Youth League or s PTA Sports Fund Raising2


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New Ideas in Sports Fund Raising

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Youth League or s PTA Sports Fund Raising2

  1. 1. New ideas to raise sponsorships   PORTABLE GOLF SOLUTIONS  813‐685‐1509  and revenue in today’s economy?    2010        Youth Sports-Team/League & School Fund Raising     NORTHSIDE DOLPHINS Youth Football Team in Tampa raise over $9,000.00 utilizing           Portable Golf Solutions new PUTT‐A‐THON Golf Challenge!  (18 Hole Portable Golf Course on the practice football field‐at night! Family Fun!)  Youth Sports Marketing Success!   Bob Gaudreau‐CEO     PORTABLE GOLF SOLUTIONS    5/15/2010 
  2. 2. TESTIMONIAL:   Bob,     I would like to thank you on behalf of the Northside Dolphins for your help in our fundraiser. The putt putt course was a refreshing change to our previous fundraising efforts. I believe we accomplished our goal. To have a family   oriented evening of entertainment, and to make some money along the way. I have had only positive feedback from our members. Your attention to our needs was greatly appreciated. I never expected to have so much participation from your staff. Everyone was very helpful and kind throughout the evening. Thanks again, and I am sure we will work together in the future. Mark J. Mazur President-Northside Dolphins Youth Football          Dear Bob:  As the first HS Athletics program to utilize  Portable Golf Solutions, I want to thankk  you for your support and guidance!   We set a goal to raise funds for the football  program but we also for relay For Life and  getting the players an opportunity to be  involved in a community service project!   Thre fund raiser was a success and we  effectively molded a group of football  players, coaches, and parents into an  efficient mini golf course building & tear  down operation!   Clint Moles‐Head Football Coach                       OCOEE HS 
  3. 3.          The Tampa Bay Seahawks Putt-Putt Golf Tournament Fun Festival Seahawks Youth Football  organization (Tampa,  Florida) staged their Mini  Golf fund raiser and  brought in a NET of  $10,000.00 for their  program needs!     WHO WE ARE?  Portable Golf Solutions is an exciting Sports & Entertainment company  featuring portable golf products which appeal to everyone from kids to  grandparents! Although we have served the birthday party market on  occasion with putting green rentals, that is not our targeted  client….rather we concentrate on the charity and corporate market! In  just 4 years we have served many groups in the Tampa Bay and all over  Florida having established our company as a service provider who  Bob Gaudreau‐CEO at Coca‐Cola in  delivers a high quality product with a knowledgeable management staff  downtown Atlanta, Ga….PGS‐provided  of dedicated people from the sports, entertainment, and golf world!  our 9‐Hole Portable Golf Course for  Putting Event on Floors 15‐18 at          Coke HQ’s!
  4. 4. WHAT WE DO?  WHO BENEFITS? Our mission is to create programs using our portable  Our clients benefit! Charities have seen the flexible  golf products that deliver fun, competitions, contests, &    ways we can match up our services to their space  tournaments to our cherished clients. Working with our  considerations and demographics. Our fund raising      clients we have developed many programs to fit the  models are superior to any golf programs because  budget needs, time restraints, and group size they have  the ROI with our company is unparalleled! Our PUTT‐ presented to us! Our services are tailored to meet their   A‐THON model is the fastest moving program among  “ON‐DEMAND”‐  High School groups and Youth‐Sports/PTA programs!  Let us show your groups how to keep 80% or more  profit with our NEW BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP program!    With budget cutbacks and a weakening economy we know too well how tough it is to provide  quality education and athletics for our school children. We know because we are parents and  former educators, fund raisers, music professionals, and athletic coaches who have decided to do  something about past and current failed practices. It is because of this reason we would like to ask  you for an opportunity to meet and discuss the creation of a New Partnership aimed at a “NEW  ADVANTAGE” in finding available money to meet the needs of your school education, club, band  or athletic program!    Our company has researched and studied the current availability of quality programs allowing your  students to learn about successful business practices while attaining needed funds for their  programs at the same time.  Past and current practices of candy, magazine, percentage kickbacks  at local eateries and many other sales programs are putting lots of high percentage returns into  the pockets of those vendors you are approving for partnerships in your fund raising drives! It’s  time to stop these practices and allow your players, parents, and supporters to experience a higher  rate of return for their efforts and put those higher returns into your pockets/budgets!     Our offer is simple…….we will offer to provide our expert sports & entertainment marketing  management FREE of charge while helping your groups learn about good business practices and at  the same time develop the highest percentage rate of money return for their efforts! IN SOME  CASES OVER 90%!    Call us now!    
  5. 5.         PGS PARTNERS WITH THE CRONS BRAND!   The CRONS Brand was developed by Pat Cavanaugh, a former Division 1 basketball walk-on at University of Pittsburgh who had the motivation, desire and attitude to earn a scholarship, become a two-year captain and earn 3 NBA tryouts. He wanted to start a company to motivate young athletes to reach their goals and inspire them to overcome any obstacles to achieve their goals by emphasizing: • The CRONS Brand reinforces positive messages to your athletes about what it takes to be a winner and the importance of working harder than anyone else in order to reach their full potential.   CRONS TEAM APPAREL SALES & INCENTIVES   CRONS ACHIEVERS PROGRAM CRONS NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS The Crons Achievers Program is designed to: • Teach students how to set and manage goals Protein & Energy Bars • Introduce and nurture a mentality based on goal setting that builds Achievers among students. To Come Ready or Never Start and maximize your performance, • Achievers defined as those students who use their proper nutrition is an absolute must. These Protein & Energy Bars natural ability to its fullest extent in order to reach are specially formulated to fall within the NCAA compliance guidelines for carbohydrates and protein. Come in various flavors. their potential, both in academics and in other important areas such as life interests and social   Sold by the case. relations (family, friends, community) Also coming to The Crons Brand                        • Goal of the Achievers program is to challenge and motivate students to constantly pursue self training table of nutritionals:  improvement in these areas and provide a concrete Energy Drinks (Fall of 2009) methodology based on goal setting and achievement Vitamins & Supplements (Winter 2010) to facilitate this objective.