Presentation - Gasworks Park and Lagoon Reserve Ref Meeting

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  • 1. 21/11/2012Planning for Gasworks ArtsPark and Lagoon Reserve Joint Reference Committee Meeting No. 1
  • 2. IntroductionsWelcome Purpose Terms of Reference
  • 3. The reference committeesWe are developing park plans to address current issues and ensure that the parks adapt to thechanging needs of the community into the future. • Purpose of the reference committees (as part of a suite of consultation activities) is to provide a mechanism for key stakeholders in the community, councillors and council staff to work together to develop strategic plans that reflect the vision, values and ideas of the community. • The job of the committee is to consider all of the issues, provide their ideas and suggestions and give feedback. • Ultimately it is Council’s job to consider the input from the reference committee and the wider community and make the final decision about future directions for the parks. • Terms of reference (copy of terms in folders). Talk about agreed behaviours of: • active listening and being prepared to consider others ideas • avoid conflict of interests • act with integrity • committing to making every effort to attend meetings. • Committee members to agree to conduct of behaviour (show of hands)
  • 4. What are we here for?To guide the development of park plans forGasworks Arts Park and Lagoon Reserve thatset the vision, principles and ideas for futureimplementation in the parks as fundingbecomes available.
  • 5. Background and context Saltwater Lagoon from Sugar Works 1873 The Saltwater Lagoon in the middle distance with Rouse Street footbridge on the right, Graham Street Road Bridge on the left and the Kent Hotel in Esplanade West . City of Port Phillip Heritage Database Page 2
  • 6. Background and context The township of Sandridge Plan of the township showing residential areas, Hobsons Bay and Lagoon. Lithograph. 1860 City of Port Phillip Heritage Database This map shows the extent of the Lagoon. It was filled over time as Port Melbourne developed into an industrial and transport hub in the early 1900’s. The Lagoon was filled from the 1890’s and completely filled by 1929. Page 2
  • 7. Background and context Lagoon, looking north- east from corner of Esplanade West and Rouse Streets, showing several fishing boats on the beach 1872-1890.Left to right in the background: Graham Street crossing, South Melbourne Town Hall, the first gasometeron the north-west corner of Graham and Pickles Streets, and the Gasworks under construction on theSouth Melbourne side of Pickles Street. The Gasworks were operating in late 1872. Page 2City of Port Phillip Heritage Database
  • 8. Background and context Aerial view of Port Melbourne town and bay, C 1928 which stretches towards South Melbourne from Beach street and along Beaconsfield Parade. Landmark views include the Gasworks; Albert Park Lake; Harpers Starch Factory; the pumping station on the lagoon; Morleys coal depot on the corner of Bay Street with the Pier Hotel standing opposite. City of Port Phillip Heritage Database Page 2
  • 9. Background and contextAerial view of Port Melbourne 1931Cable trams are visible in Bay Street. The Gasworks, Harpers building and the area where the Page 2Lagoon was filled in are shown. The South Melbourne gas plant was formed in 1872, supplyinggas in 1873 and was the largest employer in the area. Coal was hauled from the pier at the endof Bay street by horse drawn tram. It closed in 1955/1957 with all operations ceasing in 1971.City of Port Phillip Heritage Database
  • 10. Background and context Aerial view of the Gasworks demolition site, 1975 which is bounded by Pickles Street (right of picture), Richardson Street (foreground), Graham Street and Foote Street (left of picture.) Views include the former Albert Park Secondary College; the two large gas holders on Pickles Street; and the old United Distillers Building, which can be seen in the distant background to the right of the photo. Just behind the Gasworks site can be seen the old Gasworks Meter Shop and the gasworks supervisors residence which was overshadowed by a huge gumtrees. Once gas was no longer produced from coal, the Gasworks complex became redundant and earmarked for parkland by Council. City of Port Phillip Heritage Database Page 2
  • 11. Background and context Gasworks Site Concept Plan 1985 Designer: Kent W. Smith
  • 12. Background and context How far can you walk? Walking Time/Distance speed 10 20 30 minutes minutes minutes Slow 0.6km 1.2km 1.8km Medium 0.9km 1.8km 2.7km Fast 1.1km 2.2km 3.3km Did you know? •30 minutes a day is recommended of physical activity for adults. •10% of trips made in urban areas are less than 1km while 30% are less than 3 kilometres, ideal distances for walking or cycling. Source: Qld Government Travel Smart• Current context: What open space is in the area?•145 linear metres from each other along Liardet/Richardson Street Page 2• Separated by major road (Pickles Street)• 430 linear metres from the beach• Gasworks Arts Park: 530 linear metres from St Vincents Gardens and 1.6km from Albert Park Lake• Lagoon Reserve: Edwards Park across Liardet Street and 630 linear metres from light rail reserves
  • 13. Background and context Increasing Reduced private population open space/vertical suburbs Why we need Demographics a park plan Climate Soil change types Page 2
  • 14. Communities More senior people
  • 15. Vertical suburbs
  • 16. Climate Change
  • 17. Background and context Soil
  • 18. Background and contextGasworks•The chemical condition of the site has not previouslybeen known.• Ongoing EPA Environmental Audit is beingundertaken for the site.•The audit is to determine the extent and degree ofcontamination of the park and the most appropriatemeasures for management for continued use as apark.• Environmental assessments for the audit have Lagoonreported contamination within the soil of Gasworks • Recent testing reported contamination withinPark. An Interim Contamination Management Plan soil of Lagoon Reserve.(ICMP) is in place for Gasworks Park to manage thesoil contamination risks. • A soil management plan has been prepared for the reserve.• Soil contamination is not considered to pose anunacceptable risk to park users and occupiers provided • Soil contamination of Lagoon Reserve is notmanagement measures of the ICMP are implemented. considered to be and unacceptable risk to the reserve users in its current condition.• Future management measures may include capping. • If the sports surface requires improvement to•The development of a park plan is an opportunity to create a more level surface, the condition of theimplement any of the measures determined to be soil may need to be taken into account.required by the audit, costs and time frames
  • 19. Park planning• Funding in 2012/2013 Council budget todevelop a park plan for Gasworks ArtsPark and Lagoon Reserve• Park plans are a long term plan givingcommprehensive guidance to achieveenvironmental, social-behavioural,management or aesthetic outcomes.• Recent examples of inner urban parkplans include Murphy Reserve, St KildaBotanical Gardens, Royal Park, FitzroyGardens.• A park plan will be developed forGasworks Arts Park and Lagoon Reserveto specifically address the unique history,characteristics, functions, services andusers of the parks.• Due to the parks close proximity,consultation activities will occur at thesame time and the first reference group iscombined to ensure we consider therelationship between the two parks right Page 2from the start.
  • 20. Planning phases Page 2
  • 21. Park Plan scope of works• Desk top audit. Historical use• Tree assessment. Condition, Age, species• Water assessment• Soil assessment• Community consultation – reference group, story board, community meetings, survey, letter drop• Develop strategic vision and management principles• Develop a concept plan and obtain feedback from the community and reference committee• Refine concept plan and develop cost estimates• Develop an implementation plan / priority of works• Adoption of Park Plans by Council• Apply for Council funding for detailed design and capital works Page 2
  • 22. Community consultation • Community meetings x 4 • Online survey • Park survey • Door to door survey • Planning Phases The first stage of community consultation will focus on developing the community’s vision, values and ideas for the ongoing management and future upgrades for each park. This will inform the draft Park Plan for each park. In the second stage of consultation, the community will be invited to provide feedback of the draft Park Plans. Page 2
  • 23. Community consultation Page 2
  • 24. Community consultation Lagoon Reserve - Top 51. Keep as is including: 5. Vegetation•Keep diversity of use •plant more trees•low level recreation •more vegetation, native preferred•school using the ground – people like the youth activity•park has community feel, relaxed, informal, refreshing, social Other suggestions:gathering •Lighting•5-6:30pm is the busiest time in the park at entrance to the park•All ok, I love it! •sports lighting improvements •current pedestrian lights are not bright enough on2. Dogs till 8pm•provide dog bags and bin for them (some community members leave •The existing set up the soccer club can only usea collection of bags at one of the entrances) area with lights so this part of the ground•keep off leash area deteriorates•this parks has less dominant small dogs compared to Gasworks •Fencing to the reserve, suggested that a mesh•dogs socialise here fence rather than pole and rail to keep dogs in have•checking / policing of dog owners picking up after dogs some dog free zones •Toilet block - upgrade or other pull down and build3. Facilities / Amenities slight improvements clubhouse - have water tanks next to them - fix•some more seats in shade / edges of park•picnic tables (not metal) lights on them•bbq’s maybe at other end of park as well •Exercise Equipment - provide equipment around•more drinking fountains with dog bowl park edges•More bins with signs – pick up dog poo •Community notice board where the dog owners gather to inform people of events Page 24. Entrances to reserve•improve paths at these points •Shelter for rain / shade - location suggested near•lighting for the entrances the cricket nets•Formalise entrances as some are dirt paths
  • 25. Community consultation Gasworks Arts Park - Top 5 4. Drainage on grassed area and paths1. Keep the park as it is in regards to: •grassed area becomes boggy after rain events,•use and structure particularly in winter•diversity of use- dog of leash area (known as ‘big dog’ park), events, •fill pot holes in patharts precinct, sculptures, the farmers market •improve paths at these points•structure – keep country feel, vegetation, open grassed area 5. Fencing along Richardson street2. Conflict between dogs and the playground and dogs and the •Fencing for dog walkersbarbeque area•possible fence around the play space, upgrade of playground Other suggestions:•moving of playground and barbeque area to another location •maintenance- increase maintenance of garden beds • information signage- about gasworks and the3. Upgrade of general amenities different buildings around the reserve•lighting • more vegetation- some deciduous trees and•seating- there is plenty of seating but the locations could be better seasonal colour•proper dog bowl on drinking fountain • purchase adjacent land, gas company owned and nursing home- open up as the reserve • dog bags
  • 26. Other relevantstrategies/policies Page 2 To view Council policies, go to:
  • 27. Group ActivityWhat is your vision? Page 2
  • 28. Issues and opportunitiesMapping workshop
  • 29. How would you renovate Lagoon Reserve and Gasworks Arts Park? (Lisa Smith, Minds at Work)
  • 30. Timeline Description Start Date Due Date Status MilestoneBackground & Planning •Background research – previous master plans, user groups, lease agreements, complaints, history of use, water use, water 1 July 2012 30 Started availability/requirements September •Broad drivers, stakeholder analysis, risk analysis 2012 •Potential issues (biological, environmental, cultural, physical) •Develop consultation process •Develop governance processCouncillor Note •Inform council of progress to date, key project milestones and timeline 23 July 2012 27 July Complete 2012Develop Terms of Reference •Develop criteria for membership and terms of reference 17 July 2012 27 July Started 2012Steering group Meeting 1 of 4 •Steering group meeting to sign off on governance, project plan and community engagement plan, terms of reference – Damien 26 July 2012 26 July Complete Burgess Manager Parks and Open Spaces, Chris White Open Space Coordinator, Deidre Pellizzer – Manger Culture and Leisure, 2012 Kirsty Reidy – Coordinator Recreation, Susan Strano – Arts Team Leader, Kirsten Hughes – Coordinator Animal Management and Local Laws, Darren Pendergast – Site contamination advisor.Internal Consultation •Workshop key issues, strategies, leases, permits, activities, policies with internal stakeholders 3 September 26 October Complete •Identify opportunities and constraints 2012 2012Tree Assessment •Undertake tree assessment to inform tree management plan 15 December 20 January •Add accurate GPD data for all trees into Dehko if not already in. 2012 2012Infrastructure review •Review of all infrastructure in open space – condition, appropriateness, gaps/opportunities 3 September 26 October 2012 2012
  • 31. Other issues?
  • 32. Next MeetingNext Meeting:Lagoon Reserve Reference Committee–Wednesday 13 FebruaryGasworks Arts Park Reference Committee –Wednesday 20 February