Press Release Writing for Small Public Companies


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Most least 99% of the press releases that go out to thew ire are done incorrectly- if you own a public or private company- perhaps emerging growth- this is a must read- then go and visit and

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Press Release Writing for Small Public Companies

  1. 1. Here are a few dead simple, very basic things to rememberwhen writing your press release:  Write in the 3rd Person For example dont use “you” or “I”. We are basically just trying to sound like a real new article (Ill show you a full length example soon)  Dont sell anything Remember, this isnt a promotional piece which is kind of counter intuitive considering we are writing this to try to get attention. The idea here is to be subtle and to just deliver information about what we are and what we are doing  Aim for 400-600 words, possibly more. Sites like PRWeb let you embed an anchor text every 100 words. The longer your release, the more backlinks you can stuff in. Dont go crazy, but keep it in mind, you get more bang for your buck if you can pump out around 400+ words.  How does what you are promoting, selling, offering, etc. benefit the end user, not you? Here is an example, “This revolutionary new weight loss program can help struggling obese people finally find a way out”  Stay Interesting Try to write creatively, sound interesting, and ensure a flow throughout your content. Make it readable and somewhat enjoyable to read.Now before actually writing the press release we will needto do some keyword research. First you will want to go and go to the Google Keyword linkon the top left.We will be looking for up to 5 medium to high volumekeywords that have a reasonable amount of competition. Justfor example, lets use the reverse phone niche(will changeto something else) laterUsing Google Adwords Keyword Tool, always set “Match Type”to “Exact” in the drop down menu.Lets search for a “keyword”?
  2. 2. You need to find a keyword that gets searched a lot, youshould pick the 5 keywords that are 50,000+ searches orless. Pick the 5 best keywords that describe your businessor product.Next, go to and lets type each keywordphrase in and perform a basic search, using quotes to getthe exact competition for that keyword.
  3. 3. Keyword 1 – Android ApplicationsKeyword 2 – IPhone Games
  4. 4. Keyword 3 – IPad GamesAnalyzing the above keywords in the 3 above screenshots, wesee (whatever keyword is the best keyword with the leastamount of competition.This would be a good keyword to put as the first word inour title and somewhere in our press release body pointingback to our site. The idea here is to use a high volumekeyword first in our title so when the press release isdistributed and sent out, it will get all of this trafficand immediately convert into eyeballs on the thing you arepromoting in your press release.Finding Your 2nd and 3rd Keyword For SEO the Press ReleaseNow from here out, we are going to look for slightly lowervolume and much lower competition keywords to target.These are going to be the keywords we will be doing our SEOfor. These will be the keywords we use in the body of thepress release for getting people to your site and formarketing you website.
  5. 5. Basically you want to get 4-5 low to medium volume searchedkeywords that have significantly lower competition in thesearch engines. The lower the better because these alsowill rank well in Google and will help with getting theword out and getting people to your website, eyeballs onyour company.The exact places where the keywords are placed isnt veryimportant but you want to space them out every 100 words orso and fit them in as naturally as possible to the actualtext. The most ideal thing would be to link the keywordsback to different content sites for your company likeyoutube, an article, your website, or anything else relatedto your business. Writing a press release is relativelyeasy compared to writing other content you just have toprovide the news of your company or business that you own.Tip: Dont use grammatically incorrect keywords that dontfit in, most likely this will get your release denied bythe human editors at places like PRWeb.Purchasing the Press Release Service
  6. 6. I recommend using since it is easy to gauge howtheyll perform. They also give you an insanely detaileddashboard and admin panel to work with, heres a screenshotof just some of the metrics you can trackMedia Visibility Package is recommended because ofpublicity you will get with newspapers.
  7. 7. Bonus TipIf you want to send out your release on a certain date makesure you submit it at least 24 hours in advance. They havehuman moderators who approve these releases and if they getrejected youll have to edit them and resubmit which cancause you to miss your deadline or desired release time.Once your release has been approved and scheduled it willgo out whenever youd like. My best results have beenMonday and Tuesday at 10 am EST or Wednesday 1pm EST.Journalists and reporters are paying attention to releasesat those times and day. We want to get picked up by bothof these groups.