Public meetings, foreclosures and other legal notices for March 23, 2012


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Public meetings, foreclosures and other legal notices for March 23, 2012

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Public meetings, foreclosures and other legal notices for March 23, 2012

  1. 1. POST-BULLETIN • FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 C9 Sporting Goods Public Notices Classified tion 580.30 or the property LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF 12-080771 Lawrence P. Zielke - ments, including attorneysshoppers aren’t representatives or assigns. is not redeemed under the costs and disburse- PROPERTY: NOTICE OF MORTGAGE 152559 fees allowed by law, sub- TIME AND DATE TO VA- section 580.23, is 11:59 ments, including attorneys Lot 6, Block 2, Margies FORECLOSURE SALE Diane F. Mach - 273788 ject to redemption within 6 not reinstated under sec- desperate... CATE PROPERTY: If the p.m. on April 29, 2013. fees allowed by law, sub- ject to redemption within 6 Addition, in the City of THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- CATION OF THE DEBT Melissa L. B. Porter - months from the date of tion 580.30 or the property is not redeemed under real estate is an owner-oc- Eyota 0337778 just smart cupied, single-family dwell- Dated: February 27, 2012 months from the date of PROPERTY ADDRESS: AND IDENTITY OF THE Randolph W. Dawdy said sale by mortgagor(s) the personal the section 580.23, is 11:59 said sale by the ORIGINAL CREDITOR p.m. on October 8, 2012. consumers ing, unless otherwise pro- vided by law, the date on CitiMortgage, Inc. Assignee of Mortgagee mortgagor(s) the personal 909 Jefferson Avenue S, Eyota, MN 55934 WITHIN THE TIME PRO- 2160X Ronald W. Spencer - representatives or assigns. TIME AND DATE TO VA- "THE TIME ALLOWED BY that like to or before which the mort- SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP representatives or assigns. TIME AND DATE TO VA- PROPERTY IDENTIFICA- TION NUMBER: VIDED BY LAW IS NOT AFFECTED BY THIS AC- 0104061 CATE PROPERTY: If the LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY THE MORTGAGOR, gagor(s) must vacate the BY Stephanie O. Nelson - real estate is an owner-oc- save money. property, if the mortgage is _____________________ CATE PROPERTY: If the TION. 0388918 cupied, single-family dwell- THE MORTGAGORS not reinstated under sec- Lawrence P. Zielke - real estate is an owner-oc- COUNTY IN WHICH NOTICE IS HEREBY Attorneys for Mortgagee ing, unless otherwise pro- PERSONAL REPRESEN- tion 580.30 or the property 152559 cupied, single-family dwell- PROPERTY IS LOCATED: GIVEN, that default has 12550 West Frontage vided by law, the date on TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, is not redeemed under Diane F. Mach - 273788 ing, unless otherwise pro- Olmsted occurred in the conditions Road, Ste. 200 or before which the mort- MAY BE REDUCED TO section 580.23, is 11:59 Melissa L. B. Porter - vided by law, the date on THE AMOUNT CLAIMED of the following described Burnsville, MN 55337 gagor(s) must vacate the FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- p.m. on October 8, 2012. 0337778 or before which the mort- TO BE DUE ON THE mortgage: (952) 831-4060 property, if the mortgage is CIAL ORDER IS EN- "THE TIME ALLOWED BY Randolph W. Dawdy gagor(s) must vacate the MORTGAGE ON THE DATE OF MORTGAGE: PURSUANT TO THE FAIR not reinstated under sec- TERED UNDER MINNE- LAW FOR REDEMPTION property, if the mortgage is DATE OF THE NOTICE: March 27, 2004 SOTA STATUTES SEC- Firewood 2160X DEBT COLLECTION tion 580.30 or the property BY THE MORTGAGOR, Ronald W. Spencer - not reinstated under sec- $180,983.09 ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL PRACTICES ACT, YOU is not redeemed under TION 582.032 DETERMIN- THE MORTGAGORS 0104061 tion 580.30 or the property THAT all pre-foreclosure AMOUNT OF MORT- ARE ADVISED THAT section 580.23, is 11:59 ING, AMONG OTHER PERSONAL REPRESEN- Stephanie O. Nelson - is not redeemed under requirements have been GAGE: $182,350.00 THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED p.m. on October 8, 2012. THINGS, THAT THE TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, 0388918 section 580.23, is 11:59 complied with; that no ac- MORTGAGOR(S): Phillip TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- "THE TIME ALLOWED BY MORTGAGED PREMISES MAY BE REDUCED TO Attorneys for Mortgagee p.m. on November 5, 2012. tion or proceeding has S. Rogers and Linda M. TOR. ANY INFORMA- LAW FOR REDEMPTION ARE IMPROVED WITH ADRY OAK: Firewood, FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- 12550 West Frontage "THE TIME ALLOWED BY been instituted at law or Rogers, husband and wife. TION OBTAINED WILL BE BY THE MORTGAGOR, RESIDENTIAL DWELLINGCut, Split, Delivered, 25+ CIAL ORDER IS EN- Road, Ste. 200 LAW FOR REDEMPTION otherwise to recover the MORTGAGEE: Mortgage USED FOR THAT PUR- THE MORTGAGORS OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, years as local dealer. TERED UNDER MINNE- Burnsville, MN 55337 BY THE MORTGAGOR, debt secured by said mort- Electronic Registration POSE. THIS NOTICE IS PERSONAL REPRESEN- ARE NOT PROPERTYDNR certified. Satisfaction SOTA STATUTES SEC- (952) 831-4060 THE MORTGAGORS gage, or any part thereof; Systems, Inc. REQUIRED BY THE PRO- TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, USED FOR AGRICUL-Guaranteed! 507-280-7780. TION 582.032 DETERMIN- PURSUANT TO THE FAIR PERSONAL REPRESEN- PURSUANT, to the power TRANSACTION VISIONS OF THE FAIR MAY BE REDUCED TO TURAL PRODUCTION, ING, AMONG OTHER DEBT COLLECTION TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, of sale contained in said AGENT: Mortgage Elec- DEBT COLLECTION FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- AND ARE ABANDONED. THINGS, THAT THE PRACTICES ACT, YOU MAY BE REDUCED TO mortgage, the above de- tronic Registration Sys- PRACTICES ACT AND CIAL ORDER IS EN- MORTGAGED PREMISES ARE ADVISED THAT FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- scribed property will be tems, Inc. DOES NOT IMPLY THAT TERED UNDER MINNE- Dated: February 17, 2012 THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED CIAL ORDER IS EN- MIN#: PHH Mortgage Corporation Merchandise ARE IMPROVED WITH A RESIDENTIAL DWELLING TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- TERED UNDER MINNE- sold by the Sheriff of said county as follows: 100073345496506592 WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT MONEY SOTA STATUTES SEC- TION 582.032 DETERMIN- Assignee of Mortgagee Wanted OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, ARE NOT PROPERTY TOR. ANY INFORMA- SOTA STATUTES SEC- TION OBTAINED WILL BE TION 582.032 DETERMIN- DATE AND TIME OF SALE: April 6, 2012, LENDER: Mortgage Inves- tors Corporation FROM ANYONE WHO HAS DISCHARGED THE ING, AMONG OTHER SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP BY THINGS, THAT THE USED FOR AGRICUL- USED FOR THAT PUR- ING, AMONG OTHER 10:00am SERVICER: EverBank DEBT UNDER THE BANK- MORTGAGED PREMISES _____________________ TURAL PRODUCTION, POSE. THIS NOTICE IS THINGS, THAT THE PLACE OF SALE: Sher- DATE AND PLACE OF RUPTCY LAWS OF THE ARE IMPROVED WITH A Lawrence P. Zielke - “ARE you looking to AND ARE ABANDONED. REQUIRED BY THE PRO- MORTGAGED PREMISES iffs Main Office, 101 4th FILING: Filed April 21, UNITED STATES. RESIDENTIAL DWELLING 152559scrap your old swingset? VISIONS OF THE FAIR ARE IMPROVED WITH A Street SE, Rochester, MN 2004, Olmsted County Re- (2/24, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, Diane F. Mach - 273788 I am looking for a used Dated: February 17, 2012 DEBT COLLECTION RESIDENTIAL DWELLING 55904 corder, as Document Num- 3/30) ARE NOT PROPERTY Melissa L. B. Porter - plastic 90 degree slide. THE BANK OF NEW PRACTICES ACT AND OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, to pay the debt secured by ber A-1018264 USED FOR AGRICUL- 0337778 Call 507-261-0264.” YORK MELLON FKA THE DOES NOT IMPLY THAT ARE NOT PROPERTY said mortgage and taxes, if ASSIGNMENTS OF 12-080781 TURAL PRODUCTION, Randolph W. Dawdy BANK OF NEW YORK AS WE ARE ATTEMPTING USED FOR AGRICUL- any, on said premises and MORTGAGE: Assigned NOTICE OF MORTGAGE AND ARE ABANDONED. 2160X TRUSTEE FOR THE CER- TO COLLECT MONEY TURAL PRODUCTION, the costs and disburse- to: EverBank; Dated: Feb- FORECLOSURE SALE Ronald W. Spencer - local TIFICATEHOLDERS OF FROM ANYONE WHO AND ARE ABANDONED. ments, including attorneys ruary 10, 2012 THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- Dated: February 17, 2012 0104061 THE CWABS, INC., AS- HAS DISCHARGED THE fees allowed by law, sub- LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF CATION OF THE DEBT Bank of America, N.A., Stephanie O. Nelson - SET-BACKED CERTIFI- DEBT UNDER THE BANK- Dated: March 15, 2012 ject to redemption within 6 PROPERTY: AND IDENTITY OF THE Successor by Merger to 0388918 Public Notices CATES, SERIES 2005-3 RUPTCY LAWS OF THE MidFirst Bank months from the date of Lot 22, Block 4, Kingsbury ORIGINAL CREDITOR BAC Home Loans Servic- Attorneys for Mortgagee Assignee of Mortgagee UNITED STATES. Assignee of Mortgagee said sale by the Hills Third Subdivision, in WITHIN THE TIME PRO- ing, LP 12550 West Frontage SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP (3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30, 4/6, SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP mortgagor(s) the personal the City of Rochester VIDED BY LAW IS NOT Assignee of Mortgagee Road, Ste. 200 BY 4/13) BY representatives or assigns. PROPERTY ADDRESS: AFFECTED BY THIS AC- SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP Burnsville, MN 55337 _____________________ _____________________ TIME AND DATE TO VA- 5031 Tower Ln Nw, Roch- TION. BY (952) 831-4060 Lawrence P. Zielke - 12-080476 Lawrence P. Zielke - CATE PROPERTY: If the ester, MN 55901 NOTICE IS HEREBY _____________________ PURSUANT TO THE FAIR 152559 NOTICE OF MORTGAGE 152559 real estate is an owner-oc- PROPERTY IDENTIFICA- GIVEN, that default has Lawrence P. Zielke - DEBT COLLECTION Diane F. Mach - 273788 FORECLOSURE SALE Diane F. Mach - 273788 cupied, single-family dwell- TION NUMBER: occurred in the conditions 152559 PRACTICES ACT, YOU Melissa L. B. Porter - THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- Melissa L. B. Porter - ing, unless otherwise pro- of the following described Diane F. Mach - 273788 ARE ADVISED THAT 0337778 CATION OF THE DEBT 0337778 vided by law, the date on COUNTY IN WHICH mortgage: Melissa L. B. Porter - THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED Randolph W. Dawdy AND IDENTITY OF THE Ronald W. Spencer - or before which the mort- PROPERTY IS LOCATED: DATE OF MORTGAGE: 0337778 TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- 2160X ORIGINAL CREDITOR 0104061 gagor(s) must vacate the Olmsted August 7, 2006 Randolph W. Dawdy TOR. ANY INFORMA- Ronald W. Spencer - WITHIN THE TIME PRO- Stephanie O. Nelson - property, if the mortgage is THE AMOUNT CLAIMED ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL 2160X TION OBTAINED WILL BE 0104061 VIDED BY LAW IS NOT 0388918 not reinstated under sec- TO BE DUE ON THE AMOUNT OF MORT- Ronald W. Spencer - USED FOR THAT PUR- Stephanie O. Nelson - AFFECTED BY THIS AC- Attorneys for Mortgagee tion 580.30 or the property MORTGAGE ON THE GAGE: $121,698.00 0104061 POSE. THIS NOTICE IS 0388918 TION. 12550 West Frontage is not redeemed under DATE OF THE NOTICE: MORTGAGOR(S): Stephanie O. Nelson - REQUIRED BY THE PRO- Attorneys for Mortgagee NOTICE IS HEREBY Road, Ste. 200 section 580.23, is 11:59 $171,629.17 Barbara A. Denny, an un- 0388918 VISIONS OF THE FAIR 12550 West Frontage GIVEN, that default has Burnsville, MN 55337 p.m. on October 8, 2012. THAT all pre-foreclosure married woman, Shawn H. DEBT COLLECTIONPublic Attorneys for Mortgagee Road, Ste. 200 occurred in the conditions (952) 831-4060 "THE TIME ALLOWED BY requirements have been Sparrow, an unmarried 12550 West Frontage PRACTICES ACT AND Burnsville, MN 55337 of the following described PURSUANT TO THE FAIR LAW FOR REDEMPTION complied with; that no ac- man. Road, Ste. 200 DOES NOT IMPLY THAT (952) 831-4060 mortgage: DEBT COLLECTION BY THE MORTGAGOR, tion or proceeding has MORTGAGEE: Mortgage Burnsville, MN 55337 WE ARE ATTEMPTINGNotices PURSUANT TO THE FAIR DATE OF MORTGAGE: PRACTICES ACT, YOU THE MORTGAGORS been instituted at law or Electronic Registration (952) 831-4060 TO COLLECT MONEY DEBT COLLECTION September 19, 2008 ARE ADVISED THAT PERSONAL REPRESEN- otherwise to recover the Systems, Inc. PURSUANT TO THE FAIR FROM ANYONE WHO PRACTICES ACT, YOU ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, debt secured by said mort- TRANSACTION DEBT COLLECTION HAS DISCHARGED THE ARE ADVISED THAT AMOUNT OF MORT- TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- MAY BE REDUCED TO gage, or any part thereof; AGENT: Mortgage Elec- PRACTICES ACT, YOU DEBT UNDER THE BANK- THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED GAGE: $111,314.00 TOR. ANY INFORMA- FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- PURSUANT, to the power tronic Registration Sys- ARE ADVISED THAT RUPTCY LAWS OF THE TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- MORTGAGOR(S): TION OBTAINED WILL BE CIAL ORDER IS EN- of sale contained in said tems, Inc. THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED UNITED STATES.10-067451 TOR. ANY INFORMA- Matthew Bredeson, Single USED FOR THAT PUR- TERED UNDER MINNE- mortgage, the above de- MIN#: (2/24, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, NOTICE OF MORTGAGE TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- TION OBTAINED WILL BE MORTGAGEE: Mortgage POSE. THIS NOTICE IS SOTA STATUTES SEC- scribed property will be 100030200523001327 TOR. ANY INFORMA- 3/30) FORECLOSURE SALE USED FOR THAT PUR- Electronic Registration REQUIRED BY THE PRO- TION 582.032 DETERMIN- sold by the Sheriff of said LENDER: Cherry CreekTHE RIGHT TO VERIFI- TION OBTAINED WILL BE POSE. THIS NOTICE IS Systems, Inc. VISIONS OF THE FAIR ING, AMONG OTHER county as follows: Mortgage Co., Inc. USED FOR THAT PUR-CATION OF THE DEBT REQUIRED BY THE PRO- TRANSACTION DEBT COLLECTION THINGS, THAT THE DATE AND TIME OF SERVICER: Bank ofAND IDENTITY OF THE POSE. THIS NOTICE IS VISIONS OF THE FAIR AGENT: Mortgage Elec- PRACTICES ACT AND MORTGAGED PREMISES SALE: April 6, 2012, America, N.A. REQUIRED BY THE PRO- 12-080896ORIGINAL CREDITOR DEBT COLLECTION tronic Registration Sys- DOES NOT IMPLY THAT ARE IMPROVED WITH A 10:00am DATE AND PLACE OF NOTICE OF MORTGAGEWITHIN THE TIME PRO- VISIONS OF THE FAIR PRACTICES ACT AND tems, Inc. WE ARE ATTEMPTING RESIDENTIAL DWELLING PLACE OF SALE: Sher- FILING: Filed August 24, DEBT COLLECTION FORECLOSURE SALEVIDED BY LAW IS NOT DOES NOT IMPLY THAT MIN#: TO COLLECT MONEY OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, iffs Main Office, 101 4th 2006, Olmsted County Re- THE RIGHT TO VERIFI-AFFECTED BY THIS AC- PRACTICES ACT AND WE ARE ATTEMPTING 1004919-0730190000-7 FROM ANYONE WHO ARE NOT PROPERTY Street SE, Rochester, MN corder, as Document Num- DOES NOT IMPLY THAT CATION OF THE DEBTTION. TO COLLECT MONEY LENDER: Village Capital HAS DISCHARGED THE USED FOR AGRICUL- 55904 ber A-1110982 AND IDENTITY OF THENOTICE IS HEREBY WE ARE ATTEMPTING FROM ANYONE WHO & Investment LLC. DEBT UNDER THE BANK- TURAL PRODUCTION, to pay the debt secured by ASSIGNMENTS OF TO COLLECT MONEY ORIGINAL CREDITORGIVEN, that default has HAS DISCHARGED THE SERVICER: MidFirst Bank RUPTCY LAWS OF THE AND ARE ABANDONED. said mortgage and taxes, if MORTGAGE: Assigned WITHIN THE TIME PRO-occurred in the conditions FROM ANYONE WHO DEBT UNDER THE BANK- DATE AND PLACE OF UNITED STATES. any, on said premises and to: Bank of America, N.A., HAS DISCHARGED THE VIDED BY LAW IS NOTof the following described RUPTCY LAWS OF THE FILING: Filed October 14, (3/23, 3/30, 4/6, 4/13, 4/20, Dated: February 17, 2012 the costs and disburse- Successor by Merger to AFFECTED BY THIS AC-mortgage: DEBT UNDER THE BANK- UNITED STATES. 2008, Olmsted County Re- 4/27) MidFirst Bank ments, including attorneys BAC Home Loans Servic- RUPTCY LAWS OF THE TION.DATE OF MORTGAGE: (2/24, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, corder, as Document Num- Assignee of Mortgagee fees allowed by law, sub- ing, LP; Dated: September NOTICE IS HEREBY March 17, 2005 UNITED STATES. 3/30) ber A-1181757 SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP ject to redemption within 6 22, 2011 filed: September (2/24, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, GIVEN, that default hasORIGINAL PRINCIPAL 12-080683 BY months from the date of 27, 2011, recorded as occurred in the conditions ASSIGNMENTS OF NOTICE OF MORTGAGE 3/30)AMOUNT OF MORT- MORTGAGE: Assigned _____________________ said sale by the document number of the following describedGAGE: $144,000.00 11-079236 FORECLOSURE SALE Lawrence P. Zielke - mortgagor(s) the personal A1268677 mortgage: to: MidFirst Bank; Dated: THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- 12-080880MORTGAGOR(S): Jorge NOTICE OF MORTGAGE January 20, 2012 152559 representatives or assigns. LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF NOTICE OF MORTGAGE DATE OF MORTGAGE:Lopez and Irma Meza, FORECLOSURE SALE CATION OF THE DEBT Diane F. Mach - 273788 TIME AND DATE TO VA- PROPERTY: October 15, 2004 LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF AND IDENTITY OF THE FORECLOSURE SALEmarried THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- PROPERTY: Melissa L. B. Porter - CATE PROPERTY: If the Lot 4, Block 4, Willow THE RIGHT TO VERIFI- ORIGINAL PRINCIPALMORTGAGEE: Mortgage CATION OF THE DEBT ORIGINAL CREDITOR 0337778 real estate is an owner-oc- Heights First Subdivision, AMOUNT OF MORT- Lot Six (6), Block Eight (8), WITHIN THE TIME PRO- CATION OF THE DEBTElectronic Registration AND IDENTITY OF THE Manleys Subdivison, City VIDED BY LAW IS NOT Randolph W. Dawdy cupied, single-family dwell- in the City of Rochester AND IDENTITY OF THE GAGE: $131,362.00Systems. Inc. ORIGINAL CREDITOR of Rochester 2160X ing, unless otherwise pro- PROPERTY ADDRESS: ORIGINAL CREDITOR MORTGAGOR(S): StacyTRANSACTION WITHIN THE TIME PRO- AFFECTED BY THIS AC- Ronald W. Spencer - vided by law, the date on 3771 Willow Heights Drive M. Thompson, a single PROPERTY ADDRESS: TION. WITHIN THE TIME PRO-AGENT: Mortgage Elec- VIDED BY LAW IS NOT 1116 6Th Ave Nw, Roch- NOTICE 0104061 or before which the mort- Sw, Rochester, MN 55902 VIDED BY LAW IS NOT person and Dennis R.tronic Registration Sys- AFFECTED BY THIS AC- IS HEREBY Stephanie O. Nelson - gagor(s) must vacate the PROPERTY IDENTIFICA- Thompson, a married per- ester, MN 55901 GIVEN, that default has AFFECTED BY THIS AC-tems, Inc. TION. PROPERTY IDENTIFICA- occurred in the conditions 0388918 property, if the mortgage is TION NUMBER: TION. son and Karen L. Thomp-MIN#: NOTICE IS HEREBY TION NUMBER: of the following described Attorneys for Mortgagee not reinstated under sec- NOTICE IS HEREBY son, a married person 1000157-0004705657-3 GIVEN, that default has 12550 West Frontage tion 580.30 or the property COUNTY IN WHICH GIVEN, that default has MORTGAGEE: WellsLENDER: Countrywide occurred in the conditions mortgage: Road, Ste. 200 is not redeemed under PROPERTY IS LOCATED: Fargo Bank, NA COUNTY IN WHICH DATE OF MORTGAGE: occurred in the conditionsHome Loans, Inc. of the following described PROPERTY IS LOCATED: November 6, 2006 Burnsville, MN 55337 section 580.23, is 11:59 Olmsted of the following described LENDER: Wells FargoSERVICER: Bank of mortgage: Olmsted (952) 831-4060 p.m. on October 8, 2012. THE AMOUNT CLAIMED mortgage: Bank, NAAmerica, N.A. DATE OF MORTGAGE: ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL PURSUANT TO THE FAIR "THE TIME ALLOWED BY TO BE DUE ON THE SERVICER: Wells Fargo THE AMOUNT CLAIMED AMOUNT OF MORT- DATE OF MORTGAGE:DATE AND PLACE OF September 21, 2006 TO BE DUE ON THE GAGE: $185,926.00 DEBT COLLECTION LAW FOR REDEMPTION MORTGAGE ON THE June 13, 2008 Bank, NAFILING: Filed April 5, 2005, ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL MORTGAGE ON THE MORTGAGOR(S): William PRACTICES ACT, YOU BY THE MORTGAGOR, DATE OF THE NOTICE: ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL DATE AND PLACE OFOlmsted County Recorder, AMOUNT OF MORT- DATE OF THE NOTICE: C. Robbins and Cassie D. ARE ADVISED THAT THE MORTGAGORS $123,461.54 AMOUNT OF MORT- FILING: Filed October 27,as Document Number GAGE: $267,000.00 $113,407.83 THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED PERSONAL REPRESEN- THAT all pre-foreclosure GAGE: $40,000.00 2004, Olmsted County Re-A-1057804, Thereafter MORTGAGOR(S): Todd Robbins, Husband and TO BE A DEBT COLLEC- TATIVES OR ASSIGNS, requirements have been corder, as Document Num- THAT all pre-foreclosure Wife MORTGAGOR(S):re-recorded to correct Miller and Stacy Miller aka requirements have been MORTGAGEE: Mortgage TOR. ANY INFORMA- MAY BE REDUCED TO complied with; that no ac- Christine G. Kern, A Single ber A1042432Mortgagors name on May Stacy J. Miller, husband complied with; that no ac- Electronic TION OBTAINED WILL BE FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- tion or proceeding has Person LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF24, 2005 as Document and wife Registration USED FOR THAT PUR- CIAL ORDER IS EN- been instituted at law or PROPERTY: tion or proceeding has Systems, Inc. MORTGAGEE: FirstNumber A-1062773 MORTGAGEE: Mortgage been instituted at law or TRANSACTION POSE. THIS NOTICE IS TERED UNDER MINNE- otherwise to recover the Alliance Credit Union Lot 12, except the North 68ASSIGNMENTS OF Electronic Registration otherwise to recover the AGENT: Mortgage Elec- REQUIRED BY THE PRO- SOTA STATUTES SEC- debt secured by said mort- LENDER: First Alliance feet thereof and the EastMORTGAGE: Assigned Systems, Inc. debt secured by said mort- tronic Registration Sys- VISIONS OF THE FAIR TION 582.032 DETERMIN- gage, or any part thereof; Credit Union 1/2 of Lot 11, except theto: THE BANK OF NEW TRANSACTION AGENT: gage, or any part thereof; DEBT COLLECTION ING, AMONG OTHER PURSUANT, to the power SERVICER: PHH Mort- North 68 feet thereof, all inYORK MELLON FKA THE Mortgage Electronic Regis- tems, Inc. PRACTICES ACT AND THINGS, THAT THE of sale contained in said Block 6, of South Addition PURSUANT, to the power MIN#: gage CorporationBANK OF NEW YORK AS tration Systems, Inc. of sale contained in said 100085200592563052 DOES NOT IMPLY THAT MORTGAGED PREMISES mortgage, the above de- DATE AND PLACE OF to the City of StewartvilleTRUSTEE FOR THE CER- MIN#: mortgage, the above de- LENDER: First Horizon WE ARE ATTEMPTING ARE IMPROVED WITH A scribed property will be FILING: Filed June 20, PROPERTY ADDRESS:TIFICATEHOLDERS OF 1002839-0000002341-3 scribed property will be Home Loan Corporation TO COLLECT MONEY RESIDENTIAL DWELLING sold by the Sheriff of said 2008, Olmsted County Re- 307 3Rd Street Se,THE CWABS, INC., AS- LENDER: Premier Bank sold by the Sheriff of said SERVICER: MidFirst Bank FROM ANYONE WHO OF LESS THAN 5 UNITS, county as follows: corder, as Document Num- Stewartville, MN 55976SET-BACKED CERTIFI- SERVICER: CitiMortgage, county as follows: HAS DISCHARGED THE ARE NOT PROPERTY DATE AND TIME OF ber A-1171348 PROPERTY IDENTIFICA-CATES, SERIES 2005-3; Inc. DATE AND PLACE OF DEBT UNDER THE BANK- USED FOR AGRICUL- SALE: April 6, 2012, TION NUMBER: DATE AND TIME OF FILING: Filed November ASSIGNMENTS OFDated: July 22, 2011 filed: DATE AND PLACE OF SALE: May 4, 2012, 13, 2006, Olmsted County RUPTCY LAWS OF THE TURAL PRODUCTION, 10:00am MORTGAGE: Assigned 1, 2011, recorded FILING: Filed October 13, 10:00am UNITED STATES. AND ARE ABANDONED. PLACE OF SALE: Sher- to: PHH Mortgage Corpo- COUNTY IN WHICHas document number 2006, Olmsted County Re- Recorder, as Document (2/24, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, iffs Main Office, 101 4th PROPERTY IS PLACE OF SALE: Sher- Number A 1118569 ration; Dated: June 13,A-1264968 corder, as Document Num- iffs Main Office, 101 4th ASSIGNMENTS 3/30) Dated: February 15, 2012 Street SE, Rochester, MN 2008 filed: July 16, 2008, LOCATED: OlmstedLEGAL DESCRIPTION OF ber A-1115703 OF EverBank 55904 THE AMOUNT CLAIMED Street SE, Rochester, MN MORTGAGE: Assigned recorded as documentPROPERTY: ASSIGNMENTS OF 55904 Assignee of Mortgagee to pay the debt secured by number A-1173907 TO BE DUE ON THECommencing at a point MORTGAGE: Assigned to: MidFirst Bank; Dated: SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP said mortgage and taxes, if MORTGAGE ON THE to pay the debt secured by January 31, 2012 LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF276 feet North of the SE to: CitiMortgage, Inc.; said mortgage and taxes, if BY any, on said premises and PROPERTY: DATE OF THE NOTICE:corner of Lot 15, State Dated: August 17, 2011 any, on said premises and _____________________ the costs and disburse- Lot 3, Block 6, Summit $141,773.43Subdivision of School Sec- LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF Square Second Subdivi- THAT all pre-foreclosuretion 36, Town 107, Range PROPERTY: sion, in the City of Roches- requirements have been14, in the City of Roches- The North half of the ter complied with; that no ac-ter, Olmsted County, Min- Southwest Quarter (N 1/2 PROPERTY ADDRESS: tion or proceeding hasnesota, running thence SW 1/4) of Section 8, 901 40Th St Nw, Roches- been instituted at law orWest a distance of 160 Township 108, Range 13 ter, MN 55901 otherwise to recover thefeet, running thence North PROPERTY ADDRESS: