An Easy Guide book to getting SWTOR Credits
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An Easy Guide book to getting SWTOR Credits



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    An Easy Guide book to getting SWTOR Credits An Easy Guide book to getting SWTOR Credits Presentation Transcript

    • As with any MMORPG, currency is an integral part of the game and experience. Be it materials for crafting, gearupgrades, repairs or transportation, youre going to need some cash. Without it, you may find yourself stuck at a standstill. This is especially true while youre leveling as youll be exchanging gear often and learning new skills. Star Wars: The Old Republic is no different in this way.
    • Just like a regular nine to five job, earning credits can be a tiresome, tedious task. At least this is true for those who arent aware of these five simple tips that will have you earning credits faster than you can spend them.
    • Take Advantage of Gathering Skills: If youre familiar with any MMO, youre probably well aware of the "gathering" skills. Just about any RPG has it. To put it simply, it is the profession that includes the gathering ofmaterials needed for crafting. Crafting skills can often be a money sink, so try to avoid wasting materials on them until youve reached a higher level. Take advantage of those gathering skills youve acquired by farming for materials. Many players have found more success from harvesting themselves rather than having theircompanions do it for them. There are four gathering skills in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Archaeology, Bioanalysis, Scavenging and Slicing. Archaeology allows you to locate imbued items like Lightsaber crystals and even ancient artifacts. With Bioanalysis you collect genetic materials
    • Loot Everything: Make it a point to never leave any loot behind. Even if the items appear to be junk, they can always be sold for credits. Anything that is picked up should be given to your companions so that they may sellit for you. They will earn a lot more credits than you would doing it yourself.
    • Complete Daily Space Missions/Quests: Make sure youcomplete all the daily quests as they can earn you a nice amount of credits. Rinse and repeat everyday!
    • Take Advantage of Warzones: The Star Wars equivalent ofa battleground is Warzones. These are, more or less, PVP games, but they also earn you credits. Additionally, you will gain valor, commendations and experience.
    • Check out the Economy of Your Server: Take a look at theGalactic Trade Network on your server and see what itemsare in short supply. Think about items that you personallyneed or needed and start there. If you can pinpoint which items are in demand, you can fill the market and make alot of credits. You will then become the supplier for those items.
    • Implementing these five easy steps into your daily gaming routine should ensure you have the credits for whatever you may need. Learning to leverage the GTN to your advantage can bring you unlimited amounts of credits. Find what works for you and have fun with it. Happy hunting!