Public notices for Dec. 22, 2012
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Public notices for Dec. 22, 2012



Public meetings, foreclosures and other legal notices for Dec. 22, 2012.

Public meetings, foreclosures and other legal notices for Dec. 22, 2012.



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Public notices for Dec. 22, 2012 Public notices for Dec. 22, 2012 Document Transcript

  • POST-BULLETIN • Saturday, December 22, 2012 E5 Mortgage Mortgage Bizarro / Dan Piraro Ordinances Ordinances Foreclosures Foreclosures C y G C , p , p y , y y NOTICE OF MORTGAGE Civil Department, 101 4th Street tomers or visitors of the lot. unfit for human habitation FORECLOSURE SALE South East, Rochester, MN Subd. 2. The term “Build- or unsafe to the public.THE RIGHT TO VERIFICA- to pay the debt then secured ing” means any structure (3) Whenever any va-TION OF THE DEBT AND by said Mortgage, and taxes, if containing commercial or cant Building has beenIDENTITY OF THE ORIGINAL any, on said premises, and the declared unfit for human costs and disbursements, in- industrial uses having aCREDITOR WITHIN THE TIME cluding attorneys’ fees allowed roof supported by columns habitation or unsafe toPROVIDED BY LAW IS NOT or walls intended for the the public, the City mayAFFECTED BY THIS ACTION. by law subject to redemptionNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, within six (6) months from shelter or enclosure of per- proceed to declare thethat default has occurred in the date of said sale by the sons or property. Where building a hazardousconditions of the following de- mortgagor(s), their personal roofed structures are sep- building or hazardousscribed mortgage: representatives or assigns un- property, and may seek less reduced to Five (5) weeks arated from each other byDATE OF MORTGAGE: under MN Stat. §580.07. party walls having no open- to correct or remove theJune 11, 2010 ings for passage, each por- hazardous condition asMORTGAGOR: TIME AND DATE TO VACATERenan A. Mota, single person. PROPERTY: If the real estate is tion so separated shall be authorized by MinnesotaMORTGAGEE: an owner-occupied, single-fam- deemed a separate build- law.Mortgage Electronic Registra- ily dwelling, unless otherwise ing. B. Security Measures. Ation Systems, Inc.. provided by law, the date on or vacant Building violating before which the mortgagor(s) Subd. 3. The term “Struc-DATE AND PLACE OF must vacate the property if the ture” means a combina- subdivision 1(A) shall beRECORDING: Re- tion of materials to form secured in accordancecorded June 16, 2010 Olmsted mortgage is not reinstated un- der section 580.30 or the prop- construction for use, oc- with Minnesota StatutesCounty Recorder, Document erty is not redeemed under Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Mortgage Section 463.251.No. A-1232622. section 580.23 is 11:59 p.m. Ordinances cupancy, or ornamenta-ASSIGNMENTS OF MORT-GAGE: Assigned to: QR on April 5, 2013, unless the re- Foreclosures Foreclosures Foreclosures Foreclosures tion, whether installed on, (1) Windows and doors shall be covered to pre- demption period is reduced to above, or below the sur-Lending, a Division of First Fed- 5 weeks under MN Stat. Secs. face of land or water con- vent entry within a frame.eral Bank of Florida. o gagee O e es s y pu c ase by , _ _ 580.07 or 582.032. USSET, WEINGARDEN AND the Mortgagee of the Property taining commercial or in- (2) Any part of the Build-TRANSACTION AGENT: Mort- Dated: November 29, 2012 OF __December_, 2012.gage Electronic Registration MORTGAGOR(S) RELEASED LIEBO, P.L.L.P. WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. at the foreclosure sale and/or dustrial uses. ing, such as walls or roof,Systems, Inc. FROM FINANCIAL OBLIGA- g C , Attorneys for Mortgagee/As- Mortgagee the Mortgagee’s obtaining title 40A.03. Building and that is damaged in suchTRANSACTION AGENT’S TION ON MORTGAGE:None sociation. signee of Mortgagee REITER & SCHILLER, P.A. to the Property at the end of Randy Staver Structure Appearance a way as to allow pos-MORTGAGE IDENTIFICATION “THE TIME ALLOWED BY TRANSACTION AGENT: Mort- 4500 Park Glen Road #300 By: /s/Rebecca F. Schiller, Esq. the redemption period shall not ACTING PRESIDENT OF and Safety Requirements. sible entry shall be re- LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY gage Electronic Registration Minneapolis, MN 55416 Sarah J.B. Adam, Esq. cause the lien of the Mortgage, SAIDNUMBER ON MORTGAGE: THE MORTGAGOR, THE Subdivision 1. A Building paired with materials that1004642-0007125328-3 Systems, Inc. (952) 925-6888 N. Kibongni Fondungallah, Esq. or any other lien or interest in ATTEST: Judy Scherr, MORTGAGOR’S PERSONAL TRANSACTION AGENT’S 30 - 12-003460 FC favor of the Mortgagee against or Structure is a public nui- match the materials usedLENDER OR BROKER AND James J. Pauly, Esq. City ClerkMORTGAGE ORIGINATOR REPRESENTATIVES OR AS- MORTGAGE IDENTIFICA- THIS IS A COMMUNICATION Steven R. Pennock, Esq. or with respect to the Property, sance if its exterior does for that part elsewhere on SIGNS, MAY BE REDUCED TION NUMBER ON MORT- FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. to merge with fee title or any APPROVED THIS _18TH_ not comply with the follow- the building.STATED ON MORTGAGE: QR Curt N. Trisko, Esq.Lending, Inc. TO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- GAGE: 100054130002542502 (12/1, 12/8, 12/15, 12/22, Jeffrey D. Klobucar, Esq. other interest acquired by the DAY OF _December_, ing requirements: 40A.05. A c c e s s o r yRESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE CIAL ORDER IS ENTERED LENDER OR BROKER AND 12/29, 1/5/13) Attorneys for Mortgagee Mortgagee, or in any manner 2012. A. A Building or Struc- Structures. Subdivision 1. UNDER MINNESOTA STAT- MORTGAGE ORIGINATOR 25 North Dale Street otherwise impair the security or Ardell F. Brede,SERVICER: LoanCare, A Divi- UTES, SECTION 582.032, DE- NOTICE OF MORTGAGE ture’s exterior surface Every Accessory Structuresion of FNF Servicing, Inc. STATED ON MORTGAGE: St. Paul, MN 55102-2227 priority of such liens or the Mort- MAYOR OF SAID CITY must be maintained in ac-MORTGAGED PROPERTY TERMINING, AMONG OTHER Washington Mutual Bank, FA FORECLOSURE SALE (651) 209-9760 gagee’s rights and remedies (Seal of the City of shall be maintained in a cordance with the followingADDRESS: 1026 Southeast THINGS, THAT THE MORT- RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE THE RIGHT TO VERIFICA- (E4919) under such liens and applicable reasonably clean, neat, GAGED PREMISES ARE IM- SERVICER: JPMorgan Chase law. To the contrary, the Mort- Rochester, Minnesota) safe, and sanitary condi- requirements:7th Avenue, Rochester, MN TION OF THE DEBT AND THIS IS A COMMUNICATION55904 PROVED WITH A RESIDEN- Bank, National Association IDENTITY OF THE ORIGINAL FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. gagee intends to reserve, and (12/22) tion. A. Building MaterialsTAX PARCEL I.D. #: TIAL DWELLING OF LESS MORTGAGED PROPERTY CREDITOR WITHIN THE TIME NOTICE OF MORTGAGE hereby expressly reserves, all Condition: The exterior of THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT B. No part of a Building or64.01.34.005926 ADDRESS: 227 7th Avenue PROVIDED BY LAW IS NOT FORECLOSURE SALE of its rights and remedies with Structure’s exterior sur- the Accessory Structure,LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY USED IN AGRI- Southeast, Rochester, MN AFFECTED BY THIS ACTION. FORECLOSURE DATA respect to such liens and inter-PROPERTY: CULTURAL PRODUCTION, 55904 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: MINN. STAT. § 580.025 ests. ORDINANCE NO. 4096 face shall have significant including but not limitedLot 25, Block 2, Elm Park Sub- AND ARE ABANDONED.” TAX PARCEL I.D. #: That default has occurred in the (1) Street Address, City and Zip Redemption: Mortgagor’s Re- AN ORDINANCE CRE- deterioration including, to, fences and walls shalldivision, in the City of Roches- Dated: August 2, 2012 640122015097 conditions of the following de- Code of Mortgaged Premises: demption Period shall expire ATING AND ENACTING but not limited to, holes, be maintained in a rea-ter, Olmsted County, Minnesota U.S. Bank National Association LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF scribed mortgage: 1234 4th Avenue SE, Roches- six (6) months after the date CHAPTER 40A OF THE breaks, gaps, or loose or sonably clean and neatCOUNTY IN WHICH PROPER- Mortgagee/Assignee of PROPERTY: DATE OF MORTGAGE: July ter, MN 55904 of sale. condition, in a structurally Mortgagee The East 125 feet of Lot 3, ROCHESTER CODE OF rotting materials. All exte-TY IS LOCATED: Olmsted 25, 2007 (2) Transaction Agent: Wells Deficiency: The Mortgagee sound condition, and in USSET, WEINGARDEN AND Block 52, Morse and Sargeant’s ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL preserves the right to pursue ORDINANCES, RELAT- rior surfaces of the struc-ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL Fargo Bank, N.A. good repair.AMOUNT OF MORTGAGE: LIEBO, P.L.L.P. Addition to East Rochester, City AMOUNT OF MORTGAGE: (3) Name of Mortgage Origina- any deficiency as against the ING TO COMMERCIAL ture including, but not lim-$117,520.00 Attorneys for Mortgagee/ of Rochester, Olmsted County, $96,300.00 tor (Lender): Wells Fargo Bank, guarantors of the indebtedness AND INDUSTRIAL BUILD- ited to, doors, door and B. Architectural Ele-AMOUNT DUE AND CLAIMED Assignee of Mortgagee Minnesota MORTGAGOR(S): Juan Ad- N.A. in accordance with applicable ING AND STRUCTURE window frames, cornices, ments: All architectur-TO BE DUE AS OF DATE OF 4500 Park Glen Road #300 COUNTY IN WHICH PROPER- ams and Marie K. Adams, (4) Residential Servicer law. MAINTENANCE. porches and trim, shall al elements accessoryNOTICE, INCLUDING TAXES, Minneapolis, MN 55416 TY IS LOCATED: Olmsted husband and wife and Guy R. Wells Fargo (800) 416-1472 Dated: December 17, 2012 to the principal building (952) 925-6888 ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL THE COMMON COUNCIL be maintained in a rea-IF ANY, PAID BY MORTGAG- Johnson, single (5) Tax Parcel Identification MANTY & ASSOCIATES, P.A. shall be maintained in a 19-3863 AMOUNT OF MORTGAGE: MORTGAGEE: Wells Fargo By: /e/ Heidi L. Staloch OF THE CITY OF ROCH- sonably clean and neatEE: $116,893.21 Number: structurally sound condi- That prior to the commence- THIS IS A COMMUNICATION $52,800.00 Bank, N.A. (6) Transaction Agent’s Mort- Heidi L. Staloch (271445) ESTER DO ORDAIN: condition. Exterior woodment of this mortgage foreclo- FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. AMOUNT DUE AND CLAIMED DATE AND PLACE OF FIL- gage ID Number (MERS num- Nauni Manty (230352) Section 1. Chapter 40A to surfaces on the struc- tion and in good repairsure proceeding Mortgagee/As- (8/8, 8/15, 8/22, 8/29, 9/5, 9/12) TO BE DUE AS OF DATE OF ING: Filed August 10, 2007 Ol- ber): None 510 First Avenue North, Suite the Rochester Code of Or- tures, other than decay (as similarly required ofsignee of Mortgagee complied NOTICE OF POSTPONE- NOTICE, INCLUDING TAXES, msted County Recorder; Docu- (12/1, 12/8, 12/15, 12/22, 305 dinances is hereby created resistant woods, stucco, the principal building).with all notice requirements as MENT OF MORTGAGE IF ANY, PAID BY MORTGAG- ment No. A1143936; thereafter 12/29, 1/5/13) Minneapolis, MN 55403 Architectural elements in- FORECLOSURE SALE EE: $32,846.08 and enacted to read as fol- or other materials that dorequired by statute; That no amended by Document Num- 612-465-0955 clude, but are not limited Pursuant to the provisions of That prior to the commence- ber A1299528 NOTICE OF Attorneys for Wells Fargo Bank, lows: not normally require pro-action or proceeding has been CHAPTER 40A tection from the elements to, cornices, belt courses, Minnesota Statutes 580.07, the National Association as succes-instituted at law or otherwise foregoing foreclosure sale is ment of this mortgage foreclo- sure proceeding Mortgagee/As- ASSIGNMENTS OF MORT- SHERIFF’S MORTGAGE sor in interest to Wells Fargo COMMERCIAL/ shall be protected from corbels, terra cotta trim,to recover the debt secured GAGE: Assigned to: Noneby said mortgage, or any part postponed until December 21, signee of Mortgagee complied LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF FORECLOSURE SALE Bank Minnesota, National As- INDUSTRIAL BUILDING the elements and decay wall facings, and similarthereof; 2012 at 10:00 AM at the Olm- sted County Government Cen- with all notice requirements as PROPERTY: BY PUBLIC AUCTION sociation AND STRUCTURE by staining, painting, or decorative features.PURSUANT to the power of required by statute; That no Lot 16, Block 2, Ireland’s First Name of Mortgagor: MAINTENANCE other protective covering C. Signage: All signs ter, Civil Department, 101 4th action or proceeding has been Addition Amy M. Lantzsale contained in said mort- Street South East, Rochester, 40A.01. Legislative or treatment. With regard shall be maintained ingage, the above described instituted at law or otherwise STREET ADDRESS OF Name of Mortgagee: MN, in said county and state. to recover the debt secured Findings and Definitions. to broken windows, repair a reasonably clean andproperty will be sold by the PROPERTY: Wells Fargo Bank, National As-Sheriff of said county as fol- Dated: October 5, 2012 by said mortgage, or any part 1234 4th Avenue SE, Roches- sociation as successor in inter- The Common Council finds shall require replacement neat condition, and goodlows: U.S. Bank National Association Mortgagee/Assignee of Mort- thereof; ter, MN 55904 est to Wells Fargo Bank Minne- Ordinances that it is in the best inter- of all broken glass, or in structural condition, at allDATE AND TIME OF SALE: PURSUANT to the power of COUNTY IN WHICH PROP- sota, National Association est of the City to protect the alternative, returning times.January 11, 2013 at 10:00 AM gagee sale contained in said mort- ERTY IS LOCATED: Olmsted Original Principal Amount 40A.06. Abatement and USSET, WEINGARDEN AND gage, the above described the public health, safety, to the pre-break condi-PLACE OF SALE: Olm- County, Minnesota Secured by the Mortgage: and general welfare of its tion through other reme- Enforcement Procedure.sted County Government Cen- LIEBO, P.L.L.P. property will be sold by the THE AMOUNT CLAIMED TO $249,500.00ter, Civil Department, 101 4th Attorneys for Mortgagee/ Sheriff of said county as fol- BE DUE ON THE MORTGAGE Date and Recording ORDINANCE NO. 4095 citizens. To this end, the dial measures including, The Building Safety De-Street South East, Rochester, Assignee of Mortgagee lows: ON THE DATE OF THE NO- Information of Mortgage: AN ORDINANCE CRE- City believes that, by the but not limited to, repair- partment is responsibleMN 4500 Park Glen Road #300 DATE AND TIME OF SALE: TICE: $111,797.81 January 12, 2001; recorded in ATING AND ENACTING adoption of these commer- ing the window pane, in- for the enforcement of thisto pay the debt then secured Minneapolis, MN 55416 January 23, 2013 at 10:00 AM THAT no action or proceeding Office of the Olmsted County SECTION 64V.231 OF cial/industrial building and stalling a pocket window, chapter. Any violation ofby said Mortgage, and taxes, if (952) 925-6888 PLACE OF SALE: Olm- has been instituted at law to re- Recorder, State of Minnesota, this chapter shall be abat- 19-3863 sted County Government Cen- THE ROCHESTER CODE structure maintenance reg- and a full frame repair in-any, on said premises, and the cover the debt secured by said on January 19, 2001, as Docu- OF ORDINANCES, AND ulations, it will further the cluding blending of siding ed and enforced using thecosts and disbursements, in- THIS IS A COMMUNICATION ter, Civil Department, 101 4th mortgage, or any part thereof; ment No. A-862298. FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. Street South East, Rochester, AMENDING AND RE- following objectives: to match the surrounding procedure found at sectioncluding attorneys’ fees allowed that there has been compliance Amount Due as ofby law subject to redemption (10/9) MN with all pre-foreclosure notice December 14, 2012: ENACTING SECTIONS A. To preserve the value siding. 40.08.within six (6) months from NOTICE OF POSTPONE- to pay the debt then secured and acceleration requirements $172,685.37 (which includes, 64V.400, 64V.500, AND of commercial and indus- C. All architectural ele- Section 2. This ordinancethe date of said sale by the MENT OF MORTGAGE by said Mortgage, and taxes, if of said mortgage, and/or appli- without limitation, interest, SUBDIVISION 1 OF SEC- trial buildings and struc- ments including, but not shall be effective as of themortgagor(s), their personal FORECLOSURE SALE any, on said premises, and the cable statutes; costs, and fees, all of which will date of its publication. Pursuant to the provisions of costs and disbursements, in- TION 64V.800 OF THE tures within the City; limited to, cornices, beltrepresentatives or assigns un- PURSUANT, to the power of continue to accrue). ROCHESTER CODE OF B. To protect the charac- courses, corbels, terra PASSED AND ADOPT-less reduced to Five (5) weeks Minnesota Statutes 580.07, cluding attorneys’ fees allowed sale contained in said mort- Legal Description of the foregoing foreclosure sale by law subject to redemption ORDINANCES RELAT- ter and stability of com- cotta trim, wall facings, ED BY THE COMMONunder MN Stat. §580.07. gage, the above described Mortgaged Premises: LotTIME AND DATE TO VACATE is postponed until February 22, within six (6) months from property will be sold by the 5 and Lot 6, Block 74, Origi- ING TO MULTI-FAMILY mercial and industrial ar- and similar decorative COUNCIL OF THE CITYPROPERTY: If the real estate is 2013 at 10:00 AM at the Olm- the date of said sale by the Sheriff of said county as fol- nal Plat of the City of Roches- RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT eas of the City; features shall be main- OF ROCHESTER, MINNE-an owner-occupied, single-fam- sted County Government Cen- mortgagor(s), their personal lows: ter, Olmsted County, Minne- SUBDISTRICT REGULA- C. To provide for mini- tained in good repair with SOTA, THIS _17th_ DAYily dwelling, unless otherwise ter, Civil Department, 101 4th representatives or assigns un- DATE AND TIME OF SALE: sota; together with that portion OF __December_, 2012. Street South East, Rochester, less reduced to Five (5) weeks TIONS FOR THE RIVER- mum standards of main- proper anchorage and inprovided by law, the date on or January 18, 2013 at 10:00 am of the vacated alley that abuts FRONT COMMONS SPE- tenance for commercial/ a safe condition.before which the mortgagor(s) MN, in said county and state. under MN Stat. §580.07. PLACE OF SALE: Olmsted the above-described lots, which Dated: December 18, 2012 TIME AND DATE TO VACATE CIAL DISTRICT. industrial buildings and 40A.04. Maintenance Re- Randy Stavermust vacate the property if the County Sheriff’s office, 101 were vacated by Resolutionmortgage is not reinstated un- U.S. Bank National Association PROPERTY: If the real estate is Fourth Street SE, Rochester, dated July 5, 1967 and record- The following is a summary structures within the City quirements for Vacant ACTING PRESIDENT OFder section 580.30 or the prop- Mortgagee/Assignee of Mort- an owner-occupied, single-fam- Minnesota ed July 12, 1967 in Book V, of the Amendment to the and ensure compliance; Buildings. Subdivision SAIDerty is not redeemed under sec- gagee ily dwelling, unless otherwise to pay the debt then secured Page 574. Riverfront Commons Spe- D. Provide a mechanism 1. A vacant Building or ATTEST: Judy Scherr,tion 580.23 is 11:59 p.m. on USSET, WEINGARDEN AND provided by law, the date on or by said mortgage and taxes, if Common Address and City Clerk LIEBO, P.L.L.P. before which the mortgagor(s) cial District ordinance as to place conditions upon Structure must complyJuly 11, 2013, unless that date any actually paid by the mort- Tax Parcel Identification adopted by the Rochester commercial/industrial with the following require- APPROVED THIS _18TH_falls on a weekend or legal holi- Attorneys for Mortgagee/As- must vacate the property if the gagee, on the premises and Number of Mortgaged signee of Mortgagee mortgage is not reinstated un- Common Council on De- buildings and structures ments: DAY OF _December_,day, in which case it is the next the costs and disbursements Premises: The Propertyweekday, and unless the re- 4500 Park Glen Road #300 der section 580.30 or the prop- allowed by law. The time al- has a common address of 521 cember 17, 2012, and is which do not comply with A. Maintenance: 2012.demption period is reduced to Minneapolis, MN 55416 erty is not redeemed under sec- lowed by law for redemption by North Broadway, Rochester, published pursuant to Sec- the standards of mainte- (1) Any vacant Building Ardell F. Brede,5 weeks under MN Stat. Secs. (952) 925-6888 tion 580.23 is 11:59 p.m. on said mortgagor(s), their person- Minnesota 55906. The tax tion 6.07 of the Rochester nance established herein; or Structure that is found MAYOR OF SAID CITY580.07 or 582.032. 19-3863 _January 23, 2014, unless that al representatives or assigns is parcel identification number (Seal of the City of THIS IS A COMMUNICATION date falls on a weekend or legal Home Rule Charter and E. Assist in identification to be dangerous to pub-MORTGAGOR(S) RELEASED six (6) months from the date of of the Mortgaged Premises is Section 331A.01, subd. 10 and correction of dan- lic safety or health by Rochester, Minnesota)FROM FINANCIAL OBLIGA- FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. holiday, in which case it is the sale. (12/22) next weekday, and unless the of the Minnesota Statutes. gerous or life threaten- reason of the following (12/22)TION ON MORTGAGE:None Unless said mortgage is re- No Pending Action: No ac-“THE TIME ALLOWED BY redemption period is reduced to instated or the property re- tion or proceeding at law is now The Rochester Common ing conditions that may is hereby declared to beLAW FOR REDEMPTION BY 5 weeks under MN Stat. Secs. deemed, or unless the time for pending to recover the debt se- Council approved the pub- be identified within the a public nuisance and aTHE MORTGAGOR, THE NOTICE OF MORTGAGE 580.07 or 582.032. redemption is reduced by judi- cured by the Mortgage, or any lication of this ordinance City; and hazardous structure orMORTGAGOR’S PERSONAL FORECLOSURE SALE MORTGAGOR(S) RELEASED cial order, you must vacate the part thereof. summary at its Decem- F. Provide a mechanism condition: THE RIGHT TO VERIFICA- FROM FINANCIAL OBLIGA- premises by 11:59 p.m. on July Conditions Precedent: T h eREPRESENTATIVES OR AS-SIGNS, MAY BE REDUCED TION OF THE DEBT AND TION ON MORTGAGE:None 18, 2013. holder of the Mortgage has ber 17, 2012, meeting. A to mitigate potential pub- (a) Damaged by fire, OtherTO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- IDENTITY OF THE ORIGINAL “THE TIME ALLOWED BY MORTGAGOR(S) RELEASED complied with all conditions copy of this ordinance is on lic health issues identified storm, or vandalism;CIAL ORDER IS ENTERED CREDITOR WITHIN THE TIME LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY FROM FINANCIAL OBLIGA- precedent to acceleration of the file at the Office of the City within the City. (b) Dilapidated conditionUNDER MINNESOTA STAT- PROVIDED BY LAW IS NOT THE MORTGAGOR, THE TION ON MORTGAGE: JUAN debt secured by the Mortgage Clerk, 201 Fourth Street 40A.02. D e f i n i t i o n s . or decay; orUTES, SECTION 582.032, DE- AFFECTED BY THIS ACTION. MORTGAGOR’S PERSONAL ARMANDO ADAMS AND MA- and foreclosure of the Mort- S.E., Room 135, Roches- Subdivision 1. The term (c) Any other defect en-TERMINING, AMONG OTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, REPRESENTATIVES OR AS- RIE KATHRINE ADAMS. gage, and all notice and other ter, MN, and at the Roch- “Accessory Structure” dangering the publicTHINGS, THAT THE MORT- that default has occurred in SIGNS, MAY BE REDUCED “THE TIME ALLOWED BY requirements of applicable stat- conditions of the following de- TO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY utes. ester Public Library, 101 means a building, struc- safety or health.GAGED PREMISES ARE IM- Second Street S.E., Roch- ture, or use located or (2) Any vacant Struc-PROVED WITH A RESIDEN- scribed mortgage: CIAL ORDER IS ENTERED THE MORTGAGOR, THE Mortgage Origination: T h eTIAL DWELLING OF LESS DATE OF MORTGAGE: M a y UNDER MINNESOTA STAT- MORTGAGOR’S PERSONAL name of the lender or broker ester, MN. conducted upon the same ture which is damaged,THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT 7, 2002 UTES, SECTION 582.032, DE- REPRESENTATIVES OR AS- of the Mortgage is Wells Fargo This ordinance amends the lot (or on a contiguous lot decayed, dilapidated,PROPERTY USED IN AGRI- MORTGAGOR: TERMINING, AMONG OTHER SIGNS, MAY BE REDUCED Bank, National Association as Riverfront Commons Spe- in the same ownership) unsanitary, unsafe, ver-CULTURAL PRODUCTION, Mark Milbrandt, an unmarried THINGS, THAT THE MORT- TO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- successor in interest to Wells cial District overlay zoning as the principal building, min or rodent infested,AND ARE ABANDONED.” man. GAGED PREMISES ARE IM- CIAL ORDER IS ENTERED Fargo Bank Minnesota, Nation- MORTGAGEE: PROVED WITH A RESIDEN- UNDER MINNESOTA STAT- al Association. district by providing for a structure, or use to which presents environmen-Dated: November 7, 2012 multi-family residential dis- it is related, which is (a) tal health risks or whichQR Lending, a Division of First Mortgage Electronic Registra- TIAL DWELLING OF LESS UTES, SECTION 582.032, DE- Time, Place, and MannerFederal Bank of Florida tion Systems, Inc.. THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT TERMINING, AMONG OTHER of Sale: 10:00 a.m., Feb- trict consisting of indepen- clearly incidental to and lacks provisions for safeMortgagee/Assignee of Mort- DATE AND PLACE OF PROPERTY USED IN AGRI- THINGS, THAT THE MORT- ruary 21, 2013, at the Olmsted dent living, assisted living, customarily found in con- illumination, ventilation,gagee RECORDING: Re- CULTURAL PRODUCTION, GAGED PREMISES ARE IM- County Sheriff’s Office, 101 4th and memory care units. nection with such principal or sanitary facilities to theUSSET, WEINGARDEN AND corded May 20, 2002 Olmsted AND ARE ABANDONED.” PROVED WITH A RESIDEN- Street Southeast, Rochester, PASSED AND ADOPT- building or use; and (b) is extent that the defectsLIEBO, P.L.L.P. County Recorder, Document Dated: November 21, 2012 TIAL DWELLING OF LESS Minnesota 55904. The Parcels No. A-918434. JPMorgan Chase Bank, Nation- THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT that comprise the Property will ED BY THE COMMON operated and maintained create a significant haz-Attorneys for Mortgagee/As- COUNCIL OF THE CITY for the benefit or conve- ard to the public’s health,signee of Mortgagee ASSIGNMENTS OF MORT- al Association PROPERTY USED IN AGRI- be sold in gross.4500 Park Glen Road #300 GAGE: Assigned to: JPMor- Mortgagee/Assignee of CULTURAL PRODUCTION, Non-Merger of OF ROCHESTER, MINNE- nience of the owners, oc- safety, or welfare may beMinneapolis, MN 55416 gan Chase Bank, National As- Mortgagee AND ARE ABANDONED.” Interests: Any purchase by SOTA, THIS 17th DAY cupants, employees, cus- declared by the City to be(952) 925-6888100 - 12-005803 FCTHIS IS A COMMUNICATIONFROM A DEBT COLLECTOR(11/17, 11/24, 12/1, 12/8,12/15, 12/22) New York Times Crossword Puzzle BYWORDS BY JOE DIPIETRO / EDITED BY WILL SHORTZ NOTICE OF MORTGAGE ACROSS 67 “Not doable” 118 Too-good-to-be-true 44 Cap’n’s mate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 FORECLOSURE SALE offer, oftenTHE RIGHT TO VERIFICA- 1 Sewer, at times 68 Govt. money guarantor 45 Kind of well 19 20 21 22TION OF THE DEBT ANDIDENTITY OF THE ORIGINAL 69 Its capital is Sydney: Abbr. 119 Roman tragedy writer 47 Piece for nine 7 Dregs of society 23 24 25 26CREDITOR WITHIN THE TIMEPROVIDED BY LAW IS NOT 70 “O Sole ___” 120 Florida’s Sanibel, e.g. 49 Hockey area in frontAFFECTED BY THIS ACTION. 11 “I’m not doing so well” 27 28 29 30 31NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, 71 Just ___ … or “Just ’___” 121 Zebra feature of the creasethat default has occurred in 15 ___ it up (dress 32 33 34 35 36 37conditions of the following de- 122 They’re run up 51 Seemingly foreverscribed mortgage: flamboyantly) 73 CronesDATE OF MORTGAGE: Janu- 38 39 40 41 42 43ary 2, 2009 19 Sherpa’s tool 74 From way back 123 Like some dough 54 Long-running TV show MORTGAGOR: Deanna M. featuring the Hortons 44 45 46 47 48 49Wilson, a single person. 20 Kind of street21 Accurse 77 It’s needed for self-checkoutMORTGAGEE: Mortgage Elec- and the Bradystronic Registration Systems, 22 Grams 79 Alternative to broadband DOWN 50 51 52 53 54 55 56Inc.. 55 Fishing boats DATE AND PLACE OF RE- 1 Unhappy king of legend 57 58 59 60CORDING: Recorded Janu- 23 Drank quickly 81 Fixed rateary 9, 2009 Olmsted Coun- 56 South American zooty Recorder, Document No. 24 Allocated dollars for digs 82 Capital north of Cyprus 2 Prefix with -metrics 61 62 63 64 65 animalA-1187384. ASSIGNMENTS OF MORT- 26 &&& 83 Mat material 3 Vegas casino 66 67 68 69GAGE: Assigned to: U.S. 59 Revolutionary 1960sBank National Association. 27 “___ time now” 84 Not yet out of the closet? 4 Roseanne’s husband Chinese youth 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 TRANSACTION AGENT:Mortgage Electronic Registra- on “Roseanne”tion Systems, Inc. 28 Smoker’s convenience 85 Attach a handle to 60 Open ___ 77 78 79 80 81 TRANSACTION AGENT’S 5 SuitMORTGAGE IDENTIFICA- 30 Toiling away 87 Preceded 64 They’re often 82 83 84TION NUMBER ON MORT- 6 Made de novoGAGE: 100021268300347123 32 Santa’s bootblack? behind glass 89 Give a rude awakening, say 85 86 87 88 89 LENDER OR BROKER ANDMORTGAGE ORIGINATOR 7 Certain baby food 67 Prompt 34 “___ ever!” 90 Flexible, electricallySTATED ON MORTGAGE: 90 91 92 93 94 95U.S. Bank National Association 8 So-called “Goddess 68 ApocryphalRESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE 35 Paisley refusals 92 Derby featuresSERVICER: U.S. Bank Home of Pop” 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 37 Gets up 69 ABC, for oneMortgage, a division of U.S. 94 Turn blue, sayBank National Association 9 Samovars 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110MORTGAGED PROPERTY 38 Density symbol 70 Wall St. credential 95 Do wrongADDRESS: 20 10TH Street 10 It’s part this, part that 111 112 113 114 115Northeast, Rochester, MN 40 Anti-apartheid org. 71 Small boat made of55906 96 Bubbling up 11 Whom Shelley wept for wickerworkTAX PARCEL I.D. #: 116 117 118 119743511016045 42 1970 hit for Neil Diamond 97 RuinationLEGAL DESCRIPTION OF 12 “Water Music” composer 72 “___ / Had ’em” 43 De novo 120 121 122 123PROPERTY: 98 Leonard Nimoy’s “___ (classic two-lineLot 8, Block 34, Northern Ad- 13 Fr. titledition, in the City of Rochester, 44 Lies in the hot sun Not Spock” poem about fleas)Olmsted County, Minnesota. 14 “Watermark” vocalist 93 Earn hand over fist E A S T Y Y S B A T M A N E L E S ICOUNTY IN WHICH PROPER- 46 Shacks 100 “Fish Magic” painter 73 Quibblers split them E N E C A S M A C S R B I S L T E CTY IS LOCATED: Olmsted 15 Really bugging 96 Firenze friends L A V E S S E C N E I N E S S E A D IORIGINAL PRINCIPAL 103 Rapper who playedAMOUNT OF MORTGAGE: 48 Marine rescue grp. 74 The Sun Devils’ sch. G I R S R U T S I R E F K E R S D O M$102,258.00 Brother Sam on “Dexter” 16 Woolly 99 Rumpled K L E E A M I L B A N E O I B AAMOUNT DUE AND CLAIMED 50 Fancified 75 Sci-fi or westernTO BE DUE AS OF DATE OF 105 1996 Olympian noted 17 English royal 101 Put up E R R E Y D S C B R I M C D ANOTICE, INCLUDING TAXES, 52 Really desire, with “over” 76 Result of a bang-up job? R O U S T N A R E R A M E F O NIF ANY, PAID BY MORTGAG- for performing on an 18 Covers up 102 Lamb specialty N W O R N U L A S I R A S N K A AEE: $106,334.38 53 PrecipitateThat prior to the commence- injured ankle 78 One running E T F E E S P U L A O D E D I A R C B 25 Street opening 104 Unwilling to budge G E O L D A S G A H C A U S E I O Mment of this mortgage foreclo-sure proceeding Mortgagee/As- 57 House of the speaker? 110 Form letters? 80 Beta carotene and others N S W C I D F C A N T S Y Ssignee of Mortgagee complied 29 Sports announcer’s scream 106 Kick back S Y A O I T D E E O N E E E E W T Nwith all notice requirements as 58 Writer 111 “No ___” (“Don’t ask me”) 31 Lost-parcel inquiries 86 Go outrequired by statute; That no 107 People conquered by R T A R S M O E R N E O P E N T E R Saction or proceeding has been 60 Big guns 112 Basically 87 Trick-winning attempt in bridge the Spanish E A D T O L L O T E D R O R N A Oinstituted at law or otherwise 33 Newspaper section C G U S O S T S L E A N A K E Bto recover the debt secured 61 F = ma formulatorby said mortgage, or any part 114 Breaks one’s back 88 ___ beer 108 Wound protector A N E W O L H I S O A N C R H 36 It’s almost nothing R I S E S S E N A D O I O O T Sthereof;PURSUANT to the power of 62 Very wide shoe spec 116 Boston player, for short 90 Dwellings 109 Much merriment T W O R K A D A N T C I G A R S N Y Asale contained in said mort- 39 Prefix with -porosis 12227343Pgage, the above described 63 Text changes 117 Triple Crown winners 91 TV announcer who 113 Heat org. A N D S E Y N M O T E D R E N O W N Dproperty will be sold by the 41 Took turns recklessly N A N A M N A D U X E T H R C E A ISheriff of said county as fol- 65 Rocket center, once must lead their league broke the news of G L A M M E H A M E R S C U E N D Mlows: 42 Things may be 115 Got ___ (did great)DATE AND TIME OF SALE: in these John Lennon’s murder For answers, call 1-900-285-5656, 66 ___ admin written in itOctober 5, 2012 at 10:00 AM $1.49 a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-814-5550.PLACE OF SALE: OlmstedCounty Government Center,
  • E6 Saturday, December 22, 2012 POST-BULLETIN • Other Other Other Other Other Other Other Other Other AMENDED NOTICE AND g OFFICE OF MINNESOTA ORDER OF HEARING ON Halima Noor Ali, SUMMONS g and Election shall be held SECRETARY OF STATE PETITION FOR PROBATE OF on the 12th day of March, ASSUMED NAME | Respondent. STATE OF MINNESOTA, Under Minnesota law,WILL AND APPOINTMENT OF Appr 2013 Leg Agnda ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS: THE STATE OF MINNE- PUTE RESOLUTION. The service of this SummonsPERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Appr Res 12-63 Sheriff’s Sealed bids for Neighbor- 2013 at the Haverhill Town CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED SOTA TO THE ABOVE- parties may agree to or be COUNTY OF OLMSTED,AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Hall. NAME DISTRICT COURT - FAM- makes the following re- Offc Fees hood Stabilization Program NAMED RESPONDENT: ordered to participate in an quirements apply to bothSTATE OF MINNESOTA, Set date & time for 2013 property renovations locat- Given under my hand this Minnesota Statutes, alternative dispute resolu- ILY DIVISION - THIRD JU-COUNTY OF OLMSTED, DIS- 1. YOU ARE BEING DICIAL DISTRICT parties to this action, un- Budget & Levy ed at 12th day of December, Chapter 333 SUED. Your spouse (hus- tion process under RuleTRICT COURT, PROBATE 2012. 1. List the exact assumed name less they are modified byDIVISION, THIRD JUDICIAL Vol Appntmts 947 4th Avenue SE, Roch- band or wife) has filed a 114 of the Minnesota Gen- the Court or the proceed- Brd/Comm Repts ester, MN 55904 will be /s/ Jerome Lawler under which the business is or eral Rules of Practice. You Court File Number:DISTRICT lawsuit against you for ________________ ing is dismissed: Recess received by First Homes Jerome Lawler, Deputy will be conducted: dissolution of your mar- must still send your writ-Court File No. 55-PR-12-7819 Clerk Gutter Topper of Minnesota 1) NEITHER PARTY MAY Reconvene Properties – NSP, 400 riage. A copy of the paper- ten response to the Peti- DISPOSE OF ANY AS-ESTATE OF: Pub Hring: Truth in Taxtn South Broadway, Suite Joe Mahoney, Clerk 2. Principle Place of Business: tion even if you expect to In Re the Marriage of:J. Peter Burton, DECEDENT work regarding the lawsuit Bonnie Lou Niebruegge, SETS EXCEPT Adjourn (12/22) 300, Rochester, MN 55904 (12/15, 12/22) 2030 50th ST NW is served on you with this use alterative means of Rochester, MN 55901 Petitioner, a) for the necessities ofIt is Ordered and Notice is giv- until 3:00 p.m., local time, summons. Do not throw resolving this dispute. Al- life or for the necessary January 10, 2013 at which 3. List the name and complete ternative dispute resolution anden that on January 23, 2013, at NOTICE OF INFORMAL these papers away. They Kurt Emerson Niebruegge, generation of income or street address of all persons9:00 AM a hearing will be held time the bids will be opened PROBATE OF WILL AND conducting business under the are official papers that af- includes mediation, arbitra- Respondent. preservation of assets,in this Court in Courtroom 2 on and publicly read aloud. APPOINTMENT fect your rights. Read this tion and other processes THE STATE OF MINNE- b) by an agreement inthe 5th floor, at 151 4th Street NOTICE AND ORDER OF The bids will be opened in OF PERSONAL above Assumed Name, or if the summons carefully. If you as set forth in the DistrictSE, Rochester, Minnesota for HEARING ON PETITION FOR the Board Room. REPRESENTATIVE AND business is a corporation, pro- do not understand it, con- Court Rules. You may con- SOTA TO THE ABOVE- writing, orthe formal probate of an instru- FORMAL ADJUDICATION OF A pre-bid walk-thru will be NOTICE TO CREDITORS vide the legal corporate name NAMED RESPONDENT: c) for retaining counselment purporting to be the Will INTESTACY, DETERMINATION tact an attorney for legal tact the Court Administra- to carry on or to contest - State of Minnesota - County and registered office address of 1. YOU ARE BEINGof Decedent, dated April 14th, OF HEIRSHIP, APPOINTMENT held at 9:30 a.m. Decem- of Olmsted - District Court - the corporation. advice. You must respond tor about resources in your SUED. Your spouse (hus- this proceeding;2011, and for the appointment OF PERSONAL ber 28, 2012 to review the Third Judicial District - to this lawsuit even though area. If you cannot pay for band or wife) has filed a 2) NEITHER PARTY MAYof Sharon S. Burton, whose ad- REPRESENTATIVE AND bidding documents and ex- Court file No. 55-PR-12-7965 Douglas R Flint it may not yet be filed with mediation or alternativedress is: 3908 Chipshot Lane NOTICE TO CREDITORS 2030 50th ST NW lawsuit against you for HARASS THE OTHER isting conditions with inter- In Re: the Court and there may be dispute resolution, in some PARTY; andSE, Rochester, MN 55904 as STATE OF MINNESOTA, COUNTY ested bidders and answer Estate of Gloria M. Kaplan, Rochester, MN 55901 countries, assistance may dissolution of your mar-Personal Representative of the OF OLMSTED, DISTRICT COURT, no court file number on this riage. A copy of the paper- 3) ALL CURRENTLY questions. Decedent. T.A.G. Construction, LLC be available to you thoughEstate of the Decedent in an PROBATE DIVISION, THIRD Notice is given that an Applica- summons. work regarding the lawsuit AVAILABLE INSUR- To submit bids on this or 2030 50th ST NW 2. YOU MUST RE- a nonprofit provider or aUNSUPERVISED administra- JUDICIAL DISTRICT tion for Informal Probate of Will is served on you with this ANCE COVERAGE MUSTtion. Any objections to the peti- future NSP projects, con- Rochester, MN 55901 SPOND WITHIN 30 DAYS court program. If you are a and Informal Appointment of summons. Do not throw BE MAINTAINED ANDtion must be filed with the Court ESTATE OF: tactors must provide the Personal Representative was 4. I certify that I am authorized TO PROTECT YOUR victim of domestic abuse orprior to or raised at the hearing. LARRY LEE KRULL, to sign this certificate and I fur- these papers away. They CONTINUED WITHOUT following qualifications: filed with the Registrar, along RIGHTS. You must give threats as defined in Min- CHANGE IN COVERAGEIf proper and if no objections DECEDENT with a Will dated April 20, 2004. ther certify that I understand nesota Statutes, Chapter are official papers that af-are filed or raised, the Personal Court File No. 55-PR-12-7948 or mail to the person who fect your rights. Read this OR BENEFICIARY DES- The Registrar accepted the ap- that by signing this certificate, 518B, you are not requiredRepresentative will be appoint- plication and appointed Stanley signed this summons a summons carefully. If you IGNATION. I am subject to the penalties of written response called to try mediation and youed with full power to administer It is Ordered and Notice is giv- J. Calof, whose address is 1874 do not understand it, con- 4) PARTIES TO A MAR-the Estate, including the power en that on January 30, 2013, at perjury as set forth in Minneso- an Answer and your Finan- will not be penalized by the Colvin Avenue, St. Paul, Min- tact an attorney for legal RIAGE DISSOLUTIONto collect all assets, to pay all 9:00 AM a hearing will be held Employer nesota 55116, to serve as the ta Statutes section 609.48 as if cial Affidavit within 30 days court in later debts, claims, taxes and in this Court at 151 4th Street I had signed this certificate un- advice. You must respond PROCEEDING ARE EN- For complete copies of bid- personal representative of the of the date on which you COURAGED TO AT-expenses, to sell real and per- SE, Rochester, (Courtroom #2 ding documents contact decedent’s estate. der oath. NOTICE OF TEMPORARY to this lawsuit even thoughsonal property, and do all nec- on 5th Floor), Minnesota, for the received this Summons. it may not yet be filed with TEMPT ALTERNATIVE any one of the following: Any heir, devisee or other inter- /s/ Douglas R Flint RESTRAINING PROVISIONSessary acts for the Estate. adjudication of intestacy and ested person may be entitled to You must send a copy of the Court and there may be DISPUTE RESOLUTIONNotice is also given that (sub- determination of heirship of the appointment as personal repre- Douglas R Flint, Owner your Answer to the person AND ALTERNATIVE PURSUANT TO MIN- 1316 7th Street NW, Date: 11/11/2012 DISPUTE RESOLUTION no court file number on thisject to Minn. 524.3-801) all Decedent, and for the appoint- sentative or may object to the who signed this Summons summons. NESOTA LAW. ALTER-creditors having claims against ment of AMY S. VILLALTA, Rochester, MN appointment of the personal State of Minnesota located at: PROVISIONS NATIVE DISPUTE RES-the Estate are required to whose address is: 1115 ELTON representative. Any objection Department of State filed Under Minnesota law, 2. YOU MUST RESPONDpresent the claims to the Per- HILLS DRIVE NW, Rochester, to the appointment of the per- December 10, 2012 by Mark WITHIN THIRTY (30) OLUTION INCLUDES Exchange Legal Assistance of service of this Summons MEDIATION, ARBITRA-sonal Representative or to the Minnesota 55902 as Personal sonal representative must be Richie, Secretary of State makes the following re- DAYS TO PROTECTCourt Administrator within four Representative of the Estate of filed with the Court, and any Olmsted County YOUR RIGHTS. You must TION, AND OTHER PRO- File No.62792060002 1700 North Broadway, quirements apply to bothmonths after the date of this No- the Decedent in an UNSUPER- properly filed objections will be give or mail to the person CESSES AS SET FORTHtice or the claims will be barred. VISED administration. Any ob- (12/21, 12/22, 12/24, (12/21, 12/22) Suite 124 parties to this action, un- heard by the Court after notice who signed this summons IN THE DISTRICT COURT Dated: December 11, 2012 jections to the Petition must be 12/25, 12/26) Rochester, MN 55906 less they are modified by /s/ The Honorable filed with the Court prior to or is provided to interested per- NOTICE OF AMENDED a written response called RULES. YOU MAY CON- sons of the date of hearing on ORDINANCE the Court or the proceed- TACT THE COURT AD- Debra A Jacobson, Judge raised at the hearing. If proper the objection. ing is dismissed: an Answer and your Finan- Charles L. Kjos, and if no objections are filed or “On December 18, 2012 You must pay the required cial Affidavit within 30 days MINISTRATOR ABOUT Unless objections are filed, and 1) NEITHER PARTY MAY Court Administrator raised, the Personal Represen- unless the Court orders other- the Olmsted County Board filing fee. Answer forms of the date on which you RESOURCES IN YOUR Darla Busian, Deputy Clerk tative will be appointed with full wise, the personal representa- passed revisions to Olm- and the Financial Affida- DISPOSE OF ANY AS- AREA. IF YOU CANNOT NOTICE HAVERHILL SETS EXCEPT received this Summons.Attorney for Petitioner power to administer the Estate, tive has full power to administer sted County Solid Waste vit form are available from You must send a copy of PAY FOR MEDIATION ORWilliam P. Volkmar including the power to collect TOWNSHIP the estate, including, after thirty the Court Administrator’s a) for the necessities ofDunlap & Seegar, P.A. all assets, pay all legal debts, OLMSTED COUNTY, Ordinance No. 10 which is your Answer to the person ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE (30) days from the issuance of numbered for 2012 classi- office. life or for the necessary RESOLUTION, IN SOME206 South Broadway claims, taxes and expenses, to MINNESOTA letters testamentary, the power generation of income or who signed this SummonsRochester, MN, 55904 sell real and personal property, fication purposes as Or- 3. YOU MUST RESPOND located at: COUNTIES ASSISTANCE Notice is hereby given by to sell, encumber, lease or dis- preservation of assets,Attorney License No: 113104 and do all necessary acts for tribute any interest in real estate dinance 12-02. These TO EACH CLAIM. The MAY BE AVAILABLE TOTelephone: 507-288-9111 the Estate. the Town Board of Haver- Answer is your written re- b) by an agreement in hill Township, in Olmsted owned by the decedent. changes amended Sec- Legal Assistance of YOU THROUGH A NON-FAX: 507-288-9342 Notice is also given that (sub- Notice is further given that tions 2.15, Section 2.19, sponse to the Petitioner’s writing, or PROFIT PROVIDER OREmail: ject to Minn. 524.3-801) all County, Minnesota, that c) for retaining counsel Olmsted County subject to Minn. Stat. §524.3- Section 7.03 as well as the Petition. In your Answer 1700 North Broadway, A COURT PROGRAM. creditors having claims against filings for Town Officers 801, all creditors having claims you must state wheth- to carry on or to contest (12/22, 12/29) the Estate are required to shall open on the 1st day of against the decedent’s estate Solid Waste Management Suite 124 YOU ARE A VICTIM OF Fee and Service Charge er you agree or disagree this proceeding; DOMESTIC ABUSE OR present the claims to the per- January, 2013 and close at are required to present the 2) NEITHER PARTY MAY Rochester, MN 55906 sonal representative or to the claims to the personal repre- Schedule. These chang- with each paragraph of the THREATS OF ABUSE AS SUMMARY OF BOARD Court Administrator within four 5:00 P.M. on the 15th day Complaint. If you believe HARASS THE OTHER of January, 2013. sentative or the Court within es updated certain terms, You must pay the required DEFINED IN MINNESOTA MINUTES months after the date of this No- four (4) months after the date clarified that the establish- the Petitioner should not PARTY; and filing fee. Answer forms STATUTES, CHAPTERProceedings of the Olmst- tice or the claims will be barred. Filing shall be at the of- of this notice or the claims will be given everything asked 3) ALL CURRENTLY (COURT SEAL) fice of the clerk located at: ment of Service Charge on and the Financial Affida- 518B, YOU ARE NOT RE-ed County Board of Com- be barred. Recyclable Materials was for in the Petition, you must AVAILABLE INSUR- QUIRED TO TRY MEDI- Dated: December 3, 2012 6225-College View Rd E. DATED: December 3, 2012 ANCE COVERAGE MUST vit form are available frommissioners held on Decem- /s/ The Honorable only to apply to Residen- say so in your Answer. the Court Administrator’s ATION AND YOU WILL Rochester, MN 55904. /s/ Darla Busian, Registrar BE MAINTAINED ANDber 6, 2012, at 3:00 PM in Debra A. Jacobson, Judge /s/ Charles Kjos, tial Sites and not to Com- 4. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR office. NOT BE PENALIZED BYthe Council/Board Cham- /s/ Charles L. Kjos, Filing shall be as follows: CASE IF YOU DO NOT CONTINUED WITHOUT Two Town Supervisors for Court Administrator mercial Sites, and made 3. YOU MUST RESPOND THE COURT IN LATERbers at the Government Court Administrator certain revisions to the fee SEND A WRITTEN RE- CHANGE IN COVERAGE PROCEEDINGS. /s/ Darla Busian, a three year term and One OR BENEFICIARY DES- TO EACH CLAIM. TheCenter. Steve A. Brand, and service charge sched- SPONSE TO THE COM- Answer is your written re-The Olmsted County Board Deputy Clerk Town Treasurer for a two Attorney ID No. 10790 PLAINT TO THE PERSON IGNATION. Date Filed: December 3, 2012 year term. Robins, Kaplan, ule. This is only a summa- sponse to the Petitioner’s NOTICE OF PARENTof Commissioners met on ry of the ordinance chang- WHO SIGNED THIS SUM- 4) PARTIES TO A MAR- EDUCATION PROGRAM Attorney For Petitioner The Annual Town Meeting Miller & Ciresi L.L.P RIAGE DISSOLUTION Petition. In your Answerthe above date with the TRAVIS M. OHLY 800 LaSalle Avenue, es and the full text of the MONS. If you do not An- you must state wheth- REQUIREMENTSfollowing Commissioners OHLY LAW OFFICE Suite 2800 changes is available for swer within 30 days, you PROCEEDING ARE EN- Under minnesota statutes, COURAGED TO AT- er you agree or disagreepresent: Podulke, Brown, 1850 NORTH BROADWAY Minneapolis, MN 55402-2012 public inspection by view- will lose this case. You will with each paragraph of the section 518.157, In a con-Flynn, Bier, Perkins, and ROCHESTER, MN 55906 ATTORNEY FOR PERSONAL ing the County’s website at not get to tell your side of TEMPT ALTERNATIVE tested proceeding involv- Attorney License No.: 0347176 REPRESENTATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION Complaint. If you believeOhly. the story, and the Court the Petitioner should not ing custody or parenting PHONE: 507-289-4529 (12/15, 12/22) PURSUANT TO MIN-Chairperson Brown called FAX: 507-289-0987 In addition, any person may decide against you be given everything asked time of a minor child, thethe meeting to order EMAIL: may view the full text of the and award the Petitioner NESOTA LAW. ALTER- parties must begin partici- NATIVE DISPUTE RES- for in the Petition, you mustAppr Consent Calendar (12/15, 12/22) revised ordinance between everything asked for in the say so in your Answer. pation in a parent educa-Appr 11/27/2012 min- 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Petition. If you do not want OLUTION INCLUDES tion program that meetsutes Other Other Monday through Friday at to contest the claims stated MEDIATION, ARBITRA- 4. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CASE IF YOU DO NOT minimum standards pro-Appr 2013 Liq Licns the Olmsted County Gov- in the Petition, you do not TION, AND OTHER PRO- mulgated by the Minneso- CESSES AS SET FORTH SEND A WRITTEN RE-Appr POS Agrmnts Trgtd ernment Center, Office of need to respond. A default SPONSE TO THE COM- ta Supreme Court withinCase Mgmt Svcs Property Records and Li- judgement can then be en- IN THE DISTRICT COURT 30 days after the first filing RULES. YOU MAY CON- PLAINT TO THE PERSON censing, serving as the tered against you for the RESOLUTION NO. 12-71 relief requested in the Pe- TACT THE COURT AD- WHO SIGNED THIS SUM- with the court. In some dis- WHEREAS, the County Board of Commissioners has County Auditor.” (12/22) MONS. If you do not An- tricts, parenting education tition. MINISTRATOR ABOUT may be required in all cus- the duty and responsibility, by law, to establish by reso- swer within 30 days, you lution the annual salaries to be paid to its elected of- SUMMONS 5. LEGAL ASSISTANCE. RESOURCES IN YOUR will lose this case. You will tody or parenting proceed- STATE OF MINNESOTA, You may wish to get legal AREA. IF YOU CANNOT ings. You may contact the ficials: PAY FOR MEDIATION OR not get to tell your side of COUNTY OF OLMSTED, help from a lawyer. If you the story, and the Court District Court Administrator NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that effective DISTRICT COURT - FAM- do not have a lawyer, the ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE the first Monday of January 2013, the annual salaries may decide against you for additional information ILY DIVISION - THIRD JU- Court Administrator may RESOLUTION, IN SOME regarding this requirement of the elected officials shall be as follows: COUNTIES ASSISTANCE and award the Petitioner DICIAL DISTRICT have information about everything asked for in the and the availability of par- places where you can get MAY BE AVAILABLE TO ent education programs. 2012 2013 YOU THROUGH A NON- Petition. If you do not want Court File Number: legal assistance. Even to contest the claims stated ________________ if you cannot get legal PROFIT PROVIDER OR IF YOU VIOLATE ANY County Commissioners $ 34,694 $35,908 A COURT PROGRAM. IF in the Petition, you do not help, you must still pro- need to respond. A default OF THESE PROVISIONS, In Re the Marriage of: vide a written Answer YOU ARE A VICTIM OF YOU WILL BE SUBJECT In-County expenses allowance per month DOMESTIC ABUSE OR judgement can then be en- Caraya Hadafow, to protect your rights or tered against you for the TO SANCTIONS BY THE $ 400.00 $400.00 Petitioner, you may lose the case. THREATS OF ABUSE AS relief requested in the Pe- COURT. and 6. ALTERNATIVE DIS- DEFINED IN MINNESOTA Dated at Rochester, Minnesota this 18th day of STATUTES, CHAPTER tition. December, 2012. 5. LEGAL ASSISTANCE. DATED: 10/15/12 518B, YOU ARE NOT RE- By: /s/ Shiloh D. Bute You may wish to get legal Announce OLMSTED COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS QUIRED TO TRY MEDI- Shiloh D. Bute ATION AND YOU WILL help from a lawyer. If you /s/_________________ do not have a lawyer, the Attorney ID No. 0389982 Kenneth Brown, Chairperson NOT BE PENALIZED BY Attorneys for Petitioner Court Administrator may FOR CONVENIENT HOME DELIVERY, CALL ATTEST: THE COURT IN LATER have information about 1700 N. Broadway, Ste. 507-285-7676 or 800-562-1758 /s/________________ PROCEEDINGS. 124 places where you can get (12/22) Richard G. Devlin, Clerk/Administrator Rochester, MN 55906 NOTICE OF PARENT legal assistance. Even if you cannot get legal Telephone: 507-287-2036 EDUCATION PROGRAM (12/8, 12/15, 12/22) help, you must still pro- Sell REQUIREMENTS Under minnesota statutes, vide a written Answer section 518.157, In a con- to protect your rights or tested proceeding involv- you may lose the case. 6. ALTERNATIVE DIS- Week of Christmas ing custody or parenting time of a minor child, the parties must begin partici- pation in a parent educa- PUTE RESOLUTION. The parties may agree to or be ordered to participate in an alternative dispute resolu- ANNOUNCE Deadlines Advertise tion program that meets minimum standards pro- mulgated by the Minneso- ta Supreme Court within 30 days after the first filing with the court. In some dis- tion process under Rule 114 of the Minnesota Gen- eral Rules of Practice. You must still send your written response to the Petition even if you expect to use tricts, parenting education may be required in all cus- alterative means of resolv- ing this dispute. Alternative Recruit RETAIL & CLASSIFIED DISPLAY: Publication for Deadline: Tuesday, Dec. 25th Thursday, Dec. 20th 4:00 p.m. tody or parenting proceed- ings. You may contact the District Court Administrator for additional information regarding this requirement and the availability of par- dispute resolution includes mediation, arbitration and other processes as set forth in the District Court Rules. You may contact the Court Administrator ent education programs. Publication for Wednesday, Dec. 26th about resources in your area. If you cannot pay for IF YOU VIOLATE ANY mediation or alternative Deadline: Friday, Dec. 21st 4:00 p.m. OF THESE PROVISIONS, dispute resolution, in some YOU WILL BE SUBJECT countries, assistance may Publication for Thursday, Dec. 27th TO SANCTIONS BY THE COURT. be available to you though a nonprofit provider or a Deadline: Monday, Dec. 24th 3:00 p.m. DATED: 11/16/12 court program. If you are a victim of domestic abuse or CLASSIFIED LINE ADS: By: /s/ Shiloh D. Bute Shiloh D. Bute threats as defined in Min- nesota Statutes, Chapter CALL 507-285-7777 Attorney ID No. 0389982 Publication for Tuesday, Dec. 25th Attorneys for Petitioner 518B, you are not required or 800-562-1758 1700 N. Broadway, Ste. to try mediation and you Deadline: Monday, Dec. 24th 11:00 a.m. will not be penalized by the 8:00-5:00 [24/7 Online] 124 Rochester, MN 55906 court in later proceedings. Publication for Wednesday, Dec. 26th Telephone: 507-287-2036 NOTICE OF TEMPORARY /classifieds (12/15, 12/22, 12/29) RESTRAINING PROVISIONS FREE AD LINE: Deadline: Monday, Dec. 24th 3:00 p.m. AND ALTERNATIVE 507-252-1271 or 888-755-5333 Publication for Thursday, Dec. 27th Contact DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROVISIONS Deadline: Wednesday, Dec. 26th Noon One of our Real Life Adventures / Wise and Aldrich AUTO MARKETPLACE: Helpful Sales Publication for Retail & Class. Display Thursday, Dec. 27th Deadline: Monday, Dec. 24th 3:00 p.m. Associates Classified Line Ads Deadline: Wednesday, Dec. 26th Noon REAL ESTATE MARKETPLACE: Retail & Class. Display for Friday, Dec. 28th Deadline: Wednesday, Dec. 26th Noon Classified Line Ads for Friday, Dec. 28th Deadline: Thursday, Dec. 27th 11:00 a.m. MONEY SAVER: Publication for Tuesday, Dec. 25th CALL 507-285-7777 Deadline: Wednesday, Dec. 19th 4:00 p.m. or 800-562-1758 TOTAL TV: Publication for Saturday, Dec. 29th 8:00-5:00 [24/7 Online] Deadline: Wednesday, Dec. 19th 4:00 p.m. /classifieds 121912914P FREE AD LINE: 507-252-1271 or 888-755-5333