF tion requirements of said from the date of sale. the goals established for such geographical area where tion. Pictures available. MORTGAGE: Assigned to: mortgage, and/or applica- Unless said mortgage is the work is actually performed. With regard to this sec- 2707 90th Ave SE IKEA white MALM single $35. (507)356-8061. ble statutes; ond area, the contractor also is subject to the goals for Eyota, MN 55934 AIR Soft gun bed frame. Excellent con- none reinstated or the property LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF PURSUANT, to the power redeemed, or unless the both its federally involved and non-federally involved w/orange pellets ammo. dition. $65. Please call WALKER wtih four wheels, of sale contained in said construction. Registered Agent at the above $30. Cash Only. 507.358.8610. PROPERTY: time for redemption is re- brakes, seat and basket. Lots 20 and 21, Block 5, mortgage, the above de- duced by judicial order, The contractors compliance with the Executive Order address is: DArrell Strain 507-287-0912. scribed property will be and the regulations in 41 CFR Part 60-4 shall be based $80. Innsbruck 6th Subdivision you must vacate the prem- JOHN Deere planter parts. 507-252-1162. sold by the Sheriff of said on its implementation of the Equal Opportunity Clause, ARTICLE III: Duration:AMISH BENCH for sale. Gage wheels with arms STREET ADDRESS OF ises by 11:59 p.m. on PROPERTY: county as follows: specific affirmative action obligations required by the _____________________Excellent condition, 20" tall and electric seed sensors Walnut corner shelf, excel- DATE AND TIME OF January 14, 2013. 4615 15th Avenue North- MORTGAGOR(S) RE- specifications set forth in 41 CFR 60-4.3(a), and its ef-by 18" wide. Cushioned monitors. $45. SALE: July 6, 2012 at forts to meet the goals. The hours of minority and fe-seat in brown material, oak lent condition, 58 inches west , Rochester, MN LEASED FROM FINAN- ARTICLE IV. Organizers: 507-676-3500. tall, 5 shelves, $80. 10:00 a.m. male employment and training must be substantiallywith medium stain. $75. 55901 PLACE OF SALE: Olm- CIAL OBLIGATION ON I, the undersigned, certify 507-775-2598. COUNTY IN WHICH MORTGAGE: NONE uniform throughout the length of the Contract, and in that 1 am signing this507-775-2598. JOHN Deere pull behind sted County Sheriff’s of- each trade, and the contractor shall make a good faith PROPERTY IS LOCATED: fice, 101 Fourth Street SE, “THE TIME ALLOWED BY document as the person lawn cart. 8 cubic feet. WESLO Inversion Olmsted County, Minne- effort to employ minorities and women evenly on each whose signature is re- ANTIQUE high chair with Brand new, still in box. Rochester, Minnesota LAW FOR REDEMPTION Flex System w/manual. sota to pay the debt then se- BY THE MORTGAGOR, of its projects. The transfer of minority or female em- quired, or as agent of the enamel tray, $75. $200. Please call eve- ployees or trainees from contractor to contractor or Please call $75. Cash Only. THE AMOUNT CLAIMED cured by said mortgage THE MORTGAGOR’S person(s) whose signature nings, 507-282-5542. 507-287-0912. TO BE DUE ON THE from project to project for the sole purpose of meeting would be required who has 507-289-7658. and taxes, if any actually PERSONAL REPRESEN- MORTGAGE ON THE paid by the mortgagee, on TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, the contractors goals, shall be a violation of the Con- authorized me to sign this KITCHEN Trash Compcter tract, the Executive Order, and the regulations in 41 document on his/her be- Broan, Stainless steal WHIRLPOOL air condi- DATE OF THE NOTICE: the premises and the costs MAY BE REDUCED TO tioner, 10,000 BTU, 22.5” $98,562.54 and disbursements allowed FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- CFR Part 60-4. Compliance with the goals will be half, or in both capacities. I ARMOIRE Cabinet - front. $200. measured against the total work hours performed. Cherry, computer armoire wide by 15.5” high with ex- THAT no action or pro- by law. The time allowed CIAL ORDER IS EN- further certify that I have 507-206-3329. by law for redemption by The contractor shall provide written notification, within completed all required cabinet with doors. 60"T, tension. $70. Call ceeding has been insti- TERED UNDER MINNE- tuted at law to recover the said mortgagor(s), their ten working days of award of any construction subcon- fields, and that the informa- 35"W, 24"D. $320 new, LARGE book on NASCAR, 507-534-3847. personal representatives or SOTA STATUTES, SEC- tract in excess of $10,000 at any tier for construction will consider $50 OBO. beautifully illistrated. debt secured by said mort- TION 582.032, DETER- tion in this document is WHIRLPOOL washer and gage, or any part thereof; assigns is six (6) months MINING, AMONG OTHER work under the Contract resulting from this solicitation. true and correct and in 507-289-4212. $12. from the date of sale. The notification shall list the name, address, and tele- Call 507-634-4955 dryer, matched pair, used that there has been compli- THINGS, THAT THE compliance with the appli- 5 years, $200 for both. Call ance with all pre-foreclo- Unless said mortgage is MORTGAGED PREMISES phone number of the subcontractor; employer identifi- cable chapter of MinnesotaBOOK, Titled “Brave Men” reinstated or the property cation number of the subcontractor; estimated dollarabout WWII correspodene MALE Lion oil painting, 507-583-6616. sure notice and accelera- ARE IMPROVED WITH A Statutes. I understand that tion requirements of said redeemed, or unless the amount of the subcontract; estimated starting and com- by signing this document IErnie Pyle, 1942. $10.00. black frame. $28. time for redemption is re- RESIDENTIAL DWELLING mortgage, and/or applica- OF LESS THAN FIVE pletion dates of the subcontract; and the geographical am subject to the penaltiesCall 507-634-4955. Please call White outdoor swing, duced by judicial order, area in which the subcontract is to be performed. 507-634-4955. portable. $75. ble statutes; UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- of perjury as set forth in you must vacate the prem- As used in this notice and in the Contract resulting from Section 609.48 as if hadCeiling fan with light kit Please call PURSUANT, to the power ises by 11:59 p.m. on ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- of sale contained in said TURAL PRODUCTION, this solicitation, the "covered area" is the City of Roch- signed this document un-(white). Asking $25. Metal shelf unit six shelves 507-273-7960. January 7, 2013. ester, Minnesota, and property owned by the City ofPlease call 28” W, 60”H, 11”D, some mortgage, the above de- MORTGAGOR(S) RE- AND ARE ABANDONED.” der oath. scribed property will be Dated: May 16, 2012 Rochester, Minnesota. /s/ Darrell G. Strain507-289-4305. rust. $8. Call OAK entertainment center, LEASED FROM FINAN- The Contractor(s) is/are encouraged to exceed the 507-288-5418. 58”x48”, roll top closure, sold by the Sheriff of said CIAL OBLIGATION ON WELLS FARGO BANK, 4/24/12 county as follows: MORTGAGE: NONE N.A. minimum goal. /s/ Darrell G Stain top shelf for DVD or VHS, An MEDA Client Directory is available from: Metropoli- MODEL T engine head. 7” lower storage drawers, DATE AND TIME OF “THE TIME ALLOWED BY Mortgagee 4/24/12 SALE: July 6, 2012 at LAW FOR REDEMPTION REITER & SCHILLER, tan Economic Development Association (MEDA), Min- /s/ Bryce D. Strain wide, 20” long. $30. double glass and wood. nesota Minority Purchasing Council, Suite 370 Henne- Please call Nice. $60. Call 10:00 a.m. BY THE MORTGAGOR, P.A. 4/24/12COMPUTER desk, 35” PLACE OF SALE: Olm- THE MORTGAGOR’S By: /s/Rebecca F. Schiller, pin Square, 2021 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, /s/ Bryce D. Strain (507)743-8610. 507-721-2550. MN 55413; telephone (612) 378-0361.wide by 20” deep by 55” sted County Sheriff’s of- PERSONAL REPRESEN- Esq. 4/24/12/high. Shelves above and fice, 101 Fourth Street SE, TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, Sarah J.B. Adam, Esq. A Directory of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises is State of Minnesota Department PATIO Chaise Lounge--- available from the Minnesota Department of Transpor- of State Filed 4/27/12below desk top. Roll out MODEM, external with ca- Cool, comfortable, reclin- Rochester, Minnesota MAY BE REDUCED TO N. Kibongni Fondungallah,keyboard shelf. $15. Call ble, multi-TECH, multi mo- to pay the debt then se- FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- tation, EEO Contract Management, Room 123, Trans- Mark Ritchie ing, green chaise just in Esq. Secretary of State507-285-5847. cured by said mortgage CIAL ORDER IS EN- James J. Pauly, Esq. portation Building, John Ireland Boulevard, St. Paul, bile, Excellent condition. time for warmer weathers TERED UNDER MINNE- MN 55155, Phone (1-612-297-1376). (5/17, 5/18) $30. Please call return! $45. Buyer pick and taxes, if any actually Brian F. Kidwell, Esq. CROQUET set, paid by the mortgagee, on SOTA STATUTES, SEC- Steven R. Pennock, Esq. Bidders who propose less than the total goal shall be 507-288-2387. up. 507-282-1144. TION 582.032, DETER- required to document good faith effort to meet the goal. $10. the premises and the costs Curt N. Trisko, Esq. Please call and disbursements allowed MINING, AMONG OTHER Attorneys for Mortgagee All bidders or proposers who wish to remain in competi- Multi-Handset Expandable PRESSURE Treated THINGS, THAT THE tion for the Contract shall submit within three (3) work- The Post-Bulletin (507)288-0928. Cordless Telephone, $20. by law. The time allowed 25 North Dale Street Timbers. 120 linear feet of MORTGAGED PREMISES ing days, the information required in the Bid Proce- offers the lowest legal Please call 6" X 6" pressure treated by law for redemption by St. Paul, MN 55102-2227 said mortgagor(s), their ARE IMPROVED WITH A dures for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises included rates for any daily 507-285-3142. landscaping timbers. RESIDENTIAL DWELLING (651) 209-9760 personal representatives or (E7951) herein. Bidders/proposers will be prohibited from en- newspaper in Olmsted $150/offer. (507)280-4364. OF LESS THAN FIVE tering into agreements with a DBE in which the DBE New Chase lawn chair assigns is six (6) months UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- THIS IS A COMMUNICATION County. from the date of sale. FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. promises not to provide subcontracting quotations to cushion, $10. RADIO FLYER Steer and ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- other bidders/proposers. A bidders or proposers fail- Please call Unless said mortgage is TURAL PRODUCTION, NOTICE OF MORTGAGE We appreciate the Stroll Trike. $25. reinstated or the property ure to show a good faith effort to achieve specified 651-267-0591. Please call AND ARE ABANDONED.” FORECLOSURE SALE opportunity to work redeemed, or unless the Dated: May 16, 2012 FORECLOSURE DATA Contract goals for the participation of Minority Business 507.358.8610. time for redemption is re- WELLS FARGO BANK, Minn. Stat. § 580.025 Enterprise in the completion of this project will be with you on any of your New Chase lawn chair cushions, regularly $45 duced by judicial order, N.A. (1) Street Address, City grounds for finding the bid or proposal non-responsive. public notice needs ROUND clothes rack you must vacate the prem- Mortgagee and Zip Code of Mort- The requirement for affirmative action plans are out- including:CURIO/SECRETARY cabi- each. Asking $70 for all 7. $45. ises by 11:59 p.m. on REITER & SCHILLER, gaged Premises lined in the Contract Documents.net with pull out desk (4 651-267-0591. Please call January 7, 2013. P.A. 5386 Scenic Oak Drive Proposals, Plans, and Specifications may be inspected •Divorce & Dissolutiondrawers) $175. Please call 507-289-7658. MORTGAGOR(S) RE- By: /s/Rebecca F. Schiller, SW, Rochester, MN 55902 at the City Clerks office and will be supplied by the of-507-533-1048. NORITAKE (1933)--Beautiful, fice of McGhie & Betts, Inc., 1648 Third Ave SE, Roch- of Marriage highly collectible Noritake LEASED FROM FINAN- Esq. (2) Transaction Agent Sacred heart of Jesus CIAL OBLIGATION ON Sarah J.B. Adam, Esq. ester, Minnesota, 55904, 507-289-3919, upon request •Government meetings "M" Design 977, registered Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. •Contracts & bidsDINNERWARE Vintage 1933. Large platter, cov- plaster craft statue, nicely MORTGAGE: NONE N. Kibongni Fondungallah, (3) Name of Mortgage by contractors and suppliers. Plans and Specificationsflower border pattern. In- ered round bowl, oval bowl painted, about 24”x10.5”. “THE TIME ALLOWED BY Esq. Originator (Lender) shall require a non-refundable payment of $50.00 for •Unclaimed propertycludes serving pieces. &gravy boat. $195. Buyer $10. Call 507-288-5418. LAW FOR REDEMPTION James J. Pauly, Esq. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. each request. •Township noticesCleveland china. $100 or pick up. 507-282-1144. BY THE MORTGAGOR, Brian F. Kidwell, Esq. (4) Residential Servicer A Performance and Payment Bond for the full amount •Assumed namesbest offer. (507)288-0704. SEARS Diehard Gold THE MORTGAGOR’S Steven R. Pennock, Esq. of the contract by a surety company authorized to do Curt N. Trisko, Esq. Wells Fargo (800) business in the State of Minnesota will be required with •Probates GAME Cube & Games - battyer, top terminal posts. PERSONAL REPRESEN- 416-1472 •Mortgage foreclosuresDynex Portable DVD Game Cube, 11 games, 2 Group 35. $35. TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, Attorneys for Mortgagee the contract. (Personal bonds will not be accepted.) 25 North Dale Street (5) Tax Parcel Identifica- -Player with Charger. $20 controllers, 1 memory card. 507-288-0704. MAY BE REDUCED TO tion Number All proposals must be addressed to the City Clerk, Citycash. Please call $40 OBO. 507-289-4212. FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- St. Paul, MN 55102-2227 of Rochester, 201 4th St. SE, Room135, Rochester, Since 1925 we have (651) 209-9760 64-34-24-073529507-319-4701. SEARS Trash compactor. CIAL ORDER IS EN- (6) Transaction Agent’s Minnesota 55904-3742 and shall have endorsed been invited into area (E7931) thereon: GARAGE Door Openers $25. TERED UNDER MINNE- THIS IS A COMMUNICATION Mortgage ID Number homes, and look EMERSON 19” TV Used Lift-Master 1/3 HP Please call SOTA STATUTES, SEC- (MERS number) "Proposal for Rochester International Airport Pavement forward to continuing FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. Rehab 2012, City of Rochester Project No. 6886. ” $30. Garage door opener. $50 (507)282-3287. TION 582.032, DETER- NOTICE OF MORTGAGE none the public service of Cash only. 507-775-2863 MINING, AMONG OTHER (5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, Dated at Rochester, Minnesota, this 8th day of May, FORECLOSURE SALE 2012. publishing 507-287-0912. 507-421-9214 SEARS WOODEN swing THINGS, THAT THE FORECLOSURE DATA 6/22) set. Includes covered fort, MORTGAGED PREMISES public notices. Minn. Stat. § 580.025 Judy K. Scherr,City ClerkFOOSBALL tournament GOLF clubs picnic table, climbing wall, ARE IMPROVED WITH A (1) Street Address, City Rochester, Minnesotasoccer table (commercial $20. sand box, rocking horse, 2 RESIDENTIAL DWELLING and Zip Code of Mort- (5/11, 5/18)grade). $175. Please call swings. Paid $500, sell OF LESS THAN FIVE gaged Premises507-289-4305. (507)288-0928. $150. (507)536-3878. UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- 427 7th Street SW, Roch- ERTY USED IN AGRICUL- ester, MN 55902FRIGEDAIRE air condi- Golf travel bag (hard case). FULL size box spring. TURAL PRODUCTION,tioner, runs good. 14” wide 4 ft tall. 11 inch diameter. Excellent condition. $50. AND ARE ABANDONED.”X 19” high. 7500 BTU. $40. Asking $25. Pleases call Please call507-534-3847. 507-289-4305. 507.358.8610. Dated: May 9, 2012 • • • • • • • •