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Shichida presentation alyssa
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Shichida presentation alyssa


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. The Shichida Method presented by Alyssa Tabbert
  • 2. He spent more than40 years researching He developed a way ofbrain stimulation with educating children so that theyyoung children. would learn quickly, in more depth, and at a very young age. Created through Professor Makoto Shichida
  • 3. OUR BRAIN*logic *feeling*detail oriented *big picture*language *images*understands facts *understands meaningSubjects that are left brain Subjects that are right brainoriented: oriented:~math ~art~science ~music This site will quiz you to see if you are right or left brain oriented.
  • 4. OUR BRAIN continuedLeft brain: turns external data from the world into language, which is an extremelyslow process, as it can only process data one bit at a timeRight brain: processes information as images, and is super fast, because it pullsthe image in as a whole instead of pieces ("big picture")
  • 5. People using the Shichida Method use a Mandala (like the one pictured here) to help stimulate and train young minds.What happens:A parent will flash this picture (or other Mandalas) to their 3 or 4 year old for a coupleseconds. The child will get a duplicate blank Mandala and have to recreate the colors,ultimately using their photographic memory.
  • 6. mandala(photographic memory) Would you be able to color this using the right colors?
  • 7. Professor Shichidas take on STORAGE of INFORMATION in left brain vs. right brain:New Old New Old LEFT RIGHTas new information comes in, as new information comes in, oldold information is dumped out information stays put
  • 8. "All babies are born geniuses." ~Makoto Shichida *babies aged 0 - 3 are right brain oriented because they learn with all 5 senses *babies are born with an innate unique ability that just needs to be tapped into *babies minds develop at an extremely fast pace soon after birth ~By the time a child reaches 6 years, 70% of their brain is developed. ~By the time a child reaches 10 years, 90% of their brain is developed.
  • 9. "All babies are born geniuses." ~Makoto ShichidaRight brain capabilities that all children possess: 1. The five senses of the right brain. Corresponding to the 5 senses of the left-brain (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) the right brain also has its 5 senses. However, they are not the senses of sight and hearing in the normal manner, but the ability to see, hear, sense things through waves translated into images. These 5 senses of the right brain are its basic abilities. When these abilities are released, man becomes capable of seeing images as motion pictures. 2. The ability to see images in the form of motion pictures. 3. Photographic memory 4. The ability to do complex mental calculations. 5. The conversion of images to words, numbers, symbols and the reverse. 6. The ability to master foreign languages easily. 7. The ability to receive inspiration and use it towards unique creativity. 8. The ability of photographic speed-reading. 9. The ability to receive information on an intuitive level, and to use that information accordingly.
  • 10. Parent-child bonding is a key ingredient to Shichidas success. Shichida classes are offered 75 minutes per week, so in order to achieve the growth potential for a child, its important to continue "training" at home. "Training": educating and nurturing the child
  • 11. Shichida PrincipleRepetition and consistency are the keys to success in teaching. The teachers will present information slowly and repetitively to exercise the leftbrain, and flash information quickly to stimulate and activate the right brain function. The Shichida Method uses tons of flashcards.
  • 12. Our Education System focuses on subjects that are left brain oriented (math,science, history) By the time our children hit school, they are more left brain oriented (on average)
  • 13. Other programs similar to Shichidas: Glenn Doman Heguru Tweedle Wink
  • 14. If you have any Thanks!
  • 15. References: