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Korean Mentors' Guide for ITTP course in KAIST, Korea. This one tries to help foreign students to get comfortable with Korean life.

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[ITTP]Mentor Guide_Arrival

  1. 1. Arriving KAIST<br />Chris Lee, ITTP MENTOR, ITTP@KAIST<br />posergy@live.co.kr| Posergy@kaist.ac.kr<br />Cell: 010-9401-1435<br />
  2. 2. First days of arrival<br />From Incheon Airport to ITTP<br />※Taking Airport Limousine (BUS) to city of Daejeon<br /><ul><li>1st floor of Incheon Airport, Bus stop No. 9D.
  3. 3. Refer to the link for details (Bus Time & Fare)
  4. 4. Get off at the 1st stop of Daejeon, “Daeduk Culture Center, or DaedukLotte Hotel” and take TAXI across the street
  5. 5. Tell the Taxi driver KAIST ICC in Munji Dong, or Jung-bo Tong-shin Dae-hakgyo. Costs basic Fare, 2,300 KRW.</li></li></ul><li>First days of arrival<br />What to do at First?<br />Find ITTP Staff or your mentoring partner student<br /><ul><li>During weekdays, try to find either of them; your mentor will send you to the Staff. You need to fill in some registrations, and find where you’ll going to be staying.
  6. 6. During weekends, try to find your mentor. Since the Staff won’t be available during the weekends, please make sure you have contacted the Staff prior to your visit and notify them that you will have to arrive in the weekends. </li></ul>※ Arriving in Weekdays in daytime at Daejeon, from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. is highly recommended<br />
  7. 7. First days of arrival<br />How to Reach Help?<br />If you are not quite sure about something, it is always best to ask to the Staff prior to your arrival. If you cannot reach them after your arrival, there are other sources that you can contact in case of emergency, too.<br />Your Embassy: Please write down your embassy phone number before you come, so that you have a reliable source to ask help.<br />Your Partner Mentor Student: ITTP will link you to one of the students from the last batch (group of people who arrived one semester before you). Maintain good connection with them and ask for their cellphone numbers (everyone has those)<br />Korean Mentors: ITTP has Korean mentors available. Call us in case of emergency. Our information is in mentor page, in ITTP website, http://ittp.kaist.ac.kr/mentor<br />
  8. 8. First days of arrival<br />What is Needed?<br />Some Cash (Korean Won): You cannot receive your scholarship until you make the bank account, and it takes quite time, up to a month. Thus, in order to make up a living, you should have some Korean Won with you.<br />※In the airport, only exchange money about a 100 dollars. The exchange rate in the airport is quite bad.<br />Emergency contact list: Since you are new here, you might encounter some difficulties when you hang around alone. In case you are lost, you might need some emergency contact list that you can call.<br />※Ask your Korean mentors their numbers when you arrive.<br />
  9. 9. Itinerary<br />Incheon Airport<br />- By Airport Limousine Bus (Bus stop 9D)<br />Daejeon – Daeduck culture center (former Lotte hotel)<br />- By Taxi, across the street<br />KAIST ICC (former ICU)<br />In Korean,<br /><ul><li>인천공항 – 공항버스 (대전행, 9D)
  10. 10. 대전 – 대덕문화센터 (구. 대덕 롯데호텔)
  11. 11. 카이스트 ICC (구 한국정보통신대학교)</li>