What to do in an emergency


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What to do in an emergency

  1. 1. What to Do in an Emergency Tracy L. Summers BS, RN Hawthorne School Nurse
  2. 2. Types of Emergencies • Severe allergic reaction • Head injuries • Nosebleeds • Chipped or knocked-out tooth • Choking • Eye injury • Broken bones • Poisoning • Burns • Seizure
  3. 3. Severe Allergic Reaction Signs • Cough or difficulty breathing • Swelling to face or lips • Hives
  4. 4. Severe Allergic Reaction What to do • Use Epi Pen injector if history of allergy, if Epi Pen is used should still be seen in Emergency Room. • If difficulty breathing, speaking or passes out- Go to the Emergency Room
  5. 5. Head Injury Signs • Pass out (loss of consciousness) • Headache • Vomiting • Confusion • Sleepiness • Difficulty walking
  6. 6. Head Injury- What to do • If any numbness or tingling in arms or legs following a neck injury- do no move- call 911 • Loss of consciousness with difficulty waking up- call 911 • Severe Headache, confused, very sleepy, difficulty walking, vomits two or more time- Go to Emergency Room
  7. 7. Nosebleed- signs and treatment • Bleeding from nose from bump or can just start • Lean forward, pinch soft part of nose where it meets the bone for at least 5 minutes • If bleeding does not stop after 20 minutes of pressure- go to the ER
  8. 8. Chipped or knocked-out tooth- Treatment • If it is a permanent tooth, call dentist right away • If tooth is chipped and is causing pain- Call dentist right away • If permanent tooth- place back in socket and hold in place with a paper towel or clean wash cloth • If unable to reach dentist for above- go to the ER
  9. 9. Choking- signs • Difficulty breathing • Holding hands to throat • Usually will happen while eating or playing
  10. 10. Choking- Treatment • Stand behind the child and reach around waist • Make a fist and place thumb above bellybutton, place other hand over fist. • Pull in and up quickly • If unable to dislodge or child passes out- call 911
  11. 11. Eye injury- signs • Pain • Rubbing or pressing on eye • Eye may be tearing
  12. 12. Eye injury- treatment • If injury is from a direct blow do not force the eye open if it is swollen shut. Use ice to help decrease the swelling • If something got into the eye, hold open as best you can and pour water over to rinse the eye • If it looks like there is obvious damage to the eye or is a burn- Go to the ER
  13. 13. Broken bone- signs • If the bone is crooked or sticking out.
  14. 14. Broken bone- treatment • Do not move the affected limb • Support, brace the lime • If the bone is sticking out call 911 • If bone (limb) is crooked, call doctor if open, or take to ER
  15. 15. Poisoning- signs • Anything ingested that should not be • Burns around the mouth • Difficulty breathing • Sleepiness • vomiting
  16. 16. Poisoning- What to do • If having difficulty breathing or staying awake- call 911 • Call poison control 1-800-222-1222. • Let them know what the child took and how much if you know
  17. 17. Burns- signs • First Degree- • Second Degree- • Third Degree- Black chard skin- may seen tendons and bones
  18. 18. Burn- Treatment • Run burn under cool water • If burn is large, blistered, or open call doctor • For extensive burns caused by open flames or electricity with difficulty breathing or loss of consciousness call 911
  19. 19. Seizure-Signs • Stiffening arms, legs, or “jerking”, and will not respond to you • Stare off or look dazed and not respond to verbal commands • Eyes may roll up
  20. 20. Seizure-what to do • Keep safe, watch for potential injury to head or body, help to ground if needed. • Position onto side • Keep track of time- when seizure starts and stops • Do Not put anything in mouth • If no prior seizure history- Call 911 • If seizure history- Call 911 if turns blue, difficulty breathing, seizure lasts more than 5min. • If has seizure history- Will be tired, let rest
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