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Heather Blanchard, Co Founder of CrisisCommons, presents the need for Connecting Data to Operations - The Importance of Data Preparedness, Alternative Resource Support and Surge Capacity. This ...

Heather Blanchard, Co Founder of CrisisCommons, presents the need for Connecting Data to Operations - The Importance of Data Preparedness, Alternative Resource Support and Surge Capacity. This presentation is based on her testimony to Congress which can be found here: http://crisiscommons.org/2011/07/07/congress_qfr/



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HHS Fusion Form HHS Fusion Form Presentation Transcript

  • Connecting Data to Operations: The Importance of Data Preparedness, Alternative Resource Support and Surge Capacity presentation for the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the 2011 Fusion Forum U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Washington DC July 20, 2011 Heather Blanchard Co Founder, CrisisCommons www.crisiscommons.org heather@crisiscommons.org Twitter/Skype: @poplifegirl
  • Rapid Landscape• Social Media is a term of today, open data is central; filtering and analytics is a necessity• It takes planning and resources to benefit from public data• We can learn from every crisis, The Economist, February 2010 http://www.economist.com/node/15557443 need to be watching for new trends and insights from the public
  • What We Learned from Japan Official/Affiliated Response Sources Public Sources Existing Data Population - Boundaries - Hydrology - Hypsography - Transportation/Roads - Social CapitalBefore Crisis Community Indicators Before CrisisAfter Crisis Power - Telecommunications - Weather - Alternative Access to Internet - After Crisis Food - Fuel - Shelter - Transportation - Health Care Crisis Specific Self-Directed Public Safety Reporting - Hazard Identification - Service Disruption Identifier - Public Sentiment - Status Sharing - Resource Management Need for Operational Data Prep
  • Need for Steady State Office of Technology Innovation, Operations FEMA Administrator and Adoption Liaison Innovation Lab Operations Plans & Policy Training and Education DHS/FEMA Practice Areas Quick Response Support Data Standards Practitioner Professional TrainingDHS/FEMA Region Tech Liaisons (10) Independent Tool Evaluation Information/Data Requirements Liaison and Support to EMI Practitioner Communities Open Source Software Collaboration Technology Cluster Coordination International Standards Collaboration Open Source Licensing Liaison to HS/EM/PH Education Programs Federal Interagency Data Interchange Protocol Visualization Product Development Liaison to FEMA CIO Public Digital Preparedness Private Sector Critical Information Requirements Cybersecurity Revision of Doctrine, Policy basedVolunteer Technology Communities Imagery & GIS Utility After Action Prototyping on Emerging Technologies Liaison to Cybersecurity Liaison with Federal, Legal and Ethics Advisement Exercises Academic and Private Sector R&D Research Agenda Tech Cluster Lead (NRCC) - Direct Report to the NRCC Lead
  • Evolution of Operations Potential Operational Framework Operations Center Lead (NRCC) Technology Cluster Lead (RRCC) (JFO) (State EOC) (Local EOC) Liaison Innovation Lab Operations Plans & Policy Pre-scripted Mission Assignment for Coordination of Technology-based Liaison to Plans - Incident Action Planning Internal - Representation from across Visualization & Imagery Support Mission Assignments Privacy, Legal and Ethics Interagency, ESF Functions, Support for Imagery Processing Information/Data Requirements Ops, Planning, JIC Mobile Processing Technology Cluster Coordination External: Private Sector and Volunteer Temporary Data Storage Data Interchange Protocol Technology Communities Data Collection Critical Information RequirementsTechnology Incident Communications and Resource Coordination Imagery & GIS Utility Coordination LIne (TICCL) Liaison to Cybersecurity Provision of requirements from Open Data (Social Media) Coordination Operations to External Staff Support for Tech Desk in Operations Center Source: CrisisCommons http://www.scribd.com/doc/59556461/Crisis-Commons-QFR-Combined
  • Alternative Resource Support Scalable - Leverages Existing Resources Compasses Virtual and Volunteer Communities to Productive Use Technology resources are coordinated together. External communities able to create productive and useful Technology cluster lead reports products based on response directly to Operations Center agency requirements. leadership. Pre-identification of coordination Cluster ability to provide resources such as a local requirements and problem University or co-working space definitions to external where communities can gather to communities for data curation work on common projects and and visualization. response agency requirements.First proposed at the American Red Cross Crisis Data Summit on August 10, 2011http://www.slideshare.net/poplifegirl/arc-08-12-10-final-short
  • Resources for the Field Tech Cluster Support Tech Cluster Lead Tech Cluster Liaison(JFO) - Direct Report to the FCO Tech Cluster Support Tech Cluster Support Tech Cluster Support Source: Based on the Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Annex Guide: http://www.fema.gov/pdf/emergency/nrf/nrf-support-cikr.pdf
  • Tomorrow is Here TechCrunch TechCrunch
  • Playing Catch Up The word “data” is referred to once in the entire core document.However, the word “information” is referred to more than 100 times. National Response Framework
  • Heather Blanchard Co Founder CrisisCommons heather@crisiscommons.org 703.593.3823 twitter/skype: poplifegirl www.facebook.com/heather.blanchard www.linkedin.com/in/hblanchaThanks!