3 Things You Need to Know for Your Website to Succeed


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"3 Things You Need To Know For Your Website To Succeed" -
What you MUST address to give you new website a fighting chance.

This is lesson #1 in my "Nothing new Under the Sun" series - A free online marketing course I'm sharing with the world :)

Lesson #2: http://kpis.co/2012/02/11/what-do-you-know-about-the-first-50-years-of-internet-history

Lesson #3: http://www.slideshare.net/popart/in-the-court-of-the-content-king

Lesson #4: http://www.slideshare.net/popart/in-the-court-of-the-content-king-part-2

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3 Things You Need to Know for Your Website to Succeed

  1. 1. 3 ThingsWebsite To To KnowFor Your You Need Succeed
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Hi!My name isMike Darnell.I was born in 1974My 1st job wasmodeling underwear& Roman toys
  4. 4. My partner is Virode Imtarnasan - Thai, 38 years old, married, studied law Career: EA, Sega, IRM… Web: Cnngo, Vertu, Playboy…Is your websitetargeting and engaging prospects?
  5. 5. Where we dobusiness
  6. 6. The Fun Bit
  7. 7. Introducing theIDEALWebsite!!!
  8. 8. Make Me Rich Click Here…
  9. 9. Every step you move away from it isCOSTING YOU MONEY
  10. 10. Care to guess how much?
  11. 11. 100 Click 70 Click 49 Click 34 Click 24 Click…Every click required to reach your goal“costs” you 30% of your visitors
  12. 12. When building your site you want toensure you’re staying as close to the “Ultimate Website” as possible
  13. 13. To do this you only need to know3 Things:
  14. 14. .1.What are yourwebsite’s goals?
  15. 15. .2. How do your“Funnels” serve your goals?
  16. 16. .3.How are you measuring success?
  17. 17. What are yourwebsite’s Goals?
  18. 18. Specific MeasurableGoal Attainable Realistic Timely
  19. 19. • Who’s my audience? • What do I want them to accomplish? • Where should they do this? • When and how quickly? • Which requirements andSpecific constraints apply • How will I know it’s done? • Why is this important ? What’s the purpose of accomplishing this goal and what benefits does it hold for all involved?
  20. 20. This is easierthan you think because…
  21. 21. …The constraintsof the paradigm are set and constant:
  22. 22. Ultimately your website has only 1 goal:Helping you make MONEY
  23. 23. Your audience is:Selfish, Self Centered, Lazy, & Suspicious …and they’d rather be on Facebook
  24. 24. Your website isjudged within4-11 secondsEvery click costs you30% of youraudience
  25. 25. Specific MeasurableGoal Attainable Realistic Timely
  26. 26. • Who’s my audience? • What do I want them to accomplish? • Where should they do this? • When and how quickly? • Which requirements andSpecific constraints apply • How will I know it’s done? • Why is this important ? What’s the purpose of accomplishing this goal and what benefits does it hold for all involved?
  27. 27. You MUST know how your websitehelps your business make MONEY
  28. 28. This is muchsimpler than you might thinkBECAUSE…
  29. 29. There are ONLY 3 financial modelsfor all the websites in the world
  30. 30. Care to guesswhat they are?
  31. 31. Sales
  32. 32. $34.2 Bn (2010)
  33. 33. LeadGeneration
  34. 34. +$50/lead
  35. 35. Advertising
  36. 36. 3 rd quarter 2011earnings = $10 Bn
  37. 37. Which of thesemodels matchesyour business?
  38. 38. Never forget:Your website’s goalis a BUSINESS goalIt’s derived from how you’ve always run your business
  39. 39. There’s nothing new under the sun
  40. 40. Running agood business isn’t aboutTechnology
  41. 41. It’s aboutPeople
  42. 42. Successful businesses know why their clientsseek them out and never stop working hard to capitalize on these understandings
  43. 43. How do yourfunnels serve your goal?
  44. 44. What’s a Funnel?
  45. 45. A Funnel =A route to yourwebsite’s goals
  46. 46. It begins wherever your prospect first saw you,and ends at your goal
  47. 47. Google,Facebook, Email, Business card Homepage Tout page Goal
  48. 48. What we dream our funnel looks Google, Facebook, like Email,Meeting, etc. Homepage Tout page Goal
  49. 49. Cute, optimistic and MYTHICAL…
  50. 50. Google,Facebook, Email, Meeting, etc. Homepage Tout page Goal What our funnel really looks like
  51. 51. Every step in your funnel COSTS YOU MONEY…
  52. 52. …Because every clicken-route to your goal costs you 30% of your traffic
  53. 53. CUTSTUFF OUT
  54. 54. LESS ISMORE
  55. 55. Remembers this? Yahoo!New year’s eve 1998
  56. 56. Online EMPIRES are born ofDISRUPTIVEFUNNELS…
  57. 57. Amazon then…
  58. 58. …And now
  59. 59. How do you plan your funnels?
  60. 60. • Enabling a user to .1. buy my products • Enabling a user to fill in a lead form • Enabling a user to Define goals book a ticket oras something your reservation users should • Enabling a user to lodge a complaint DO and/or get support • Etc…
  61. 61. .2. Understand your user’smindset and requirements
  62. 62. .3. List the measures needed toaddress your user’s mindset so they can achieve your goals
  63. 63. .4.Plan the fastest routes from your goal to addressing your user’s mindset
  64. 64. .5. Create your website’scontent and functionalityonly to serve this process
  65. 65. Optimal FunnelTraffic Goalsource
  66. 66. RealisticTrafficsource Minimal Funnel Homepage Goal on homepage
  67. 67. Example
  68. 68. Hi!I’m Mike Pellatt -President of ICMS AsiaWe’re SEA’s leadingIndustrial ConstructionProject ManagementcompanyOur business is buildingfactories like this one:
  69. 69. Our clients choose us because they understand we can be trusted to deliver complex projects on time, on spec, and at an outstanding level of execution
  70. 70. The engagement tobuild a factory likethat is closed in face-to-face meetingsThe goal of mywebsite is to ensure Iget the leads togenerate thesemeetings
  71. 71. TRAFFIC My Optimal SOURCESGoogle search, Meeting, Funnel: Tradeshow GOAL Homepage Generate a qualified lead
  72. 72. GOALGenerate a qualified lead For me to achieve my goal my prospects first need to know WE EXIST…
  73. 73. To enable prospects to findme I invest in ensuring mywebsite is ranked well forrelevant Key Phrases like: “Industrial Construction Project Management“
  74. 74. GOALGenerate a qualified lead I knowfrom experience that fora meeting to happen myprospects also need toknow:• Who we are• What we do• Why they can trust us• How to contact us
  75. 75. That’s why myhomepagelooks like this:
  76. 76. Who we are
  77. 77. “Services” explains What we do
  78. 78. “Success Stories” are3rd party validation that explains Why they can trust us
  79. 79. How to contact us + Call-to-Action
  80. 80. Every page onmy websiteserves only onepurpose:Getting viableleads to contactmy company…
  81. 81. …so ourcontact detailsappear on allof them
  82. 82. I’ve explainedthe logic behindmy websiteNOW YOUTRY IT!!!
  83. 83. Workshop Time!
  84. 84. Download at:http://kuku.nu/websitegoalsheetNote capitalization!!!
  85. 85. Download at:http://kuku.nu/websitegoalsheetNote capitalization!!!
  86. 86. Download at:http://kuku.nu/websitegoalsheetNote capitalization!!!
  87. 87. Download at:http://kuku.nu/websitegoalsheetNote capitalization!!!
  88. 88. Terms andTop Products/ Testimonials/ Case studies/ Download at: Conditions Privacy Policy Sitemap (bottom (bottom (bottomLevel/Page Home Services References FAQ/Support Blog http://kuku.nu/WebsitePlanner Retailers Contact us menu) menu) menu)Sub Category Note capitalization!!!PageDescriptionGoals thispagesaddressesMethods bywhich thepageaddresses thegoalsLocation oftext (Googledoc URL)Location ofimages(Picasa URL)Location ofadditionalassets (Video= YoutubeURL,Presentation= SlideshareURL, etc)Comments
  89. 89. Before we move on…
  90. 90. …5 tips that will save youheartache, aggravation, and money:
  91. 91. .1.Register your own domain Buy your own hosting Setup your own emails
  92. 92. .2.If youre payingpeanuts youre probably working with monkeys
  93. 93. .3. "Stand onthe shoulders of giants" Use popular open source solutions & avoid custom development
  94. 94. .4. Launch your site as soon as itpasses a MINIMAL sanity check Do changes and adjustments later…
  95. 95. .5. A website is a voyage,not a destination Collect feedback,and schedule updatesas a matter of routine
  96. 96. …Which brings us to our last point:
  97. 97. How do you evaluate your Website?
  98. 98. Greatwebsites…
  99. 99. …are constantly improving
  100. 100. They do it based onHARD DATA …and not intuition
  101. 101. It begins withasking questions…
  102. 102. Why are people coming to your website?
  103. 103. To expand their knowledge? To evaluate your offering? By Mistake?To solve a problem?
  104. 104. What do they thinkabout your website?
  105. 105. Are theyinterested andexcited aboutyour offerings?
  106. 106. Make a list of questions and keep adding to it always
  107. 107. Getting answers to your questions is easy…
  108. 108. ASK THEM!
  109. 109. Collectingfeedback is as easyas publishing a poll on your site
  110. 110. Services like Polldaddyand Surveymonkey areexcellent tools designed tomeet this precise need
  111. 111. Customer service and support sites like GetSatisfactionand UserVoice are designed to help you collect,address, and document feedbackFor as little as $19/month you can provide supporton par with these guys:
  112. 112. You also need to start collecting data
  113. 113. Google Analytics are to your website,what your accounting is to your finances You can’t make gooddecisions without this data!
  114. 114. What you need to look at:
  115. 115. Where are peoplecoming from and how?Does the data matchthe behavior of likely prospects?
  116. 116. What are peoplelooking at and doing?Are they doing whatyou want them to? HOW OFTEN?WHAT PERCENTAGE?
  117. 117. Are things improving over time? HOW SO? WHY?
  118. 118. It’s a long drive,but “Practice makes Perfect”
  119. 119. Conclusion
  120. 120. We’ve “Been in Business” longer than our written history records
  121. 121. All businessesare the same
  122. 122. They sell stuff
  123. 123. All Marketingis the same
  124. 124. Convincing,but not profitable…
  125. 125. What makesyours special?
  126. 126. ?
  127. 127. YOUare the only thing that’s special about your business
  128. 128. People don’t Remember:remember facts,figures and features,but a good story willremain with them fora long timeUse your unique storyto weave togetheryour website goals andaudiences and you’rewell on your way toSUCCESS
  129. 129. Questions?
  130. 130. Homework: Complete theworksheets provided
  131. 131. See you here on the 9 th of February.Please consider attending our meeting as well.
  132. 132. Thanks! …I’m at mi@vimi.co Mike