DAVID H. SENJEMDATE OF BIRTH:          December 20, 1942MARITAL STATUS          Wife - Marlys JeanDEPENDENTS:             ...
MAYO CLINIC       Infection Committee, 1969-1973, 1987-1990COMMITTEE         Saint Marys Hospital Infection Committee, 196...
CIVIC AND                Olmsted County Safety Council, 1974-presentPROFESSIONAL                    Occupational Safety Ch...
Rochester "76" Lions Club, 1982-1985CIVIC AND                         Treasurer, 1983-1985PROFESSIONALORGANIZATION        ...
Member, Upper Midwest Section American Industrial HygieneCIVIC AND                         Association, 1995-presentPROFES...
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Bio of Sen. Dave Senjem


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Biography of Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem of Rochester.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Bio of Sen. Dave Senjem

  1. 1. DAVID H. SENJEMDATE OF BIRTH: December 20, 1942MARITAL STATUS Wife - Marlys JeanDEPENDENTS: Children - Jannah Kristine - born July 8, 1967 Dwight David - born February 6, 1971EDUCATION:Secondary: Hayfield Community School Hayfield, Minnesota 1948-1960College: Luther College Decorah, Iowa B.A. in Biology 1960-1964Professional "Certified Safety Professional," Number 5371, Board of Certified SafetyCertification: Professionals, Champaign, IllinoisMILITARY SERVICE: NoneEMPLOYMENT BEFORE NoneENTERING MAYO CLINIC:DATE OF CLINIC ENTRY: November 1964MAYO CLINIC POSITION November 1964-September 1969ASSIGNMENTS: Assigned as lead technician to laboratory within Department of Microbiology involved with NIH research project, "Recirculation of Air in Operating Rooms" (1964-1968), and matters related to institutional infection and microbiologic control. September 1969-May 1974 Assigned as Infection Control Officer. Responsibilities dealt with the surveillance, prevention, and control of institutionally acquired infections among patients and staff, and matters related to bacteriologic environmental control. May 1974-1998 Assigned as Environmental Safety Coordinator. Responsible for matters related to Environmental Safety and Security from May 1974-July 1978. Member of Personnel Section (renamed Human Resources Department) from July 1978 to 1998. Performed additional specific duties as Mayos Institutional Biosafety Officer. January 1998-2009 Assigned as Mayo Environmental Affairs Officer. Responsible for all aspects of environmental regulatory compliance and related matters. Additionally, serves as Mayos Institutional Biosafety Officer responsible the safe use of infectious agents and the related application of recombinant DNA technology, including designation of "Responsible Person" under the CDC Select Agent Rule and the U.S. Patriot Act of 2001.
  2. 2. MAYO CLINIC Infection Committee, 1969-1973, 1987-1990COMMITTEE Saint Marys Hospital Infection Committee, 1969-1973ASSIGNMENTS Rochester Methodist Hospital Infection Committee, 1969-1973 OSHA Committee, 1972-1976 Environmental Safety Committee, 1976-1991 Institutional Biosafety Committee, 1976-present Rochester Methodist Hospital Safety Committee, 1976-1990 Electrical Safety Committee, 1977-1990 Ad Hoc Committee on Hazardous Waste Management, 1977-1978 Ad Hoc Committee on Employee Medical Surveillance, 1977-1978 Ad Hoc Committee on OSHA Training, 1977-1978 Ad Hoc Committee on Safety Education, 1977-1978 Saint Marys Hospital Safety Committee, 1979-1990 Building Committee Task Force on Hazardous Waste Disposal,1979 Ad Hoc Workers Compensation Committee, 1980-1990 Occupational Health Education Program Committee, 1982 Preventive Medicine Medical Surveillance Committee, 1982 Emergency Care Committee, 1984-1988 Mayo Foundation Systems Safety Committee, 1989-1990 Department of Laboratory Medicine Infection Committee, 1988-1991 Mayo Safety Council, 1991-2003 Mayo Life Safety Committee, 1992-1998 Mayo Foundation Environmental Health & Safety Committee, 1997-2000CIVIC AND Member, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 1965-presentPROFESSIONAL Member, Social Action Committee – 2004 – presentORGANIZATIONMEMBERSHIPS AND Member, Rochester Jaycees, 1967-1979ACTIVITIES Chapter Secretary, 1969-1970 Chapter Director, 1970-1971 President, 1974-1975 Minnesota Jaycees State Vice-President, 1973-1974 100 Conference Chairman, 1975-1976 Future Directions Committee, Chairman, 1978-1979 Minnesota Jaycees Foundation, Board Member, 1991-1997 U.S. Jaycees Metropolitan Conference, Midwest Regional Chairman, 1976-1977 Administrative Director, 1977-1978 U.S. Jaycees Vice-President, 1978-1979 Awards:Outstanding Local Chapter President, 1974-1975 Outstanding State Chairman, Minnesota Jaycees, 1975-1976 Outstanding Executive Committee Member, U.S. Jaycees Metropolitan Conference, 1976-1977 Outstanding Executive Committee Member, U.S. Jaycees Metropolitan Conference, 1977-1978 Junior Chamber International Senatorship, January 1977
  3. 3. CIVIC AND Olmsted County Safety Council, 1974-presentPROFESSIONAL Occupational Safety Chairman, 1975ORGANIZATION President, 1976MEMBERSHIPS AND Membership Chairman, 1982ACTIVITIES (continued) Occupational Safety Chairman, 1974 High Noon Toastmasters, 1971-1980 Educational VP, 1972-1973 Treasurer, 1976-1977 Area Coordinator, Luther College Alumni Association, 1975-1980 Member, Board of Directors, Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce, 1974-1975 Listed in publication "Outstanding Young Men in America," 1978 Mayo Clinic Credit Union Member, Credit Committee, 1979-1985 Member, Board of Directors, 1985-present Secretary, 1985-1989 Chairman of Board, 1989-1996 Secretary, 1998-2002 Member, Governors Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health, 1974-1984 Minnesota Junior Chamber International Senate, 1977-present Director, 1979-1982 Vice-President, 1982-1983 President, 1983-1984 Recipient, Minnesota JCI "Senator of the Year" Award, 1986 Junior Achievement of Rochester, 1980-1990 Secretary, 1980-1981, 1984-1985 Vice-President, 1981-1982 President, 1982-1983 Rochester Personnel Association, 1978-1988 Boy Scouts of America, 1980-1983 Awards Chairman, Pack 298, 1980-1981 Cubmaster, Pack 298, 1981-1983 Fund Drive Chairman, Rochester School District #535, “Vote Yes for Kids" Levy Referendum Campaign, 1984 (Successful) Member, Board of Directors, Northland Childrens Oncology House (Ronald McDonald House)1985-1989 President-1987 Member, Rochester/Olmsted County Integrated Emergency Management Task Force (IEMS), 1984-2002 Vice Chairman, 1984 Chairman-Medical and Public Health Subcommittee, 1984-1992 Member, Panel of Advisors, Minnesota Safety Council, 1982-1986
  4. 4. Rochester "76" Lions Club, 1982-1985CIVIC AND Treasurer, 1983-1985PROFESSIONALORGANIZATION Member, Board of Directors, Rochester Youth Baseball Association, 1983-MEMBERSHIPS AND presentACTIVITIES (continued) Sponsor Coordinator, 1984-1992 Coach, 1983-1985 Vice-President, 1984-1985 President, 1985-1986 Member, Board of Directors, Southeast Minnesota Chapter, American Red Cross, 1986-1989 Member, Rochester Board of Park Commissioners, 1987-1992 Member, Board of Trustees, Olmsted County Historical Society, 1986- 1992 Vice-President, 1987-1988 Member, State of Minnesota Hazardous Substances Notification Advisory Committee (Governor Appointed), 1986-1989 Member, State of Minnesota Emergency Response Commission (Governor Appointed), 1987-2002 Chairman, 1989-1997 Member, AIDS Task Force, Olmsted County Health Department, 1987- 1988 Member, Hazardous and Solid Waste Task Force to the Olmsted County Water Policy Committee, June-December 1988 Co-Chairman, Rochester School Districts #535, "Vote Yes For Kids" Levy Referendum Committee, February-May 1989, $4.9 million/year (Successful) Member, Minnesota Department of Health Policy Development Task Force on Medical Waste (Legislatively Created), 1991-1992 Member, Rochester City Council (6th Ward), 1992-2002 Member, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 1993-present Member, 21st Century Partnership Rural and Small City Vitality Task Force, 1997-1998 Member, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Environmental Committee, 1995-present Member Olmsted County Family Services Collaborative, 1994-present Member, American Biologic Safety Associations, 1997-present Member, American Society of Safety Engineers, 2001-present
  5. 5. Member, Upper Midwest Section American Industrial HygieneCIVIC AND Association, 1995-presentPROFESSIONAL Member, Rochester/Olmsted County Council of Governments, 1995-ORGANIZATION presentMEMBERSHIPS ANDACTIVITIES (continued) Member, Rochester Art Center Board of Directors, 1996-present Chair, Improving Service Delivery Policy Committee, League of Minnesota Cities, 1997-1998 Member, Community Development Policy Committee (40 Members), National League of Cities, 1998-present Vice-Chair – 2001-2002 Member, Feedlot Task Force (appointed by Olmsted County Board), 1997-1998 Member, Governor’s “Blue Ribbon” Task Force on Water Quality Regulation in Minnesota, 1995-1996 Member, Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial Committee (Founding Member involved in planning, funding, and constructing new Memorial), 1995 - present Member, Minnesota Mississippi River Parkway Commission, 2002- present Chair – 2004-present Member, Minnesota Senate, Representing District 29 Member, State and Local Government Operations Committee – 2002 - present Member, Jobs, Energy, and Economic Development Committee – 2002 – present Member, Capital Investment (Bonding) Committee, 2002 – presentCONTINUING "Airborne Concentrations of Toxic Metals Resulting From the Use of LowEDUCATION/ Melt Point Alloys to Construct Radiotherapy Shielding," Medical Physics,PROFESSIONAL January/February 1981.PARTICIPATION: courses,seminars attended and/or “Trace Nitrous Oxide Levels in the Postanesthesia Care Unit,” Anesthesiapresented; papers written, etc. & Analgesia, 1999; 89:472.