Wayne Phillis Ford Meeting Overview


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This was a service overview and mobile app proposal for a world 1st car servicing application. I am still open to offers from car dealers to created a custom app to increase customer retention, save time and money on staff and wastage, and increase exposure and create new customers in both new sales and service, parts, etc.

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Wayne Phillis Ford Meeting Overview

  1. 1. Meeting Overview popcornstudios.com.auMeeting OverviewAttendeesSam PhillisMark BundRik SuracePopcorn OverviewPopcorn is a creative studio made up of a team of problem solvers, thinkers, creators andinnovators. We are passionate about creating ideas and applications that integrate across allmediums, developing strategies to give your business a leading edge. Our motivation is the desire toexecute these ideas, that visually communicate in a unique, original and engaging manner.Popcorn TeamMark Bund - PrincipalGeorge Randle - DesignerChris Cooper - Senior DesignerRik Surace - Account ManagerJody Bund- Admin & AccountsNic Weate - Web Development PartnerLithe - Bryn Liepins - Web Development Partner2morow Mobile - Peter O’Neil - Mobile PartnerDiscussion Points• About Popcorn service offerings About Wayne Phillis Ford’s marketing strategies Thoughts on the car service app concept and the position of a smartphone application for Wayne Phillis Ford• How Popcorn can service Wayne Phillis Ford in the areas of online & social media, creative design & development and in the groups printing requirementsImportant Issues• Who currently handles the design, printing, web services and marketing strategies for Wayne Phillis Ford?• Thoughts on where Popcorn services could fit into Wayne Phillis Ford’s marketing and communications future.• The current & future position of Wayne Phillis Ford in the social media and the mobile marketing landscapes• What does Popcorn need to do to become considered a creative development partner?What Popcorn can offer Wayne Phillis Ford• An experienced creative team with fresh concepts and ideas.• Fast efficient turn around.• Complete range of services across the design, digital and print solutions - Social media strategies, market leading application tools used by successful overseas companies• Market leading ideas relating to customer service & engagement, brand loyalty & enhancement, increased media exposure, 1st to market application• Monetizing concepts for industry related tools and applications (i.e - Car Service Application white labelling)
  2. 2. Meeting Overview popcornstudios.com.auThe world’s 1st car service applicationfor dealershipsA free application for smartphone users.How It Would Work:1. A new or existing customer books in service, either online or over the phone.2. The service advisor enters the booking details into the internal system which integrates with the proposed service app.3. The free app is sent to the customers mobile and/or email address to download the version of their choice and the dealer is alerted of a successful download by the customer.4. The customer brings in the car, confirms the known details of the required service and the advisor checks and confirms the app is downloaded and working correctly.5. The customer is then sent a push notification message to their chosen device, advising them of any further findings of repair work needed in heading and detailed text with a cost, urgency of repair status, and the choice of either a agree button or a later button, which automatically sets that repair line info as a calendar reminder entry on their chosen devices’ internal calendar.6. The customer then submits the form via a submit button and the summary of the additional agreed works are instantly sent to the service advisor and integrates into the internal system which reprints the updated job sheet for the mechanic working on the vehicle to complete.7. Within seconds, a further confirmation notification message is sent to the clients phone or device of choice confirming they agreed to these additional repairs and allows them to decline if a mistake was made or agree again by resubmitting the confirmation.8. The repairs are worked on by the mechanic and near completion, the customer is sent a notification to their device indicating the time the car is ready for pick up and an invoice to view, print or download, that allows the customer to pay now via the device or pay over phone prior to pick up, allowing for express pick up service.9. A further notification message is sent to the customer the day after their service asking if their experience was good and given the opportunity to send a “like” and “share” notification as a recommendation of the service to their social network on Facebook and Twitter, thus enjoying the rewards of any referrals that eventuate from their social sharing experience, by way of a gift voucher worth $25 towards their next service, which is tracked and recorded on file for the next time they visit, this can also be in way of a car detail, etc.10. Further marketing for this app includes the use of sending mobile coupon offers to the customers, and more reward opportunities with referral sharing.11. VIP pick up and delivery options available for fleet and VIP customers.
  3. 3. Meeting Overview popcornstudios.com.auThe world’s 1st car service applicationfor dealershipsKey points and advantages1. Increased efficiency for both dealership and customer2. Increasing customer satisfaction3. Significant time and resource savings for both dealership and customer with less reliance for phone interaction and its associated problems, decision making and time delays4. Increased availability of pre ordered parts in relation to servicing and for particular repair5. Increased productivity and time savings for both dealership and customer in relation to the drop off and pick up process6. Making the quoting process of further repairs easier and provides a better opportunity for the dealership to win the repairs at the later date due to the service reminder notification feature.7. Increased sales and efficiency of entire service department and front desk staff (payment process).Moving forward• Provide quote options• Create design mock-up• Build and develop applications• Testing phase for all devices• Soft launch on family and friends• Media launch event• Marketing phase to include social media, all online and offline advertising, press releases to all blog sites, associations, customer databases, etc• Start the rollout options to other Ford dealers after a few months of being market leaders• Look at a white labelling option for dealers and groups worldwide on a subscription base fee structure