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FOODSCAPES ~The British photographer Carl Warner created a series of photos using only food to make the scenery.

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  1. 1. FOODSCAPESThe british photographer Carl Warner created a series of phtos usingonly food to make the cenary.The word “foodscapes” (union of the words food and landscape)show underwater caves, forests, beaches on sunset and evenwaterfalls, using fruits, vegetables, cheese, cold meat, pasta, amongother.
  2. 2. In this forest, trees are made of brocolis, with peas hangedand the highways are paved with cumin. The grass is made oherbs and the mountains, of bread. Clouds made ofcauliflower, decorate the sky
  3. 3. The photgrapher tells that he is known in theneighborhood of his house, in Kent, England, forpassing hours in th emarket looking for the bestbrocolis or the best pepper to “compose” hiscenaries.To gain depth, the photos are taken on tables with1,2 x 2,4 meters square. Besides, they areregistrated in”layers”, to avoid that the foodshrivels before the picture is taken.
  4. 4. The edible ingredients in this rural scene of italian inspirationinclude a small car made of lasagna slices, fields of pasta, andclouds of mozzarela. Trees of pepper, parsley and basilcomplete the scene, at the bottom, a small village of cheese.
  5. 5. “I like the way of how the little aspects of nature look likebig”, says Carl Warner. AT teh italian inspiration´s kitchen, matomatos and olives.He confesses that, till now, he hasn´t convinced yet his4 offspring to eat more vegetables.“At least, I can´t say that they play with food more than I do”declares the photographer
  6. 6. This cavern is made of marine crustaceans. The rocks aremade of bread, but, at the deep of the sea, they are made ofcauliflower. To make the tridimensional sensation to thepictures, each scene is composed on a 1,2 x 2,4 m squaretable.
  7. 7. Rice, coconut, many grains and a sky made of purplecabbage compose this bucolic “land”.
  8. 8. Trees with cabbage leaves, rocks of sweet potato,narrow pass made of bread and the sky made of purplecabbage.
  9. 9. The red sea of this beach, at the sunset, is made ofsalmon slices. The rocks are made of potatoes and bread.A small boat made of beans completes the scene.
  10. 10. Shitake mushrooms, sesame and other grains
  11. 11. The rainbow was perfect behind the forest ofvegetables and potatoes
  12. 12. Cheese houses, awnings and baskets of macarroni,grains and vegetables form this small passage.
  13. 13. Italian culinary with many vegetables and pasta.Houses made of cheese.
  14. 14. At first view, it is difficult to notice that themountains are made of bread...
  15. 15. Criativity is impressive, baloons made of fruits andvegetables, trees made of brocolis, rocks of potatoes,farmings of corn and cucumber, city of cheese, towerof carrot, and so on...
  16. 16. In this alpine scene,Grissini biscuits andParma ham turn intoa wheelbarrowthat will be pulled bythe way of salamiwith trees of baconaround it.
  17. 17. In this sight, the mainingredients are:Ham: sky, mountains,waterfall and river;Bread: rocksGrissini biscuits: houseand trapicheSalami: brickworks
  18. 18. In this alipnescene, the stars arethe cold meat.Grissini biscuitsand Parmaham turn into thesleigh pulled by themountains of snowmade of other coldmeat, as smokedturkey andBologna. TheParma ham is alsolocated on the“pines”.
  19. 19. The photos will be used by a british supermarket chainin an advertising campaign, and Warner also thinks inputting them all together on a book topromote a healthyfeeding among children.
  20. 20. I guess the campagin will work, I didn´t feel like eating,after seeing so much good stuff...