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  • 1. WEBINAR
  • 2. What Are Webinars?
    A webinar is primarily a video conference.
    Webinars consist of primarily two parts.
    The video presentation and the interaction portion.
    There are a number of different mediums that can go into webinars.
    Video lecture style and power point presentations.
    Webinars are one way that companies or people can reach out far beyond previous communications.
    Allows interaction between client or customer and the business reps no matter what the distance between them.
  • 3. Click the start free trial box
  • 4. Fill in the compete form section
  • 5. Login
  • 6. Click yes
  • 7. Click ok
  • 8. Sign in
  • 9. Either click host or attend a meeting
  • 10. This is the screen if you want to host a Webinar
  • 11. This is the screen for attending a meeting
  • 12. How To Run A Webinar
    Get the right feature
    Do a practice webinar
    Make sure moderators are early
    Create a schedule – and stick to it
    Don’t just recycle classroom material
    Take a look at yourself
    Know what you need to know
    Know what you don’t need to know
  • 13. How To Plan A Webinar
    Have a Goal
    Choose the Right Time
    Get the Word Out
    Think of Ways to Engage the Audience
    Practice Makes Perfect
  • 14. Tips on How to Create a Webinar
    Get to the Point
    Use Multimedia Tools
    Don’t Forget to Keep it Interesting
    Points to Keep in Mind
  • 15. How to Conduct a Webinar
    There are seven steps to conduct a Webinar
    Setting up your webinar equipment properly and correctly.
    Never have a poor internet connection.
    Proper preparation for your webinar.
    Send out your webinar invitation in advance.
    Keep your audience engaged.
    Set a specific and convenient time for your viewers.
    Be aggressive.
  • 16. 5 Things to Consider When Creating a Webinar
    Plan Properly
    Create Your Attendees List
    Set The Time
    Retaining Your Audiences Attention
    Offer Them The Change To Provide Feedback
  • 17. How To Host a Webinar
    A webinar host is an important necessity for anyone who wants to use a webinar in the near future.
    You have to research how much the pricing is going to be when you host a webinar
    Webinar hosting is the key to getting your business managed properly and making it more successful during the process.